Koldbrann Interview

1. Hail Koldbrann horde!How is the life in Nordland(Norway) at the
Hell! It’s all right, autumn is closing in and that suites me just
2. You have already released a split 7 with Lja. What can you say about
release? Actually I havent heard of Lja before, can you inform us?
Two tracks of “good old” Norwegian Black Metal! Released by Aftermath
Sold out.
LJÅ has been around for quite a few years actually (though under
names) but have never done a proper recording/release until the
demo (2002). They are now signed to Aftermath Music and will release
debut album some time next year! Definitely a name worth marking if
into Norwegian BM in the vein of early ULVER etc.
3. Can we presume that this split is a kind of introduction before the
full length?Meanwhile what is palnned for the coming plague?
Sort of, but I would say our new material is more representative
though. We
pretty much stick with the same recipe – but the new songs are a lot
more obscure and definitely more Black Metal! There are not any plans
for a
new album until next year, however; we will record 3 new songs in about
months time, 2 songs for our Atomvinter EP (on Apocalyptic Empire Rec.)
one song for the KOLDBRANN / FAUSTCOVEN split 7” (on Cryptia Prod.), to
released this winter. Expect some disharmonic, ugly and hatefull Black
Metal! Meanwhile our debut album (sold out for quite some time now)
will be
re-issued by Twilight-Vertrieb (release date on the 29th of November).
4. May you mention about Koldbranns history?
The band was founded be me in early 2001, Kvass and Fordervelse however
joined in about a year later. We recorded and released our first demo
in the
midst of 2002, and this lead to deals with Desolate Landscapes (for the
album) and Apocalptic Empire Rec (for the “Atomvinter” EP). That autumn
also started doing some live inquisitions and a rehearshell tape was
released in December. Our debut album “Nekrotisk Invksition” was
recorded in
February 2003, and released a few months later. We did a mini-tour in
Eastern-Europe/Balkan in August 2003 and the Fredløs track  (LJA /
split 7”) was recorded about the same time. Lately we have been doing
more gigs and working on the upcoming assaults.
5. What kind of subjects you deal with in your lyrics? Any special
that helps you at this point?
Our lyrics are about sickness, deprivation, disgust, apocalyptic
blasphemy etc.! Our guitarist writes all the lyrics (with a few
on the demo and the album) so I will leave it up to him explaining them
deeper, but generally we’re not that fond of discussing lyrics, it is
up to
the listener to interpret them.
6. As we all know,this polished and hyperproductioned(!)black metal is
fashionable nowadays.Yeah i m mentioning about senfonic shit,what do
think about it?
I don’t think much of it, it doesn’t really have much to do with Black
anymore, though I respect and very much appreciate original bands like
7. New music with triggers,samples…bla bla.When you compare todays
with the ancient days what s the biggest differenece for you?
The problem with todays so-called “scene” is that many of the “BM-fans”
to be into it for all the wrong reasons, where is the Black Metal
They seem to care more for what bands is the most “kvlt”, trying to
others, or what records are worth the most etc. than the actual musick,
atmosphere and the obscurity.
8. Have got any side projects?Or the other members of the band?
I do the live vocals for ENTHRAL (Norwegian technical and twisted
Black/Death Metal) and I also have a few smaller projects, but I won’t
mention anything about that yet. Our drummer (Fordervelse) has been
some session drums for SLAVIA (Norwegian “Black Terror”) and he has a
local project as well. Our bass player is a member of ANTAIOS (also
Norwegian BM) and he has a few projects on the side as well, but not
anything worth mentioning of so far.
9. What are yout thoughts about ‘Fanaticism’.I think it s a must in
I am not sure of what you mean by ‘fanaticism’, or what sort of
you are talking about. But the right dedication, and the right feeling,
very important in Black Metal, that’s for sure!
10. I think you know the guys 1349,i guested them in the previous
issue.Except from 1349,are there any new coming true oldschool bands ?
Yeah, 1349 is very recommendable (prefer the first album though),
the bass player of 1349 did some session bass on our album and on our
Sure, I think there are quite a few decent and relatively new bands
out of Norway now, bands like LJÅ, FAUSTCOVEN, GRENJAR (r.i.p?),
11. Its common to hear who are the band members fave artists,fave bands
in the interviews Nevertheless i want to ask about the band which you
really disgusting/poser?
Too many to mention, anyway; I try not to waste my time on bad music
whining about other bands.
12. Is Koldbrann planning about a new gig at the moment?
We will do a live inquisition with our German allies ENDSTILLE this
December, in Germany and The Netherlands, check our website for dates
info. Also we’re doing a gig with KAMPFAR and MYRKSKOG here in Norway
13. Do you like to go to fests and hang around bla?if you ask me;i do
like gigs/fests etc.boring social shit.
It depends on whom you are with, but generally I am not exactly very
fond of
people, crowds etc. to put it like that.
14. What does the name Koldbrann stand for?
Koldbrann is the Norwegian word for gangrene, which is a sickness.
when directly translated it means ‘cold’ (and) ‘fire’, a suitable
explanation of what our music is like/about, coldness and hellfire!
15. Say your fave Darkthrone song and close the interview please!Mine
is;’Where the kold winds blow!’
Natassja in Eternal Sleep (from Under a Funeral Moon), no doubt about
All right, thanks for the interview. Await the Nekrotik Inkvisition!

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