Schwarzdorn Productions Interview

Greetings!Please explain the aims with which you constructed your label?From what kind of source of inspiration you gave life to your label?

I´ve always been – and still am – a huge fan of music. That´s why my everyday life is all about it, I love playing and to me it´s also great to have the possibility of producing Cds myself. I couldn´t imagine a life without music, another point is that I want to give bands – especially those with an owm style and an own attitude – a realistic chance in the business. The best bands are from the underground and unfortunately a lot of them didn´t get much attention until now. So I see it as my duty to support them, and since I like the organisation and planning of new projects, it all is very interestig for me, too.


Can you present the bands that dwell under the wings of your label?With which bands you have a current signings at the moment?Do they have all something in common,or are they all different from each other?Can you present the bands on your rooster?

The bands signed to Schwarzdorn by now are CARVED IN STONE ( Mystical Folk Music), CERBERUS (raw German Black Metal), SOCIUS (raw German Black Metal), TAUNUSHEIM (Pagan Metal) and UHRILEHTO (Black/Death Metal)


What is the biggest point that you care about much when signing with a new band?To make the answer more extended and specific,can you mention about the other subjects as well regarding the qualities that you seek in a new band or your current bands?

The first thing is that I do not sign bands if their music doesn´t touch me. The spirit and the background of a band is also very important, that´s why you will never find christian bands at Schwarzdorn, for example. It just has to fit with the spirit of the label.


How can you define your relationships with your bands?Can we talk about a friendship here or do you just think about the business side of the stuff?

I have a friendship-like contact to all Schwarzdorn bands, and the bands respect one another. There is no competition at all, that´s why you could say that we are one big family. If it´s possible, I try to meet band members from time to time, even if they live pretty far away from me. Last Year I went to Finland to meet the vocalist of UHRILEHTO because the guys arereally cool.  This might give you an idea of the relationship between bands and label.


Besides the great extend of scene-knowledge,scene-conciousness,having a label also requires great amounts of dedication.What do you think when you can’t find the required dedication in the bands with whom you have a deal ,eventhough when you are much more interested in the related subjects like promotion,managements etc?Don’t you think that bands should also follow the movements of the label from a close perspective?

There surely is much dedication. As I said, signing a band without liking their music is simply impossible for me. But if I decide to work with a band, I give 100% for it. That´s why I try to promote and manage these bands the best way I can. To me, there is no problem if a band doesn´t follow a label´s movement, because if a band automatically does so, it sells its soulsomehow.  A band should always keep ist own style and if a label cooperates with that, it´s a fine thing for everyone.


A classic one,what are your plans for your label’s future?

Well, we´ll try our very best to keep releasing good albums. In 2006, there will be two highlights with the publishing of the new CERBERUS and the new CARVED IN STONE album Besides, it would be great to find one or two more bands to join the Schwarzdorn family.


What is the meaning of the name of  your label?Or,in other words,what does it stand for?With what motivation have you chosed it?

Schwarzdorn means in English language “Blackthorn”, and it stands for different things. The name sounds mystical, the plant Schwarzdorn was used by wise women to brew secret drinks in the middle ages. But these are only two examples what the name Schwarzdorn could stand for, because to me, it means a lot more than words can express. But perhaps it´s just the name for a good and honest label :)…


For you what is the importance of the magazines,fanzines in the scene?Meantime,with frank words,what do you think about the Frost Magazine?

Magazines are very important to me, and since I read a lot, the Frost magazin is well-known to me, too. :)

Webzines VS Printed Magazines?

Um mal kurz ein Review oder die News zu lesen, reicht wahrscheinlich ein Web-Zine, aber ich persönlich bervorzuge lieber ein gedrucktetes Magazin. Das ist wie mit der Musik. ?ch kaufe mir auch lieber eine CD, als dass ich mir mp3 Songs auf einem mp3 Player anhöre.

To have a quick look at the latest news or reviews, a webzine may be enough, but my personal favourites are the printed magazines. Somehow it´s the same with music, I also prefer to buy a Cd instead of copying it or listen to it from a mp3 player.


Being a label owner,may i take your opinions about the this free-music thing?Mp3s,file-sharings etc?For you,what forces people to lead in such ways-expensive cds? or what?

People who download songs or even whole albums from the www. Without paying money for it should think about the fact that bands and producers had to work real hard to create this music. It´s just like Peter Tägtgren once said, it´s like you have been working your ass of and then somebody simply steals your well-earned wage. That´s the way I see it, and I´m sure a lot of producers have the same opinion. It´s just no way to honour your favouritebands, you don´t support them at all by stealing their songs.


Now i want you to be honest,can you earn enough money from the label?

I don´t really get much money from my work at Schwarzdorn, usually it´s just enough to pay for the next production. That is one reason why Schwarzdorn doesn´t publish more than two or three albums a year. If I could live from that money, I wouldn´t have to keep my regular job, but unfortunately this is impossible at the moment.


Can you tell the “normal jop day” of you?How is the daily life with your label?What generally you do in a single “jop day”?

Every day is busy for me. First I go to my regular work and when I come home in the evening, I usually start to work at Schwarzdorn immediatly – sometimes until late at night. And not to forget, I have an own band, and when we´re working on new material I have to find time for this, too. Soon Swawa from CARVED IN STONE and me will sit together to talk about her new songs for the upcoming album and surely we will meet at least once a week in the coming time. So it is a lot of work, I wish the day had 36 hours…although I wouldn´t mind since I have a lot of energy ;-)


I think that`s all what I wanted to know for now. Thanks for your time and the answers! Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!

Thank you for the interview, I really enjoyed it. Check out our shop at and keep an eye on the Schwarzdorn family…

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