Shining Interview

Hi Kvarforth ,Lets start with the unholy birth    of Shining, Can you tell me,when this dark  began?
I gave birth to SHINING in 1996, needless to say why and how I think, as I’ve answered this question 300 times by now, hmmm, 236 to more percise.
Latest destruction storm of Shining has already been released;The Eerie Cold,can you mention more about this blackartpiece?how are the reactions?
It hasn’t been released yet due to the sad fact that our beloved studio engineer managed to erase half of the album without doing any back-ups, nice huh? So, we had to re-record the fucking album all over again and as SHINING doesn’t exist no more you know, this was quite an difficult task. In the end, we managed to do the bleakest fucking album to date, no fucking exceptions. This album is a perfect one to end with.
Your lyrics are nothing but pure’Reality’.They sound like a frozen stone falling in to the decaying heart of the listener.What s your inspiration while cursing us with these words?
Because I hate you, every single one of you fuckers out there, thus, coming up with inspiration is not that hard task really. You should however take in consideration to listen carefully at what I am preaching in these lyrics, there might be a sollution for you in there man…
Shining has always been a band that uses the bass guitar very deepressively and professionaly,i have to admit that this kind of usage of bass guitar in Shining strikes me death,are you into this idea and i want to learn that who writes the bass guitar parts?     
I construct all the basics for a SHINING track, nevertherless, Phil A. Cirone, being the fucking musical genious he is, have contributed quite some for the past two albums, at least 15 times more than what his brother did. Heil him! I am definitely a bass guy, not many Black Metalbands even think of what the bass is capable of creating you know, thus, the result of course, 1.000.000 fucking boring and worthless bands.
How are the things in Selbstmord services?Can you mention more about Selbstmord bands?and the current activities of the label?                                                                    
Fuck, things are really hectic these days, I have two emplyees now working underneath me, and without them I believe the label would have died totally half a year ago or so. As things have been quite turbulent the past 2 years with the label because of thousand reasons. However, we are now releasing some brilliant albums by Krohm, Eikind and Ondskapt. visit our website for further information:
so,what do you think about todays scene? Morons…                                                                                               
Take a good listen to the new SHINING album when it is released, you should understand my views upon these matters (if you understand english that is), by listening to the introduction. Fuck, I hate the Black metal scene, thus, leaving it for more important issues. The label is my only future now.
What are you listening nowadays ?Would you give some names from your music library?
Haven’t been    listening to much music lately apart from the new ONDSKAPT album, KENT, DEVIL DOLL, COLDPLAYand DIDO. Of course good ol CELTIC FROST spins the wheel every now and then of course. CRAFT are still the best Black metal band around, they’re releasing their new album (which is beyond all and everything any one of you reading this could ever manage to produce) via Carnal Records this summer, make sure to fucking support Carnal Records and Craft, they shall devour all of you filthy pigs out there!!!
Have you ever hailed your audience in any concert or festivals?Totell the truth with thee Kvarfoth,i dont think that it s a good idea to perform live especially when you play such kind of dark/suicidal black metal,but of course,these are my own ideas.What do you think about this?                                                                                                                                     
 Good for you, we’re not playing live, ever as it seems! SHINING is hereby declared officially dead, get it. Now, there were quite some plans regarding these matters before the break-up. However both me, Hellhammer, Phil A. Cirone and John Doe came to the conclusion after spending a week in fucking Oslo (bible-school, we do miss your beds), that it is simply impossible for a band consisting of individuals such as ourselves to ever, ever, ever perform live.
Have you listened the BURZUM tribute?Actually it would be splendid to hear a LEGENDARY BURZUM song from the SHINING…                                                                      
Yes, I have actually and that led to the signing of yet another artist of ours, namely Canadian THE SYRE, new album out this autumn! Cover? No.
I gonna listen ‘Livets…’instead of asking any  more questions,thanks for spending time on this,Kvarforth.                                                                                                                         

Kult Ov Azazel Interview

 Hail   Xaphan & Kult Ov Azazel,how do you do nowadays?Fuckin spring is at hand and this feeling of nervous breakdown kills me… 

Things are going quite well actually. We have spent the past 10 days rehearsing for the Northern Lights Festival we are co-headlining in Canada in June. Last month we completed the writing for our next assault and we are in the works of putting together a European tour and perhaps some dates for the west coast here in the US.

   May you tell us about K.O.A releases so far,and your latest line up?

Kult ov Azazel was formed in the spring equinox of 1999 under the infernal name Azazel consisting of Xaphan (myself) on guitar/vocals, Xul on vocals/bass and Von on drums. Under this name and lineup we recorded and released “Order of the Fly”. Soon after Von was booted out and Hellspawn took over drum duties and with this lineup we recorded and released the material on the split CD with Krieg (USA). In the spring of 2000 we kicked out Hellspawn, decided to change the band name to Kult ov Azazel and signed a 4 album deal with Arctic Music. In March 2001 we released our first full length “Triumph of Fire” with Vetis participating as a session drummer on that release. We have also participated in a 7” split with Satan’s Blood (GER); a 4 way split with Obitus (SWE), Humanicide (USA) and Thylord (FRA) and have been included on numerous compilations. In 2003 we launched our second major offensive for Arctic Music titled “Oculus Infernum” which is the first time we have recorded with a full permanent lineup which now consists of myself (vocals/guitar), Xul (vocals/ bass), Nocturath (guitar/backing vocals) and The Hammer (drums). Currently we are working on a new album titled “The World, The Flesh & The Devil”.

   Last Disasterpiece,’’Oculus Infernum’’has came from Arctic Music,so why did you change your label?are you content with the current one?

I don’t know what you mean. We have never changed labels since the only label we have ever signed with has been Arctic Music. But yes, we are very pleased to be working with them.

  You are a black metal band from Florida,how it feels when you come from the motherland of the death/grind metal?Also,do youlisten Death/Grindcore besides listening Black Metal?

I listen to all forms of metal in but more so black metal in general. Not much death metal or grind has impressed me since 1994. There’s some but not much but being a black metal band in Florida doesn’t feel any different than it would if we were from any other place in the world or so I would imagine. People from outside the US believe that Florida is like some death metal utopia when in reality it is far from it. There have been only a handful of bands over the years that have managed to impress me and who are worth listening to as opposed to how it was back in the early 90’s when all the great bands were coming out of Florida.

  ‘Misanthropic Black Metal’is a splendid definiton,but actually i wonder are the members of Kult ov Azazel really living in a true misanthropic way?or is it just a definition?

It’s both. We each have our own disdain towards humans. I don’t like people; never have been what one would call a people person. I would rather sit in my home alone listening to music or playing my guitar rather than be surrounded by people I have nothing in common with. Generally just being around people makes my skin crawl.

   Do you have any side projects?

I play bass in Hateplow when needed. Since it’s the Malevolent Creation guys’ side project it doesn’t take up too much of my time. It’s something they do on their down time and mostly since I joined in 2001 it has only been tours.

   What are you listening nowadays?just listened Dark Throne s(best Regards to the legend!)’’Hate Them’’still true fuckin black metal man!!

That Darkthrone is a great album. I haven’t been listening to a lot of music lately since like I said earlier we have been rehearsing a lot. The last CD I listened to was Of Human Bondage which is a killer Canadian band.

   What do you depict in lyrics?and what are your inspiration while writing this luciferian poetry?

Our lyrics depict satanic and nihilistic ideologies. The inspiration for the lyrics always comes from the music. Our lyrics are always the last piece of the puzzle. The music evokes the lyrics.

   Are you working on a new fiendish manifesto(material) at the moment?You recently honored a complilation with ‘Blood Stained Dusk,Legion,Abigor ….’’

Yeah that was the “Casting Eternal Fires” compilation released by Spectral Arts Production. It was an honor for us to have been a part of it and yes we have new material. I mentioned earlier that we finished up the writing last month. It will be titled “The World, The Flesh & The Devil”. We also have recorded the track which will end up being a split 7” with Krieg sometime soon.

   Tell some about your live rituals?

Not much really to say about them. We don’t use any stage props or any gimmicks to enhance our show. Fuck theatrics! We are firm believers in letting the music and atmosphere created speak for itself.

   What do you think about n.socialism in black metal?

There are ones that wish to bastardize black metal and use it as their own personal soap box. I say when it moves away from occult/satanic subjects then it’s not black metal. Once it has a political motive or any other agenda it loses its black metal status.

   What do you think anout your government s attitudes

Fuck the opinion of the US government or any other government for that matter. Government is just another tool in the oppression of free will and individual thought.. The open grave they shall possess will be the result of total, terrible, universal, and vengeful destruction!

   Ritual is over Xaphan,thanx for honouring the FROST pages!

I thank you for giving us space in Frost and for your support.

Raise Hell Interview

Hail Dennis!What s up?hope everyfuckin thing is fuckin ok!i m a bit nervous nowadays,need some booze i think…

Hello! Im fine! We just had a pretty busy schedule the past weeks cause we got an offer for a mini tour in Italy and that moment we were writing the new album! We haven’t played the old songs for a while so a lot of time has to be focused on rehearsals! Hehe.. booz is always needed!

You have already released ‘Wicked is My Game’,this album sounds more thrash metal than the’Not Dead Yet’,what can you say about this change dude!?

Well I don’t know if I agree that “wicked is my game” is more “Thrash” than “Not Dead Yet” but I do know that we experimented a lot more on “Wicked” and we were not afraid to do longer and more complicated songs! I think that as you grow older and you develop as a musician you have to change your music style to push your limits and to really get something out of it! We did change “Not dead yet” a lot during the recordings but when we recorded “Wicked” ever song was already finished!

‘Fuckin great thrash band from Sweden’:,trendy pigs who expectsonlylight death metal from Sweden will be disappointed when they hear Raise Hell,so why did you chose this kind of vein(thrash)?i mean what made you to‘Thrash!’?

We are not trying to sound typically “Thrashy”  but I think that the way we play our music comes off in a very thrashy way! I mean a lot of our riffs could be rock n roll our deathmetal riffs but we play them in a thrashy way! I also think that the vocals have a lot to do with it!

You are working with Nuclear Blast,willyour next album come from N.Blast again?and,can you tell us about the next album?are there surprises for us ?

We are not on Nuclear Blast any more!! We want to release next album on a lable that really have the time to focus on us and that are willing to support us 100%.. Nuclear Blast have too many bands and we are not among the big ones!! For the next album I think that people will get a surprise since we have a new vocalist in the band! But I can assure you that nobody will be disappointed he´s doing a great job and we will be able to do much cooler arrangements with all the songs.. The songs we have written so far Is just what we have in mind for next album and it sounds……… Wait and see!! Hehe..

it says that you never read books (in your bio page),do you really hate all books man?

No! It´s not that I hate books but I´m a very busy person! When I don’t play music I have to have time for other fun stuff and that does not include books! Except for books about snakes cause I have a lot of snakes!!

I know you still listen Black Metal a lot,can you give some names from your play list?

Yes! I still listen to Black metal! Like Satyricon,Emperor, Dimmu Borgir,Funeral mist and many more!.. Actually I play in a black metal band as well!.. It´s called RUTTHNA it´s with me and the drummer of THYRFING it will be released this year so make sure to check it out!!!!!!! It´s  really primitive old school black metal but with good sound!

When compared to ancient days of thrash metal,what do you think about todays thrash metal scene?

I don’t have so much to say about that because I were’nt there! Im only 23 years old! We were on tour with Destruction and they told us about the good old days and it sounded great! J I think that todays “Thrash” scene is not that big but there is still many good bands out there like Slayer,Destruction and Kreator! I was on tour with “Death Angel” and I had never heard the before but I must say that they really kick ass!!!!!

Do you agree that new coming bands of today lack the dirty spirit of thrash?

Maybe in a way but I believe that change can be good as well! I think that as long as you have metal in your heart you can express it in so many ways that you cant judge people just because they don’t got spikes and blood all over their bodies! Hehe…

Have you ever planned about a video clip?

We want to do a video but it´s not that easy! We didn’t sell enough on the previous albums to get a good budget for a video! but we will make sure that we will find a lable that are willing to spend money on tour support and a video!!

We all addicted to fuckin beer/alcohol ,may you give some fave booze names ?

I mostly drink beer but when I drink booz I prefer White Russian and vodka lime!!

There left few real Thrash metallers nowadays,what do you think about this situation?

I think that there is still real thrashers out there but as I said before they come in different shapes nowadays!!!

Did you like the latest SLAYER album,they are still killer;what a great title’God Hates Us All’!i think you have influnces from them like you have from the Celtic Frost,Destruction as well,am i right?

I like the new slayer album! But not as much as the older ones… Slayer has been a big influence for us but I cant say that about Destruction and Celtic Frost.. I mean these are great bands but we just missed out on them until the Destruction tour when we really opened our eyes for them!

Thanks Dennis for the interview,!Thrash Till Fuckin Death!

Ok !! Thank you very much! Hopefully we will be able to come to turkey for next album!! Unti then.. RAISE HELL!!!!!


Virgin Black Interview

Hail! You have already recorded 4 dark symphony/opera veined releases, can you introduce these releases and your latest line-up for those who aren’t aware of Virgin Black?
(Samantha): Our first release was our self- and released independently. This full-length album captured much attention including label interest titled demo which had four songs and ran at almost 30min in length. This was later followed by an MCD entitled “Trance”. It was some time before we returned t the studio, as we were working toward our vision, and we weren’t prepared to rush it. Then finally, “Sombre Romantic” was born. It was self-funded. Massacre Records (Europe) and The End Records (U.S.) picked it up and re-released it through the label. “Elegant…and dying” was the follow-up.
A 75min epic. It undoubtedly created a stir in the music scene.
The band consists of the following members:
Rowan London: vocals, keyboards, writer.
Samantha Escarbe: lead guitar, writer
Dino Cielo: drums
Craig Edis: guitar, vocals
Ian Miller: bass, vocals
Virgin Black has a very atmospheric sound, I know you gigged many times, it must be difficult to obtain this concept, am I right? Actually I’m against when dark atmospheric bands give concerts, to me, I feel they should keep their mysticism in their recordings. What do you think about this idea?
From the very beginning, prior to any formal recording of our music, we have always performed live. The interesting thing is, after we recorded our debut “Sombre Romantic”, the feedback from those we who were accustomed to our performances was one which said, “finally, a release which captures the live experience”. Certainly, not everything is perfectly reproduced, but we continue to capture the intense, emotive quality which is so vital to our music.
Your vocalist, Rowan London, with his unique style, has a big place in your general sound concept; is he taking special training for this vocal style?
Rowan is predominantly a very natural artist. Much of what he does is self-taught, but his talents caught the attention of a renowned opera teacher (who was taught by Pavarotti’s teacher) and has now taken him and begun training him. His training began after we recorded “Sombre Romantic”.
What are the reactions to “Elegant…and dying”? Are you content with the ideas of the audiences?
For the most part, we have had outstanding feedback from reviewers. There has been a handful of very negative reviews also, but upon reading them, one soon realises that the reviewer doesn’t understand the music and would much rather listen to something which requires no thought or intellectual function. It’s a difficult thing because “Elegant…and dying” needs time to digest, and understandably, most reviewers don’t have the time. Overall, we have been very pleased with the response from reviewers and also our fans.
About your lyrics, they are as blue (gloomy) as your music. Can you talk more about them? With which themes you cooperate?
The essence of our lyrics is based on tragedy and hope.
We believe that one may experience the darkest night of the soul, but hope, the smallest fragment of hope still breaths, and waits quietly for us.
What are yo listening nowadays? Give some names from your music collection.
I can’t help it, but I tend to revert to quite a few “old classics” like Candlemass: Nightfall, Ancient Dreams. My Dying Bride: turn loose the swans. Entombed: left hand path. Paradise Lost: gothic, draconian times. Moonspell: Irreligious. Then there’s albums like Saviour Machine: II,
Jeff Buckley: grace, Madder Mortem: deadlands, Nile: in their darkened shrines, Antimatter: lights out, Agalloch: the mantle, Anathema: alternative four etc etc.
“Sombre Romantic” was a real dark opera masterpiece. After the release of this album, did you think that you have more responsibilities about the band’s future releases?
We probably should have naturally felt a lot of pressure after such great responses toward “Sombre Romantic”, but in my mind and in my heart, Rowan and I wrote the second album as if it was our first.
Honesty in music is a great quality and one which can so easily be lost. I never want to lose that fragile honesty. That’s how we have always written and will hopefully continue to do so.
How is the scene in Australia? Enough audience for the dark side of music?
The scene here in Australia is very small but thriving. There really isn’t a dark music scene here. In our city of Adelaide, perhaps due to lack of numbers, people tend to support good quality bands rather than their specific genre of choice. Hence it is not uncommon for black-metal and doom-metal bands to share the stage, or even thrash and hardcore to perform together. I believe this has many benefits, and its important to keep an open mind.
I can find great artwork not only in your album covers but also on your website. Who designs the album covers? It seems you are giving great importance to these artwork themes.
I have photographed all the artwork for our releases thus far (which are also featured on our website).
Every aspect of our art is important to us including the photography. For example, “Elegant…and dying” features artwork which was specifically photographed for the album-title and the interwoven thread within the music. The overall artwork follows the music. For example, you will notice a predominantly white exterior. This exterior at first glance seems warm and inviting, a false sense of security if you will, for when one examines closer, there is a lingering discomfort. The first few songs all reflect this theme up until “And The Kiss Of God’s Mouth”. When one opens the booklet, the art-work transforms into a very dark environment which also reflects the mood of the music deeper within the album (eg. The Everlasting, Cult Of Crucifixion). Then finally, the last page returns to an image adorned in white…a sense of relief, yet somehow still a little disturbing (which is indicative of the last song).
You toured with Opeth in your country (Australia), how were these concerts?
We haven’t as yet toured with Opeth, but will be doing so in less than two weeks.
It is a great honour indeed.
Today’s new-age kids are using the gothic culture/lifestyle as a kind of fashion. Even there is a gothic porn market; what do you think about this new fashion trend? I hope they fed up soon and find new ideology to suck…morons…
I’m not particularly gripped by modern gothic culture as such. I have a lot of respect and admiration for gothic architecture, art and literature. So much beauty is reflected in these art forms, and this is what I admire. But at the end of the day, each person has the right to express themselves as they choose, as everyone is different.
Any words to add/manifest?
To discover more, please visit the official website:
Thanx for spending your time on this mental plague, hope to hail you again in the future!
Thank you , it’s been a pleasure.


Graveworm Interview

Hail Stefan,what are you doing in these gloomy winter days?i hope every fuckin thing is ok.

Hi, now the winter is over (I get a lot of time to write this interview) and I´m concentrating in booking shows for the summer and prepare the stuff for the new album, Coverartwork, Lyrics and other thing. As you can see a lot of work to do . We have now booked the studio for our next album. We will enter it on 30 august and I think the new album will be released at the end of the year….

First of all,lets talk about’Engraved in Black’.What was the inspiration for thge title and is there a kind of concept for’Engraved in Black’?

No, there isn´t any concept beside this title. At first we got the songs for the album, after that the lyrics and at the end the cover for the new album. So I searched a title who will combine all this elements and describes at best the music we do. And so it is a piece of music engraved in black. A mystic, dark music but in the same time very melodic.

Howdoes your writing process work?Has everyone in the band involves in it?(in latest album,for ex.)

The most part of the music where written by Steve and Sabine. But in fact that Steve moves to germany to life there all members has to do their work at home. So we meet together all 2 weaks and tried to make new songs. Every member got his ideas and with all this ideas we tried to maka a songs. Now it will be different because Steve left the band and the new guitarist write a lot of songs for the upcoming album. I really nervous when I think at the release because the new songs a re different as the old one but they are still Graveworm.

Actually i dont appreciate keyboard using black metal bands much as they generally cant combine it well with the whole music,nevertheless,the situation in Greveworm is different,it suits well to your,for you,what keyboard brings into your musical concept?Do you think is it possible to create the same atmosphere without using it?

I think it´s difficult to create an atmosphere without keys. We introduce the keyboards jut do create this atmosphere and some melodies. I think there are some bands who creates this melodies and atmospheres using guitars but a dark and deep atmosphere cannot be created by some guitars. So the keys or original instruments like violin or others are ideal to our kind of music.

What are your influences?

We all have a lot of different influences because we listen to different kind of music. I´m the Black and Death metal fan in the band. Maschtl our drummer is going crazy when he listen to bands like Slipknot, machine Head or other bands. Eric listen to very strange sounds, Sabine listen to all kind of music from Samael to Avril Lavigne and Steve is more into the Swedish metal scene with bands like Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. And so I think all this bands influences the sound of Graveworm. We don´t want to copy this bands……..

You are a talented scream vocalist,have you ever had special training to keep it up?

No, definitly not. I only try to do the best and look at my voices when i´m ill that´s all. But I never get a soecial training. I think every can do this.

Your albums are never boring,however,to me,’Scourge of Malice’is the masterpiece.may you say your favourite Graveworm album/song?

For me the latest album ist he most intense album and Abhorrence is the best song we have ever done. I think the new stuff wil be more in this way like the song abhorrence. But you will see how graveworm will sound on the next album…..

Whose idea was it to put REM cover into the album? Do you really like it?it sounds ok,buti prefer the’Fear of the dark’cover in your previous album of course…

It was my idea. I really like the original one. A great atmospheric song. Unfortunately the song will not be on the album because of some right problems. We have to record the vocals again because I have changed some words and that´s not allowed. So I hope that the songs will be released on the next album or on another CD….

Are you expecting to begin touring soon(or concerts)and if so what s planned?

We have now booked some festivals for the summer. Not to much because we are concentrating us into writing songs for the upcoming album. We have done one tour to promote the latest album. We played of the no mercy festivals with Deicide, Amon amarth, Destruction, Nile, misery Index and Dew Scented. A great time for us with great bands. I think after the recording of the new album we will go again on tour. But we will see what will happen….

Drawing on your latest album is excellent,who did it?

The picture where made by Christian Whalin better know us necrolord. A great painting. For the future we will take something different but a the moment I cannot tell you in what style it will be

Lets talk about the very first days of Graveworm,on your demo days did you tried hard to spread the bands name?spreading flyers,promos and so on?

No, We have played a view concerts that´s all…At a festival with the german band Darkseed we went got friends and the singer of the band told us to send a demotape to their record label. Unfortunately we don´t have had any tape so we sended him a videotape of that show. After a view months of phonecallings with the labels we invited the boss of the record label to come to look at one of our show. And after the show we got the deal. Tha´t all. We are on the right time on the right place…..

is the band friendly while not rehearsing or gigging?

Yes of course. We do a lot. Goiugn to drink, having fun. We are like a family . That´s very important for us…..

Have you got a permanent jop?how you earn money?

Yes. We are all working hard. I´m studying in Austria. Our new guitarist has an own Studio. Sabine is teacher, Eric is working ona youth station and Martin our drummer is a electrician . We play the wrong music to get a lot of money…. But the most important thing is the fun that´s it what we want……


Watain Interview

Hail Watain!How are the things?No fuckin problem around i hope…

Things are moving forward as planned… In two weeks we’ll embark on ”The black death” minitour in finland together with Kaamos, and after that there’s some other stuff to look ahead to. It has only just begun…


Please introduce Watain,releases,line up and brief history?

Each stone and each nail in the structure of Watain has been forged and placed with determination and a constant yearning for the higher. For each day we grow into something more gruesome, stronger and dangerous, constantly feeding on the restless fanaticism chanelled through our work… Watain is the spawn of the snakes inside us, both it’s exhalation and it’s nourishment. It is a destructive circle of orobourian kind; constantly breeding constantly dying and constantly resurrected, maintaining the cycle with ONE wish as it’s fuel; to channel and honour the powers of Satanas, to grow like cancer into the tissue of this disgusting scene. To make Black Metal righteous again, something for people to fear and hate.

Why we were formed and why we exist now might be two different things, but one thing remains clear; Watain has grown into something more than what we are in control ourselves. We have become mediums of something far greater than our own yearnings, and where it is taking us, we cannot know. Watain is the black energy floating between the three poles that it’s trinity of members constitute. We might be able to steer it’s course, but we are certainly not in position to alter it’s nature. «This soul prayeth not for victory but for loss. This body kneeleth not in vain, but in blood. These eyes seeth not nil but truth. These words are not spoken by me, but through».


May you comment on the album of ‘Casus Luciferi’? for those who havent listened this black hymn yet?

Casus Luciferi is without doubt the greatest and most immense musical effort we have ever been a part of. Three years of dedicated composing and recieving is what lies behind it’s enormous (yet also simple) pattern, and the final outcome was just what we had prayed for… A great darkness coming down from the heavens, devouring all in it’s way! I think this album will appeal –and even come as a fresh breeze- to anyone whose heart pounds for honest Black/Death Metal glory, as it unlike most other crap that is released this days actually has an incredibly strong spiritual nature as well, something deeper, more sinister and dangerous than the actual music. It’s far from the one-dimensional nuclear blast releases that people simply forget after a week, and that seems to be an opinion shared by many. The response has been overwhelming, and our strife goes on… Evil has no boundaries!


Are you working on a new material?If so will it be in the same musical character like your previous satanic releases?

We have not begun to work on new material yet, no. There are of course loose ideas and abstract forms circling our minds but nothing concrete yet. We are in no hurry. To state wether or not they’ll be much alike our previous work or not is therefore impossible, but i have a really hard time thinking that we’ll change. We have no reason to. We have been branded too deeply by Black Metal to abandon it, my belief is that we’ll take it to our graves.


What does Watain stands for?what does it mean?

”This wicked child lay in shalow crowded graves. This unholy place is where the black sacrifices are performed. Here is where He kills… Watain.” These words were –as the devoted underground dog should know- uttered through VON.


You employed the definition of ‘impurest Black metal fanaticism ‘for the Casus Luciferi album.Why did you chose this depiction?

It seemed fitting. On the other hand, just ”Black Metal” would have done fine as well.



On the other hand i want to know about your fine ideas on ‘Fanaticism ‘in black metal?To me, it s an absolute must for Unholy philosopy of this vein?If you are not true at heart ,then you cant be true at studio or concerts etc.never.

Indeed. Fanaticism is the fuel of the believer, the blood in the veins of the he who serves. The lack of of it is what makes the scene of today so worthless. A scene consisting of people who claim to perform Black Metal and still do not believe in it’s potential to be something else than just music. It has all degenerated into this loathsome form of pacific subculture, strangling the pathways of sincere belief and madness. But things are changing. Shadows have begun to move in the dark again. You have seen nothing yet.


You spread your pest on stage like the bands Dark Funeral,Grand Belials Key ,Rotting Christ,Unpure ;which was the unforgettable?

All of our gigs have meant alot ot us, because of the fact that they are moments when we get to channel the inner powers of our work, and let it float through us in it’s metaphysical form. On stage we are nothing but mediums, mouthpieces and vices of the greater truth, possessed and blind with madness… It is an experience that cannot be described with words.Both Grand Belials Key and Unpure are both outstanding bands (and allies) and it has been a pleasure sharing stage with them. As for RC and DF, they made pretty much fools of themselves at the mentioned occasions.


Do you have a daily jop ?How you earn your life ?

We rob graves.


What are you listening nowadays?Can you recommend some names for us?

Some recently released stuff that has been tormenting my ears alot lately has been Deathspell Omega – ”Si monumentum…”, Katharsis – ”Kruzzifixxion”, Repugnant – ”Epitome of darkness” advance cd, Secrets of the moon – ”Carved in stigmata wounds”. All of these are prime exampled of the glory of Black/Death Metal. Other than that, i’ve been staying to mypersonal classics such as Mayhem, Unpure, VON, Malign, Funeral Mist, Mercyful Fate, Dissection, Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Sadistik Exekution, Samael etc… In general, new stuff does not really interest me, and i guess that goes for all of the band. Something has gone lost over the years, only to be kept and carried on by a few chosen followers…


What s your ideas about the mainstream portrait of todays black metal scene?Thanx to(!) bands like Dimmu Borgýr (new) ,Children of Bodom bla ,the scene and audience has been domesticated a lot,yet;it s my own opinion at all.

We don’t see any connection between the bands you mentioned and the holy pillars of the Black Metal movement, except that they may misuse it’s name. It is indeed a shame to see these lifeloving nonbelievers claiming to be a part of something so divine and inhuman, but then again, they are just eye-less sinners walking in chains towards the Jaws… As long as there exists a deadly, dangerous side of Black Metal that spawns nothing but unhealthy, lifedefying sickness among it’s followers, Black Metal will stand strong. And the things that we know exists in the vaults and towers of the temple are things that would make each little metalhead cry out in fear and panic. Trust me on that.


What kinds of book do you prefer ?Are you in to literature as well?

I am not much for usual fiction, i always look for something based on real knowledge. The last usual fiction book i read is something in between these two styles though, its called ”The pendulum of Focault” by Umberto Eco and i can recommend it to everyone into bizzare rozecrucian/templar knights conspiracy theories with weird outcomes, and lots of truth. Other books i’ve consumed lately have been ”The power of Kabbalah” by Yehuda Berg (hollywood-hebrew, yet with some interesting aspects), ”The bible – the devils book” by Jos Rogiers (controversial/sensationalistic anti-semitism/antichristian thoughts, pretty average) and ”White line fever” by Lemmy (Pretty entertaining, although far from Mötley’s ”The dirt”). Right now i am reading a book called ”La Bas” (”Down there”) by J.K. Huysmanns, which is -to say the least- very inspiring (Thank you Pierre/Stratanael!).


And i want to know your opinions about ecclesiastical masquerades?Be it Christ s anal sex partners or arabian morons or jews …curse you all …

Religion is obviously something that means alot to me. Everything. Having been granted the key to truth and having been given the eyes to see the entrance to the pyramid of the mysteries, i am no longer of the kind that deny the spirit in favour of the flesh. My love for the Lord is boundless. Nothing is more real. Yet again, the pattern that constitutes our faith is not to be revealed in it’s whole to one and each, what we are allowed to share of it’s giant structure is hidden/revealed in our lyrics and compositions. The actual act of worship is lightyears away from where most of the Black metal scene stands now anyway, and it is not important for us that people know how our belief, religious indeed, manifests itself. The fact that it is real, and can be heard in our music, that is what people must know. About religion in general, indeed, the conception of it as something to fight against is the most common in the scene we once came from. And this is where we differ. Our Master have worked his way through religion since ages. Think about it, what is it all these nice little black metal cunts want to eradicate when declaring their oh so successful ”War against christianity”? They want to fight against the tyranny, the evil opression and the slavery of the church. What kind of thinking is that, if not peaceloving humanitarianism? Fuck you all! Who can deny the ineffable splendour of the fallen christ, the holy outbursts of goodness deformed into luciferian madness? The inquisition whose inhuman, sadistic urges and genocides blended in magnificently with their quest to deprive the world from sin in the name of God.

Hitler, the great visionarie whose goodhearted vision of a new and better world discharged into a wonderous overflow of deadly hybris and a world in flames! The godfearing monks of the catholic church who couldnt resist the tempation of Satan as he placed these innocent little boys before their lustful hands. The knights of the halfmoon who in the name of their God englufs the entire world in suspicion and illwill through acts of terror… Treacherous it is, the ageless ouroborus, with it’s bittersweet offerings to a world in hunger.


Thanx for this black spell.Any last curses for those conformists ?

Thank you for the interview. Psychopaths devoted to darkest Black Metal madness and mysticism, get Casus Luciferi! For those interested, we have shirts available for sale for 15 euros (Logo + snakeraped christcorpse), and other stuff as well. For info-package with bio etc, send 2 euros to our adress. On your knees, fear the dawn!

2004 / Frost Magazine

Enthroned Interview

Hail Nornagest!How the things in Belgium man?

Hails ,yes as much as any other weak religious fags I guess! This are pretty usual here not much to say, the hordes are preparing the arrival of the forth comming apocalypse called “XES Haereticum”!                       

Can you give your latest line up and latest changes in the band?

well, the blackened Horde consist of me ,Nornagest on lead guitars/ vocals and Sabathan ; lead vocals and bass guitar.The other members (Alsvid (drums) and Nerath daemon (guitar))will remain in the band until the recording of the new album “XES Haereticum” and will leave the band after the studio sessions. We have found some replacement and we will announce their names through zines and our web site ( when the right time has come!

Lets talk about ‘Carnage in Worlds Beyond’Are you content with the work?How are the reactions?

We are very pleased with the result of “Carnage in worlds beyond”, it’s just the way this album should have sounded, and we have that dark feeling back into the band which got a bit lost for the last two albums due to unmatured and un-dedicated members back then!The reactions have been very good world wide!

Last release hailed us in 2002,i think you are working on a new material at the moment,yup?

yeah, as I said above, we are working on our new album “XES Haereticum” which will be released in September 2004.

The new material is the closest from our two first releases “Prophecies of pagan fire” and “Towards the skullthrone of Satan” yet with some more brutal touch and of course the same approach as we unleashed on “Carnage in worlds beyond”. In a way it’ll be the most “melodic” albumof Enthroned but certainly not less aggressive!

Enthroned has always been known on its views against Christianity,is it the only religion that tou curse upon or does Enthroned have the same opinions towards other religions?

Christianity is a bunch of hypocrites, one of the many reasons why they disgust me but the same goes for other slavery religions of course! The long way of knowledge is my “religion” , walking in the step of ancient philosophy and feed my hunger with blasphemic powers that were/are given by the entity of the opposer named Satanas.

Enthroned ishis mouth and blade bringing and confirming is pestilence ,or aura, upon his world; here…

Your ex drummer,Dan Vandenplas committed suicide in April,1997.i know it is an ancient event but can you tell what exactly Enthroned Members felt when that had happened?do you know about his reasons?

He felt that his time was finished here,that he accomplished everything he had to do and wanted to back with our dark father down below…this was his words and we respected it althrough it was sad to see our war-brother disappearing physically, but he is still foreverpresent besides us and within our music and art.

You were working with Blackend in previous albums and you are working with Napalm the moment.why did this change occur?

Because we were absolutely not satisfied of the work of Blackend and because Napalm offered us the best deal.

Are you still following the underground?waht do you think about it when compared to its ancient days?

I’m still as much involved in the underground as I always been, of course the dark aura of Black metal is almost totally gone, but there are still some great hordes creating great hymns to the fallen.

Can you recommend us some new christcrushing bands from Belgium?

Yes, there is Emptiness (great black/death metal in the Incantation vein but with a personal touch),The Beast (Beherit/archgoat alike), Verloren ( depressive black metal), Anguyngueran ( pure black), Grimfaurg (black metal), Plague ( black metal) , Eole Noire (black metal), Xesbeth ( dark/black), Dark Ages (a bit like Dissection)…

How is the true black metal scene in you country?

Dedicated for the ones I mentionned before , and many true worshippers of the metal of Death and black occult hymns/metal !

What can you say about new scene?

I don’t give a shit persoannly if a band sell 500.000 or even 1000.0000 albums, what matters is their dedication and honesty towards themselves and in the case of “satanists” to Satan and what they are talking about!

Bands that are playing for money or because they like Black metal as a mainstream music are the rubbish of this scene, Black metal as it was said a million of times is more than just a music style, it goes deeper that simple metal, there is BLACK metal and black METAL, and I personally belong to the first category, to me the rest can fuck off!

I don’t know if Dimmu Borgir are real Satanists or what so ever, as I do not know the actual members personally so I have no reason to spit on their back, which was not the case some years ago with some ex- Dimmu Borgir members with whom we had some problems!These guys are out of Dimmu now and so why shall I have any kind of problems with them? I don’t know these guys and I’m not one of these children who’s gonna spit on their back just because I don’t like their music (even if I like their last one) or because they sell.

Do you still wear metal shirts/LS s etc.?i have this Dark Throne LS (TRANS?LVAN?AN HUNGER),you should see it man,fuckin splendid!i think this kind of stuff is directly related with the unholy soul of early days!(which ex Bathory,Celtic ‘FROST’ dwell)?

Yes I do! I’m the same in every day life that I’m on stage ,at the exception of the corpse paint!

Have you ever faced censorships in your country or somewhereelse?

Yes, we ‘ve been cancelled in some countries due to the christian church and in England some years ago, because we were too extreme, but now it’s ok ! We still ot some problems from time to time but we can’t live without it, even Elvis Presley was cancelled and boycotted because he was a true “ Evil Satanist” ahahahahah!!!

Could you tell me an intereseting event that you experienced with the police?if there was of course?

We got caught at the czech border because we had some anti-christian symbols and inverted crosses on the bus but nothing really interesting! and I got caught by the Italian Militia because I steped on St Peter’s sacred stone in the Vatican, but as you can see nothing really special!

Have you listened the ‘BURZUM tribute’?it is really splendid man!

No, I haven’t!

Congratulations for your 10th year anniversary,when looking back to all these years,to you,what changed in Enthroned?Are you content with the current position of the band in the scene?

After 10 years since our creation, I can be proud of one thing; it’s that we never betrayed ourselves and stay honest towards “Him” and the scene. What has changed a lot was our line-ups and I hope one day we will have a stable one!

Every Enthroned album gots his own personality and even if we love one or hate another I’m still proud of we have accomplished during this decade of dedication!

Thank you Nornagest for spending time on this    interview.Spit your last curse upon the   faces   of readers!

Thanx for the interview and as I once said…..To belive in God you need faith, to believe in Satan you just have to open your eyes….XES Haereticum, perpetuus doloris! AMSG

Khold Interview

Hi Sarke,Please introduce Khold to the  castle of Frost?

We started Khold in 2000. Have released 3 albums now. “Masterpiss of pain” 2001 on Moonfog, “Phantom” 2002 on Moonfog and now   “M?Gravers Kammer” 2004 on Candlelight.

Do you content with the catastrope after the release of the’Morke gravers kammer’ ?How are the reactions?

The reactions has been very good. We have received very good reviews all over Europe and the US. I know the sales has been well here in Norway.

How was the Khold s performance in Inferno fest.?Can you give the line up that you performed with in that festival?

The concert was ok. We have done better, but people said it was very good and that is the most important thing. I think soem of the songs will come out in DVD soon. The line up was Sarke:Drums/ Gard:vocal-guitar/ Rinn:Guitar/ Grimd:Bass.

You are working with the Candlelight at the moment,Was there a problem with Moonfog?i mean what is the reason for this change? on the other hand,do you content with the Candlelight s work?

Candlelight wanted to release our new album. Moonfog and Candlelight got to an agreement. For us it was very good.I think Candlelight will do a very good job with this album.

‘Dod’ video seems great!why did you chose this song as a video?Are there new plans for the new videos at the moment?

We thought it was a good song for a video and it was a lyric that was easy to work with. I also think it is a typical Khold song.We are talking about doing a video for the title song “ M?Gravers Kammer”.

I think ‘Khold ‘is an another spelling of the cold,am i right?if not what ‘Khold’stands for?

Norwegain for cold is kald. Khold is just a name for our band. but the words cold and old fits us well and the Kh makes it kind of Norwegain. So I think it is a good name for our band.

What are your inspirations while writing the Khold s art?

I am inspired by pictures, mostly Norwegain art from old days. Also lyric and nature. Always dark art of course.

DoesKhold employ lyrics as a strong weapon,or just screams lyrics which are written just to put in the booklet?

Our lyrics are very important. We have very good lyrics written by Hildr. Very dark and evil. Our lyrics mostly deals with death in a painful way.

Do you still in to the underground scene?i mean do you buy fanzines,demo tapes?

Sometimes I do it, but not as much as before. Thats also because most bands give out a cd these days.

What was the name of the first metal album you have bought?How didyour journey begin ?

I guess it was Kiss in the 70`. But the real metal album was Mayhems Deathcrush and Slayers Live undead in 1987.

Do you content with the situation of todays black metal scene?i think it lacks heatenic spirit of its first days,do you agree?

It was different before of course. Now the scene is much bigger. Time will always change, nothing we can do about that.But I think the scene is good now also.

Reveal some names from your music library,what are you listening nowadays?

The new Cadaver cd is good. I have Darkthrone, Slayer, Mayhem, Death, Obituary….

What is your opinion about the n.s attitudes of new coming bands,do you think they use this to create the atmosphere that they couldnt fill with their musical character?

Im not sure about that.

Thanx for time on this madness,you can close this with your last words Sarke…hail unholy black arts?

Thanks for the interview… Hopefully some of you readers will check out the new Khold album

1349 Interview

Hail seidemann! if you want lets start with 1349 s brief history,introduce this killer band to the readers!
Hail! 1349 was formed in 1997 by Ravn (Drums,Vox), Tjalve(guitars) and myself (bass).After recording 2 demos we found guitarist Archaon in 1999 and started working on the demo that would be the “1349” MiniCD.In 2000 we asked Frost to do some drums on the demo, and he did them all in one evening before he was going on tour.Later that year we started working on the material for “liberation” and Frost liked this material so much that he wanted to join on a permanent basis.In 2001 we recorded “liberation” and played a few concerts.2002 was a year of much trouble, few gigs and negotiation with labels.The year 2003 finally saw the release of “liberation” as well as extensive gigging and a tour of Europe.We also started recording the next album: “Beyond the Apocalypse”
Are u content with the sound u create in the ‘liberation’album?are we going to feel the same pure atmosphere in future releases?
We are very happy with the sound on “Liberation”, and will strive to keep the atmosphere on the next album as well.
Whose idea was it to put this hyperfast  Mayhem cover in the album?will there be new cover songs in the next album?
The Mayhem track was Frost’s warm-up excercise in the studio, and we decided to record it for use later on, but we were so happy with it, and felt it fitted very well with the other material so we included it.We have recorded a Slayer song, but we are not sure yet if it will be on“Beyond the Apocalypse”
‘Liberation’is  a real pure fuckin black metal masterpiece which kicks the asses of those black metal kittens in the undergroundscene who try to be true or   satanic/sadist or else although they even cant dare to do anal sex with their fuckin shit faced what do u think about todays black metal scene?
I must say I’ve lost touch with todays black metal scene. I do not buymany records anymore. I mostly care about what I’m doing and pay no heed to what the rest of the scene is up to.I usually buy records of bands I know are good like Darkthrone and
Carpathian Forest.
Are there new bands which you listen/support?
There are some new bands I listen to, notably Furze and Tsjuder, but also bands like Ghoul-Cult, Slavia, Koldbrann, Grenjar and Disiplin.
Frost of Satyricon gives a fuckin splendid,unique performance in the ‘Liberation ‘album,i think all new (and some old) drummers should take lessons from him;both on technic and the spirit!what s ur thought about his style in 1349,to me he added so many things into 1349 s musical character as a permanent member?
I am very happy with having Frost in the band. He provides us with excellent  drumming, as well as riffs and lyrics, and has a very professional and disciplined attitude.
Have you ever performed in concerts/fests  in Norway or in europe?
We have played the Hole In The Sky Festival in Bergen 2001, The Inferno Festival in Oslo 2002 and 2003, some gigs with Gorgoroth, Cadaver, Carpathian Forest and  others. We’ve played the With Full Force festival in Germany (2003) and toured Europe with Aeternus and Red Harvest.
As a metalhead,do you like going to gigs of the bands which u ike?to me,black metal has nothing to do with gigs;it should  keep its mysticism in itself,it should be misanthropic?
I don’t go to many gigs anymore.
let readers know much about 1349 s lyrics and ideology?
Our lyrics are usually visualizations of the moods the songs convey,but center around the “dark side” of life. We are antipolitical and antireligious as well as   misantropic.
Except 1349 and and music,are u working in a daily job?how is ur daily life,usual or dark as the music you create?
 Living on Black Metal alone is impossible in Norway,so we all have regular jobs.
Do u like reading?if so,what kind of subjects   you are into?do you like the works of A.Schopenhauer s and W.F.Nietszche s ?
I enjoy reading, mostly horror and history, although I read almost anything. I’ve got “So sprach Zaratustra” by Nietszche somewhere on my shelves, and enjoy his  philosophy.
Would u mind giving some special names from your music library?from your  playlist?
These albums arer constantly played in my home:
Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales 
Burzum – Burzum
Darkthrone – Transylvanian Hunger
Carpathian Forest – Black Shining Leather
Furze – Trident Autocrat
Änglagård – Hybris
What are your personal ideas about ecclesiastics?
I despise all religions, although the Monotheistic ones are probably the worst, as they forbid individuality and freedom of thought. Religion seems to be a tool for controlling the masses.
My questions are over Seidemann,thanx for ur answers,add your last words please?
Hell awaits – Beyond the Apocalypse!

Abigor Interview

Hi Peter,First of all i want to thank you as you accept my interview Request although Abigor has been split up, i thought we could talk about your ancient activities and about this unholy black metal fetish and so on…Let me learn why you decided to split up? It may be a boring question,neverthelessi wanna ask that why made you create a such decision in your mind?
It was more or less a personal decision because the situation escalatedback in spring 2003. I had some problems with the line-up and with NAPALM RECORDS too, at least I lost the interested in creating the same music formore then 10 years and try to create something that people like – as NAPALM would like to have it at this time, so at least it was the onlysuitable decision for me…Also “Satanized”, our last album got a too bad production and the guy atthe studio fucked up the mastering so it all sounded quite weak and faded while the basical record was awesome, so that sucked. From that point on I searched a new studio, I had to find a new singer and some compromises with NAPALM but it all failed, so this was the beginning of the end,simple time for a longer break and to start something new.
Abigor was formed in 1993, Being an aged yet experienced, would you tell about thesituation of the black metal scene that existing in those years?
I guess there was no real difference, some bands were great, some sucked,even there’ve been just a few bands, not as nowdays where it’s simply notpossible to get a view of all the bands that proclaim their music asBlack-Metal… In my opinion people were more extreme, more insane, not that down to earth as these days.
Do you think that more ‘trustful’ and ‘reliable’ was the scene in ancient dayswhen compared to nowadays degenerated scene?
Of course, because there weren’t so much bands at all and a lot of bands have been in close contact, it was more “familiar”, all more “unkown and strange”, simply not that big trend, however, who really cares about that?!
 What do you think about internet madness over forums etc?
I am not interested in those blabbermouth news posted a forums at all, nor
have I checked out any forum so far. Personally I think internet is a quite comfortable way to communicate and find news but I give a shit on it’s entertainment factor you might find at forums and chat rooms, people shall do what they want… If someone fucks you up, just send a decent virus, that’ll fix that problem, or just don’t care about it. As long people will live, as long you’ll have lies, envy and falseness, that’s nota problem of the internet and our society, that’s a problem of not using the brain.
Which Abigor album is the best for you?
Apokalypse. It’s the material that represent ABIGOR’s spirit as it’s best,all that we felt at these days has been realized through this MCD, pure hate and anger.
Have you got some side projects at the moment?
No project, just new band I am involved with. Namely, ST.LUCIFER which ?s the follow up to ABIGOR and HEIDENREICH (ex-HELLBOUND).I plan to release a promo-CD with ST.LUCIFER in summer 2004, 4 songs for some zines, and labels. Might be possible that I’ll seel some though the upcoming website, we’ll see. ST.LUCIFER is some hard and technical Black/Death-Metal, with straight and offensive lyrics/pure blasphemy. Thecurrent line-up is Moritz Neuner on drums, Silenius on vocals, Lanz onbass, Alex Stütz on guitars and myself on guitars,FX,synth, beside that I write and arrange the entire music. With HELLBOUND we already released a Split-CD (with AMESTIGON) last year,but because of some rightly problems we had to change the name – so now it’s HEIDENREICH.
Do you have a daily jop? how you earn your life?
I’ve a job and I have had ABIGOR, so I’ve enough money to do what I want.So, I am a quite “normal” ant in our sick society.
What do you listen nowadays? I hooked on this latest Dark Throne relase’ Hate Them’, did you like it?
I listen to everything I like, currently I am into the new IN FLAMES for example, the new EXODUS is great and MAYHEM’s Chimera is for sure the greatest album that has been released so far!I like a few songs of DARK THRONE’s Hate Them, those 3 riff songs piss me off, but some are ok.
And about the old stuff, like Judas Priest or Black Sabbath, Venom, may you say yourfavorite from those days? Painkiller, Sabotage and so on…
shit, and so on…
A weird question; What do you think about tattooes?I have this pentagram on my left sholder and some tribal on my right, i think you have some?..
I’ve a few tattoos, tattoos are some kind of personal expression for me,it’s like an addiction you can’t stop it.
What is your curse upon ecclesiastical hypocrisies?What are your ideas about these narrow minded orthodox brained pigs!?
I give a shit on them, to ignore them and their foolish believes is a suitable punishment. There’s no fucking god to save their souls, theirs no paradise they’ll enter after their painful lives, their just to weak and to stupid to recognize that. Religion in any form, especially Christianity, has destroyed so much cultures, so much and wise believes that not any time can ever heal that bleeding wounds! However,I’ve my very personal form of believe and way of live, I really don’t care about God, his homo-Jesus-son and their followers…
My questions are ended up Peter K. please add your last words?
Thanx for your interesst, keep ST.LUCIFER in your mind.



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