Dark Funeral Interview

  1. Hail Lord Ahriman, lets have a quick start about the latest news from the Dark Funeral camp, are there any new tours, gigs, or chainsaws in the horizon?
    Lord Ahriman) At the moment we are totally busy working on a new full-length album. Between May 23 to July 1th we will enter “Dug Out Studios” with producer Daniel Bergstrand to record a new Satanic Symphony. Shortly after, Satan will once again be unleashed upon mankind.

  2. When you formed Dark Funeral, was there a goal for what the band would sound like? And, now, by 2005, do you think Dark Funeral reached its aim both in terms of music and image?
    Lord Ahriman) When we started the band one of our many musical intention was to create the ultimate Satanic “metal” symphony. And to this date we have come pretty close I think. We have also found a strong and stable musical foundation to build upon, but we have yet not reached our goal. So the Dark Funeral saga will indeed continue. A new chapter is on its way!!!

  3. I know bands are not eager to say the best or the worst gigs they have ever had, yet I thought that you may do an exception, what was the worst gig that you gave? Or the best in terms of the audience or anything?
    Lord Ahriman) During the 10 year we have been touring we have unfortunately made a few horrible shows. And I’m really sorry for that. But on the other hand when being on the road one can’t simply be on top all the time. That’s just reality. The only thing you can do is to try and never do the same mistakes again. But also to try to top yourselves at the future gigs. The best audience we’ve played for so far is without a doubt the South American crowd, during our tour throughout Brazil, Chile & Colombia. Can’t wait to return!!!

  4. Once I heard that you are into motorbikes, choppers, cruisers etc. Does this habit continue? Do you like having long trips by your motorcycle? (I think it was a Harley Davidson, yep?)
    Lord Ahriman) Caligula is the “biker” guy in the band. He has a Harley Davidson, not sure what model though. I love Harleys myself, but I don’t own one myself.

  5. A weird question; what are your hopes for the next Mayhem album? (If there are some, of course).You know, Attila returns…
    Lord Ahriman) Yeah, Attila told me he was back in Mayhem. And I wish them all the best of luck with their next album. They are very talented musicians so I’m sure the next album will shred!

  6. Many of the Black Metal bands are skipping the “war-paint”, actually they are skipping the “war-point” actually, what do you think about it? Is it possible to see Dark Funeral out of war-paint one day?
    Lord Ahriman) You have to follow your own inner demons and be true and honest to yourself. If you one day wake up and don’t feel that the corpse paint represent what you stand for anymore, it’s better to stop using it. In our case, I still have a strong feeling to the whole concept of “corpse paint”. And it’s strongly connected to the band. So at this point of time I can’t really see us stop using it.

  7. How are the overall reactions for the latest live album of yours, namely “De Profondis Clamavi ad Te Domine”? Are the fans seem satisfied with it so far?
    Lord Ahriman) So far the response has been killer.

  8. And, what kind of clues you may reveal here about the new Dark Funeral opus? What kind of satanic disaster is coming this time?
    Lord Ahriman) Even if it’s only 2-3 weeks until we’ll enter the studio I don’t even have a clue myself what the next album will sound alike. And I guess I won’t know until things start to fall in the right places during the recording session. That’s just the way I am and work you know.

  9. Ok. Ma Lord, it is over now, I know you are so busy at the moment, so I m keeping it short for this time, thanks for the help for Frost! Last words of wisdom are thy own!
    Lord Ahriman) Thanx ,for your interest in the band and your support. It’s highly appreciated! Stay tuned for a new album to be unleashed upon mankind later this year.



  1. keep up the fantasic work dark funeral. your the best band out there been listening to you guys for years

  2. HAIL DARK FUNERAL you guys are my top favorite band out there, keep up the good work, HAIL SATAN

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