Vreid Interview

Hei Vreid team, how is the life going nowadays, regarding yourself and music?


 Things are just fine. The new album is out in Norway, and the reviews and response are very good. Feels good to finally have it out there, after working with it for such a long time.


I-by chance-happen to listen your album and it left a very good impression on me. A new and fresh black metal from Norway, sounding as creative as possible. Can you please introduce your music, mainly on the last album?

 Well, Black & Roll is a tag that has been put on us, and I guess that is quite describing. The atmosphere is inspired by Norwegian Black metal and old folk-hymns, while the groove are inspired by trash and straightforward rock & roll bands. A deadly combination.



Any gigs or festivals that you will take place in summer or recent time?


 Just did a European tour in April. For the summer we have been confirmed for Metal camp in Slovenia, and Metalheart, Hole in the sky and Støy festival in Norway. More dates will be confirmed soon.


Do you have any special shows on the stage or do you say the music is enough and should be enough?


 The music must always be good enough itself. But we spice it up with a militant approach.



You have also your own studio namely 1184,what are your activities there at the moment, are there any recording bands?And,do you have any kind of criteria for those ones who wants to record an album there?


 We have done things like Ulvhedner, Cor Scorpii and the Windir and Enslaved DVD there, besides all the Vreid albums of course.. At the moment we don’t really have that much time to work with other project there, but Ulvhedner will record their upcoming album during the summer/autumn.



Do you think that Norwegian scene doing good in terms of creativity lately or do you think that there has been no progress for years? Bands standing on the old throne or being able to defend it bravely nowadays too?


 Old dogs like Darkthrone keeps on barking out new album, while new bands like Iskald and In Vain sounds promising, and with the veterans like Emperor and Immortal back doing shows, I think that the Norwegian scene is strong and vital.



What is the meaning of “creativity” for you in the music or life?


 Being able to follow the flame that burns inside you.



You may not answer this question if you don’t want to, what is your / band members daily job in daily-life?


 Teacher, sound engineer, system developer for computers and employed at the Norwegian governments trade office is our daily jobs.



What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music?

 Lately I have been listening to the new albums of Iskald, In Vain, Dimmu Borgir, Pain, Mayhem + of course the old classics now and then.



And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?

 I listen to Alice Cooper (at least once a week) Weh, Air, Prokofiev, A-ha, Jokke, Johnny Cash, Beatles, Iggy and the Stooges (absolutely brilliant, Raw power is a total classic), 80’s cheesy pop bands and all kinds of other shit.



 Tell me your opinions shortly regarding these terms/ words;


Joey Jordison;


 Isn’t that the Slipknot drummer? I have probably not listened to Slipknot more than 10 minutes in my life, nothing to tell about the guy.





 If it is Marilyn you are referring to, then the freaky fucker actually has some quite good songs.



In Sorte Diaboli;


 Greeeat sucsess. Didn’t do much for me. Spiritual black dimension is my favourite DB album



Cell phones;


A necessary evil. Addictive little bastards.





Rarely use it.



Doberman Pincher;


Love dogs. I have a bastard myself. Not to familiar with this breed.




What to say?



Thank for your time,last words are yours sir.


 Thanks for your interest in Vreid.


 Check out the new album, and if you are too stubborn or pigheaded to not do that, you should at least check out the Alice Cooper album Killer. Skål!


  1. Cell phones? MSN? Doberman pincher? Lol

  2. Cell phones;
    “Necessary evil. Addictive little bastards.”

    “Rarely use it.”

    Doberman Pincher;
    “Love dogs. I have a bastard myself. Not to familiar with this breed.”

    Welcome to real world my frendo !


    ” ? ”

    Have a good reading,


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