Keep Of Kalessin Interview

Infernal hails,lets start with the latest news from the Keep of Kalesin camp,i think you have deal with a new label at the moment,how came?


Yes, we have a new deal. It’s with the norwegian label TABU recordings, a division of TUBA records. Nowhere else we’d rather be at this time!

And what are your expectations from this new label?

I know this label is working hard and also see potential in working on a long term basis with a band. Not just screw the band around for fast and easy cash. And the label has seen a big potential in Keep Of Kalessin. Together we hope to make Keep Of Kalessin one of the most important black metal bands in the scene of today.

What can you tell us about the Satyricon’s US tour?As far as i heard many weird things happened before and during the tour,what happened and how was the general feedback?

Yeah, lots of shit happens on tour. Bus broke down, tour manager ran off with alot of our money. The usual shit in this business. hehe. The feedback has been awesome!

Actually there is another interesting event that is reported in your web-site.About a guy who broke a bottle and “do some harm on Sid’s face”during the Inferno festival.It says that you won a lawsuit against the guy,what can you say about it?It seems Keep of Kalessin is abit unlucky,or “damned”…

It may seem like we’re kinda damned, but when you do great things the weak ones will always try to put you down! This crazy retard just obviously tried to stop me from going on that Satyricon tour. However it takes more than a crushed bottle into my face and a 10 cm open wound in the face to stop me. Fuck off, wimp!

Frost of Satyricon did without doubt the best for the Keep of Kalessin,so what can you say about his contribition to KOK’s musical history…He is the fastest,that is sure.

He loved the new material and agreed on playing on the Reclaim minicd. Most of the drumwork was written when he joined though, but as always he played steady like a machine!

What do you think about Frost’s style in Satyricon(latest Volcano for example)?On the other hand his performance in 1349’s liberation was also unique!

I think he have great brutality to his playing. You can find faster drummers than him, but I’ve never seen anyone hit the kit that fucking hard in that tempo!! Great drummer!

You must be working on the new album ,what kind of clues can you reveal here about the coming Keep of Kalessin disaster?

It will blow your fucking mind to Pluto and back!! All the material is written and it will be a huge epic piece with guitar riffs you never dreamt of hearing! We have more our own unique style than ever before and I’m playing 4-5 harmonies at the same time in hyper-speed. It will be very melodic, but mainly based on guitarwork which isn’t that much done with symphonic black metal bands. They mostly tend to base their music on the synth.

The band’s previous name was ILDSKJAER,why did you change it?Actually it was far more mystical,especially for the ones who are not from the Scandinavia..

I think that bandname sucks. That’s why we changed it.

Once i heard that you are into Beethoven’s art,it seems you are into classical music.Are there any other names that you can give here?Wagner for example…?

Hmm. Where did you hear that? I probably have stated that I’m into some classical music, but it’s actually more of the classical motion picture soundtracks like Braveheart, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Planet of the Apes, Sleepy Hollow. Basically anything Danny Elfman has done. And I often find musical soundtracks for computer games very interesting. A couple to mention is the audio for Alien vs. Predator, Heavy Gear 2 and Unreal.

What kind of names would you recommend from the Norway ranks?Are there any new coming bands worth to be checked out?

Not many interesting bands in the Norwegian scene these days, but new death metal act Chton is worth checking out!

What is the most disgusting question that makes you angry when asked in an interview?

I have no idea!

Do you have any words for your enemies?

The Keep Of Kalessin Armada is coming your way in September 2005! Watch out!

Say your fave Bathory song and finish the interview please,your cooperation with Frost is highly appreciated!Thanks KOK for contrubition!

I have never been to much into Bathory, but I remember listening a great song on a Black Mark sampler years ago. But I don’t fucking remember what the name of the song was!



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