Mayhem Interview

Hi Blasphemer,this is the second time I am interviewing you,if there would be a third time before I die,I promise you that I will treat you a big beer and an holiday in mediterrean coast,anyway I begin before boring you from the very beginning.The new Mayhem legend Ordo Ad Chao is already out,so what you say about this new album in general?

Well, its probably the most disturbing album to come out of the band ever, hehe. And I must say that im quite happy and confident with the result as opposed to Chimera, which was a bit too rushed at the time. This time I put a lot more time and effort in to creating the most intense album yet. I believe it’s very dark, quite complex and avantgarde yet still pitch black as a BM album should be. Oh, about that big beer; it’s a deal, hehe

Are you satisfied as a musician? Have you ever thought that Maybe you have to create something else in order to satisfy your ambitions? Or Mayhem guitars are all satisfying completely?

Well, I have other bands as well, as I think it would be too 1 dimensional with only 1 was of expressing. But then again, Mayhem albums are usually very demanding and quite different from each other so I never feel stuck, if you know what I mean. But I believe it’s healthy for musicians to have other projects as well. Its different ways of thinking and you are dealing with other sources of creativity which again leads to motivation and a broadening musicality.

Can it e said that the band was more motivated with the return of Attila?

Yes, that is indeed true. Maniac was, and still is obviously, a great guy, but it was only when Attila came into the band that I realized what we actually could do. So I owe a lot to Attila for being such an inspiring person.


The new Mayhem album sounds really different regarding the previous actions.Some fans are not satisfied, it seems. But I believe this is the most atmospheric and morbid Mayhem act I have ever listened to. What were the inspirations and motivations when you were in the studio, recording and the creating the album?


I just wanted to go where no one had been before musically. I wanted to create something very disturbing, yet with all the elements for a great BM album being present. For me it’s so much boring and simple-minded music out there, id figure that the world didn’t need 1 more, he he. So that’s basically it. It took me 2 years to come up with the most sick, intense and bad (as in good) riffs possible. I wanted to present something truly unholy and alien. Something that people would be asking questions about for years, heheAnd with Attila it was kind of simple as well, as the both of us sharing the same visions how BM lost it and what we could do to make it bizarre and fucked up again..

This time it seems you had had the will to create something different in the song writing process, can we say this really?

I think we can agree on that. It was something like “make a great BM riff and then fuck it up by choosing tones that people normally wouldn’t choose” haha. It was a strange period for sure, and im quite happy it’s over

I wonder, Does Hellhammer take part in song writing process? Or it is all on you and Necrobutcher when it comes to create the main frame?

Hellhammer contributes with some small arranging parts once in a while, but it’s only me who write the music. Necrobutcher doesn’t write any music at all. This is the way it has been since I joined the band. I wrote every single note since Wolfslair Abyss to present day.


Can we say Mayhem will carry (continue) the highest quality song writing and instrument technique style that it gained since the release of Grand Declaration of war album?


Yes, I believe that there are some breathtaking parts on this new album, although it’s not as technical as “Grand Declaration Of War”. I guess we will never be again either. I see each album as a period of time, something that won’t be repeated. If there will be another MM album, rest assure it will be completely different again. I don’t believe in repetition as a constructive theory. Repetition is only constructive if you do the same mistakes over and over again. If you get my point

What are you listening nowadays, regarding the extreme music?

I don’t really listen that much extreme music these days, except for some stoner doom bands like Electric Wizard and vintage HM like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath etc. Maybe I got an overdose of bleak BM when we were in the studio, hehe.In general, I believe im trying to relax as much as possible and to enjoy the essence of being. Totally, as far as possible that is… I kind of got rid of some extremities with this album, so now im basically following the reactions, doing interviews etc. I guess I have what people consider a boring life these days. But im totally into it.

And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?

I guess Dead Can Dance, Muse, early Christian Death and Fields of the Nephilim can be mentioned here.

Is there any change in your life-style or daily life style lets say,since Mayhem has became bigger and stronger in the scene?Or are you same the same person both mentally and socially?

I guess ive changed over the years, but im more modest and down to earth these days than Ive ever been. I believe thats a good thing, hehe- Its all a part of growing up. I mean, we are not exactly youngsters anymore so it would be strange if everything would be the same as in say…93-94.About my own position in the scene; im kind of relaxed with that aspect. İm not out to become a star or whatever, i just want to do what i have to do and get respected and acknowledged for my desicions and creativities along the way. İ believe that there is always a reason for the way people act, and being a arrogant bastard would only mean that I would lack something in my life, in which i have to compensate for. Hope you follow my train of thought...

Norwegian cult bands entered in more progressive and groove way ,specially Enslaved,Satyricon and Mayhem in their previous albums.Do you consider this as a natural evoluation in black metal?Carrying the Flag one step further?

I believe so. As i said earlier, we are not exactly youngsters anymore, and what was created back then is impossible and possibly stupid to try to recreate today,. Things go on, we grow. Evolution always wins.

Mayhem’s latest alum, “Ordo Ad Chao” has entered the Norwegian album chart at position No. 12, which is the band’s highest position ever.The band has only once before been on the Norwegian charts, when the their previous album, “Chimera”, reached No. 28 in 2004.I know the band don’t give a damn about that kinda stuff,but how it feels,i will ask anyway?

I dont really pay that much attention to it, but of course its always flattering when people go on and support your stuff. Although, i dont see how its possible for an album like this to be in the charts for 3 weeks. İt dropped to the 36th position yesterday i noticed, hehe. Its a sign of the end of common sense when OAC breaks the charts, haha.

Anyway,I end it up here,I know you are quite busy.Is there anything else you would like to add sir?

Thanks Frostkamp for the interview; let’s hope it will be a 3rd one so you can keep your promise.

Greetings from Portugal


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