Rotting Christ Interview

Hi Sakis,How are you?Weather must be already hot in the Greece,doesnt it? 
Yes we already start to survive.This is early May and the temparature is something like 33 celsius for the  moment.This summer  seems that mother earth will punish us…
Please start with the latest news from the Rotting Christ camp?
We have just being back from an almost 3 month tour and as you can guess we pick up our mess and try to put things in order and then…plans for new shows.THEOGONIA album hasn’t been out more than 5 months so our main plan is to supporting it by touring and ofcourse to meet our metal brothers worlwide.
Your new album is already out,how are the reviews for it so far?
 Really optimistic …and this is something that we didn’t excpect after 10 albums released.People can easily fed up with a band that have released so many albums but it seems that the band refreshed and really refreshed too much.That give us strength to go on more and more.
I personally liked the album,it was one step forward regarding the earlier Rotting Christ albums.How can you define it in this respect?
 The great majority do agree with you and this happen because having a knowledge of nowadays difficulty i spent uncountless time in the composing proccess especially in the emotional part as i talked enough with myself i tried to explore really well hidden feelings in order to put them out in our music and to make the album more soulfull…something in my pure opinion is missed nowadays in our scene.I also inspired from the ancient greek feeling something that maybe made the album more unique.
It has also egsotic and different oriental molodies.Maybe not the exact description ,but some eastern-like melodies.Ho came?Even some parts reminding us muslim “Ezan”?
 Yes some oriental influences are inlcunded on that album but only in one song and especially for the song ENUMA ELISH that is refered in the ancient eadt myth concerning the born of the world….So there the oriental influences fit well.
What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music?
 I try to listen as many release as possible from new albums in order to see what is going on in our scene nowdays but i can not hide that i am stucked in the old schoolish stuff and specifically to bands like  BATHORY CELTIC FROST POSSESSED KREATOR HELLHAMMER VENOM.
And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?
 I am into searching music that comes from different places all over the world and i am also into soundtracks …
Is there any change in your life-style or daily life style lets say,since Rotting Christ has became bigger and stronger in the scene?Or are you same the same person both mentally and socially?
 I can not say that i do remain excatly the same as when i started uop the band i was 18 and today i am 35…As you can guess some things have changed BUT my beliefs or better my extrem beliefs  remain more or less the same and i try to protect in the nowadays plastic eras we are currently passing on…
Apart from the other bands,Rotting Christ has always had this sincerity in its music and attitude,I m glad that you have not became one of those rock-star wanna bes. So,what is the place of “sincerity” in music for you?
To remain in yourself to remain a dedicated warrior of art….Then you will realise that you do cannot be on a different level from the one that is coming to your show or that is listening to your music…It’s just happen that you are on the stage.
Do you follow the Greek scene in close perception?
 Ok there are good and interesting newcomers but i am also stucked to the early 90’s Greek scene with bands like NECROMANTIA VARATHRON ZEMIAL THOU ART LORD etc etc.The new comers also doing a good job that will be better if they can find their own personal style3 then i think that a second GOLD era of the greek scene will rise up.Keep an eye open for those bands.
You may not answer this question if you dont want to,what is your daily jop in daily-life?Or Rotting Christ is enough at all..
The band is taken the most of my time but as common person i have to take care of my everyday little things like cleaning my house cooking paying my bills etc etc…Not that rock starish right?But this is life.
Are you into computer games?What kind of games you are playing,if yes that is.
 No i am not fan at all…I used to play 80’s games games like PAC MAN /GHOST IN GOBLINS /ETC ETC  but i am old enough to spend uncountless time in front of my PC …I have too many things to take care.
 As a very experienced band,what would be your recommendations to the new coming amatour bands?
Be yourself and to not be a pioneer of globalisation that need  everything easy come easy go….Be yourself and if you are dedicated on what you are doing sooner or later you gonna touch
your dream…
Thanks Sakis,for your time,please and the interview now!

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