Graveland Interview

Hei Rob & Graveland horde!IWhat have you been doing lately and what are the latest news from the Poland,at Graveland’s side?

In September 2004 I started work on newest Graveland album ‘Fire Chariot of Destruction’. This work took me a lot of time…much more I have expected. I was planning to record new Lord Wind album, but unfortunately I have not find time to do it. So the work on new Graveland album took me almost a year but I am very satisfied with the final result. I recorded this album in my home studio but I think I would not prepare better album in a professional recording studio. Well done work is not the only thing that motivates me to further work. Lately I have purchased some new equipment….guitar effect and percussion effect. Now I play on two guitars….one I tune in a standard way and second guitar I tune in my specific way. I played a little on this new equipment and I am very satisfied which means that soon I start work on next Graveland album…again one step ahead…


New Graveland masterpiece ‘Dawn of the Iron Blades’ has already been out ,and i have to admit that it is one the best Graveland albums i have ever listened. A real pagan black metal opus with the unique atmosphere,melodies. So,how ware the reactions to this album so far?

Since ‘Fire of Awakening’ I have tried to maintain harmonized epic Graveland style. I want listeners find on my albums not only spiritual values of pagan world, but also good sound and high technical skills. On ‘Dawn of Iron Blades’ I managed to obtain unique climate and atmosphere. I think Graveland has its own style and it is hard to name it. And I like this situation. How listeners react to this album? I think that not everyone is able to listen to this album, because Graveland is boycotted e.g. due to my anti-Semitic statements. So only those who are very well oriented in underground music, have an opportunity to get Graveland albums. But really good music always comes from underground. Ha…ha…most of the listeners are condemned to music from official distributions. And they think that sweet commercial bands as supreme art! Nothing like that! Power of metal comes from underground. Underground art is always free, not restricted by requirements of commercial market….underground art is uncompromising and courageous…


And,i always know that each Graveland opus has its own character with the greatest inspirations behind its curtains.What was the biggest inspiration for ‘Dawn of the Iron Blades’?With what kind of ‘determinations’ you entered to recording room this time?

Many years ago I started to refer to my own imagination of the culture and beliefs of the Northern people…and especially to German pagan roots. I replaced Odin with Wotan because in the German personification of his God I see the God of war and warriors.  Women warriors Valkieries are essential part of my world of warriors and heroes. The legions of Valkiries next to the Chariot of Wotan come to the battle helping White Beasts of Wotan to win. White Beats of Wotan are warriors who fight for fatherland and freedom of their Folk. Valkirian charges coming down the sky on their winged steeds is a really good inspiration for writing lyrics and playing music. In my music you can hear choirs with male voices (warriors) and female voices (Valkiries). These voices are always present in my Art and they create incredible mystical mood. Also other personalities are present in my world of pagan beliefs and imagination…let me mention The Rhine Maidens…Water nymphs raising the bodies of the warriors who died near to rivers and lakes…the Rhine Maidens listen to the Lady of a Lake…in my creativity I always refer to the world of spirits and ghosts…ghosts of ancestors…spirits of trees, earth, water, wind…the strength of ancient magic that created the whole world. In my lyrics you can read the histories of cult places of ancient pagan religions, ancient beliefs and traditions…pride and honor…values that lead warriors to eternity…Tyrants of Cruelty roam the world leading us to a higher values…sometimes they bring chaos and anxiety to your world of peace and blissful vegetation…all that matter so far is not important anymore…you leave your former life behind and you follow them through the fire and the ravages of war…ready to die in next battle…Tyrants of Cruelty know your soul…they know how to wake the war beast in you…war wolf who is not afraid to fight against all…In my pagan world there are too categories of enemies: one fight deceitfully with falsehood and betrayal…poisonous and false ideology is their weapon; the second category of my enemies – they come for Hades, the beasts of darkness and black skin barbarian tribes of night…as packs of hungry and greedy orks they invade your lands killing and destroying all you love…In my world the warrior does not protect the weak…because according to the Wotanists law, the weak should try to become stronger by themselves and then they should take care of themselves without any help. In my world the warrior fights to protect his family, his land and his Folk.


Now that alive than ever before is the Graveland to spread its pest to make ecclesiastic lies decay.What are your general opinions about nowadays ecclesiastical world -be it about any religion-?For you,Is ecclesiastic decaying day by day or is it becoming stronger?Especially after some recent conflicts,wars?

Christianity is one of the biggest plague of ancient and contemporary world. Religions have been at the bottom of all the biggest wars and slaughters in the human history.  Christianity, Islam, Hebraism…they are all the same. They have the same roots…they are connected in a triangle of hatred and death…our world suffers for hundreds of years because of “redemptive” activity of this triangle of hatred. Vile and the suffering of the ‘unfaithful’ are their sustenance. They create chaos…suffering instead of love and war instead of peace. In the place of freedom they offer false ideology that enslaves people. I have always referred to ancient pagan beliefs of our forefathers. My ancestors worshiped Gods of our lands long before the triangle of hatred invaded us. Our ancestors had their own traditions and this pagan culture that let hem live in harmony with the Nature. Christianity invading Northern lands brought falsehood and betrayal…hatred and war. Later Christianity divided into Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Church. These faction have been fighting against one another stopping the evolution and developments of a White Man….their religious wars plunged Europe into chaos and darkness…today Christianity tries to whitewash its past and put on a cover of mercy and peace. But this is only an illusion. Our world will be ravaged by religious wars again….Christians claim that they brought the enlightenment and technical and civilization progress….they claim that native pagan beliefs are the source of ignorance and backwardness in all aspects of our life. It is one of the biggest lie!!! Look at Japan. Japan is one of the biggest world superpower and Japanese still have their own pagan religion Shinto….other religions tried to invade and dominate Japan but fortunately they failed. Many Japanese people are Buddhists but Buddhism is not a part of a triangle of hatred. Today I see “redemptive” influence of Christianity in Africa…as Africa in thrown into chaos, poverty and hundreds of local slaughters….oh, I see redemptive influence of Christianity. Some African researchers accuse Christianity of causing the explosion of AIDS epidemic in Africa….they prove that AIDS has appeared in Africa many years ago but native traditions and customs stopped the explosion of AIDS epidemic. But under of influence of Christian missions, lifestyle of Africans has changed…new beliefs and customs replaced old customs bringing chaos…lack of proper values caused escalation of rapes, violence, sexual dissipation that caused AIDS epidemic….


Lets take Iraq war for example,did that feed the  hearts of Christians ,and make them to elect Bush again?Is Christianity or any other ecclesiastical wing becoming stronger?

 It is not easy for me to answer this question because  in Poland only few Muslims,  we do not have big Muslim society so we do now have problems with them. But I have the same attitude to Christianity and Islam…they are the same for me. Religious conflict is the worst thing you can be drawn into. So we should be very careful not to let anyone draw us into any religious conflict. Because these who try to engage us in this conflict, have their own interest…money and power. They do not care about us. Today mass media alert us to Islam danger, Pope tries to fuel pro-Christian moods saying that Christianity is the only power that can stop Islam!!! Many people could make huge money on this war selling weapon to both sides as it was during IWW and IIWW. I do not believe in any information mass media provide. As the result the society is stupefied by the primitive propaganda and the government has no problems with manipulating the society. In Poland when the Pope died the governments announced national mourning…and then I felt as I lived in Iran…religious fanaticism, superstition and ignorance emerged with such a strength that I was terrified as I realized that I live in such a country… An escalation of Islam terrorism and fight of people who die in suicide missions for ideas they believe….if I did not the history of armed conflicts in the Middle East….if I did not know the politics of USA, Israel and some European countries…I would blame these Islam terrorists of bringing violence and danger…but in my opinion Islam terrorists are the product of the politics of Western countries towards Middle East countries…the Middle East countries plunge into decay because of sickness called Israel…USA and Europe desire Middle East natural resources…democracy, freedom and Western high level of civilization are only the cover of the true aim that is the seizing of the natural resources Western countries cannot exist. On such ground we can expect growing number of terrorists which Bin Laden gives meaning of their lives and meaning of dying in fight for the right thing…


Many blames Graveland for being right-wing supporter or labeling you as anti-semitist.It has been like this for several years and i know you also fed up with these…So,what can you say about this kind of rumors?

My political convictions reflect events taking place in our world. I do not blame Jews for being Jews but for their deeds. I am not going to hide my political convictions in order to increase selling of my albums. If I see that something is going wrong, I criticize this situation and I do not care if I criticize a Jew or a Christian. Many people do not like my style of being because my statements and evaluation of some situations shatter their peace and their well-ordered life mostly based on spending time in blissful sleeping…they do not accept me because I tell them to think. I devaluate their consumerist problems and shallow cultural experiences and I direct attention to crucial problems of our world. But these people do not want to see the real problems of our world. They prefer to live in their blissful ignorance. They prefer to be lied to. this is sick…but our society is sick! I am labelled a  Nazi, anti-Semite, racist…this way very can very easily identify me as a problem, troubles, intolerance, hatred…but I am not their problem…these who lie to them – these are their problem. My words and my artistic work do not cause world conflicts …my words do not cause death of thousands of people…Rules of contemporary Western countries are based on warped and faded values…all made is the name of money that is the highest value…freedom and democracy are not important…the society plunged in ignorance is used to produce and consume…the real happiness of the society is not important. A man exists to produce and to consume. Contemporary culture, art and religion show the society the pleasure and appropriateness of consumerism. Race mixing is very important factor in this play. Racially mixed society is more stupid and easier to manipulate. There is no place for revolt and individual thinking. People deprived of their roots and history, separated from their native traditions and beliefs become vain and idle. So I just fight for my individual freedom and I work unwaveringly toward my goal…nothing can stop me…that is the way I am.


Moreover,may i take your fine ideas about todays modern black metal scene which dwells far away from the ideological,heathenistic approach?Hell of bands whose only aims are  nothing but more money and more female flesh!

It is very old problem…there have always been artists creating for Art and artists creating for money and fame. And they have always been in conflict, hating and criticizing one another. But as everybody knows there is an audience needing higher values and deep spiritual experiences and there is also a primitive audience needing just fun and entertainment…they need fun and fulfillment of empty fancies and vanity. Unfortunately this primitive audience is a majority…they reproduce faster giving life to another empty and primitive individuals. Pop music is based on sex and makes the biggest money. Pop BM makes the same but with different image…. But in fact there in no difference between them.


What kind of books have you been reading lately?Besides the classics,Are you into modern literature as well?

I do not have really too much time to read. But when I read I prefer classic literature. I am not into modern literature at all. I do not have time for it.  But I watch many movies. I love old Japanese epic samurai movies. I also watch Japanese horror movies and Chinese and Korean movies. American movies fill me with disgust.


What kind of utopias you have in your mind about the earths future?It may on Europe’s or US’ …Will be the nations blended or will the deeper differences occur between people in the future?

I am sure we will have to deal with new world wide conflicts…wars for natural resources. Society consist mostly of primitive people…when they have no fuel to drive their cars they would do anything to get it…they will agree for any war. All today fucking chit-chats about freedom, brotherhood, help for Africa, democracy, equality – all will be erased in one day…for fuel…all these mass media heroes, defenders of human rights and refugees will support war…and this is the falsehood of contemporary world. War in Iraq let us see true faces of some people…we should remember them and do not support them in the elections! Unfortunately many economists and market analysts say that humanity will wage war for fuel and natural resources soon. We have so many vehicles that need huge amount of fuel in the world. More and more people have cars…China market is growing in  unimaginable speed…they pr duce and consume….more and more…USA and Europe made first steps to assure some fuel resources invading Iraq and Afghanistan. But I am not sure if this plan succeed.


What do you think about ‘fanaticism’ in Black metal?Isnt it fuel for the heathen individuals  while creating the unholy arts?

When you are young you always have radical ideas…you see only black and white…and nothing else. Everything is easy. If something is not with you, it means it is against you… but it is very important time when people grow up. Most of them betray their radical ideas and become the part of a system. Some people are faithful to their youthful ideas and let them triumph in a creative self-development. Our creativity help young people to find the aim of their lives…find the way to perfection that makes them stronger. This is our success…great success…. fanaticism is not important here at all. Because these fanatics mostly are the most stupid and they first change their ideas and religious beliefs. Fanaticism is another façade that covers weak people…so why should we care about them….???


This is a quatation from one the your interviews ; ‘Once in the supermarket, I saw a notebook. And imagine what was on the cover of this notebook…the picture of a strong standing black male and white female sitting on the floor staring at him with admiration…she was looking at him as he was a divine… imagine what young girls think when they sit at school and see such picture?!’’ How can you expand your quoted definition ?

Black sexually very attractive male and white greedy for sexual experiences female – this model is emphasized in mass media – advertising, music, movies, books, magazines, newspapers… even on the covers on notebooks for kids!!! It is an obvious action of propaganda spread in Western countries. The effects of this mass propaganda are terrible for a White society. Women are easy to manipulate…some well -thought-out- methods of social engineering let them astray…White women get married to no-White men…and it is the beginning of their problems…Some White women are so stupid that they think that hanging about with Black men makes them trendy and emancipated. They think so because they were told that hanging about with Blacks is cool. These masters of propaganda who spread such shitty lifestyle do not care about the happiness of these women. They aspire to destroy the culture of a White Man…to deprive us of the strength that comes from the purity of our blood. MTV and VIVA are the hotbed of moral corruption…I just hope that one day they will vanish into thin air in the atomic cloud…to the joy of spirits of our forefathers…


What are your opinions about ‘censorships’?Be it in music or in any other walks of live?Therefore,Isn’t it necessary to put some limitations while trying to improve the human race,may be we should mention about self-disiplin here…

Censorship is a wide topic and we could talk about it for many hours….censorship has its good and bad sides…it depends on our ideas. World without censorship could not properly function…it would disappear in the abyss of chaos. But sometimes censorship is too strong and it is not good because it limits rebellious aims of some people…and world needs rebellious ideas to function properly. Censors must be very wise people to tell false and destructive ideas to good ideas…some rebellious ideas are very good for the society as a whole and although some radical acts cause development and the progress of civilization. But when censors are the puppets in the government hands or they are religious fanatics, we can forget about the progress of civilization. Censors always want more and more  entitlements and powers. We, as a society, should control censorship. Otherwise censorship deprives us of our freedom. Equilibrium is very important. Some time ago I started to censor my art by myself. It is a kind of auto-censorship. I want to avoid confrontation and repressions from the government and police from my country. I am trying not to give them any pretext to attack me and my creativity. And for some years I have not had any problems with the police and secret services. I am faithful to some cannons and ideas but the police cannot find a way to attack me. Besides in today’s Europe people think a little bit different. I think that people are tried of the problems of immigrants and non-White people and Africa. Europeans seem to be bored with mass media propaganda of holocaust and homosexuals. I think that good times for Graveland are coming…..


Thanks Rob, for your time on this. Last words of wisdom are yours…

Thank you Fortinbras for an interesting interview. It was a pleasure to answer it. I wonder how my answers affecting people in your country. I hope my words inspire them and make them think. Be brave and courageous! Make you forefathers proud of you! May pride and honor guide you! Life is not an idle existence….life is an eternal fight for survival!


  1. Ave Rob Darken!
    You are a true inspiration! Never stop creating you incredible music. I fell fanatically in love with the soundtrack to Conan The Barbarian when I first saw the movie at age of six, I though “no one can do music like this”, but you really capture the soul and heart of the pagan warrior spirit. The Gods must have given you a holy talent.

  2. Oh, Graveland delivers different music, when you are on different veins,
    Splendid that if you like this interview,


  4. Good old interview.

  5. Hello just want to say thanks to Rob for Graveland. I was hoping you would talk more about music but still a great interesting interview. I like the epic sounding drums and synths, especially in Creed of Iron (and remastered 2009). Keep up the mighty good work.
    Greets from England.

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