Watain Interview

Hail Watain!How are the things?No fuckin problem around i hope…

Things are moving forward as planned… In two weeks we’ll embark on ”The black death” minitour in finland together with Kaamos, and after that there’s some other stuff to look ahead to. It has only just begun…


Please introduce Watain,releases,line up and brief history?

Each stone and each nail in the structure of Watain has been forged and placed with determination and a constant yearning for the higher. For each day we grow into something more gruesome, stronger and dangerous, constantly feeding on the restless fanaticism chanelled through our work… Watain is the spawn of the snakes inside us, both it’s exhalation and it’s nourishment. It is a destructive circle of orobourian kind; constantly breeding constantly dying and constantly resurrected, maintaining the cycle with ONE wish as it’s fuel; to channel and honour the powers of Satanas, to grow like cancer into the tissue of this disgusting scene. To make Black Metal righteous again, something for people to fear and hate.

Why we were formed and why we exist now might be two different things, but one thing remains clear; Watain has grown into something more than what we are in control ourselves. We have become mediums of something far greater than our own yearnings, and where it is taking us, we cannot know. Watain is the black energy floating between the three poles that it’s trinity of members constitute. We might be able to steer it’s course, but we are certainly not in position to alter it’s nature. «This soul prayeth not for victory but for loss. This body kneeleth not in vain, but in blood. These eyes seeth not nil but truth. These words are not spoken by me, but through».


May you comment on the album of ‘Casus Luciferi’? for those who havent listened this black hymn yet?

Casus Luciferi is without doubt the greatest and most immense musical effort we have ever been a part of. Three years of dedicated composing and recieving is what lies behind it’s enormous (yet also simple) pattern, and the final outcome was just what we had prayed for… A great darkness coming down from the heavens, devouring all in it’s way! I think this album will appeal –and even come as a fresh breeze- to anyone whose heart pounds for honest Black/Death Metal glory, as it unlike most other crap that is released this days actually has an incredibly strong spiritual nature as well, something deeper, more sinister and dangerous than the actual music. It’s far from the one-dimensional nuclear blast releases that people simply forget after a week, and that seems to be an opinion shared by many. The response has been overwhelming, and our strife goes on… Evil has no boundaries!


Are you working on a new material?If so will it be in the same musical character like your previous satanic releases?

We have not begun to work on new material yet, no. There are of course loose ideas and abstract forms circling our minds but nothing concrete yet. We are in no hurry. To state wether or not they’ll be much alike our previous work or not is therefore impossible, but i have a really hard time thinking that we’ll change. We have no reason to. We have been branded too deeply by Black Metal to abandon it, my belief is that we’ll take it to our graves.


What does Watain stands for?what does it mean?

”This wicked child lay in shalow crowded graves. This unholy place is where the black sacrifices are performed. Here is where He kills… Watain.” These words were –as the devoted underground dog should know- uttered through VON.


You employed the definition of ‘impurest Black metal fanaticism ‘for the Casus Luciferi album.Why did you chose this depiction?

It seemed fitting. On the other hand, just ”Black Metal” would have done fine as well.



On the other hand i want to know about your fine ideas on ‘Fanaticism ‘in black metal?To me, it s an absolute must for Unholy philosopy of this vein?If you are not true at heart ,then you cant be true at studio or concerts etc.never.

Indeed. Fanaticism is the fuel of the believer, the blood in the veins of the he who serves. The lack of of it is what makes the scene of today so worthless. A scene consisting of people who claim to perform Black Metal and still do not believe in it’s potential to be something else than just music. It has all degenerated into this loathsome form of pacific subculture, strangling the pathways of sincere belief and madness. But things are changing. Shadows have begun to move in the dark again. You have seen nothing yet.


You spread your pest on stage like the bands Dark Funeral,Grand Belials Key ,Rotting Christ,Unpure ;which was the unforgettable?

All of our gigs have meant alot ot us, because of the fact that they are moments when we get to channel the inner powers of our work, and let it float through us in it’s metaphysical form. On stage we are nothing but mediums, mouthpieces and vices of the greater truth, possessed and blind with madness… It is an experience that cannot be described with words.Both Grand Belials Key and Unpure are both outstanding bands (and allies) and it has been a pleasure sharing stage with them. As for RC and DF, they made pretty much fools of themselves at the mentioned occasions.


Do you have a daily jop ?How you earn your life ?

We rob graves.


What are you listening nowadays?Can you recommend some names for us?

Some recently released stuff that has been tormenting my ears alot lately has been Deathspell Omega – ”Si monumentum…”, Katharsis – ”Kruzzifixxion”, Repugnant – ”Epitome of darkness” advance cd, Secrets of the moon – ”Carved in stigmata wounds”. All of these are prime exampled of the glory of Black/Death Metal. Other than that, i’ve been staying to mypersonal classics such as Mayhem, Unpure, VON, Malign, Funeral Mist, Mercyful Fate, Dissection, Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Sadistik Exekution, Samael etc… In general, new stuff does not really interest me, and i guess that goes for all of the band. Something has gone lost over the years, only to be kept and carried on by a few chosen followers…


What s your ideas about the mainstream portrait of todays black metal scene?Thanx to(!) bands like Dimmu Borgýr (new) ,Children of Bodom bla ,the scene and audience has been domesticated a lot,yet;it s my own opinion at all.

We don’t see any connection between the bands you mentioned and the holy pillars of the Black Metal movement, except that they may misuse it’s name. It is indeed a shame to see these lifeloving nonbelievers claiming to be a part of something so divine and inhuman, but then again, they are just eye-less sinners walking in chains towards the Jaws… As long as there exists a deadly, dangerous side of Black Metal that spawns nothing but unhealthy, lifedefying sickness among it’s followers, Black Metal will stand strong. And the things that we know exists in the vaults and towers of the temple are things that would make each little metalhead cry out in fear and panic. Trust me on that.


What kinds of book do you prefer ?Are you in to literature as well?

I am not much for usual fiction, i always look for something based on real knowledge. The last usual fiction book i read is something in between these two styles though, its called ”The pendulum of Focault” by Umberto Eco and i can recommend it to everyone into bizzare rozecrucian/templar knights conspiracy theories with weird outcomes, and lots of truth. Other books i’ve consumed lately have been ”The power of Kabbalah” by Yehuda Berg (hollywood-hebrew, yet with some interesting aspects), ”The bible – the devils book” by Jos Rogiers (controversial/sensationalistic anti-semitism/antichristian thoughts, pretty average) and ”White line fever” by Lemmy (Pretty entertaining, although far from Mötley’s ”The dirt”). Right now i am reading a book called ”La Bas” (”Down there”) by J.K. Huysmanns, which is -to say the least- very inspiring (Thank you Pierre/Stratanael!).


And i want to know your opinions about ecclesiastical masquerades?Be it Christ s anal sex partners or arabian morons or jews …curse you all …

Religion is obviously something that means alot to me. Everything. Having been granted the key to truth and having been given the eyes to see the entrance to the pyramid of the mysteries, i am no longer of the kind that deny the spirit in favour of the flesh. My love for the Lord is boundless. Nothing is more real. Yet again, the pattern that constitutes our faith is not to be revealed in it’s whole to one and each, what we are allowed to share of it’s giant structure is hidden/revealed in our lyrics and compositions. The actual act of worship is lightyears away from where most of the Black metal scene stands now anyway, and it is not important for us that people know how our belief, religious indeed, manifests itself. The fact that it is real, and can be heard in our music, that is what people must know. About religion in general, indeed, the conception of it as something to fight against is the most common in the scene we once came from. And this is where we differ. Our Master have worked his way through religion since ages. Think about it, what is it all these nice little black metal cunts want to eradicate when declaring their oh so successful ”War against christianity”? They want to fight against the tyranny, the evil opression and the slavery of the church. What kind of thinking is that, if not peaceloving humanitarianism? Fuck you all! Who can deny the ineffable splendour of the fallen christ, the holy outbursts of goodness deformed into luciferian madness? The inquisition whose inhuman, sadistic urges and genocides blended in magnificently with their quest to deprive the world from sin in the name of God.

Hitler, the great visionarie whose goodhearted vision of a new and better world discharged into a wonderous overflow of deadly hybris and a world in flames! The godfearing monks of the catholic church who couldnt resist the tempation of Satan as he placed these innocent little boys before their lustful hands. The knights of the halfmoon who in the name of their God englufs the entire world in suspicion and illwill through acts of terror… Treacherous it is, the ageless ouroborus, with it’s bittersweet offerings to a world in hunger.


Thanx for this black spell.Any last curses for those conformists ?

Thank you for the interview. Psychopaths devoted to darkest Black Metal madness and mysticism, get Casus Luciferi! For those interested, we have shirts available for sale for 15 euros (Logo + snakeraped christcorpse), and other stuff as well. For info-package with bio etc, send 2 euros to our adress. On your knees, fear the dawn!

2004 / Frost Magazine

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  1. Good thing he makes powerful, astonishing music to make up for some of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever read!

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