Pest Interview

Hail Equimanthorn,i hope everyfuckin thing is ok. In Sweden at the moment…. 
Hail. Yes, it’s marvellous as usual…

There are 3 Pest around and i m glad the quest the best one in Frost Mag.Can you intoduce Pest to the readers who dont know much about the band… 

Me and Necro started up the band in ’97, and it’s still just the two of us. We have released a couple of demos (”In Eternity Skyless”, ”Black Thorns”), two mcd/mlp (”Blasphemy is my Throne”, ” Dauðafærð”) and one full-length (”Desecration”). I don’t know when this magazine will be out, but we will release our second full-length called ”In Total Contempt” in December ’04.  
A lot from Dark Throne and Burzum spirit can be felt in Pest s musical character.We all long for these ancient days of old black metal.So when you look at todays oldschool scene do you content with the current place of Pest? 
I don’t know if there really is a scene to talk about, but yes sure, we think Pest is on the right track but we are not satisfied yet. We can always become better.

Once i heard that you would try to more epic songs i mean longer ones,do you stil think about that? 

You have probably heard wrong. Our mcd/mlp ”Dauðafærð” consisted of only one 20 minute song and the length did fit the atmosphere quite well since it was more depressive than on our usual releases, but we don’t have any plans to do another one like that. Our upcoming album will be quite the opposite, 8 tracks reeking of intensity and destruction. I think the longest one will be about 6 minutes.

Todays trend shows newage listeners like this senfonic black metal shit a lot,what do you think about that?

I mean multi-polished songs with hyper-producted albums,huge fests ,with no spirit at all.Do you content with that situation?Go to Wacken and die there dogs! 
People can listen to whatever shit they like, but hopefully those people stay away from the Pest albums.
Don’t know if Wacken is worse than any other festival?

What are you listening nowadays ?Give us some names from your music library? 

I mainly listen to the same old shit as usual, Swedish/Norwegian Black Metal from the late 80’s/early 90’s, along with some good old German and Brazilian Thrash. However, at this moment it’s Absu’s ”The Third Storm Of Cythrául” coming out of the speakers. And it’s fucking brilliant!

I think i have to admit that Sweden s black metal scene is becoming stronger day by day,(Shining,Dark Funeral,Craft etc)What can you say about it?There will be classic pure Swedish black metal bands in the future i think… 

One could of course hope so, but I’m not too overwhelmed by todays bands. Though it might be true that Swedish and Scandinavian bands often keep a higher standard than bands from certain other countries.

What are the negative/positive sides of being a two man band?I think it has more positive aspects then the negatives… 

It’s just positive since you don’t have to argue with a whole bunch of idiots every time. Me and Necro work in the same direction and I think we have pretty much the same vision of how the music should sound. We had plans earlier to get a permanent drummer, but nowadays Necro is handling that area as well, so we don’t have to think of that either. And since we don’t play live and don’t have any plans doing it, I think it would be rather unnecessary to include another member.

Have you ever performed live(With session members etc)? 


Actually i should ask whether you like the live performances or not?For me,black metal has nothing to do with live performances.What do you think about this idea? 

It’s quite difficult to get the same atmosphere if you are in a room full of morons, if you compare that to listening to an album alone. But I guess some bands are more suitable for liveshows than others.

Do you still listen cassettes?I have also a big cassette archive and i care about them much,its taste is so different even though Cds are more practical in use. 

I prefer vinyls, I think it’s the ultimate format. Besides that the sound is better, the covers come in their right shape as well. I have never been much into cassettes really.

Do you buy fanzines/mags related to this scene?What s your opinion about metal press?! 

It’s pretty hard to find decent magazines covering just extreme metal, so I can’t say I buy too much really. The metal press could be a lot better, and certainly in Sweden.

Which one is your fave Burzum album?(Burzum/Aske for me) 

”Burzum ” and ”Hvis lyset tar oss” are both among the best albums ever recorded. Don’t know which one I prefer most actually. Those two albums along with the first songs on ”Filosofem” are his best works according to me.

You can close the interview with your last words.Thanks a lot for cooperation with Frost. 

Thanx for the interview. Let your souls be destroyed by ”In Total Contempt” this winter!

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