Anaal Nathrakh Interview

Hail Nathrakh team! i hope everything is  (ok.)at your side!please introduce your band to the sick readers o the Frost…

There’s myself and Irrumator.  I immolate myself on the altar of his filth.

How are the reactions to ur latest ep’When rains down from…’when compared to other releases?

Excellent, the same as the other releases.  We have been lucky in that all of our releases have been well received.  Lucky, because we make what we want to hear, not what we think anyone else would like.  It’s a coincidence that other people agree with us.  We’ve had some very good reviews in the metal press – it was even mentioned in the Washington City Post in America as one of teh best metalreleases of 2003, and recommended by some MTV VJ to be used to torture people.

Anaal Nathrakh is an interesting name ,may you tell us what does it mean?what exactly it stands for?

It’s from an incantation to summon ‘The Great Dragon’, which is a hugely destructive force.  We thought that fitted well with what Anaal Nathrakh is all about.

I know you are working with ‘Necro death’studios,it seems you are content with them?

We fucking should be – it’s our studio!  It’s good to be able to record our own shit, because then we don’t have anyone trying to have input into what we do.  If we had another producer or anything, they might try to have an opinion on our music, that that would be a bad idea.

Your latest Ep features Attila from Aborym and the ex Mayhem,so how was working with him,whose idea was it to include him to the EP?

We were recording the vocals for the last track we had left on the mini album, and we thought  a less brutal, evil style would fit the track.  And then we figured – fuck it, why not just ask Attila?  Irrumator already had contact with Aborym becausethey asked him to work on some drums for their last CD, so we just asked – and not only did Attila agree, but so did Seth, so they both came over and contributed some vocals and guitar parts.  It was cool, dead easy to do.  Neither of them is stupid, so they know what they’re doing and can just come up with some good stuff.  The track Attila sings on is called Atavism (my title), a word that measn returning to one’s ancestors.  So that fits, because Anaal Nathrakh was influenced a lot by Mayhem in the early days, and then we get Attila to sing on one of our songs.  The circle is complete.

‘Soundtrack for Armageddon’splendid description for your music.can you use another magical descriptive words for A.nathrakh s catasthrophic style?

Nihilism might technically be about nothingness, but to me that idea is emotionally resonant.  It seems there is a storm at the heart of nihilism, and that storm is Anaal Nathrakh – the storm at the heart of the nihilistic abyss.  We are always getting closer, little by little, to the sound in my head.

‘It has never been subject to hype,never been a vehicle for personal promotion,and never claimed anything it couldnt deliver musically.’This is a quotation from your web site.may  you tell us more about the hidden point behind this true idea?

There are a shit load of poeple who make music for two reasons – one is to make music, to enjoy it, or release whatever it is that they want to communicate.  The second is to gratify their own egos.  Just look at people in many successful bands.  Strip away the fact that they’re in a band, and there’s not much left behind.  Why do you think there is so much alcoholism and drug abuse among these people?  That quote that I wrote for the website is simply saying that we aren’t interested in the second of these two things.  Drink yourself to death, take drungs all you like – I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do that – but don’t believe your own hype, you weak willed sham of a human.  To anyopne who engages in excessive self promotion – fuck you, you needy child.

What do you  think about politics in black metal?

It is complete fucking rubbish.  Further, to think that the two things are compatible at all is a gross misunderstanding of what they are about.  They are mutually exclusive, and only someone who did not understand Black Metal could put them together.  Black Metal is built on a core of misanthropy.  That is precisely ANTI-political.  Anaal Nathrakh is not political.  That is not because we are too stupid to understand what we are talking about, it is simply because we would rather be left alone.  NSBM people would of course disagree with us, but there’s no reason for them to care what we think, and the feeling is mutual.

For you,what should black metal deal with?as a b.metal band,what s A.NATHRAKH s aim or message to decaying humanity?

Our message?  Fuck you.  Whether we would rank as a ‘true’ Black Metal band, I don’t know.  I doubt it, especially as we don’t claim to be one.  That often seems to be the most important factor in deciding whether you are or not.  But I think we share something of the same spirit.  That’s why we, especially our earlier stuff, got compared to Mayhem, early Emperor, that sort of stuff.  Objectively, it sounds different, but there’s something of the same feeling invlolved.  Beyond that, we’re not interested in giving anyone a message.  Let them go out and get their own fucking opinions – why should we encourage people to convince themselves they think the same as we do?  That’s all that putting a message across is trying to do – it’s either saying that ‘we know better than you’ or saying ‘we agree with you’ – these two things are  respectively just arrogant and simply indicative of herd mentality.  We do what we do, that’s it.  If there’s a message there, it’s because someone else is drawing it out, not because we are trying to communicate it.

Whats  your lyrical concept based on?Ecclesiastical hypocrisies?

No.  That is too predictable and, the way most bands talk about it is very unsophisticated.  We are no friends of religion, but religion is a very limited thing to direct all your lyrics against.  More than that, we do not discuss our lyrics.

What do you think about today s underground scene?are there new christchrushing bands in England or somewhere else which you support?

Although we are aware of underground bands from other places, the only place we really know is England.  We play together in Mistress, obviously, so we’d support them!  Same goes for Benediction.  Other than that, Akercocke are doing well at the moment, Reign of Eerbus were good last time I saw them.  That said, we’re not exactly into scenes.  For example, have you ever noticed how similar to each other people at hardcore shows often are?  Scenes are just another form of herd mentality – some guy I was talking to the other day told me he got together with this girl because she was into Darkthrone, but she stopped liking them so he finished with her.  How fucking stupid is that?  What an idiot!  That’s what scenes seem to breed – people who haven’t got enough of a sense of their own identity, so they take their identity from whatever ‘scene’ grabs their attention.  If epople like our stuf, great, if they don’t, fuck them, why should we care?  We certainly wouldn’t want anyone saying they like our music just because it’s ‘cult’ or ‘black metal’.  It may well be those things, and that’s fine, but going along with everyone else is no different to being a poser just like Euronymous hated.

Can u give some killer names from ur music library?may u say your all time favourites?

I read an interview with Quorthon once where he said he’d rather sit and listen to classical music with a glass of wine than listen to metal.  That sounded to me like he was trying to have an image.  I listen to different kinds of stuff, but it’s just because I like it.  It all has to have something about it that’s dark, emotional or just plain horrible though.  What stuff?  Old Black Metal – De Mysteriis (that’s probably

Irrumator’s favourite album ever), Det Som Engang Var, Impaled Nazarene’s album Tol Cormpt…, old Death Metal – Like an Ever Flowing Stream, Clandestine, WithFear I Kiss The Burning Darkness (masterpiece), Napalm Death, Rob Halford (I rip the demons from my heaaaaaarrrtttt!!!!!), King Diamond (Irrumator’s favourite artist ever), Nitro, Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, then some stranger stuff like Tom Waits (we’re doing a version of his song Earth Died Screaming with Mistress), I’m listening to Mariza at the moment, Masonna (Japanese noise, fucking brilliant – get Frequency LSD if you can find it!)

My questions are over,spit your last message to the ugly faces of the readers?

Never have an opinion.  Everyone else is always right.  Fuck everything!



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