Atrophia Red Sun Interview


1.    Greets Atrophia Red Sun team!How do you do nowadays?


Helo! Its ok. We are having some problems but it can be solved soon. Problems occur because we have to work to earn money for renting practice room and buy equipment for our band. Its not easy but we are trying our best. Sometimes its shit because 2 of us are working in nights shifts and others study and work during day. I can only hope that it wont last for ever!  







2.    Actually i found your history quite interesting,regarding that you once play doom

metal (‘Fears’ time)and now you are performing melodic/technical death metal.So may you mention more about your past?The historical aspect of A.R.S?


I don’t like turning back to our past. Its all shit for me. Now is now and I like to talk about our future ha,ha. Sorry.



3.    Poland has quite strong extreme metal scene.For are the second band from Poland i m  interviewing for this issue with Trauma.So,being a Polish band do you think was it a kind of advantage for you to come from such kind of regionally great scene?

Well polish underground metal scene is very strange and unique. Most of bands know each others and try to stick together. Many of our bands represent very high level of music experience and originality. You can take Trauma for instance. They are old school death metal band for many of us a cult band on which we grow up! They play more than 10 years! Its long. But on other hand they never had chance and were fucked by labels which is very terrible and I feel sorry for this. But this is Polish metal reality. Its sometimes shit. 97 % of our bands play for free just because they love it. And it kills them. You grow , you have to start working to get money and when you work to get money for the band you don’t concentrate enough on playing and on creating music. You are tired and it turns to be Clihe. That’s why so many talented bands gave up playing and quit.

Taking about advantages ..I think yes its great and very important to us that someone from abroad can listen to what we create. Its building our souls and hearts. One more time we started to believe in our selves and that many years were not wasted.


4.    And what do you think about the current –active-bands of your land?Are there some names you support?


Many bands , many names….for instance Serpentia, Thy Disease , Whore house, Crionics, Dies Ire, Surrreal and many more which names I have forgot right now. 

We have great underground scene there are hundreds of bands which stick together and know each others. But unfortunately there is small chance of seeing them officially because of labels policy….and lack of money for self promotion. 


5.    You song names are in English yet when i look at your lyrics i see them all written in your mother tongue,can you say why did you chose that kind of style?I mean do you think is it better to sing in your own language?


This happened because our label told us that the release will be only in Poland. So we prepared polish descriptions of lyrics to make easier for polish fans understand what’s it all about. Unfortunately we did not  know that we were sold as a license to Adipocere If we know the fact we would give money to prepare better booklet in English for fans in Europe. I’m sorry for this situation. I hope that next album will be fully in English!


6.    Related with the previous one,can you mention more about your lyrical concept?Especially for the ones who dont know Polish?


Well lyrics are my personal view on what’s going on around our fucked up world. Our lyrics are in brief about genocide, world and humanity downfall, technology, sickness and personal experience with drugs and alcohol.


7.    As far as i heard you employ /create special movie sequeneces while displayed during your gigs.Do you think it is more effective to use such kind of sequences while trying to construct your concept on stage?

This Idea came to show what’s our lyrics about. I think its good because many people while reading lyrics interpretate it sometimes differently. When I show them on screen what the lyrics are about they get ready formula and they know what we want to tell. And we tell them WE ARE ALL HUMAN ANIMALS! YOU AND US! FREE YOUR MIND AND CHANGE.



8.    You also use this machine-man concept in your own photos in booklet.You must be thinking that every human are turning into a kind of machine-like creature day by day?Dont you think that lifestyles are turning into the more monotonic and computerized(!)stuff?


Yeah!!! Its going so fast that in 5 years I think technology will dominate everything and every aspect of our daily life! That’s good because it will make life easier but on the other hand its terrifying. We will became slaves of technology and rich corporations.  Only few…rebels will survive. It will became as in that movie Matrix! Fuck I’m scared!


9.    And may i learn about your personal future utopias?Back to the primitive or the maximum computer originated future?It seem second one is more likely to happen,though…


We could talk and talk for hour on this subject. Maybe when you visit us in Poland Ill take you for drink and we will discuss it. ;-) I tell you one thing …the future ….it scares me a bit!



10. ‘Twisted Logic’ has gaining diverse feedbacks from the media.So,how are the reactions so far?


I would say that reactions are too good! We never expected this! I thought that everyone as in Poland will hang dogs on our band because we try to play differently than Vader. I don’t know…I have always been suspicious about everything….maybe our labels pay media to write that kind of diverse reviews? ha,ha …Well we don’t take it to personally because it could damage our self esteem. We do what we want and play what we feel. If somebody likes it that great if not its also ok.


11. Is there something unpleasant about these point ov views/feedbacks  which you think like ‘hey,what the heck!?this is not fair about Twisted Logic!this is false crap!’etc?


I have always criticized what we have done. I never liked it. I always find recorded album as bad. I could do this or that better…but its done and Finish! I have to work more and more to be satisfied.  On the other hand we are not professional musicians. We never attended any music school. We try to be as good as other bands and we try to be ourselves. To tell you thae truth its kind of making your wish come true..the wish come true but you want more and more wishes to come.

So I prefer to read really open minded revives and its better sometimes to be kicked in ass by some magazine because it motivates to work harder and harder.  


12. I think you are into movies as well,especially the sci-fi ones.So,can you say what kind of movies you prefer?Hmm,for an illustration,Do you like ‘Dark City’ ?


Dark city is cool. But to tell you the truth I prefer History based movies. From Sci Fi my favor films  will be “DUNE” and “Alien”.

13. Ok then,it is over.You can add your last words and close the interview.Thanks for your time for Frost Mag!




I thank you for your time also. I would like to gree all the maniax around the world! Keep on suportting your local metal bands and be open minded for new sounds!

I invite all people for summer vacations in Poland! Castels , Vodka , Beer and parties awaits you!



Astarte Interview

  1. Hi Tristessa,how do you do in these great autumn days?(not-absolutely autumn at the moment ,though)


I am fine and always work on new music compositions and ideas.

  1. Please introduce your band for those who dont know Astarte well?


Astarte are Katharsis who plays synths and Hybris on rhythmic guitars. I am the vocalist I also play the bass, the acoustic and lead guitars. Katharsis is and ex-member of the Greek band On Thorns I Lay and we have also played together in our ex band Vorphalack in the LP ”Lullabies of The Vampire”.

  1. How are the reactions to ‘Sirens’ so far?


I see from the number of sales and orders that it has the best ever feedback from all previous albums. I am very satisfied because I had the vision to make a new start for Astarte. The band needed a shift upward, because all those years we had a steady position. I took some riskes and I see that I have finally succeed my goal. Of course it is too early to make out conclusions but the sure is that this album make the difference.

  1. Can you explain the title?What does it stand for?Also the Savatage has an album titled ‘Sirens’…


Sirens are the worldwide known Mythical female monsters that sing in order to seduce male passengers and sailors and then they kill them. It is an old Legend that has also many references to Greek ancient History. I thought that Astarte and Sirens has something common!! And it also represents a part of our history so I put this title to give turn this myth into reality!! It is true about Savatage but both we express the title frm a different point of view.


  1. You were using war-paint in your ex photos.You skipped this stuff,may i ask why?Your musical character ,sound has changed ,had you thought that it could be better to change the ‘image ‘as well?


We have skip a lot of things in order to make our personal music and identity. Every period and album of Astarte represent different things and together goes the image which is very important for attitude that we want to reach out. Music and image is a link and the one depends from the other. The word change needs guts because there is always  the risk of acceptance and during our experience we dare to make experiments. Music is by itself a free area of _expression and we feel free to go on.

  1. On the other hand you worked with Tico Tico Studios from Finland.Actually i wonder why you choose there for recordings of Sirens?


The recordings took place in Greece, at Praxis studio and then the mix and mastering took place in Tico Tico. Why? Because we wanted better results from a studio that for me was a warrantee and indeed the Finish studio was the appropriate o have this open and freezing touch of sound.

  1. Do you have any side projects?


I run two other bands. I have reform the band LLOTH, we play extreme Death Metal with sick elements. Right now we are composing our new material and soon we have already start playing lives in order to establish a better name here in Greece and abroad. In November we are planning to enter in the studio to make our recordings.

The other band is INSECTED where we play Brutal Death /Thrash and we have just release our promo cd “Killing for Recreation” in a form of digipack. We make some new songs in order to make our debut album.


  1. Also Shagrat of Dimmu Borgir and Sakis of Rotting Christ featured in ‘Sirens’.How came the idea of cooperating with these names?


Shagrath and I had discussed the possibility to sing and he agreed at first place. He knows Astarte and he likes our music.  When Dimmu came to play in Athens we find the time to make the recording. He sings in the song “The Ring”. Again all I can say is that he is a real professional and we enjoy the while recordings.

With Sakis we know each almost a decade ago so,I think it was time to give his appearance in our album and I thank him for giving his unique vocal strength.


  1. Being one of the only female black metal bands, what can you say about its negative and positive sides?


Both positive and negative aspects exist for sure and both has make our band well known. The secret is that people has first accept the fact that we play good music and due o this they have accept a female band. We have faced a lot of prejudism, but again this was the reason that many people learn about us and were curious to listen our music. There are other times that we have see reviews speaking of our sex and not for our music. We have see a lot of things but he point is that we trust our selves and we like to create so this can be sen from our fans and we put aside the rest. We go on!!

  1. You once said in the one of Astarte interviews that‘Number of sales and reviews is the gate to succeed or to failure.’May you mention more about this opinion?Will you quit when your album sales is not enough or when you  have no deal with a big/known label?


None of it. First of all I will stop my music action when I will feel tired and second you know that numbers are shifting, none is in the top and all musicians have periods of failure. It is into the game. I also do not care about the name of the Label because I have the first speech on Astarte. I am behind my success and I will be responsible for any failure. But the numbers are the real facts and bands depend on it. This is what I mean.

  1. Where do you get most of your inspiration for your music ?  Are you in a way inspired by nature ,books or movies  ?


Yes I need to have some external sources of inspiration. I refresh my mind and my ideas with books, movies… but the most important is to find the way to apply them musically or lyricaly and this is what I love to do. To transform experience into music, to turn a feeling into a poem.


  1. What are you listening nowadays,i heard that you are into 80’s stuff…


Yea I am of the old school rock of 70’s and 80’s

  1. As far as i know,you featured in the Celtic FROST tribute. Which band would it be if you wanted to feature in its tribute now?



  1. Are you an open-minded listener?(Actually the answer is hidden in your albums,though)Are you into any other music styles as well?


Yes I like many kinds of music. I like the nostalgic sounds and melancholic music themes. I do not like pop and techno or beat music.

  1. Say your fave Emperor song/album!?Mine is ‘ Ye Entrancemperium / Anthems to the Welkin…’!!


Different to say. I like all albums but my special song “I am the black Wizard”


  1. Thank you Tristessa for your answers.Good luck in the future!

I want to Hail you and our fans over there in the nice country.

ASTARTE Shall mesmerize your souls forever……….


Ancient Interview

1.  Hi Aphazel, how are the things there?
– Hi, all is fine here, it’s getting cold here already, winter is coming…


2.  Tell us something about the current activities that are taking place in the
Ancient camp ? Any new gigs coming soon ?
– Yeah, at the moment we’re planning gigs for the next year, if everything goes as planned we should tour Europe in february/ march, and USA later in the spring. Our management is also gonna check if it’s possible to visit Turkey, as we will probably do a tour through Greece and that area sometime in the spring, let’s keep our fingers crossed and see if it will be possible !
We’re doing a lot of practices with the band these days, and we’re gonna play in France on Halloween along with Dissection at their comeback gig in Europe, so we’re looking forward to that a lot.


3.  ‘Night visit’ has already been released ,what can you say about this latest
release for the ones who haven’t bought/listened it yet?
– We have received excellent critics from the press and also the older fans to like this album. We’re very satisfied with it ourselves, both the music and production came out very much the way we wanted. There’s a couple of new elements in out sound now, some of it a bit cause Dhilorz was also involved in the songwriting this time, and we did also want an album with a bit more fresh and interesting sound while still keeping the roots of the band, and I think we pretty much achieved this.


4.  Is there any lyrical conception that is employed in the ‘Night visit’ album ?
– It’s not a concept album, but it deals mainly with topics like hauntings, the realm of the dead and a lot of different dark fantasy lyrics. The title track is about a girl who is haunted by a person from the past who tried to reach her though dreams etc and she panics, Envision the beast is talking about a kind of female who is a typical heartless man eater, seen as a “beast” or a kind of devil in disguise, Lycanthropy explains the topic by the title itself, I think, hehe.


5.  When we take a great look through the ancient years, we can clearly see a
kind progress which is obtained in the musical character of the Ancient. I mean there
have always been different elements in each album of Ancient. Is this your main aim
when composing new songs for the coming albums? Are you an individual who is always
for progress in his music?
– Actually it’s not something we consciously strife against, it’s just comes natural. The only “aim” we have is to make something great and that we feel a strong passion for. Normaly after I have made an album in one particular style, I feel like doing something different the next time around, I don’t like the feeling of repeating something that already has been done as good as we can, if we can’t do it better then we do something else which we enjoy. We’re not narrowminded but I think we still keep a certain sound that can make people recognize the typical Ancient sound, many fans keep telling us this. I think with this way of working we have obtained a sound which is different than most other bands in our genre, and I think this has been an advantage for us, we’re not a bands that sound like 200 others.


6.  As we all know, Ancient has started as a one man band in Norway, 1992. Some
other members came /went throughout the time. So, can you say me what are(were) the
positive sides of being an only person who is responsible for everything in the
band? Moreover, do you content with the current line up?
– When you are the only person responsible for the songwriting and the band in general, there’s rarely any disputes or hard discussions about decisions to make etc etc, and it can feel very comfortable a lot of times, other times it can be good to have more people share the work, when you’re doing something very time consuming. The current line-up works very well together although at times we have discussions etc, it’s normal. Back in ’92-’93 when the band was new and we had not released any albums I felt it easier and faster to come up with new songs, a lot cause the genre was still new and there were a lot of things that had not already been done by the other bands around, most bands then were just more original sounding. Today the songwriting sometimes goes a bit slower cause unlike the way it was 10 years ago, now there’s also the concern of not doing something we have already done or that some other band have already done. Usually we just play what we feel like, but since there’s so many bands out there and there’s been so many albums released in the genre, it has become more of a challenge to come up with something interesting and original. Still, with this album I think we pretty much did it !



7.  You lived in USA as well, actually I do not think that there is possible
background enough to create Black Metal in America. I mean people seem to be more
interested in something they can consume more easily there, less mystical, less
dark…Yeah of course there has been some great black metal bands coming from USA but
not so many…What do you think about that? What might be the reason for this situation
for you?

– Yeah, the general atmosphere and the people there are different, it’s also a country with just a few hundred years of history, not like here in Europe where you can often feel strong ancient roots out in the nature and so on. Most people over there have a quite different feeling and spirit inside them than people in Europe and Scandivania. I was lucky to find some good musicians though ( Jesus Christ and Kaiaphas ) so it worked out fine for us, but yeah USA doesn’t exactly have the atmosphere and environment for black metal, they have a lot of good death metal though.


8.      How it feels when you are a black metal originated band in a label which is
mostly known for its death metal bands? Are you friendly with your labelmates ?

– I know the guys of Immolation and a few more, but we don’t really have much contact with the bands on the label, I don’t know actually what all the bands on the MB roster at the moment, I guess being on the same label doesn’t really give some special reason to be in contact with the other bands, similar situation as if we go into a studio who has been shared by many other bands, or tour with an agency that has booked lots of bands before us. We’re friends with some of the bands we like, it’s not really important what label they’re on..
I think being on a label that is most known for death metal ( and also heavy metal ) has been in some ways good and in some bad, but we’re pretty much satisfied with it, we have been having a good distribution and promotion for the albums, just for touring sometimes we could have needed a bit more support and collaboration with the label…


9.      What is the cover of ‘Night visit’ stands for? Whose work is it?
– The cover somewhat shows what the song is about, a girl who is being haunted by a spirit ( which you can see in the mirror ) while she is asleep, the cover and art in the album booklet was done by Fabio Timpanaro, Neon Trinity Kill studios, he is a good artist and we decided to work with him for this album about a year before we recorded.


10.  Some true Black metal environments blame you about the deal with Metal
Blade, especially for passing the underground and for being trendy? What can you say
about it? There has always been a mainstream and underground for all aged bands ,for
you; in which wing Ancient dwells?
– That sounds like the typical shit- talkers who immediately start to complain if they see a band starts to sell a bit of records, I don’t really see the line between underground and not, anyways, I mean if you prefer to not sell much albums, why do you release any at all ? I know that we are not trendy, the cover of Mad Grandiose probably gave people that idea though, and that’s understandable, but if you really see what we are doing, you agree that we’re not a band following trends, a lot of the time we don’t even know what is going on in the scene around us, we care too much about our own stuff.


11.  Lets talk about the very first days of the band, was it difficult to spread the
bands name ? so many flyers/very first gigs etc? What do you feel when you return
these ancient days?

– It was really different back then yeah, the way to promote a totally new band was by flyers in the mail, interviews in fanzines, and also some bigger magazines back then were interested in black metal. Today everything is a lot more easy, and cheap, with email, webzines and all that, everything goes a lot faster today, on the other it has maybe resulated in people becoming more lazy, no longer having to make an effort in getting music and magazines etc..
For us it was not very difficult to spread the band’s name, mostly cause at the time we came out the Norwegian black metal were quickly getting popular and there was a high interest for new and upcoming bands, and after we signed with Listenable it pretty much went by itself, really. I remember the atmosphere and general feeling in the scene was very strong and exciting, something like that doesn’t happen twice in your life.


12.  Would you give some names from your current playlist? What are you listening
Dead Can Dance, Type O Negative, Danzig, Tartaros, Darkthrone, Slayer, Motorhead, Devil Doll + + + +,  lots of different stuff, you see


13.  Any words for your enemies?
– No, they will be cursed in more effective ways than by some words here.


14.  Thanks for your time/help on this blue paper, add your last words please.

– Rape the children of Abel !


Alghazanth Interview

Q: Hail Gorath.How do you do?I heard that it s rainy in Jyvaskyla 
nowadays,Her lakes must be great at the moment
A: I'm doing rather ok at the moment. Yes, it's autumn here right now 
and nature is at its darkest. Cold and rainy weather keeps creativity 
high, I must say.
Q: Actually i havent received yet ,can you introduce your latest 
release'The Polarity Axiom'?How are the reactions so far? 
A: To say it shortly, The Polarity Axiom consists of 8 tracks/40 
minutes of majestic black metal. When compared, for example, to our previous 
album, the whole package is a bit more unpolished. The sounds aren't as 
clinical as on Osiris-Typhon Unmasked and the artwork is also a lot 
more simplified and darker this time.
Q: Are there any changes in the line up of Alghazanth? 
A: Yes, there has been quite a few adjustments with the line-up. I 
guess that the biggest changes happened quite shortly after the recording 
sessions of Osiris-Typhon Unmasked when our lead guitarist Veilroth 
(with whom we founded the band) was replaced by Infection. Also, Nebiros 
was kicked out just some time ago so we are at the moment lacking a 
vocalist. I don't mind such changes, though, because they all benefit the 
band in the end anyway.
Q: It says in one of the interview that the name of the band is related 
with a dream of yours.Can you tell more about it?Besides,is the name 
Alghazanth has any other meanings as well? 
A: Yes, this name was revealed to me in one of my dreams by a 
deathbringer spirit in the shape of a white wolf. I think that this name is just 
perfect for us even it is quite difficult to pronounce, write and 
comprehend by other people. The name has a deep and dark symbolism and 
therefore it represents our band as it is.
Q: What is the general lyrical theme of the last album'The Polarity 
Axiom'?Did you chose any exact kind of depiction in your lyrical concept ? 
A: The general idea in my lyrics has been almost exactly the same on 
each of our releases. Only the shape and style of the texts vary. The 
lyrics reflect my personal beliefs and views in their most Satanic form. 
It's only natural to write about things that are close to your heart and 
that revolve in your thoughts constantly. I aim to compose the lines in 
a bit more obscure and methaphorical way than on most of the black 
metal albums out there. By this I wish to give more room for the 
reader's/listener's own interpretation even though the actual texts are about my 
own belief and thougth patterns. The poetry on the new album is more 
esoteric than on our previous ones and demands therefore more 
concentration from the reader's point of view.
Q: I saw lyrics in some black metal bands(especially in mainstreamed 
ones)which says I m war,i m this,i m that,i m bla Dont you think that it 
must be something destructive,something immoral which will make the 
normal listener throw up when he/she hears it?I mean something hatred 
against religion? 
A: It depends on the band. I mean, for some bands this more 
straight-forwarded style suits best and for some it doesn't. In our case, the 
lyrics are at times aggressive and at times they are thought-provocative. 
It's very important to have both kinds of bands in the global black 
metal scene: those who blaspheme and agitate and those who spread and 
maintain the wisdom of the Occult Path. Both contribute to the war against 
religions because the first-mentioned awake sensations of hate and 
Satanic unity and the latter help in the process of individuation (which is 
the opposite of being a slave to religion).
Q: To you,who is the selected/wise listener? 
A: Anyone who acknowledges the fact that black metal is Satan's music 
and acts accordingly.
Q: Besides christianity what do you thing other ecclesiastical pigs? 
A: Every single religious institution should be wiped off the face of 
the planet. Religions are the worst enemy of individual progress which 
is the very basis of spiritual evolution. I base my hatred towards 
religions on the simple and cold fact that each time someone tells someone 
other what to believe in, something has gone totally wrong. Progress 
spawns from within and regression from the dogmas of others.
Q: Related with previous one,What is your opinion about islamic 
countries?to be honest with you i hate anything coming from the fuckin deserts 
of the south!Neither my country nor any other place in this fuckin 
earth saw something useful from this fucks!all ecclesiastical morons
A: If you ask me, anyone who builds his/her life on a belief system 
made and altered by man, deserves nothing more than the kiss of a 
guilliotine on the neck. Regardless of their origin and race. And yes, this 
definition fits also the majority of people in islamic countries.
Q: How would be your life if you were living in a world which has no 
religional masses on it? 
A: A lot more fulfilling. Religions affect your everyday life even if 
you don't belong to the church or such. The twisted and unnatural ethics 
of religions are so deeply rooted in the society that it is almost 
impossible to escape their grasp.
Q: May you tell us how your personal journey into music began?How did 
all get started? 
A: It began by discovering the early works of Iron Maiden and Metallica 
when I was about eleven or something. Quite soon after that Cannibal 
Corpse and Deicide came into the picture and I guess that was the actual 
breaking point. I bought drums and started playing for my own amusement 
but when black metal came along, the need to create something concrete 
was born. And here we are now.
Q: Is a new gig planned soon? 
A: Not that soon because we don't have a vocalist at the moment. We are 
currently looking for a new throat to join us so I guess that we'll be 
functioning at full speed by the end of the year.
Q: Any words for your enemies? 
A: Fuck off and die.
Q: And any words for your allies? 
A: Hail Satan!
Q: Ok.Gorath,thanx a lot for grinding ,i wish the 
best for Alghazanth!
A: Thank you Frost,for the support! Keep on blaspheming!


Akerbeltz Interview

1.       Hei Akerbeltz!Honor is the feeling i have at the moment as i again got the chance of questing a band that is still brave and true enough to survive a war against todays degenerated and anti-heathenic shitty black metal scene.So,if you dont mind may i take your aims in creating Akerbeltz,and a brief summary about ancient propagandas of the band?


-Akerbeltz supports the war on the right path, and Death upon the human race and the jews, the reason for the existance of Akerbeltz is to keep the banner of Black Metal in the place it deserves, and that is at the top of the triangle of Metal, the pure evolution towards wickedness.


2.       As far as i know,Akerbeltz is an one man project at the moment.Have you ever thought of including any other members to the band’s line up?


-There’s no way I can include another member in Akerbeltz’s line up because that could corrupt the unpurity of the band.


3.       Being a one man project is generally a difficult yet great thing,i mean,of course it has some negative points yet less than the positive ones.Am i right?On the other hand Frost Mag is also a one man project,not because of i am a genius fucker but because it is really hard to find a dedicated member/helper or what the heck…I think the same idea can be finely focused on especially when when we consider the difficulties about finding a decent member for a band’s line up.What can you say about these?


-In the Black Metal scene, there are not many people that can be considered True, it’s hardly imposible to know someone with this condition in a small area, so in the end the result is that the most wicked bands of Black Metal that exist have just one or two members.


4.       What can you say about Spain’s black metal scene?Do you think are there only rip-off bastards who just play to take i piece from the cake or there are also some ideologically correct bands existing?


-In Spain it happens like in the rest of  the countries, there are millions of  trends that record a stupid demo and talk about their demo and say it’s the best and the most wicked and pure and unholy and bla bla bla shit for ten years and pretend that the rest of the bands are even worse than their’s…. That’s the reason why I normaly don’t take part of the spanish scene, I must say though that there are some bands that think like me and I respect them, most of this ones are part of the Iberian Pride.


5.       What are the future plans for the Akerbeltz?Are you working on a new blasphemic material?


-I’ve just finished my fith full length recording, it will be released by Chaos Productions (France) in colaboration with SMR Vinland (U.S.A.), this time there will be even less copies so that less non worthy people will be able to get this material.


6.       Actually i want to take your opinions about these huuge fuckin fests/gigs?What do you think when you see these pseudo black metal bands on the stage ,in front of the thousand asshole?Considering that the true black metal must be misanthropic and anti-human,what can you say about such kind of live activities?


-As soon as a Black Metal band gets into a stage it looses all it’s darkness and it’s value, Black Metal is not for playing live, we have other kinds of extreme metal for this type of shows…


7.       For you,what is the biggest virus that is created by the ecclesiastical beings on the world’s cultures?Do you think any kind of religion could appear as a lifestyle?I think all ecclesiastical ‘sleeping pills’ are nothing but the destroyer of the cultures and individuals…


-Religion is a way ot mind control for the meek, human beeings need shepards to guide them because they have a weak mind, and all religions need to have the population under control, it really is a way of life because human beings fear the anarchy and the chaos;  the mass is like one only individual, a sleeping giant with one simple mind, thick and stupid that needs to hear the correct words to act, but once the message is heard, this big  entity cannot be stoped and it will kill and destroy everything that gets in it’s way until it receives another order, human beeings use religion as a way of common thought, who controls the thought of a religion will control the whole world!


8.       What do you think about the senfonic black metal of nowadays?Will we see the ‘hardcoric’black metal soon thanks to these kittens?


-There’s only one style of Black Metal, all these circus musicians that imitate our immage or try to spread or copy our word don’t deserve my attention.


9.       Are there any philosophies that you feel yourself  close to?


-My philosophy is the chaos and Death of all, I stand with all the philosophies that get close to this idea, but I also discuss their thought when they pretend to be “right”, Black Metal stands under the Black Flag of Hate, no human ideology has ever arrived to this extreme until now, we walk under the Black Star of Hell that swallows the light of hope…


10.   Have you got any side projects?For you,in which aspect it effects the creativity of the artist to be a part of any other band besides his own one?


-I’m working in a side project called Körgull The Exterminator, I will play under another name because the style of this project is slightly different to Akerbeltz, now is the moment to do this because if I continued composing for Akerbeltz at this time, the band could be contaminated with some influences that don’t have place in my mission.

I’ve also played in Beheaded Lamb and with Harridan, the reason for doing side projects for me is not other than this one.


11.   What have you been listening lately?Are there some new names in your cd player or are you still hooked on the classic unholy acts from the early 90 s ?


-I listen to Warloghe, Dark Thule, Morrigan, Goddless North, Iuvenes,old Wolfnacht and some other bands….


12.   Any words for enemies?


-My enemies don’t deserve my attention.


13.   It is all from me,complete the spell with your words of wisdom?


-If you want to be a part of what is going to happen in a short time, kill yourself and if you want to go against our legions just fight against us and we will kill you slowly and eat your soul…



Age Of Silence Interview

1.       Hi Andy& Age of Silence again! Let start with the birth of Age of Silence, so how occurred the idea of Age of Silence, with which aims?


It came about based on some guitar riffs I had laying around. Put them away for a while and took them out again, and decided to do a project with it. I involved some people, and voila, the result became what it now is after several years of work and planning.


2.       I think Age of Silence is not just a Project group, am I right?


At the point when we started we weren’t sure if it was a one time project or not, but since the label wanted to sign us for two records, we agreed, and now we have plans to continue releasing records together.


3.       And what can you say about Age of Silence’s lyrical direction? For the ones who don’t you know well?


I think so much has been attempted to be said about the lyrical direction that it would be better if I didn’t try to explain it further. That would be difficult for me to do anyway since I didn’t write the lyrics. My interpretation is just as good as yours or anyone else’s, and the lyrics are something that needs to be read and listened to. They can’t be explained or retold.


4.       Then, how are the feedbacks to album Acceleration? Is there any negative comments?


It started out right away getting two relatively modest reviews, both 6/10, and that would have started to worry me if it wasn’t for the fact that these reviews came out two days after we had mailed out the promos, and nobody can review an album this quick and be able to give a reflected opinion of the record. Then I saw that every single review I saw after this was 8.5/10 or higher, with several full scores including 6/6 in Scream Magazine of Norway, 5/5 from Horrorwoodbabbleon and 7/7 from Daredevil Magazine, so the two mediocre ones at the beginning were not something we gave much consideration to. There is also countless of 9/10 and one or two 9.5/10. Of course we don’t mean to focus exclusively on the scores, as we have gotten lots of good reviews that don’t use the traditional scoring scale as well. But my intention here was to show that we have gotten overwhelming response on this album, better than we ever hoped or expected. That we got two mediocre ones at the beginning was, I think, in large part due to the fact that this is an album that takes time to get into and fully appreciate, and anyone that doesn’t give it proper handling won’t experience its full listening potential either.


5.       Encouraged with the comments on the Acceleration, have you already started to work on the new Age of Silence songs?


We are already working on a new album and we have written about ten or eleven new songs so far. We will probably write a few more and select among those which ones that will be on the next album. This is a different approach than I’m used to, but with the next album we need to be very selective because it will be incredibly difficult to meet the expectations that people are going to have and to top the tracks on Acceleration.


6.       ‘Acceleration’ s artwork belongs to Travis Smith, how came to work with him? I have to add that cover/booklet artwork seems really great. What do you think about Travis Smith’s art? Will you work with him again?


We have used Travis Smith for two Winds albums already and we thought it would be a good idea to use him for Age of Silence since this would be something completely different and hopefully a nice challenge for him. He took it to the level we expected and made sure the visual presentation of the album suited what we had envisioned the concept to be.


7.       Actually, Age of Silence is quite interesting name, what does it stand for? Is there something ‘critical’ to the age in which we are dwelling at the moment?


That could be one interpretation of it. With that in mind it could also be interpreted that we’re living in an age of silence because even though we communicate more and more with each other we actually have less and less to say. This is kind of ironic. But there have been other ages of silence throughout history as well so don’t be surprised if we explore those more in the future.


8.       What are your opinions about the ‘Time ‘concept of nowadays? Everything seems to be more scheduled more than ever before? Is it good to be ‘scheduled that much?


I’m not sure it’s a good thing waking up every day knowing exactly what your day is going to be like for the next three weeks, but people tend to be busier now and that’s just the way it is. That’s the way things are for me too.


9.       Weird one; Would it be possible for you to live without your mobile phone? How many minutes you spend per a day speaking/smsing on the phone? Do you think we are being ‘silenced’ by the mobile phones?


I didn’t have a cell phone until quite recently and even now I hardly ever use it. Sometimes I get text messages from the guys and so I’ve found a new use for it that way. I’m quite old fashioned when it comes to mobile phones. The other guys use theirs a lot more than me I’m sure.


10.   Is Lazare still playing in Borknagar and Solefald?




11.   Do you think can Age of Silence be filed under the term of ‘Astro Metal-your label’s definition for your music-‘?


I don’t know why they came up with this name, but it wouldn’t have been my choice to use it. I think it’s quite difficult to label music anyway and I’m not a big fan of labels because it puts more focus on the need for placing things into genres and categories than it does on the music itself.


12.   The End Records recommends Age of Silence for fans of Dream Theater, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir…What do you think about it? Actually Dream Theater or Arcturus ok. But Dimmu Borgir seems a bit weird in this list?


I think people who like these bands could also like our music, but I don’t think it stops there. Our fans will be the more open minded ones out of the fans of all these bands. Those who can like cross-genre styles with different elements will like our music, but those who only like one type of thing will find our music too diverse. We respect that people sometimes have narrow tastes and it should not be considered an insult to say that someone has a narrow taste. Having a narrow taste is not the same as having a bad taste, just like it will be quite difficult for someone who only likes classical music to like country. There is nothing wrong with that.


13.   Norway has –for sure-a powerful black metal scene, but what about the progressive or classical heavy metal bands? May you give some info about the scene excepting the black metal?


As many already know my fellow band members and I are not too wrapped up in any scene, nor are we really that concerned with that other people do or don’t do. So I couldn’t tell you much about this other than to say Norway has some great musicians, but what all of them are doing and who’s playing what and with who, is something I could not tell you, because I for one am not keeping tabs.


14.   Ok guys here we reached to the harbor, please add your last words and close the conversation. Thanks for being the guest of Frost Mag!


To you, I want to say thanks for interviewing me. To everyone who has bought our album, or plans to do so, I want to say that we appreciate your support.


Aeternus Interview

Hi Ares,how are the the things at Norwegian Aeternus’ camp?

We’re doing fine here. Though some things could be better, we have no practice place these days so we’re kind of eager to get one set up and start getting our shit together again. Further more, we’re just about done with our new album: “HeXaeon” which will be our 2nd album on NAP and it’ll be out next year I guess.  

I think you are working on new songs at the moment.Can you mantion about these new songs?

And the latest activities of the band? Yeah, like I said above, our new album is nearly completed. Some smaller things needs to be done and then we can mix. This is set to October 2004, then it’s all off to Oslo for mastering.

“HeXaeon” has 9 songs on it, shorter songs than before…allot more to the point and in ways there’s allot of differences. In addition to that I’ve done some clean vocals and so forth trying to add a different feel and so forth. One really has to just check it out!

Will you be working with Nocturnal Art in the coming release too?

Yes, all in all we signed up for 3 releases on NAP. This is # 2 in the row.

Once i heard that you are satisfied with Nocturnal Art because it s not such a big label.Have you got the aim of keeping the Aeternus underground?,always?

 The thing is that we feel Aeternus is better suited being on a smaller Label than on a bigger one. We are not that “big” and our sales have never been rocketing so a smaller Label is better.

What can you say about the feedbacks to ‘A Darker Monument’?Were they encouraging in general?

 “A Darker Monument” is a great album in my eyes of course. An album where I tried to avoid Death Metal, but ended up using it allot after all actually. That’s something I don’t regret though…all in all it never turned out as a pure Death Metal album. “HeXaeon” is an album where we’ve managed more to step away from the Death Metal feel as we are after al basically a Dark Metal band in our own eyes. We have always tried to have our own feel and style and after “Ascension of Terror” we felt we really went clso enough to Death Metal so a certain distance were required. “A Darker Monument” was like a little step regarding that. I feel “A Darker Monument” was an album that had what it needed within the Aeternus way/style! Pounding riffs and rhythms, melodic parts, fast parts and variations. Some experimental shit too.

You have been employing the depiction of ‘Dark Metal’for your style.Yet,don t you think that Aeternus changed a lot and may need some other depiction-if it is needed of course-? No, Dark Metal is still a category that I feel is the best one for Aeternus. If you look on a whole album, any album of ours, you can’t call it Black Metal or Death Metal 100%…the over-all feel is darkened, heavy as mountains you know?! A sensation of  the raw weight of the essence of dark atmospheres, to put it more poetically! We often like to call our music just extreme music or Metal, but a more deeper word for it all is still Darkened music. People can call it whatever they want of course, it’s not important to us that you say it’s Dark Metal f. example. By all means. Just don’t go out’n’ say it’s fucking Gospel! Hah!

Has Norway enough supporters for death metal/grindcore?It s ok with black metal but i reallly wonder about the situation when it comes to death metal.(Especially when compared to Swedish death scene?)

Norway has may Metal spporters. Which style each one of them are dedicated to, I don’t know. We all feel differently on what is good music, no matter what it may be so the answer to that question might be hard to find. Death Metal exists in Norway on high levels for sure, it’s up to the individual to say if it’s good or not. I say there’s some bands that truly does it well. Some don’t. (Like always)!

Have you ever thought of writing some songs which musically dwell in the ancient style of Aeternus?Be it just in a song,like the Dark Sorcery times?

Nah, don’t think that will happend in the near future no…he style we have now doesn’t open for that, but one never knows what will be made for the next album or whatever. 

In one of your album’s review i saw the definition which describes you like ‘Immortal crashing into Bolt Thrower ‘

Hehehe, I recall that yes…Well I don’t know, Immortal and Boltthrower has been inspiring bands to me as I look upon them as great bands. (Boltthrower, I liked more in the past, Immortal I sahll always like of course…) Though I don’t feel Aeternus is a clash of those bands. That’s pushing it a bit too far..

Do you think that can Aeternus stil be filed under ‘ Black Metal’ ?both in terms of music,image and ideology?

Black Metal is something I feel we’re pretty far from being the makers of…some Black Metal inspired riff here or there may occur of course, but that’s musically and it ends there. Also with our sound and down-tuned guitars, a black metal riff has a diffreent feel in any case. We have never written about Satan and so forth, though anti- Christian lyrics are still to be found withing our songs as we truly don’t like that religion at all. That of course alone doesn’t make us a Black Metal band.

Do you have any news for the Immortal fans ?I mean ,i m asking as you may know,are the members of Immortal planning to create ssomething again ?

Under the name of Immortal or other? I don’t think one will ever hear from them again so sorry…no dice!

Todays black metal scene is really domesticated a lot.It is sad to see they use these themes just for Money and the fame.Tremendous  productions,multi polished sounds,huge fuckin tours…What do you think think about it?Do you think is there any ‘ unholy spirit ‘ left for us to smell?

I say: Bands must do whatever they wanna do, it’s not up to me what people do or say. Super polished sound, Satanic lyrics though not Satanists, so what? I can’t change it anyhow…whatnot, whatever being truth or rumor….I don’t care at all. It’s not up to me what people or bands do…as it’s not up to others what Aeternus say or do with our music and so forth you know?! Now, Dimmu Borgir has in my eyes allot of polished sound yes, I generally don’t like like their albums and I don’t buy them as it’s not what I personally like. However, many songs, over-all, are totally 100% pure fucking metal in my ears. Great work and performance, the voacals I have always liked. Great vocals!

Do you have any side projects at the moment?


What do you think about free music?I mean MP3’s or that sites offering free listening/copying options?Do you feel angry when you see illegal copies of the Aeternus albums?

 Yes, well it ain’t cool to know people copy CD’s and put shit on the net. No, of course not. I mean, it doesn’t add to our sales does it? What can one do though…you know?!…it’s impossible to stop this shit so one gotta live with it. So, yes, it pisses me off to a certain extent.

Any words for enemies?

Yeah, well, Fuck You…my dear enemies! (Whoever that might be…)

Thank Ares for your time,hope to hear from Aeternus soon!

 Thank YOU for your support through this interview and yes, be ready for “HeXaeon” next year…Ares


Abazagorath Interview

1. Ave !Lets take a fast start with the brief history of this sickness called Abazagorath!

This cancer called ABAZAGORATH was first diagnosed in the spring of 1995. I don’t want to bore everyone reading with nine years of inane bullshit, so here are the highlights…. Our first release was the “Channelling the Ethereal Moons” 3 song MCD which we released ourselves in January 1996. We recorded 2 demos that year as well, leading up to our signing with Elegy Records. The resulting effort, the 13 track “Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus” CD came out in March 1997. We played a number of sick gigs over the ensuing years, but kept quiet as far as recordings due to some turmoil in the line up. We did record a cover of “Funeral Fog” in 2000 for a USBM tribute to MAYHEM that was never released. In 2001 we recorded 7 tunes that would later appear on “The Spirit of Hate for Mankind” 7″ record (Blood Fire Death Records – July 2002) and the “Enshrined Blasphemer” MCD (Agonia Records – October 2003). In 2002 we recorded 3 songs for use on a double LP comp that has still not come out. We ended up passing that around as a promo for a while. We finally got around to recording the second full length, “Sacraments of the Final Atrocity” in February this year, and it saw the light in late March through our own Morbid Wrath imprint. Out of the original ABAZAGORATH incarnation, Warhead (drums) and Morgul (guitar) have been with me all along. Newer initiate Nihilist (vocals) has been with us for about 2 years now, and the new kid, lead guitarist Ciemnosc came aboard over the past summer.


2. How are the audience reacting to the latest opus ‘Sacraments of the Final Atrocity’?

So far, so good. I have seen mostly very favorable reviews to the new CD up to now. The first pressing is now out of stock from us. Quite a few distros worldwide have it available for sale. At the moment we are in the process of doing some minor re-mixing and re-mastering to enhance the sound quality before the second edition goes into press through Necroharmonic Productions.


3. In one of the interviews that you spell;you said ‘Bands like MARDUK and IMMORTAL do major tours and ANCIENT has signed a long term deal with METAL BLADE RECORDS! The mystique and “cult-like” atmosphere is ruined!’Actually i should appreciate you for these fine words.So,what can you say about todays domesticated black metal bands?

You really did some obscure zine research to dig out that quote…. I think that was from like 1998 or something. But, I still stand by my answer…. Yes, a lot of the influential bands from the 90s BM scene basically went ahead, “progressed” and eventually killed off the spirit that haunted us…. Fortunately, there are some who stick to their guns and others to pick up the banner when it has been dropped. For one, I hail MARDUK as one of those bands who stayed true to their ideals. I think their problem has been a few generic releases over the past couple of years. I have to say I look forward to hearing what the newest line up presents with “Plague Angel.” Look at FUNERAL MIST, the origination point for their new vocalist Arioch / Mortuus…. A great example of a Black Metal band creating compelling material that comes from the right direction…


4. What do you think about this senfonic black metal shit?Which consists of tremendous productions ,first class(!)recording quality,expensive hotels,fuckin huge fests!Where is your spirit pigs!?Where is your feelings you suckers!

Symphonic music is fine if it’s for a movie soundtrack or to take your girlfriend out for a night at the opera, but please don’t mix it with my Metal!!!! Honestly, we just gave a critical listen to the dimmu borgir “deathcult armageddon” disc at the studio, comparing it to the sound “Sacraments…” should have once the re-mastering is done, and I can tell you that Nuclear Blast is paying the studios way too much to produce that cheesy, thin garbage with no bottom end… To me, the issue isn’t necessarily with the expensive production values, luxury hotels (Hell, it was nice to have the chance to sleep in a soft bed and take a shower in a clean bathroom one or two of the nights on our Euro tour…) or major festival shows, it’s with how these bands reach that level of “success” and how they conduct themselves at that point: like sell outs and posers…. Considering how much I have invested in ABAZAGORATH as far as time, money and energy, I am doing this for greater reasons than fame or fortune. It’s all about unleashing the demons inside and giving praise to Darkness…


5. What can you say about USA black metal underground?Do you have some recommends for us?

I think the US scene has been getting pretty killer over the years…. Some recommendations? Sure… How about a few old classics like VON, ABSU, DEMONCY, NECROVORE or PROFANATICA…. Then we have BLACK WITCHERY, GRAND BELIAL’S KEY, KRIEG, KROHM, XASTHUR, LEVIATHAN, NACHTMYSTIUM, BAHIMIRON, CULT OF DAATH, BLOOD STORM, HORN OF VALERE, IBEX THRONE, MANTICORE, THORNSPAWN and JUDAS ISCARIOT amongst others…. Personally, I think more attention and respect should be paid to what is going on here in the US…


6. Are you planning a new live ritual soon?On the other hand ,excepting your being musician-just as a fan-,do you like going to gigs?

Right at the moment, we have no upcoming concerts planned. This past year we were pretty busy on the live front, starting off with our 9 date European tour with DEMONCY and KRIEG back in April and then with 4 shows in New York City and up in New England in September – October. Of course going to many Metal shows through the years was one of my big motivations to go out and get into a band myself. I was lucky enough to experience a lot of the 80s Thrash explosion first hand, seeing bands like SLAYER, VOIVOD, CELTIC FROST, EXODUS, KING DIAMOND, DESTRUCTION, and KREATOR live when they were at the height of their creative power, and that had a huge impact on me…. Up until a few years ago I would get to as many Black or Death Metal concerts as possible. These days I don’t go to as many shows as I once did…. A lot of the shows going on lately are usually just with bands I’ve seen before or don’t give a shit about… Unfortunately, most of the bands I would be most interested to see live, like say WATAIN, SATANIC WARMASTER or DEATHSPELL OMEGA aren’t exactly playing over here all the time…. But still, one of the bonuses of playing gigs ourselves is getting to perform with and check out killer bands like BLACK WITCHERY, PROFANATICA, GRAND BELIAL’S KEY, SADISTIC INTENT, NUN SLAUGHTER, DESTROYER 666 or MARDUK….


7. What do you feel when you listen your own songs?I mean,lets say, you heard it from the radio while you are in a car!

I actually really have a hard time listening to any of my own recordings and enjoying them to the fullest extent…. I have a pretty critical ear and too often dwell on the things I wish we had done better while recording!!!!! But, it still is a nice rush sometimes to crank up the car stereo loud and blast some of our CDs while I’m blazing down the highway!!!


8. What can you say about Abazagorath’s lyrical character?I think they have a lot to do with unholy blasphemy,profanation!

Lyrically, we are pretty much “by the book” Black Metal…. Nothing but Satanism, War, Desecration, Depression, Hate, Darkness, and Blasphemy here, kiddies!!!! I do think we are going to be taking things to a deeper, more introspective level with our upcoming material. Bringing the darkness within to light….


9. Meanwhile,What does the name Abazagorath stands for?It s an interesting name!

ABAZAGORATH is to be defined as the “Spirit of Hate for Mankind.”


10. Nazionel Socialistic attitudes is being pseudoely employed among some new coming black metal bands ,and it s often being used to create a stronger/tough image that they couldnt create with the music only.I ,of course ,dont want you to cry out your political views here yet want to learn your opinion about this?

We don’t have anything to do with the NS movement, but we do have a number of close colleagues who follow that path, and that’s fine. There are a certain number of artists with this affiliation that I do enjoy listening to from time to time, and we have shared the stage with a few bands espousing these views on a few occasions. That being said, life loving hippies and peaceniks have no place being involved with Black Metal, so if you can’t take the hate…. get the fuck out of the scene….


11. Every  dedicated underground dog have already known about your anti christian propaganda,but what do you think about the other ecclesastical beings around,other religions coming from these fuckin deserts?

Fuck the Middle East!!!! Nuke ‘em all!!!!


12. Have you ever had problems with the cops?

Speaking for myself, I have never had any hassles from the cops…. Some of the other guys have been in jail once or twice for some “legal infractions.” It’s best to do certain things “under the radar” of the authorities, if you know what I mean…


13. On the other hand what do you think about the shit called ‘censorship’?In the previous issue of the Frost Mag,King from Gorgoroth was saying that it depends on what you want to ‘censor’…

Well, I think I understand where King is coming from on this. I mean, if we were in charge and could censor the church or ban gay bands like limp bizkit or cradle of shit, we probably would, right??? Fortunately, as much as it seems that freedom of _expression is becoming an endangered species here in the US, ABAZAGORATH has never had any problems with censorship. The closest thing to it has been some problems with printers refusing to print our CD booklets because they were advised by their priests not to do business with the Devil!!!


14. Do you still listen cassettes?I still have tons of tapes and i m not going to burn them like the newschool pigs !Actually i always think that Black metal conceptionally suits tapes than th Cds ,in terms of raw / mystic sound ,but it s just an opinion of mine…

Yeah, cassettes are great. When I first got into Metal in the mid 80s, just about all the music I bought was on tape. I still have almost all the Thrash and Death Metal classics from that era on cassette!!! Hundreds of ‘em!!!! I still do enjoy picking up some good old demo tapes or cassette editions of CDs I already have from time to time. I’m particularly pleased that my comrade Vasili of Ancient Spirit Terror Productions released a limited edition (200 copies) ABAZAGORATH tape entitled “The Ancient Cult” earlier this year. Seven demo / rehearsal tracks from 1996, 1998 and 2002 appear on it. We have had a few offers from some parties regarding cassette editions of “Sacraments…” and even “Tenebrarum…” We have not moved forward on that yet because I don’t think the right label to do that with has come along yet.


15. What is idea on this metal ‘forums’?It has been very fashionable nowadays.People who is not brave enough to talk/discuss face to face sit in front of the computer and becomes metal music philosopher,spitting each other s backs…

These forums and message boards are something that I have very little to do with. Nihilist goes on a few and occasionally posts some relevant information concerning our activities, but I certainly despise all the faceless geeks with their grandstanding and shit talking. One of the things I can’t stand about the so called scene of today…


16. What kind of books you read?Do you also like reading zines/mags that dedicated to this scene ?

I definitely enjoy reading. I haven’t read as many books lately as I once did. The last one I started was “The Return of the King” which I started back about a year and a half ago, got up to page 261 and haven’t picked it up in 9 or 10 months!!! Lucky for me the movie came out so I could see how it ends… I particularly like to read horror novels, history books – mostly relating to military topics or international politics, true crime accounts, books on witchcraft and the occult, and the occasional spy, action or mystery novel. Metal zines are the one thing that I am almost constantly reading. A couple of my current acquisitions that I am really enjoying include the brand new issue of “Wheresmyskin (9MM),” “The Realm of Nachzehrer #7 ,” “Intrinsic Depravity #1,” and “Bylec-Tum #11.” Plus there are the all time classics like “Slayer,” “Descent,” “Desecration of Virgin,” or “Tales of the Macabre.” Some other great ones are”Stratanael MegaSin,” “Horrible Eyes,” “Leather-N-Spikes,” “Bloodaxe,” “Agonia,” “Oaken Throne” or “Canadian Assault.” Of all the underground Metal related things in my life, zines are one of the most prized…. I got turned on to a lot of killer stuff that way… With the onset of the computer age working its way in to the scene, we have seen a rise in webzines and a decline in print mags, but there will always be a place for a cut and paste rag in my life!!!! Hail to all editors who still do it the old way!!!!!


17. And,while composing the lyrics which one of those two gives the biggest inspiration to you;Books or Daily life?

Whenever I write lyrics, I primarily take inspiration from ideas or thoughts that come from within my own warped mind and depressive personality, or what I see going on in the world around me. But we have been inspired by books and also films at times. I actually got the idea for the title of the new album from a line I heard in a Spanish horror film called “The Nameless.”


18. Do you any words for your enemies?

Fuck off and die, bitches!!!!


19. Thanks for your time,you can close this interview with the last words for the ugly readers of Frost Mag!Hail!

Anyone in search of additional information or available merchandise can look at our website – While you are on there, check out the Morbid Wrath distro page because we are starting to build up a pretty nice stock of Metal goods for sale. You can contact me at As far as what the future will bring from ABAZAGORATH, look out for the re-issue of “Sacraments…” through Necroharmonic Productions. There also should be the LP version of “Enshrined Blasphemer” to look forward to from Agonia. As far as new material goes, Bestial Onslaught Productions is planning for us to do a split picture disc LP with BLOOD STORM and I have been in touch with some of the guys from Thai War Metal squadron ZYGOATSIS (which features some ex-members of the notable SURRENDER OF DIVINITY) about trying to put together another split CD /LP with them…. Finally, thanks a lot for the interest in ABAZAGORATH and giving me the chance to get the readers of “Frost” up to speed on what we are all about…. Hail !!!!!

Nyarlathotep, on behalf of ABAZAGORATH. November 28, 2004





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