Catamenia Interview

Hails from the darkest shadows of solinari!How is Catamenia doing in these frost like days of Suomi Finland !
Hails …Catamenia’s doing just fine. We have started to compose new  songs for the forthcoming album, which we will record in the Fall ’04. The release date will be around November 04 – January 05, but more info coming when we know. And in general the summer has started here, so time to relax, and have a few beers, and spend time with friends.
‘ChaosBorn’ brought the emptiness and hatred meloncholy in to the frozen walls of my cell through my sorrow serving cd player.When compared to other Catamenianarts, are you content with your latest masterpiece?
Indeed, we are very satisfied with it. The main difference I think is the production. Production of the album is great, so we decided to go to the same studio with the forthcoming album also. This is the first time we are using the same studio two times in our productions, but why nit, cause this studio really suited for us. Itself on the songs we are also very satisfied. On the next album the feeling and the atmosphere will be about the same, but of course with some new elements.Too early to say what new things, but I can assure that they will not be so radically changements, that it would chage the music style, heh. But when comparing ‘ChaosBorn’ to the other album we made, this is absolutely the
most complete album.
To be honest;i felt a bit disappointed after the release of Eternal WintersProphecy, althugh it has a different tasting atmosphere. However,with the release of ‘ChaosBorn’ i found the fast and merciless Catamenia,what made you return to your old ,faster style?
There’s no reason that we “changed” back to more faster and aggressive style. Cause when I make the music for Catamenia, I just concetrate on the music which is coming at that moment. Of course all the band was thinking of the changement, and agreed that maybe we could try little bit different style. But after the release, we were not happy with the result. The songs itself are good on our opinion, but the much spoken production was poor, just absolutely poor. But I would not say that itself the music would have been that different from other Catamenia’s productions. I mean that you can still hear the Catamenia’s so called “trademark”. You can hear clearly that this is Catamenia. And that has been always one of our destinations. That the listener can recognize the band when hearing example from radio or somewhere else. And on that, we have succeed quite well I think. But there are as much as opinions as there are people.
How did Catamenia gathered?(get started)May you give your latest line up?
Well…we started to play music with Deimhal in 1993, but itself Catamenia was formed in 1995 from the action of me (K-oz) and the vocalist Deimhal here in Oulu, Finland. Firstly we were just playing for our own pleasure, and when we got some pretty good feedback, we decided to do a demo in the same year. Year after that we released our second demo “Winds” and then we got our record deal from Massacre Records, Germany. So…the rest is history. From the year 1998, we have released five albums, and at least two more to come. And the current line-up is the same as on the ‘ChaosBorn’…Deimhal – Vocals, K-oz – Lead and Clean Guitars, WarTechs – Rhythm Guitar, Timo – Bass, Moottorisaha – Drums, Vitun Hippi – Keyboards.
How would you describe Catamenias cold music?
I think the best way to describe is that everyone would listen to it. But of course it has to be described verbally also, so I would say that we play melodic metal…we call it Melodic Nordic Metal. Inspirations has come from many bands, but to mention few, W.A.S.P., Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Death, Dimmu Borgir, Dissection, etc…the list is long…
What was the biggest inspiration for ‘ChaosBorn’?
I think I did not have a bigger individual inspiration source. It was just in the beginning of the winter, when it was getting darker, I took my guitar again and started to play, and there we were…the songs started to come into my mind. It is always like this…I kind of a amke a try with a guitar, and if nothing comes up, I just leave the new songs, and play something else. That is the point wqhen I know that it would be the time to reserve a studio. I can inform you now, that I have made my first few songs for the new Cata-album, so not too long waiting for it.
What do you depict in your lyrics? It seems splendid nature of Finland gives you what you totally need at this point?
Yes you are correct, but surely we do not have any weather forecasts in our lyrics. It is a good “bonus” in our lyrics. It gives some dimensional to any issue. On this new album ‘ChaosBorn’ the lyrics tell about the situation of wrold at this point. Everything is just in chaos. Take a look around and you see only war and corruption. We do not tell these things in political way, no, we are not a political band, and never will be. But we try to say these things in different views. From historical, from fantasy and from mental side. Example the opener song ‘Kuolon Tanssi’ tells everything in one song. There are fantasy with kind of fact-based mental side. So in other words ‘ChaosBorn’ represents our statement of the world’s issues and situation.
‘Morning Crimson’ was a legendary release, but i also like other releases including the latest one. Then, what has changed in Catamenia when you look back to the earliest days of the band?
Catamenia has always had it’s own style, so that has not changed much. We still have our style, and always will. It is kind of a grown to it roots. Of course there are changements happened, but they are more in the level of relations of the band members. Now we have found a steady member base after a long seeking. At one point, in the time of ‘Morning Crimson’, it seemed that we have found it, but we were wrong. So now we are happy with the all members. We all get along with each others, so no problems anymore on that issue. Itself the music has changed in more confidence way. When you are doing things, more you do, more confidence you get. This is also in the music. And when you see more things, you can watch with more opened eye, cause you do not have to anymore concentrate on many things, which you did in the early days. It goes smooth forward. This is kind of a mental thing. When you think about things,more nervous you get. Of course I can not say that this is for everyone.
Lets talk about cover arts.You use wolf images in covers, what it stand for? May you tell more about this concept?
It was a time when we were recording our debut album ‘Halls of Frozen North’ in Germany at Commusication studios, when the label’s boss Torsten came over to see the band. We discussed different things, and agreed that we must have some kind of a image for covers, of what the fans can recognize the band beside the music. We thought that using wolves in covers would be good idea, cause wolf is a truly a remarkable animal. It is mysterious and represents life as in herd. And also cause we have this saying in the band: Hunt or Be Hunted! That suites for wolves also.
Meanwhile;a special question,i wanna learn more about the cover of ‘MorningCrimson’. Who is this angel looking ‘creature’ with the blood red hairs in the cover? This cover is fuckin excellent…
To be honest, we do not know who is she. Of course we tried to ask from our promoter at that time, who was Alex Krull of Atrocity, but he did not reveal the mystery lady for us, heh. We would have liked to know her name, but maybe someday we will ask from Massacre Records or Alex Krull who is she, cause I agree…looks really beautiful…
When we return to ‘Chaos Born’, to me, it s the best melodic nordic black metalrelease of 2003 when compared to other trendish assholes. At this point, what doyou think about nowadays black metal scene?
First thank you for your kind words. I think the black metal scene is good at this point. It is more, how would I say, more free. There are more different bands, that you do not have to listen same shit over and over again. Bands nowadays try new things, which I think is good for the scene. Of course there are people, who are against the renewing the scene, but we respect them. It is their opinion. But for us, the new bands with new things in their music are welcome. This is music, and I think music has to change a little bit time to time, otherwise it would be a suicide for the music. And in the end, it is always the listeners choice, does he like the music. Unfortunately there are people who think like, if my friend says that band sucks, it sucks also on my opinion. What I try to say, it is not forbidden or against the humanity to use our own brains. I recommend that.
Are you still following the underground scene?
Yes we are following the underground, but not as much as used to. I know that kind of sucks, but we haven’t been ever so deep in the underground. But always we are keeping our ears open for the new acts, cause we really like when new bands come to this black metal scene and makes
it more stronger.
May you tell us about some special moments  from the very early days of Catamenia, for an illustration; did you try hard to spread the bands name in your demo days? Flyers, promos, compilations? How was that period?
I think we kept everything quite low. We made a demos and spread them here in Finland. And of course we sent few to the magazines and to recording labels. The main thing in promoting the bands name was the gigs. We did few gigs and that spread the name quite surprisingly much. But in general we did not have any pro-promostion behind us. We were just seeking the opportunity to get to record some albums, and that wish and dream came true. Sometimes you just look behind the past, and start to
think the period again. It was really great time. Everything was new, and exciting. Of course it still is, but not in that “new” way. When you do not feel excited anymore, then you know it is time to quit. But surely we do not have that, and my guess that time will not come in near future. I think everyone of us will have the music in some way in us, for the rest of our lives.
Thanks for the cooperation and support K-OZ.please send this interview with your blacken words… 
Thank you for making this interview possible. So…everyone…keep on Rockin’ and Stay Fucking Dark..!

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