Tsjuder Interview

Hi Nag!It s good to hear from you again.Lets start with the current activities of the band,are you writing /working on new   faith-crusher songs ?If so,what s planned for the new Tsjuder release ,a new plague?
I’m actually answering this interview while Draugluin is recording the guitars for “Desert Northern Hell”, so that’s pretty much our current activity. Yeah, “DNH” will for sure crush like fucking hell!
How are the reactions to ˜Demonic possesion™of 2002?Audience must have find it as killer as the burning churches /mosques !?
Most reactions have been good, but there have of course been people who favoured “Kill for Satan”. But all in all it’s been great response, and people seem to enjoy another killing release!
Is a new gig planned soon?
We’ve been asked to do some tours and gigs. Nothing is decided at this moment, but we’ll stress to play some more live shows soon. At least after “Desert Northern Hell” is released the 1st of November.
Again on gigs;do you like to go to festivals /concerts as a listener as well?I do not feel myself comfortable in crowded places ,be it in fuckin fest or in Treblinka (second one preferable,though¦)
I’m of the same opinion as you. I’ve been to very few festivals where I haven’t played myself. Like you said, it’s too much people, and I don’t care for the majority of those.
In which way Tsjuder supports the Beelzebub s legions?May you share your fine ideas on the heathenism?
Personally I despite religion. Religion is for weak people who need to follow others, and have no opinions themselves. I long for the dark side, and all the evil which is “out there”.
I dont give a shit / do not support if a black metal band has nothing to do with profanation on the ass pain called ecclesiastics. Unholy Desecration is a must in black arts, What is your opinion on these subjects?
Of course. Black Metal is Satanic and destructive.
What do you depict in your lyrics?What are   the general themes?
Most of my lyrics deal with my thoughts about evil, hatred and demons. I’m attracted to the demons “out there”, and the destruction of religion. I also get inspiration to my lyrics through old horror movies and the evil feeling around those.
Elemets of Racism and Nazism   is being employed by some black metal bands in their lyrics,logos etc,what is your idea about it ?To be honest with you Nag,i only support the musical quality,if it   exists of course…Yeah we are at war, not a political one , but a war against all ecclesiastic fucks!!!
Tsjuder has nothing to do with politics at all. Tsjuder deals with Satanism and destruction. I have my own opinions of course, but I keep them for myself, and do not express them in any band.
Briefly;i support all kind of activities which builts its roots on the core of misanthropy and death.Related with these themes ,what do you think about  wars,suicides,self exiles which exclusively veins the pure hatred dispossessed blood throughout the miser hearts of the unbeliever?What is your opinion about these themes?
I do not see myself as a misanthrope, but I keep away from the masses and hate to be in crowded places. I like to stay around people who share mainly the same opinions as me, and not the rest of the pathetic crowd. I really do not care that much about war of other people. They are very welcome to kill each other, and destroy themselves (which is good). I think suicide is for people who aren’t strong enough to stand up against the world.
Are you into literature?What kind of books you prefer?I m reading the ˜Long Day™s Journey into Night ˜by Edward Albee,a play that depicts the alienation,salvation¦
I’m not that much into reading these days, but much of my source of inspiration comes from Necronomicon.
Will the next release come from Drakkar Productions again?
No, we’ve finished the cooperation with Drakkar. Drakkar will repress the two first albums. We’ve signed to Season of Mist now which will release “Desert Northern Hell” the 1st of November.
What are you listening nowadays?Give me some names from your musimusic library please?
I’ve listened a bit to the new Armagedda album, Urgehal, Vulture Lord, Nattefrost, Carpathian Forest, plus all the “good old albums”.
Say your fave Dark Throne song!?Mine is ˜Wher the Cold Winds Blow!?
Natassja in eternal sleep.
Thanx for cooperation Nag,Frost is glad to quest Tsjuder in his claustrophobic pages.Add your last spell and close the interview please,Hail Supreme Black Arts!
Thanks for supporting Tsjuder and raw and brutal Black Metal! Look out for “Desert Northern Hell”!



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