Ad Hominem Interview

  1. Hei Kaiser W.,i have been thinking about an Ad Hominem interview for a long time and thanks for this chance.I think we can start with the latest news from the Ad Hominem Camp.
    Ahh that will be short then. First thanx for your interest. No real news at the moment, the band is going through a calm period. The “Theory 0” Mcd is still planned, and will be released when the video is done.

    2. New album will be coming soon i guess,what can you say about it?On which label will it be released and what will be its character?
    No new album planned, even though I have some rushes… At the moment I’m at Avanatgarde, and nothing is supposed to change, so far. I’m working in a much more industrial way, using drum machines again. Less blast beats, more ambiences etc.

    3. A news that i have already heard of.You say you will not use live drummer anymore,like old albums.Let me say it,the drum-programming in Planet Z. Was not that good but the one in New World.. was one of the best programmin i have ever heard of.The live (living,that is) drummer in “Climax Of the Hatred” was delivering the goods too.How came this decision sir?
    New world was recorded with a drummer, the fuck!!! And on P.ZOG, you didn’t like the machines as you were expecting it to sound like a drummer. They must be seen as machines, not humans… At that time I got bored with programming and just wanted to try with a drummer. Now back to the roots…

    4. The smell of apocalyptic point of view can be felt in your general concept.Is it this a total end or end for a new beginning?I guess,it is the second,that is.
    I don’t see any rebirth for mankind, what would be the use?? It’s a no way end…the rebirth will be something different, as always…And why would I plan the rebirth of something if I’m dead?!? I just care of my life, and that world sucks…So I praise its end, even if I must be part of this end. This would be a great satisfaction to see the life lovers suffer in such a way…

    5. One can easily notice that some lyrics and song names are hidden in your albums.Why are you censoring some of your titles and lyrics?
    Just for avoiding too much troubles…It’s already hard to have such a reputation, and AH isn’t allowed to play in different countries. But those lyrics aren’t a secret for anyone…

    6. What is the meaning of “creativity” for you in the music or life?
    Creation is like my heart : necessary to live. Doing nothing is a non sense in my eyes. Why would we be here on this planet otherwise? We’re animals with a mind, let’s use it… There are some hard periods in life, and sometimes creating is hard, and I really hate that and feel bad. I just need to create, whatever it is.

    7. You may not answer this question if you dont want to,what is your daily jop in daily-life?
    I just quitted my last job for personal reasons, and now I’m on the road a again. That was a choice, and I know I’ll find something good for me sooner or later…

    8. What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music?
    Well this morning I listened to Black Flame as I just got a free copy from them (thanx!). That’s good powerful black-death. Otherwise I try to listen to as many albums as I can. May it be metal, indus, rock…whatever…

    9. And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?
    There’s no album that tops Triarii’s “Pièce héroïque” in my eyes. It’s a german project delivering martial indus music. Just brilliant. I’ve been into indus music for ages now, and that’s funny to see the evolution of people regarding it. Some times ago, it was considered as useless gay shit. And now everyone seems to be listening to it. Silly. It has never been link to the goth shemale shit…One has just to pick up a good album, there are many styles…

    10. Can you describe a `perfect listener` of Ad Hominem?

    11. Do you think you create your art for the exact group of merit-listeners?
    I do it for me, and if one can understand the meaning and have strong feelings, well good for him.

    12. Tell me your opinions shortly regarding these terms/ words;

    Joey Jordison; I don’t give a fuck, just a drummer, and I’ve seen better ones.
    Manson; Which one?!???
    In Sorte Diaboli; Fuck, is that all your references?? I didn’t listen to it.
    Cell phones; Is it an interview for the local telecom company or?
    Msn; Easy for teasing and catching girls.
    Doberman Pincher; I heard we couldn’t cut their ears anymore, and that’s a shame, just look at Ihsan’s one on Zyklon B mcd!!!
    Unity; I am united with me, and that’s already hard…

    13. What would be your words to a Ad Hominem listener who came to your gid and did not like the performance?He says that you are beter in the recordings etc lets say…
    It can’t be. So I can’t say.

    15. Thanks Kaiser,for your time for Radikaal Music.End,the final words are yours.
    Thanx for support.

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