Nargaroth Interview

  1. Hail Kanwulf! How are the things in Germany? I hope there is nothing or nobody who creates problem for you!

Today is November 17th, 2004. Autumn comes over my land and the wind hunts the clouds that bring rain knocking on the doors of the houses of my hometown. Problems are always at hand, but right now none of them are too close to me that I am scared.

  1. Latest Nargaroth Opus “Prosatanica Shooting Angels” has already been out to shoot the ecclesiastical pigs all over the globe. So what can you say about this new Nargaroth album? How are the reactions so far?

As always with NARGAROTH releases, that album splits the minds of the fans. For one it’s a good one, for others its crap. But unfortunately most of those guys are too stupid to cross their borders, which got set by my albums “Herbstleyd” or “Black Metal ist Krieg”. Those two albums get always taken as comparison to new albums, but that never can work, because every single release of NARGAROTH will and must be different and never comparable to previous and future releases.

  1. The most important thing about “Prosatanica…..” is, that one can again smell the raw sound which used to dwell in all Nargaroth albums. So, when you compare it to earlier ones, what kind of differences you see?

As I said before, there is no comparison to earlier releases. And in fact, if there is a red line through all NARGAROTH albums and demos which makes them comparable, this album is in my eyes totally outstanding. Outstanding in every single matter.

  1. It writes in your promo that; “Bright guitars and screaming guts! Back to the roots!” What can you say about this definition? Is “Prosatanica…..” a kind of back to the roots album?

No fucking way! That was a stupid and wrong advertising slogan, done by my label. Prosatanica Shooting Angels (PSA) never was intended as a so called “Back To The Roots” album. Such things are in my eyes totally wrong placed and more than meaningless!! That made me very angry, because this slogan gets always ripped in some arguments against that album. This album is no pseudo “Back to the Roots” shit! I made it that way it sounds, because I wanted it that way. It’s a nowadays album!

  1. Can you enlighten us more about the concept of the “Prosatanica…..”? Under which inspirations you created it this time?

I could imagine that my next words break the illusions of many pro-NARGAROTH readers. But exactly that was my intention with this album!! But you want answers, so you’ll get them!

This album is besides “Geliebte des Regens” (Beloved of the Rain) my favourite one! Because of the circumstances it got recorded, the history or background and the intentions that came to birth during the 12 hour recording session.

Originally these songs were planned for a side project I wanted to make. It’s name PROSATANICA SHOOTING ANGELS. The logo, with the 2 staked angels left and right, of this side project I placed on the bottom card of the so called NARGAROTH album and on the back of the shirt. But after the recording session I reminded me on some lines I wrote in the booklet of the “Black Metal ist Krieg” album with the content, that I prefer not doing a side project because NARGAROTH is in me as I am in it. And in respect to the sad fact of many spoken or written but not always respected words by myself in my life, I decided myself not to make that mistake again. And so it became an unplanned NARGAROTH album.

At the beginning of the side project, I had no idea how to make it. All I knew was to make it quite faster than I usually create songs. I went into my small studio in my apartment and around 12 hours later I left it with a whole album in my hands. The songs I wrote during the recording session itself. I just played something to the drum lines and when I liked it – I used it. Sometimes during the recording of the guitar lines, I made playing-mistakes and tried to smooth them by playing something else. And so I found new connection riffs to 2 different main melodies. And I made some experiments I usually never do! In the end of the song “Satan Industries” you hear a kind of synthetic noise. But that is my distorted Bass Guitar tapped just the upper string in the 4th or 5th segment. I can’t remember right now. And everything you hear that sounds like a keyboard is even my Bass Guitar, just playing the main accord louder mixed than the rest. Nothing else and I love it!

The lyrics I wrote all down in 50 minutes. I didn’t want some very deep going, but dark and not typical words. I reminded me on earlier considerations about the topic of an always hating, everything destroying Satan. I found that imagination of Satan stupid since I heard that story the very first time. I could not imagine that some one who once got loved by some one hates all the time and shit. It seemed more believable for me, that a person or a thing that made the experience of real love is crying at night when no one is watching him, because of lost and missed line to the well feeling of loving and getting loved. And that the so called “Evil Face” is nothing more than a shield to hide that pain before the world. And sure, I took as comparison my own treatment to myself and others in that same situation, where, I am sure, everyone was in before in his life. And so I wrote a song about that. But the feelings are not going too deep. It is just a song and my considerations about the always as evil’n shit described Satan.

The first song of that album just describes my consideration to the only satanic thing that is useful in life – do what you want should be the only law. I think that a caged soul or a chained mind will wither and die over the years when you lock it away from your desires. That’s all and even no wisdom! Just a song.

The Intro name and sound came from my experience that the so called Love is always over after the ejaculation, if you’re having sex with a One Night Stand or a new girl you conquered at a concert or where ever. I see the boys talking to some chicks and how they are playing something like hypocritical interest for her words, but in their head these guys only see a cum-shoot between her legs. They play comprehension for her attitudes and views and listen to boring story of other guys, Make Up and bands she is listening to, only to make themselves attractive as “partner you can also talk with” and shit like this. But the real intention is quite more primitive. I even knew this behaviour from me. I was listening to boring stories until my eyes almost shut down and so on, but I the only thing I really wanted was to make her ecstatically scream. But over the years I saw the non-honourable point in that behaviour and stopped it. The other reason was that never a respectful relationship rises from moments like this! And if you become older, affairs are quite nice, but satisfy not your wishes for safety or even a family.

The two ambient songs I made because I have sometimes under the influence of light drugs inspirations of sitting on the ground of a sea or the ocean in total darkness and hear only small sounds of living and I’m thinking. I got that imagined picture from the book “Killermachine”, were a robot walked down to a seas ground and started thinking about his existence and he made experiences of meeting other life forms besides human. The other ambient song I just made, because I wanted it. There are no deeper intentions for making it. I took the end theme of an old semi-horror movie and cut in some spoken words of a devils actor. I brought his words in a sense making order and named it like the movie is named.

I was a sharpshooter in the army and so I made a -non deep meaning- song about sniper stuff. The last song is besides all the others important for me, because he reflects my momentary state of mind development. And he tells me all the time not to give up, even if I as a man made mistakes.

But in conclusion it was quite strange how I did all. I had a good time in my studio under some light drugs and some Tequila. And this is why that album is important for me. Usually I am very strict how all has to sound, and all must be in the way I want it and there are no degrees of freedom for all things that got used. But this time I was very relaxed and took the things the way they came. No torturing deeper intention haunted me. It’s just some metal.

Besides all this circumstances I had to do things that made me angry in the matter Black Metal Scene and too many pseudo NARGAROTH Fans! That’s why I made the things they are in sound and in respect to the booklet, in artwork and hidden messages in the booklet.

The scene is full of newcomers and poor minded BM “philosophers”. They set rules that shake the foundations or the roots of this art. They create all the time new definitions of BM. At best, two times each year. They bring a destroying chaos into the scene and into this art. I know that well, because some years I was one of them too. But in opposite to this poor minded non-metallic idiots, I and many other old ones stayed in that art and we have to be in that chaos they left because they are out of their for extremes seeking adolescence or they became married or what ever. But it’s hard to separate them before they leave again this art. I think that only those prevail in our art, which already have or seek truly and honestly for information’s.  Those who have – are the old ones, those who truly seek – gonna stay maybe.

Many things I wrote in the booktlet can be and got only understand by those guys I mentioned above. I know that only few understand what is really meant by the words “No Dark Throne”. That it has to be considered very carefully how I wrote the band name and where it got written that way! Until today only 2 persons recognized this word-game. And such things I love! I often do things like this, which the idiots don’t recognize and separate them from the good ones. I made things like this before. Once I made a Demo called “Fuck of nowadays Black Metal”. I took a song as outro which is quite popular and every Metalhead should understand that it sure is a cover song and not an own song from NARGAROTH. So I put that as instrumental version on the LP and called him “Nortam Sagro”. After this LP was under the people, I heard so many voices that I steal riff s 1:1 from other bands. Everyone screamed the instrumental outro is the song “Orgasmatron” from MOTÖRHEAD. They said they got the proof that I steal guitar riffs from MOTÖRHEAD.

Right here – right now I say: can it be true, that the whole scene is so damn stupid, that they don’t understand the “joke” and are unable or too stupid to read the song name “Nortam Sagro” backward? I should name the next NARGAROTH album “Fuck off BM scene”.      But besides this more hidden meaning are there 2 other more open problems I have with the cult position of DARKTHRONE in the heads of the people. A second point to this slogan and to the album which is not so important and deep is – if you listen to the music, the slogan seems more than strange and even ridiculous. My intention to this second point was to doubt on the so called “own” inspirations of bands, when the music of the band sounds like their in interview mentioned Faves. And the third intention to this slogan goes in direction to the all the time sadly not respected beginning days of GORGOROTH! Everyone in the scene mention DARKTHRONE as Fave and important band. In my eyes GORGOROTH is the owner of that THRONE! With their first Demo and their first Album with one of the best BM singer named HAT, they are always even worthy to be named!

Similar as I made it with the “No Dark Throne Fan” line, there are many things I made to separate the idiots from the Metalheads. Other examples are: Only old guys know what is meant with the words “Black and blasphemic Death Metal”. These are quite famous words in BM history known only by older. Or the fact that I putted Bands likes AZHUBHAM HAANI under the Thought about Death Cocks rubric. Some small minded BM fags wrote me, why I could do such a “sacrilege” to put a “pioneer of BM” under a DM rubric. I couldn’t stop laughing, although this is a very sad state! If they would know AZHUBHAM HAANI longer than from my Black Metal ist Krieg album they should know it! Fuck those losers! Another message is the photo of my person in the booklet and the so fucking stupid gun in my hand. I hate this fucking poser kids with their boring evil poser pictures with no atmosphere and vibes. They say it shows their true face…oh boy that pains sure in the head. Such nonsense and the inflationary use of the (un)holy attributes of BM destroys the once very important accessories of BM!!! That’s why I made this fucking stupid Picture and I underlined it with the words “Poser Picture from Kanwulf…”.  If someone uses it, please stay to the points of being a poser, or make it honourable or let it fucking be! We need Metalheads to survive and no Halloween crap!

Well there are much more hidden things I will not list here, because it will be too long. I also don’t want to explain anything here, because I want to see longer who is who and who is worthy in the scene. And as long as I get questions like “Who is Erik you mentioned in you “Black Metal ist Krieg” album?” or as long as I hear “The drummer on your “Black Metal ist Krieg” album is not so true, because he is laughing on the 2 small pictures of him in the booklet” (meant were the private pictures of Erik on the booklet pages to the songs I dedicated him), I say – Make your fucking Homework’s!

  1. Which kind of Nargaroth listener  you prefer; a one who only listens the music and not keep on the lyrics, or the one who is very interested in lyrics, concepts and the story behind the Nargaroth songs?

The second one, definitely! But I fear the first one buys it first.





  1. Do you have any “the most..” songs in “Prosatanica…..” ? I mean the grimmest one, or the best one for you? Actually mine is “A Tear in the Face of Evil”. On the other hand, I also wonder what this masterpiece song tells? Is the title “A Tear in the Face of Evil” allegorically employed? (I have no lyrics).

I like them all. The first one could be the preferred one because of the way he sounds. But the last I prefer because of the lyrics and the meaning for me. What it tells I mentioned above under the lines of creating the lyrics and my consideration of the all time described evil and hating Satan.

  1. Varg Vikernes-when arrested when he failed to return after a short leave from his prison in Vestfold and -had in his possession the following items ;AG3 automatic rifle, a gas mask, several knifes, lap top computer etc.. And, newspapers write that he was going to join French Foreign Legion. What do you think about this? Do you have any opinions about what his aims would be?

Back in 1991 I was in Munich. It was a terrible time. I went to a telephone cell and asking the international hotline for phone numbers the phone number of the French Foreign Legion. At this time this was the only worthy goal for me. But I never went further as to have a phone number for a department contact. Today I think I wouldn’t stand this hard army. If he really wanted to join them, I think it would be a good decision. Sad that it failed, but I could understand his intentions.

  1. Many black metal bands, be it in mainstream or in the underground, skipped the usage o f war-paint. What are your thoughts about these pseudo new school “blackers” who aware of the main aim and the ideology of the unholy black metal? How far black arts can can go with such bands or with the fans that support this kind of crap!?

Also this I answered in the lines about posers and newcomers in the BM scene. Too often it’s a raping of our cults and not to show a personality part. And we don’t go on. We just let the years pass by which are full with worthless new releases and worthless new “Kings of BM” bands..bla….bla…lets remember and honour and meet to show us respect. New things won’t happen well!

  1. Are you into the idea that the Black metal is dead? Except from some old warriors of course. And do you follow the underground scene; are there any new hordes you can recommend here?

The originally BM is dead in my eyes, but some bands are able to bring me up to remember. I feel nothing good about the B.M scene too. And this since years! I separate some individuals out of the masses to consider them as good. Nargaroth does not belong the nowadays B.M. scene!!! Unfortunately, also not to the old scene, because I haven’t released anything worthy before 1998 (Herbstleyd). Before, I was just a fan. Today I consider myself with my releases after “Black Metal ist Krieg” as musician or songwriter, belonging to no scene. Scenes are setting borders. And I can’t accept border in my music. What ever I want to do, I will do. And in fact, I stated more than one time: Nargaroth does not play Black Metal!! Although I know that the main force who listen Nargaroth, comes from the persons from this scene. And Nargaroth will be sure always named as Black Metal. And there are no new bands I would mention, besides the bands I release over my small Tape label Curse of KvN Sadistic, which you can find as Underpage on the No Colours Homepage.

  1. A bit related to the previous one, are there any special group of people to whom you could say “I m making this music for these people”?

For those, who find themselves again in my songs. For those, who let their emotions run with my songs. For those, who feel a little bit better, not so isolated and departed from their own selves when they listen to my songs. For those who live through my songs.

  1. Do you think that the seasons have inspirations/influences on you? I mean can you say that you are more creative or active in an exact season? In winter for an illustration?

No. My inspirations come in every season. Nature is rich, no matter which season rules. Some makes me sad and depressive and some makes me optimistic and fresh reborn or loving. And everything is an inspiration to create songs.

  1. How would it feel like for you if there hadn’t been any ecclesiastical viruses on this earth? Civilizations without holy books, cities without temples, churches, mosques?

I don’t know, because my socialisation went along such things. And in fact, to explain things without knowledge of well developed sciences it’s a fast and short way to seek answers in magic and religion. I think civilisation cannot develop without beliefs. A civilisation can be without, but only if they know its there and they separate it from their vision of living. Weak minded people need strong or imaginary believes. 


  1. Last words of wisdom are yours Kanwulf. Thanks for your time, with morbid regards.


B.M stands for so many emotions and feelings that we should be proud to own an art like this. We should take care, more than we “do” with the nature. B.M. was the diamond between the grey dirt of the other Arts. Unfortunately too many hands grasped after him with their dirty hands, so that he lost his shining years ago.  I hope that the men and the women in this art will develop their personality to become honourably and more respectable than the most of them are today. 


  1. Very nice interview. Thanx. Kanwulf is the best. In waiting for “Jahreszeiten”…..

  2. Thanks for the comment. Great you liked the interview, Kanwuld always keen on giving detailed answers, which also made this interview splendid.

  3. I really admire kanwulf i love his interviews he always answers with such detail.

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