Manes Interview

Lets take a breaking news start,what are the latest news from the Manes camp?Reviews for the new album,upcoming gigs?

 ye, quite a lot of reviews lately, some very good, but also some real slaughter. as expected. but generally, the metal audience has been a bit more positive than i thought. no upcoming gigs planned, but we have been talking a little bit about a ‘release-party’, but, nothing really


I havent listened your latest album yet,to be honest.But i believe that the band has solved some exact production proplems that can be  easily seen in the previous album,what can you say about this?

 ehm, don’t know what you mean with this production problems.. the only technical ‘problem’ was a slight misunderstanding regarding the file formats for the cover artwork. after getting the correct info, things went smoothly. no problems really. and especially not in the audio side of things


Manes has different motivations behind the each album,so if we try to put “How To World Come To An End” somewhere among the other Manes acts,what would be its place in this regard?

 i think the ‘natural progression’ thing fits well here, this album, like everything else we do, did, will do, is kind of a little insight into what we have been playing around with since ‘vilosophe’. an audio snapshot, the last in line, until something new comes along


Is there any change in your life-style or daily life style lets say,since Manes has became bigger and stronger in the scene?Or are you same the same person both mentally and socially?

 haven’t felt any difference, generally, and luckily, perhaps i’m a bit more withdrawn now than before, i don’t really see manes any other way than from the inside, so i don’t know much about any status.


What would be your recommendation for the new coming bands?Can you say Burzum or Mayhem wanna-bes can no longer exist here or there?

 eh.. any kind of wanna-be-ism is meaningless. bands need to do their own things, stand on their own, present yourself, not being ‘one among thousands’, can’t understand the motivation for that


What is the meaning of “creativity” for you in the music or life?

 think differently, do other things, not be bound by rules or dogmas, you can’t create something that already exist, so creativity is to do new things, think outside of existing borders, do the impossible, or the forbidden


You may not answer this question if you dont want to,what is your daily jop in daily-life?If you stil time,that is

 i am ‘uføre-trygdet’, some kind of health-care. i have chronic diseases, and can’t work, so i get enough money ‘to have a decent life’ from the state/government. in that aspect, norway is a quite good country.. torstein and eivind is working, modern life, digital jobs.


What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music?

 the new celtic frost is good, somewhat looking forward to thorns, didn’t like dhg too much, same with mayhem, death breath is cool, other than that, has anything else happened? haven’t payed very much attention


And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?

 hm, it’s here i spend most time, jega, lfo, godspeed, black heart, aphex, sq-pusher, 16hp, ggfh


Please Tell me your opinions shortly regarding these terms/ words;

 Joey Jordison;

think i’ve heard the name, but not sure. not much knowledge, in any way

Manson;the real one, or the new one? charles is an interesting subject, but marilyn was most interesting as monroe, and the conspiracy theories

In Sorte Diaboli; heard a few songs, didn’t like it, but i don’t listen to music like that

Cell phones; a necessarily evil, a

great tool

John Locke; ?

Dharma; Lost? don’t watch much tv, sporadic only


 crap, like absolutely everything microsoft touch

Doberman Pincher;

 i have a german shepherd, prefer them

The Simpsons VS Lost ?

doesn’t watch any of them


hm, the word? or anything else? i’m not too updated on the new stuff happening in social circuits…


Any gigs or festivals that you will take place in summer or recent time?

 hopefully not, hehe. i don’t like live-appearances much, not looking at other bands, not playing myself. in fact, i dislike almost all social aspects connected to music. audio is best in solitude, in silence. social events are best without music, the combination doesn’t connect with me


And,Norway oriented question,what do you say about the new Mayhem album?I have also interviewed Blasphemer last week and he says it is the most disturbing album that they have ver created?It has really a morbid atmosphere?

 my first impression was: muddy and, hm, ‘cheap’ sound, chaotic, a bunch of ideas thrown together. but then again, i don’t listen to ‘pure’ metal that much, so i’m probably the wrong person to ask. i liked de mysteriis,b ut i was much, much more into metal at that time


A weird way,just wanted to learn your very own idea,do you think that Varg Vikernes will continue music after the prison days?

don’t care, or, well, i liked the synth periods a bit better than the first stuff, so, it could be much better if he would try to make music -in- prison, than releasing him, hehe


What would be your words to a Manes listener who came to your gig and did not like the performance?He says that you are beter in the recordings etc lets say

 then i would completely agree with him/her.


Its over sir…Thanks a lot for your time…I owe you a big beer for this

 no problem

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