Vreid Interview

Hei Vreid team, how is the life going nowadays, regarding yourself and music?


 Things are just fine. The new album is out in Norway, and the reviews and response are very good. Feels good to finally have it out there, after working with it for such a long time.


I-by chance-happen to listen your album and it left a very good impression on me. A new and fresh black metal from Norway, sounding as creative as possible. Can you please introduce your music, mainly on the last album?

 Well, Black & Roll is a tag that has been put on us, and I guess that is quite describing. The atmosphere is inspired by Norwegian Black metal and old folk-hymns, while the groove are inspired by trash and straightforward rock & roll bands. A deadly combination.



Any gigs or festivals that you will take place in summer or recent time?


 Just did a European tour in April. For the summer we have been confirmed for Metal camp in Slovenia, and Metalheart, Hole in the sky and Støy festival in Norway. More dates will be confirmed soon.


Do you have any special shows on the stage or do you say the music is enough and should be enough?


 The music must always be good enough itself. But we spice it up with a militant approach.



You have also your own studio namely 1184,what are your activities there at the moment, are there any recording bands?And,do you have any kind of criteria for those ones who wants to record an album there?


 We have done things like Ulvhedner, Cor Scorpii and the Windir and Enslaved DVD there, besides all the Vreid albums of course.. At the moment we don’t really have that much time to work with other project there, but Ulvhedner will record their upcoming album during the summer/autumn.



Do you think that Norwegian scene doing good in terms of creativity lately or do you think that there has been no progress for years? Bands standing on the old throne or being able to defend it bravely nowadays too?


 Old dogs like Darkthrone keeps on barking out new album, while new bands like Iskald and In Vain sounds promising, and with the veterans like Emperor and Immortal back doing shows, I think that the Norwegian scene is strong and vital.



What is the meaning of “creativity” for you in the music or life?


 Being able to follow the flame that burns inside you.



You may not answer this question if you don’t want to, what is your / band members daily job in daily-life?


 Teacher, sound engineer, system developer for computers and employed at the Norwegian governments trade office is our daily jobs.



What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music?

 Lately I have been listening to the new albums of Iskald, In Vain, Dimmu Borgir, Pain, Mayhem + of course the old classics now and then.



And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?

 I listen to Alice Cooper (at least once a week) Weh, Air, Prokofiev, A-ha, Jokke, Johnny Cash, Beatles, Iggy and the Stooges (absolutely brilliant, Raw power is a total classic), 80’s cheesy pop bands and all kinds of other shit.



 Tell me your opinions shortly regarding these terms/ words;


Joey Jordison;


 Isn’t that the Slipknot drummer? I have probably not listened to Slipknot more than 10 minutes in my life, nothing to tell about the guy.





 If it is Marilyn you are referring to, then the freaky fucker actually has some quite good songs.



In Sorte Diaboli;


 Greeeat sucsess. Didn’t do much for me. Spiritual black dimension is my favourite DB album



Cell phones;


A necessary evil. Addictive little bastards.





Rarely use it.



Doberman Pincher;


Love dogs. I have a bastard myself. Not to familiar with this breed.




What to say?



Thank for your time,last words are yours sir.


 Thanks for your interest in Vreid.


 Check out the new album, and if you are too stubborn or pigheaded to not do that, you should at least check out the Alice Cooper album Killer. Skål!

Mayhem Interview

Hi Blasphemer,this is the second time I am interviewing you,if there would be a third time before I die,I promise you that I will treat you a big beer and an holiday in mediterrean coast,anyway I begin before boring you from the very beginning.The new Mayhem legend Ordo Ad Chao is already out,so what you say about this new album in general?

Well, its probably the most disturbing album to come out of the band ever, hehe. And I must say that im quite happy and confident with the result as opposed to Chimera, which was a bit too rushed at the time. This time I put a lot more time and effort in to creating the most intense album yet. I believe it’s very dark, quite complex and avantgarde yet still pitch black as a BM album should be. Oh, about that big beer; it’s a deal, hehe

Are you satisfied as a musician? Have you ever thought that Maybe you have to create something else in order to satisfy your ambitions? Or Mayhem guitars are all satisfying completely?

Well, I have other bands as well, as I think it would be too 1 dimensional with only 1 was of expressing. But then again, Mayhem albums are usually very demanding and quite different from each other so I never feel stuck, if you know what I mean. But I believe it’s healthy for musicians to have other projects as well. Its different ways of thinking and you are dealing with other sources of creativity which again leads to motivation and a broadening musicality.

Can it e said that the band was more motivated with the return of Attila?

Yes, that is indeed true. Maniac was, and still is obviously, a great guy, but it was only when Attila came into the band that I realized what we actually could do. So I owe a lot to Attila for being such an inspiring person.


The new Mayhem album sounds really different regarding the previous actions.Some fans are not satisfied, it seems. But I believe this is the most atmospheric and morbid Mayhem act I have ever listened to. What were the inspirations and motivations when you were in the studio, recording and the creating the album?


I just wanted to go where no one had been before musically. I wanted to create something very disturbing, yet with all the elements for a great BM album being present. For me it’s so much boring and simple-minded music out there, id figure that the world didn’t need 1 more, he he. So that’s basically it. It took me 2 years to come up with the most sick, intense and bad (as in good) riffs possible. I wanted to present something truly unholy and alien. Something that people would be asking questions about for years, heheAnd with Attila it was kind of simple as well, as the both of us sharing the same visions how BM lost it and what we could do to make it bizarre and fucked up again..

This time it seems you had had the will to create something different in the song writing process, can we say this really?

I think we can agree on that. It was something like “make a great BM riff and then fuck it up by choosing tones that people normally wouldn’t choose” haha. It was a strange period for sure, and im quite happy it’s over

I wonder, Does Hellhammer take part in song writing process? Or it is all on you and Necrobutcher when it comes to create the main frame?

Hellhammer contributes with some small arranging parts once in a while, but it’s only me who write the music. Necrobutcher doesn’t write any music at all. This is the way it has been since I joined the band. I wrote every single note since Wolfslair Abyss to present day.


Can we say Mayhem will carry (continue) the highest quality song writing and instrument technique style that it gained since the release of Grand Declaration of war album?


Yes, I believe that there are some breathtaking parts on this new album, although it’s not as technical as “Grand Declaration Of War”. I guess we will never be again either. I see each album as a period of time, something that won’t be repeated. If there will be another MM album, rest assure it will be completely different again. I don’t believe in repetition as a constructive theory. Repetition is only constructive if you do the same mistakes over and over again. If you get my point

What are you listening nowadays, regarding the extreme music?

I don’t really listen that much extreme music these days, except for some stoner doom bands like Electric Wizard and vintage HM like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath etc. Maybe I got an overdose of bleak BM when we were in the studio, hehe.In general, I believe im trying to relax as much as possible and to enjoy the essence of being. Totally, as far as possible that is… I kind of got rid of some extremities with this album, so now im basically following the reactions, doing interviews etc. I guess I have what people consider a boring life these days. But im totally into it.

And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?

I guess Dead Can Dance, Muse, early Christian Death and Fields of the Nephilim can be mentioned here.

Is there any change in your life-style or daily life style lets say,since Mayhem has became bigger and stronger in the scene?Or are you same the same person both mentally and socially?

I guess ive changed over the years, but im more modest and down to earth these days than Ive ever been. I believe thats a good thing, hehe- Its all a part of growing up. I mean, we are not exactly youngsters anymore so it would be strange if everything would be the same as in say…93-94.About my own position in the scene; im kind of relaxed with that aspect. İm not out to become a star or whatever, i just want to do what i have to do and get respected and acknowledged for my desicions and creativities along the way. İ believe that there is always a reason for the way people act, and being a arrogant bastard would only mean that I would lack something in my life, in which i have to compensate for. Hope you follow my train of thought...

Norwegian cult bands entered in more progressive and groove way ,specially Enslaved,Satyricon and Mayhem in their previous albums.Do you consider this as a natural evoluation in black metal?Carrying the Flag one step further?

I believe so. As i said earlier, we are not exactly youngsters anymore, and what was created back then is impossible and possibly stupid to try to recreate today,. Things go on, we grow. Evolution always wins.

Mayhem’s latest alum, “Ordo Ad Chao” has entered the Norwegian album chart at position No. 12, which is the band’s highest position ever.The band has only once before been on the Norwegian charts, when the their previous album, “Chimera”, reached No. 28 in 2004.I know the band don’t give a damn about that kinda stuff,but how it feels,i will ask anyway?

I dont really pay that much attention to it, but of course its always flattering when people go on and support your stuff. Although, i dont see how its possible for an album like this to be in the charts for 3 weeks. İt dropped to the 36th position yesterday i noticed, hehe. Its a sign of the end of common sense when OAC breaks the charts, haha.

Anyway,I end it up here,I know you are quite busy.Is there anything else you would like to add sir?

Thanks Frostkamp for the interview; let’s hope it will be a 3rd one so you can keep your promise.

Greetings from Portugal


Rotting Christ Interview

Hi Sakis,How are you?Weather must be already hot in the Greece,doesnt it? 
Yes we already start to survive.This is early May and the temparature is something like 33 celsius for the  moment.This summer  seems that mother earth will punish us…
Please start with the latest news from the Rotting Christ camp?
We have just being back from an almost 3 month tour and as you can guess we pick up our mess and try to put things in order and then…plans for new shows.THEOGONIA album hasn’t been out more than 5 months so our main plan is to supporting it by touring and ofcourse to meet our metal brothers worlwide.
Your new album is already out,how are the reviews for it so far?
 Really optimistic …and this is something that we didn’t excpect after 10 albums released.People can easily fed up with a band that have released so many albums but it seems that the band refreshed and really refreshed too much.That give us strength to go on more and more.
I personally liked the album,it was one step forward regarding the earlier Rotting Christ albums.How can you define it in this respect?
 The great majority do agree with you and this happen because having a knowledge of nowadays difficulty i spent uncountless time in the composing proccess especially in the emotional part as i talked enough with myself i tried to explore really well hidden feelings in order to put them out in our music and to make the album more soulfull…something in my pure opinion is missed nowadays in our scene.I also inspired from the ancient greek feeling something that maybe made the album more unique.
It has also egsotic and different oriental molodies.Maybe not the exact description ,but some eastern-like melodies.Ho came?Even some parts reminding us muslim “Ezan”?
 Yes some oriental influences are inlcunded on that album but only in one song and especially for the song ENUMA ELISH that is refered in the ancient eadt myth concerning the born of the world….So there the oriental influences fit well.
What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music?
 I try to listen as many release as possible from new albums in order to see what is going on in our scene nowdays but i can not hide that i am stucked in the old schoolish stuff and specifically to bands like  BATHORY CELTIC FROST POSSESSED KREATOR HELLHAMMER VENOM.
And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?
 I am into searching music that comes from different places all over the world and i am also into soundtracks …
Is there any change in your life-style or daily life style lets say,since Rotting Christ has became bigger and stronger in the scene?Or are you same the same person both mentally and socially?
 I can not say that i do remain excatly the same as when i started uop the band i was 18 and today i am 35…As you can guess some things have changed BUT my beliefs or better my extrem beliefs  remain more or less the same and i try to protect in the nowadays plastic eras we are currently passing on…
Apart from the other bands,Rotting Christ has always had this sincerity in its music and attitude,I m glad that you have not became one of those rock-star wanna bes. So,what is the place of “sincerity” in music for you?
To remain in yourself to remain a dedicated warrior of art….Then you will realise that you do cannot be on a different level from the one that is coming to your show or that is listening to your music…It’s just happen that you are on the stage.
Do you follow the Greek scene in close perception?
 Ok there are good and interesting newcomers but i am also stucked to the early 90’s Greek scene with bands like NECROMANTIA VARATHRON ZEMIAL THOU ART LORD etc etc.The new comers also doing a good job that will be better if they can find their own personal style3 then i think that a second GOLD era of the greek scene will rise up.Keep an eye open for those bands.
You may not answer this question if you dont want to,what is your daily jop in daily-life?Or Rotting Christ is enough at all..
The band is taken the most of my time but as common person i have to take care of my everyday little things like cleaning my house cooking paying my bills etc etc…Not that rock starish right?But this is life.
Are you into computer games?What kind of games you are playing,if yes that is.
 No i am not fan at all…I used to play 80’s games games like PAC MAN /GHOST IN GOBLINS /ETC ETC  but i am old enough to spend uncountless time in front of my PC …I have too many things to take care.
 As a very experienced band,what would be your recommendations to the new coming amatour bands?
Be yourself and to not be a pioneer of globalisation that need  everything easy come easy go….Be yourself and if you are dedicated on what you are doing sooner or later you gonna touch
your dream…
Thanks Sakis,for your time,please and the interview now!

Shining Interview


Hail the living black legend of the Swedish lands,start with your daily life nowadays,what are the latest news,what are the latest cursing on you?
 Answer 1 Pt. I:
I don’t really know what the other boys in the band are doing. As for me I’m mainly listening to and writing music.
 Answer 1 Pt. II
Latest news: we’re playing live later this year. Just check our myspace page for more info.
 Answer 1 Pt. III
I don’t know. Kids say the darndest things nowadays and I couldn’t care less. If you (pointing my finger in your direction Mr. Reader) feel your life is enhanced by slander, go ahead and knock your socks off.

I think this interview wont be answered by Kvarforth,i interviewed for him 3 times and everytime i talk ,discovered the shining mind behind the Project.Please introduce yourself to Radikaal,when you joined the band,and where is your place on the throne?
The name’s Phil A. Cirone and I joined Shining for the first time in 2002. I mainly play the bass, but I’ve also recorded some keyboard parts for Shining.

I havent received your album yet,so can you explain the motivations behind this album?
The album “Halmstad” is the sum of Kvarforth’s recent years and the time he spent in that city and the motive is the same as always. Hopefully this album will help people realise that this existence is totally pointless.

Does Hellhammer still plays in Shining or is he dismissed?If no,can i ask why?
Hellhammer isn’t a part of Shining anymore. The guy has a million other bands and we need people who can commit for real.

Is there any change in your life-style or daily life style lets say,since Shining has became bigger and stronger in the scene?Or are you same the same person both mentally and socially?
For now the only change is that I’ve started writing music that may fit the concept of Shining. Otherwise I remain unaffected. This may be because I just rejoined the band and when everything starts rolling again hell will probably break loose… as usual.

Eerie cold was kindda different album when compared to earlier ones,a bit progressive and groove.What can you say about the new album on this respect?
The more experimental spirit has been maintained on this new album, so if you’re one of those people who only can listen to things that are just “traditional” black metal you’ll probably be dissapointed. But hey, it’s your loss.

Do you follow or support Swedish black metal scene in any regard?
I’m always waiting for Craft to release a new album.

      What would be your recommendation for the new coming bands?Can you say Burzum or Mayhem wanna-bes can  no longer exist here or there?
 Please try to write interesting music and don’t be so fucking narrow minded.

What is the meaning of “creativity” for you in the music or life?
One of the few things I feel is keeping me alive at the moment. The day I feel I can no longer create, whether it is music, short stories etc., I sincerely believe I’ll drop to the floor and die.

You may not answer this question if you dont want to,what is your daily jop in daily-life?
I have no job right now.

What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music?
These “extreme music” bands reside within my mp3-player today: Dillinger Escape Plan, Neurosis, Dödheimsgard and Craft.

And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?
These “non-metal” bands reside within my mp3-player today: Jill Tracy, Neko Case, Da Lata, Mulata Astatke, Crystal Method, Captain Beefheart, Keith Jarret, Woven Hand, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Cassiber. Enjoy!


You said it… it’s shit.

Will Selbstmord Services or Vicious Records continue somehow?Or are there same new projects at hand?Selbstmord was pressed many great albums…

Selbstmord/Vicious had bands with great potential but for now there are no plans of reviving any these two labels or plans of starting a new one either.

        End it up with a quate you like most sir!Thanks!
Tack och god natt!

Ad Hominem Interview

  1. Hei Kaiser W.,i have been thinking about an Ad Hominem interview for a long time and thanks for this chance.I think we can start with the latest news from the Ad Hominem Camp.
    Ahh that will be short then. First thanx for your interest. No real news at the moment, the band is going through a calm period. The “Theory 0” Mcd is still planned, and will be released when the video is done.

    2. New album will be coming soon i guess,what can you say about it?On which label will it be released and what will be its character?
    No new album planned, even though I have some rushes… At the moment I’m at Avanatgarde, and nothing is supposed to change, so far. I’m working in a much more industrial way, using drum machines again. Less blast beats, more ambiences etc.

    3. A news that i have already heard of.You say you will not use live drummer anymore,like old albums.Let me say it,the drum-programming in Planet Z. Was not that good but the one in New World.. was one of the best programmin i have ever heard of.The live (living,that is) drummer in “Climax Of the Hatred” was delivering the goods too.How came this decision sir?
    New world was recorded with a drummer, the fuck!!! And on P.ZOG, you didn’t like the machines as you were expecting it to sound like a drummer. They must be seen as machines, not humans… At that time I got bored with programming and just wanted to try with a drummer. Now back to the roots…

    4. The smell of apocalyptic point of view can be felt in your general concept.Is it this a total end or end for a new beginning?I guess,it is the second,that is.
    I don’t see any rebirth for mankind, what would be the use?? It’s a no way end…the rebirth will be something different, as always…And why would I plan the rebirth of something if I’m dead?!? I just care of my life, and that world sucks…So I praise its end, even if I must be part of this end. This would be a great satisfaction to see the life lovers suffer in such a way…

    5. One can easily notice that some lyrics and song names are hidden in your albums.Why are you censoring some of your titles and lyrics?
    Just for avoiding too much troubles…It’s already hard to have such a reputation, and AH isn’t allowed to play in different countries. But those lyrics aren’t a secret for anyone…

    6. What is the meaning of “creativity” for you in the music or life?
    Creation is like my heart : necessary to live. Doing nothing is a non sense in my eyes. Why would we be here on this planet otherwise? We’re animals with a mind, let’s use it… There are some hard periods in life, and sometimes creating is hard, and I really hate that and feel bad. I just need to create, whatever it is.

    7. You may not answer this question if you dont want to,what is your daily jop in daily-life?
    I just quitted my last job for personal reasons, and now I’m on the road a again. That was a choice, and I know I’ll find something good for me sooner or later…

    8. What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music?
    Well this morning I listened to Black Flame as I just got a free copy from them (thanx!). That’s good powerful black-death. Otherwise I try to listen to as many albums as I can. May it be metal, indus, rock…whatever…

    9. And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?
    There’s no album that tops Triarii’s “Pièce héroïque” in my eyes. It’s a german project delivering martial indus music. Just brilliant. I’ve been into indus music for ages now, and that’s funny to see the evolution of people regarding it. Some times ago, it was considered as useless gay shit. And now everyone seems to be listening to it. Silly. It has never been link to the goth shemale shit…One has just to pick up a good album, there are many styles…

    10. Can you describe a `perfect listener` of Ad Hominem?

    11. Do you think you create your art for the exact group of merit-listeners?
    I do it for me, and if one can understand the meaning and have strong feelings, well good for him.

    12. Tell me your opinions shortly regarding these terms/ words;

    Joey Jordison; I don’t give a fuck, just a drummer, and I’ve seen better ones.
    Manson; Which one?!???
    In Sorte Diaboli; Fuck, is that all your references?? I didn’t listen to it.
    Cell phones; Is it an interview for the local telecom company or?
    Msn; Easy for teasing and catching girls.
    Doberman Pincher; I heard we couldn’t cut their ears anymore, and that’s a shame, just look at Ihsan’s one on Zyklon B mcd!!!
    Unity; I am united with me, and that’s already hard…

    13. What would be your words to a Ad Hominem listener who came to your gid and did not like the performance?He says that you are beter in the recordings etc lets say…
    It can’t be. So I can’t say.

    15. Thanks Kaiser,for your time for Radikaal Music.End,the final words are yours.
    Thanx for support.

Manes Interview

Lets take a breaking news start,what are the latest news from the Manes camp?Reviews for the new album,upcoming gigs?

 ye, quite a lot of reviews lately, some very good, but also some real slaughter. as expected. but generally, the metal audience has been a bit more positive than i thought. no upcoming gigs planned, but we have been talking a little bit about a ‘release-party’, but, nothing really


I havent listened your latest album yet,to be honest.But i believe that the band has solved some exact production proplems that can be  easily seen in the previous album,what can you say about this?

 ehm, don’t know what you mean with this production problems.. the only technical ‘problem’ was a slight misunderstanding regarding the file formats for the cover artwork. after getting the correct info, things went smoothly. no problems really. and especially not in the audio side of things


Manes has different motivations behind the each album,so if we try to put “How To World Come To An End” somewhere among the other Manes acts,what would be its place in this regard?

 i think the ‘natural progression’ thing fits well here, this album, like everything else we do, did, will do, is kind of a little insight into what we have been playing around with since ‘vilosophe’. an audio snapshot, the last in line, until something new comes along


Is there any change in your life-style or daily life style lets say,since Manes has became bigger and stronger in the scene?Or are you same the same person both mentally and socially?

 haven’t felt any difference, generally, and luckily, perhaps i’m a bit more withdrawn now than before, i don’t really see manes any other way than from the inside, so i don’t know much about any status.


What would be your recommendation for the new coming bands?Can you say Burzum or Mayhem wanna-bes can no longer exist here or there?

 eh.. any kind of wanna-be-ism is meaningless. bands need to do their own things, stand on their own, present yourself, not being ‘one among thousands’, can’t understand the motivation for that


What is the meaning of “creativity” for you in the music or life?

 think differently, do other things, not be bound by rules or dogmas, you can’t create something that already exist, so creativity is to do new things, think outside of existing borders, do the impossible, or the forbidden


You may not answer this question if you dont want to,what is your daily jop in daily-life?If you stil time,that is

 i am ‘uføre-trygdet’, some kind of health-care. i have chronic diseases, and can’t work, so i get enough money ‘to have a decent life’ from the state/government. in that aspect, norway is a quite good country.. torstein and eivind is working, modern life, digital jobs.


What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music?

 the new celtic frost is good, somewhat looking forward to thorns, didn’t like dhg too much, same with mayhem, death breath is cool, other than that, has anything else happened? haven’t payed very much attention


And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?

 hm, it’s here i spend most time, jega, lfo, godspeed, black heart, aphex, sq-pusher, 16hp, ggfh


Please Tell me your opinions shortly regarding these terms/ words;

 Joey Jordison;

think i’ve heard the name, but not sure. not much knowledge, in any way

Manson;the real one, or the new one? charles is an interesting subject, but marilyn was most interesting as monroe, and the conspiracy theories

In Sorte Diaboli; heard a few songs, didn’t like it, but i don’t listen to music like that

Cell phones; a necessarily evil, a

great tool

John Locke; ?

Dharma; Lost? don’t watch much tv, sporadic only


 crap, like absolutely everything microsoft touch

Doberman Pincher;

 i have a german shepherd, prefer them

The Simpsons VS Lost ?

doesn’t watch any of them


hm, the word? or anything else? i’m not too updated on the new stuff happening in social circuits…


Any gigs or festivals that you will take place in summer or recent time?

 hopefully not, hehe. i don’t like live-appearances much, not looking at other bands, not playing myself. in fact, i dislike almost all social aspects connected to music. audio is best in solitude, in silence. social events are best without music, the combination doesn’t connect with me


And,Norway oriented question,what do you say about the new Mayhem album?I have also interviewed Blasphemer last week and he says it is the most disturbing album that they have ver created?It has really a morbid atmosphere?

 my first impression was: muddy and, hm, ‘cheap’ sound, chaotic, a bunch of ideas thrown together. but then again, i don’t listen to ‘pure’ metal that much, so i’m probably the wrong person to ask. i liked de mysteriis,b ut i was much, much more into metal at that time


A weird way,just wanted to learn your very own idea,do you think that Varg Vikernes will continue music after the prison days?

don’t care, or, well, i liked the synth periods a bit better than the first stuff, so, it could be much better if he would try to make music -in- prison, than releasing him, hehe


What would be your words to a Manes listener who came to your gig and did not like the performance?He says that you are beter in the recordings etc lets say

 then i would completely agree with him/her.


Its over sir…Thanks a lot for your time…I owe you a big beer for this

 no problem

Forgotten Tomb Interview

Hail Herr Morbid,Latets Forgotten Tomb opus Negative Megolamania is already out.So,as a beginning,what can you say about this album

HM: The new album was out in the end of January 2007, with quite a delay due to several reasons. The album is definitely a progression from the older stuff, since it introduce some new elements, like some clean vocals, an increased Doom/Sludge atmosphere and more catchy riffs. It’s less on the Black Metal-side and more on the Doom/Dark Rock-side, but our classic trademark is still there in all its magnitude. It’s another classic FT album, but with some new elements which make it refreshing compared to all the other Black Metal-related shit which is released everywhere on a daily basis. To cut it short: we’re still leading the pack!


And the motibation behind it?Is there any concept hidden behind?

 HM: No concept. The usual miserable lyrical-themes of FT are still there, but this time they are even more cruel and disillusioned, with a very perverse message lingering between the lines. Some of the things I put in the lyrics are: industrial/urban misery, self-destruction and depravity within the youth of today, general distrust and disillusion towards life and people, hate in its various ways, perversion, repulsion for human life and other fancy themes.


Are you “yourself” a megolamanic persona?

 HM: Yeah I think I am in some way. I’m very proud of the things I do with the band and I always think I can do better. I actually think megalomania isn’t always a bad thing, it helps you to become the best at what you’re doing. But “Negative Megalomania” represents the will to erase my enemies through the glorification of the negative side of life. It’s like using Negativity and Nihilism as a weapon against the others. It’s kinda difficult to explain, and words aren’t enough at times.


Previous album was kindda different when compared to other Forgotten Tomb albums,it was more progressive or maybe groove.This time i see an oldschool Forgotten Tomb album,so what can you say about this?

 HM: Hmm, what FT album did you listen to??! I think it’s the exact opposite. “Love’s Burial Ground” had an old-school feeling, with a very ancient and mystical atmosphere and a more Black Metal approach, while the latest “Negative Megalomania” sounds a lot more progressive and groovy, almost “alternative”, due to its Rock influences and to the pounding, acid and heavy riffs.


Clean vocal usage can be clearly heard this time.More clean vokals from now on the Forgotten tomb albums?It is quite good if you ask me…

 HM: Thanx. Yeah I think there will be always some clean vocals on the next FT album, I think they worked quite well on this one, so why not using them again in the future? I’ll probably use them in a bit different way on the next albums though. Btw I never know how a new FT album will sound until I release it, so it’s still early to predict things.


What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music? And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?

 HM: I usually don’t listen to many Extreme Metal music nowadays, though some of my usual recent listenings are: Beaten Back To Pure, Carnivore, Crowbar, Eyehategod, Goatwhore, He Is Legend, Marilyn Manson, Meshuggah, Misery Loves Co., Ozzy, Black Label Society, Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Ritual Killer, Satyricon, Suplecs, Superjoint Ritual, Acid Bath, Agents Of Oblivion, Deadboy & The Elephant Men/Dax Riggs, Black Sabbath, The Cult, and many others…I’ve got quite a wide musical taste.


Is there any change in your life-style or daily life style lets say,since Forgotten Tomb has became bstronger in the scene?Or are you same the same person both mentally and socially?

 HM: Of course many things changed and I have to see things from a different perspective, since I’m no more just some unknown demo-band, and my albums are listened by thousands of people, so of course I’ve got some more responsibility when it comes to professionality. I surely evolved as a person, and as a musician/artist as a consequence. I’m no more a kid, since I’m 27 this year, and I was 18 when I started the band. It’s a big amount of time in one’s personal life, so it’s quite obvious that the many experiences (both in life and music) make you grow up in some way. Regarding the band’s popularity, I always worked hard on the band’s organization/promotion since the beginning and I always took care of everything concerning the band, so it’s kinda usual for me to deal with a lot of things at the same time (songwriting, rehearsals, organizing live-gigs, planning recording sessions, doing interviews/promotion, running websites/myspace, answering mails, taking care of the merchandise/orders, taking care of the legal business/financial part, etc.), but I must admit things are getting very hard to deal with lately. Too much work!! I’ll probably have to get a manager or something in the future, since the band keeps on growing bigger quite fast, and I really have a few difficulties in following everything properly. But at the same time, I like to have 100% control above the whole situation, so I’ll probably try to do most of the work by myself again.


Do you follow or support Italian black metal scene in any regard?

 HM: I don’t, basically because I don’t follow the Black Metal scene at all nowadays. I mostly listen to some old time friend’s albums if it happens, and there are actually some good bands, but I don’t feel part of any “scene”, and I actually hate that term. I don’t even like Italy, especially when it comes to Metal people/music.


What would be your recommendation for the new coming bands?Can you say Burzum or Mayhem wanna-bes can no longer exist here or there?

 HM: As I told you, I’m not much into the Black Metal underground scene anymore, so I don’t really know what bands are good and what are not currently.


What is the meaning of “creativity” for you in the music or life?

 HM: Difficult question. To me, “creativity” means freedom of speech and it represents a good reason to keep on livin’, otherwise life would be definitely useless. I can’t imagine my life without being creative, I guess I would create some different kind of art if I would stop playing music. Art and creativity are the main reason why I’m still alive. Uncreative people are useless and boring. I definitely want to leave a sign on this Earth before my death, I wish I could perpetuate a cycle of suffering with my albums for many generations to come. I think I’m on the right way to achieve that.


You may not answer this question if you dont want to,what is your daily job in daily-life?

 HM: I changed several jobs and now I’m unemployed. It’s a very complicated situation and it’s quite worthless to talk about it, I guess. I seriously hope to be able to find a compromise between normal life/job and music, ’cause I need more money but I couldn’t stand a normal job for a lifetime, especially because normal jobs force you to be in contact with people all day long, and I hate it. Plus, I don’t care about anything in life apart for music.


Thanks Herr Morbid,last word of yours,as always.

 HM: Thanx for the interview, don’t miss our mini-tour in Finland in the end of the summer: 30th August, Helsinki (with Rapture) + 31st August, Tampere (with Mustan Kuun Lapset & Funeral Planet) + 1st September, Turku (with Fall Of The Leafe & Throes Of Dawn). More details and news can be found at our official website: http://www.forgottentomb.com OR at our official MySpace blog: http://www.myspace.com/darknessinstereo . Stay Negative-


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