Grand Belial’s Key Interview

There has been much talk about the strength of the USBM scene over recent times. While there is a higher caliber of USBM bands active right now, the
surge in popularity has also led to a horde of second-rate bands as well and the scene has developed as many denouncers as it has new devotees.Particularly, both Krieg (Imperial) and Judas Iscariot (Akhenaten) have been
extremely vocal in their distaste for the scene right now. What is your opinion of the current state of USBM?        
GBK: First of all, what scene? Second of all, if there is any scene at all, the two individuals you speak of helped make it what it is today. Don’t
know what they’re complaining about. There is no strength in the scene, in my opinion.   
What do you feel are the best and worst USBM releases to date?           
GBK: They’re all pretty terrible, actually. I’m lost for bands to mentionbut CRUCIFIER comes to mind as an example of a genuine American death/black
metal band. I’m sick of listening to clones of Darkthrone, Burzum, and Immortal. There is no originality in our domestic black metal efforts
What is the first relatively “modern” black metal album (referring to the Norwegian uprising as opposed to the BM forefathers ala Venom, etc.) that
really captured you and sparked your interest in the genre?        
GBK: Early Rotting Christ, Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Samael, Master’s Hammer, Impaled Nazarene, Necromantia, Nunslaughter, Beherit, and stuff like that comes to mind. However, our interest was sparked by our interest in death metal like Autopsy, Morbid Angel, and old bands like Razor, Possessed, Carnivore, Dark Angel, Mercyful Fate, etc…Our black metal was a reaction to these bands, not to the Norwegian uprising. Listen to our music, it has no Norwegian influence in either sound, lyrics, or composition           
On that note, what traditional black metal bands do you feel were most important to the development of the genre?(regarding Venom, Hellhammer,
Bathory as well as Mayhem,Dark Throne and Burzum)   
GBK: I’m not sure, perhaps early Bathory is the band that most resembles the eventual evolution of black metal. Everyone says the same thing, though,
and mentions the same bands. All I know is that I never listened to Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, or Sodom at all. I preferred thrash bands and
speed metal, and then straight up death metal.
What three books would you say have been most influential in the development of your personal beliefs and philosophies?(If there are some,
that is.)
GBK: The Old Testament/New Testament covers history, religion, ethnicity, morality, and mortality. This is the basis for our Western Civilization
Many black metal acts go for a minimalist approach to recording, insisting on raw production ala Krieg and Darkthrone (Transylvanian Hunger,
Under A Funeral Moon, etc.), associating a bigger sound with more commercial black metal acts such as Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. The sound on
Kosherat and Judeobeast Assassination is huge in contrast to many of your contemporaries – did you ever consider the raw/minimalist approach and have you experienced any negative feedback as a result of having a more grandiose sound?
GBK: It was my intent from the beginning to create something original and unique. My goal was to have anyone identify the band as G.B.K. from the
moment the first note was heard. The recording process only enhances the mood, it doesn’t creat it. We sound like GBK with great recording such as
“Kosherat” or awful 4-track recordings like our 7”eps such as “The Tricifixion of Swine” or “A Witness to the Regicide”.
Much of the focus of black metal is on a general hatred for humanity and spreading this message of hate, as well as scorning most popular media and
culture. The popularity of black metal has grown immensely over the past few years, which leads to the possibility (however unlikely) of black metal
bands becoming accepted as a part of popular culture. If Grand Belial’s Key was given the opportunity for major media exposure large tours, video rotation, radio play, etc. would you use this as a platform to further spread your message or consider it to be in direct conflict with the ideals
upon which the band is based?
GBK: First of all, GBK will never get such opportunity. We cannot even play in certain parts of Europe due to threats, lefties, or laws that deem our music illegal (Toronoto gig was also cancelled due to Antifa involvement). Second, if we had that opportunity to channel our lryics via mass media, the opportunity would end soon after. Popular black metal that is widely known is only a mirage. It is not authentic nor does it transmit true hatred; it
is a fabricated imagery similar to popular horror movies, nothing more. There is no real Jason from Friday the 13th, and there is not real black
metal agenda in bands that appear on MTV or video rotation (whatever that is). That type of black metal is about as threatening as Aphazel of
Norway’s ANCIENT with a spoon. In 1994 we were offered this huge ass record deal wiht CACOPHONOUS records in UK which consisted of appearances, videos, posters, and all sorts of other shit. The contract was heavier than my bible. We turned them down and signed with underground label Wood-Nymph Records from Belgium. It was our instinct to do so. Perhaps that is the
answer you’re looking for with regards to our conflict of ideals.
Without stopping to think about it, what are your 5 all-time favorite albums?
GBK: SLAYER “Raining Blood”, VIO-LENCE “Eternal Nightmre”, MERCYFUL FATE
“Don’t Break the Oath”, BATHORY “Blood Fire Death”, AUTOPSY “Mental Funeral”. Let me add NO REMORSE “Barbecue in Rostock” as well, and you know
why, correct?
If you could tour with any three bands, who would they be? Any band,
whether still together or not.
What one song do you feel is most indicative of what you hope to accomplish with Grand Belial’s Key?
GBK: The song “Vultures of M?sfortune” is perhaps the song that best paints the picture of the horrific ways of ancient Jewish culture.
How much of your living is made from Grand Belial’s Key?
GBK: You mean money? We don’t live from GBK at all. The day I depend on music to feed myself is the day I’ll be a glam rocker. Perhaps I could play
country music as it seems quite popular here. We have to pay to make GBK
Are there any new bands that you have been into recently?And,a personal question,do you know AD HOMINEM from France and if yes,do you like their
music?They are very strong (one man band-Kaiser.W.,though)in term sof music and ideology…
GBK: AD HOMINEM is a very good band, I’ve got their recordings and am in touch with K.W, sure. Even though I have a serious problem with drum
machines, they’ve managed to have the listener forget about the lack of a real drummer. Any new bands? Geihmre (Canada), Nocturnal Fear (Detroit), are what comes to mind. Many of the eastern European bands are also worth
mentioning for their continued efforts such as Nokturnal Mortum, Dub Buk, Obtest, Wolf’s Moon, Temnozor, Capricornus, etc…
What is the importance of the ideology in black metal for you?
GBK: I rather not involucrate any comrades at this time. Ideology is the most important aspect of a black or death metal outfit. Without ideology,
it is just noise. Ideology without good music are just thoughts. Exemplary black metal must have both.
It is a very fine line indeed as “opinions” can be considered “political”. However, when a band claims not to be political, they mean they have no interest in anything that surrounds them.
On the other hand,lets say,if you happen to jailed one day,can you imagine that how would be your condition ?I mean,may be because of GBK,or
because of any other thing…Meantime,have you ever had problems with the police?Is the US laws strict on arsonism,religious fanaticism etc?
GBK: We haven’t had problems with anyone in America until very recently. In all fairness, the police targeted a gig we had planned not because of GBK, but because of the band we had planned on bringing to Virginia. In Americawe do have freedom of speech for now.
Here we reached to the end,thanks a lot for the contribution! Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most please!
GBK: Fine, then here is the quote: “I have a dream…” by M.L.K.



  1. How could that M.L.K quote be interpreted, when coming from GBK:s end? Irony?

  2. Well,irony is the word that the nowadays world stands on,isn’t it?Keep it.


  3. was that gelal necrosodomy answering the questions

  4. I Have a dream! Well, I have reality! Kinda what I got from it.

  5. Wow this guy is kind of a Bible thumper, and GBK lyrics on the other hand…

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