Iuvenes Interview

  1. How do you do? What are the latest news from the Iuvenes camp?

 Salut! First of all greetings to all the Frost Mag readers! As you know, we’ve just released a new record ‘Towards the sources of Honour and Pride.’ However, we’ve already started working on our new project which is going to bring all the fans of Polish pagan black metal to their knees. We’re sure you’ll like it as well ha ha ha.


  1. Latest Iuvenes massacre titled ‘Towards…’ has already out. So what can you say about this new Iuvenes act?

The latest Iuvenes record is definitely more perfect than the earlier one and more stylistically similar to ‘The Riddle of Steel’, which can, in a sense, be called a return to the roots. ‘Towards…’ is a record on which there’s a lot going on. Even the vocals changed. For us, the album is a determinant of the direction we’re going to follow in the future.


  1. When compared the previous opus, or even earlier, do you think is a kind of evolution or progress took place in your music? On the other hand, do you think it is a must to progress for a band?

 We’re gonna answer this one briefly. Progress or evolution in our music is necessary as new pieces come to life.


  1. You employ great pictures (drawings actually) in ur booklets. So can you mention about these pictures which you used in the Iuvenes albums? Where are the pictures taken from?

 For us the covers of „Blood Steel and Temper of Spirit” and „Towards…” are graphically mature concepts. It was a different story with older productions.


  1. On the other hand, for you, what these pictures send to the listener? Especially for those who are not familiar with war themes etc?

 The first element a listener meets is the cover of a record. Thus it’s content must harmonize with the musical content. For us, both these elements are equally important. The covers are of heroic character, they greatly display the values we try to follow in our lives- values like honour, pride, etc.


  1. What do you depict in the lyrical structure of the „Towards…”?

 All lyrics are correlated and depict one story turning into a great battle in the final act.


  1. Do you have any favourite songs in „Towards…’?

 Actually, on „Towards..” there isn’t a particular piece which we could call our favourite. We find interesting elements in all of them.


  1. What is the exact meaning of ‘pride’ and ‘honour’ for you?

 These are terms which require a very individual approach. For us they reflect our way of life. Also, they are stimuli for our art.

  1. How is the song writing process of Iuvenes? Are all members involved in song writing?

 Each of us in Iuvenes has his tasks to do. I (Greywolf) happen to take care of the lyrics. All I can say about the process is that lyrics begin to arise the moment we already  have a strong idea of the musical skeleton of  particular  pieces. This helps to establish a link between the music and lyrics.


  1. What do you think about the term ‘fanaticism’ in black metal? I think it is a must, especially when you trry to create extreme black arts.

 What black metal music lacks nowadays is freshness. It is enough to listen to records like „Carpathian Wolves,” „Hvis Lyset tar os” or „Filozofem.” Nobody plays like that anymore. Why? Because people who created these albums believed in what they were doing. That’s the kind of records that are scarce now. But we believe, just as everything in nature happens in cycles, black metal will regain its due throne.


  1. Also, ideological approach in a band is an important factor (…). What can you say about the lack of ideoloogy in black metal bands? Especially in today’s degenerated scene?

 Many black metal bands which played this music in the 90s either don’t exist or dabble in totally different musical styles now. There are quite numerous bands playing black metal in the underground, however, not many of them have something to say about ideology. For us the most ‘ideologically (as well as musically) valuable’ were bands like Burzum, Graveland, Veles, Fullmoon or Mysteries. We should add at this point that our new project aims at bringing the these values back to life. Doom and death metal exist within a totally different dimension and, frankly speaking, we have no idea what kind of ideology can go with what they create.


  1. What are you listening to nowadays?

 We listen to a lot of music – it is our life. We have some favourite bands we respect, such as Bathory, Venom, Possessed, Celtic Frost, early Graveland, Veles and Fullmoon.


  1. Do you follow the underground in a close perception?

 We fail to notice young bands in the Polish underground that would follow our footsteps. What we mean is the pagan way of perceiving reality and the output which would reflect this worldview. Speaking of ‘youngsters’, we respect our comrades from Storm – greetings to you guys!


  1. Last words…

 Salut to all your readers! Wait for Iuvenes’s new material as well as our black metal project. Hail! 



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