Craft Interview

Hail CRAFT team!
How is the  life going on nowadays?
For each day less tolerance.
Craft is clearly one of best Swedih bands which feds the spirits of
blackhearts.When exactly CRAFT gathered?Skipping about the boring
history stuff,can you tell mit which
aims the band is created?
 We started in late 1994, so we've been playing for a while now. Our
goals have evolved constantly through time. Now we focus on spreading
uncensored hate to anyone our music may reach. We want to create
"unholy" music to make up for the insane amount of
Yahweh-worshiping crap that saturates the
entire planet.
'Terror Propaganda'is a splendid raw/pure black metal masterpiece,
how are the reactions to this album when compared the 'Total Soul
 Most people haven't even heard "Total Soul Rape". At least they hadn't
when I last checked into it. Things might be different now since
"Total Soul Rape" has been re-released, but I don't really know.
I know I personally prefer "Total Soul Rape" over "Terror Propaganda",
because the first album is rawer than our second one.
You have released your latest album from the Carnal Records,are you
content with their work?Carnal Records is an growing label with its raw
and true misanthropic bands... And was there problem with Selbstmord's
 We haven't released the album on
Carnal Records just yet, but we are
about to. About the switch between labels, we have said for a long
time we would sign with Carnal in the future, and Selbstmord Services
have known this for some time. The main reason for the switch is that
we want to support Carnal Records since he have helped us out very
much in the past, and it was time to start co-operating again to 'repay
the favor', in a way. But he doesn't get anything for free, because
he's working hard with it and I'm confident we would have ended up
on his label sooner or later anyway. We have faith in him and his
work,and we are certain he'll do his part. Another reason was that the
contact with Selbstmord was a lot about business - too much really.
We had extensive contact with them for several years and it was mainly
CRAFT business and other assorted black metal junk, and we are really
not that interest in the business behind it. We create black metal,
but we don't care a lot about the other crap that unfortunately comes
bundled with it, and we chose Carnal Records since we know and trust
each other enough for him to take care of most of the business without
us. Of course we still discuss things with him, but not remotely as
much as we needed to do with our previous labels.
May you tell about Craft s ideology?What is your mesage that
you say through your lyrics?What kind of inspirations and
influences dwell in your mind before composing the lyrical side of the
 The inspiration for our lyrics has been subconsciously absorbed through
years of experience of being on this cursed dump called Earth. We don't
need to place ourselves in special surroundings or moods to create,
as it has been etched into our beings for such a long time.
The message is of course Total Destruction of Mankind and Matter.We
all firm believers.
When compared to todays "light" scene,what do you think about the an
cient legendary days of black metal?The days in which the true
spirits of Dark Throne,Burzum... dwell?
 We spend as little time as possible looking backwards. We only look to
the present and future, and we were more interested in black metal
in our past because it was new to us, but these interests fade
with time. Now, we are basically just interested in our own work, which
some might say is arrogant, but it's my belief that everyone should pos
sess healthy doses of 'narcissism' and egotism, and worry more about
themselves and their own than others. I enjoy the aforesaid bands' mu
sic,but whether they were actually more serious or not than present
day bands, I can't say.
On the other hand,are there new bands which you can recommend for
us from Sweden?
It is sure that Sweden has a very power
ful black metal
scene,with great bands like Ondskapt,Arckanum,Shining.
 I absolutely recommend Arckanum to those who have lived under a rock
for the last 12 years. I could recommend some other bands too,
but I think that will have to suffice for now.
what is your
general opinion about the current modern concept of black metal?
With huge productions and polished sounds?
 What makes black metal important to
me are my allies within it. Without
these people, black metal would have no value for me. I focus my energy
on their bands and CRAFT, and once every now and then I pick up
on a band I pay attention to. Dimmu Borgir is not one of them. I can
say, however, that the production is not that important.
A band could have the most rotten or shiny production ever and still,
in the end, what counts is the music and lyrics. Whatever fits the mu
sic . I realize black metal can't stand still and it needs to evolve
in order not to destroy itself and that's why I welcome new ideas, but
once youmake the music soft and weak, you've stepped over the line of
what could be considered black metal. But the bands that pull off
the modern sound, like Thorns, they do it with class, too.
What s your ideas about todays brand new generation? 
MTV is pop-culture. Hence, it is completely worthless. ICQ and chat?
Well, those are very good if you want to keep in contact with
other people, but as usual the technology in itself is worth abso
lutely nothing unless you can use it to do something good. I only keep
in contact with good people, no matter what way, so the form of communi
cation is irrelevant. As an answer to your follow up question,it is my
conviction that man is corrupted now with all this completely
soulless garbage that people take an interest in now.
God, Yahweh, "paradise", MTV, cell phones, sports, a steady income,
reality shows, more sports, Jesus, socialism, capitalism, saving the
animals, saving the planet, saving the whales, Buddhists. The list is
almost endless, it seems. And it's what people do all the time. It's a
mind-numbingly stupid attitude and behavior which I believe is the real
corruption. People have fallen for the lies of Tetragrammaton, and most
of them will never even realize it. They've put up blinds between
themselves and truth because "God" served them a rotten carcass
and some poison in a cup and called it a feast. People don't trust them
selves enough, so they just figure: "Who am I thinking I know better
than God?" and just accept whatever scraps he throws them.
It's actually kind of like a dog chained to a tree; just give it some
substandard food-like substance and throw him a stick once in a while
and it's happy. And then these god-fearing wimps complain at "godless"
people, wondering why we don't "see the light" and grovel in the dirt
at the feet of The Mighty Prison Warden. Stupid!
Are you working on a new material?will some changes take place in new
 Yeah, we have done everything except some finishing touches on the
album cover. The material is the best we've done to date, and "Terror
Propaganda" can't even compare, in my book.
The album is entitled "Fuck the Universe" and will contain the usual
CRAFT sound, albeit a some what evolved version. We still stand for
the usual things; no useless cross-over elements or anything like that,
just pure metal music.
 Have you ever faced problems with the police in Sweden?
 Yes, but only as individuals, of course. It shouldn't be mixed with
what we do as a band. Destruction is often a necessary phase which you
need to go through to evolve, and I also find that people who have been
through such things are usually better people for it.
What do you think about that Sweden originated melodic death metal
explosion?i think they have already had their day?no more money-melodic
who serve to home girls...
 There has basically only been two Swedish 'melodic death metal' band
that I ever cared about: At the Gates and Dissection. I never got in
to the other bands.
My questions are over.Spit your propaganda to the useless faces of the
readers and close the interview please!
 Destroy the environment!

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