Old Temple Records Interview

Greetings! Please explain the aims with which you constructed your label? From what kind of source of inspiration you gave life to your label?
Hail! At the beginning I want to notice that my answers are translated by Daro from Soulless so that’s why they will be so short- I don’t want to torture him to much hehehehe I wanted to have my own label from a long time. It was my youthful dream. The final impulse that lead me to create me own label was man called Infamis from Beast of Prey prod. I thought ‘if he can do this I also can’. He helped me a lot and I am grateful for it (hail Infi!). I was also impressed by the way of releasing that Beast of Prey does- I mean non-standard boxes in limited edition etc… I just love Metal music and that why I am releasing it. I release bands I like and which are worth to release. I don’t care about trends. What are my aims? hmmmm – I think my aim is to promote and to help bands which I like and enjoy.
Can you present the bands that dwell under the wings of your label?With which bands you have a current signings at the moment?Do they have all something in common,or are they all different from each other?Can you present the bands on your rooster?           
The bands I’ve already released have one and the main atribute- I like them a lot. Old Temple is not only into one musical genre. I am listening to many types of music and this rules are also important when I release something.
Deception – antichristian death metal, quite technical and intense music
Putridity- brutal death in US style
Soulless- Pure &satanic death metal
Shining Of…- avangarde death metal with keyboards &saxophone – quite strange music for Pan Thy Monium fans.
Obscure – old school death metal with antichristian lyrics
Pandemic Genocide – satanic death in old vein
Vedonist – technical death/thrash
Brainwashed – thrash metal – something like in 80-90 times
Pogrom 1147– raw black metal- primitive music from 90years- for fans of Darkthrone – Gorgoroth
Flagellation – brutal death metal in US style
Faeces- technical gutterlike death metal
Dened – death/black in mid tempos
Bestiar – old school death metal with antichristian lyrics
Vinterriket – Uruk-Hai – Nak’Kiga- those 3 projects for fans of dark ambinetu but in metal way
Arminius – pure death metal – musically for fans of Deicide, lyrics – war &death etc.
Feythland – fast black/ death with keyboard – something like in Dimmu Borgir (but not indentical)
North – crushing pagan war metal – the legend of Polish black metal scene
Every band has signed the deal with us. Every aspect of release was told earlier to the every band we are fair to the bands. The good of the band is very important for us. If the band is satisfied we are also happy. That’s important for us. We don’t have something like the most important band or ‘number one’ in our catalogue. Every band is important for us on equal. Of course in the moment of premiere of each release that one is our prioritaire so we take care about it’s promotion, we buy advertisements.
What is the biggest point that you care about much when signing with a new band?To make the answer more extended and specific,can you mention about the other subjects as well regarding the qualities that you seek in a new band or your current bands?
The most important thing is that the band should be engaged in their ‘job’. You know If you want to achieve something when both of sides(band &label) have to give maximum work and energy. Unfortunately sometimes the cooperation like this is impossible. You know when we are signing the new contract the most important thing is that the band has to treat seriously. I don’t want to be boring and to tell you about details.
How can you define your relationships with your bands?Can we talk about a friendship here or do you just think about the business side of the stuff?        
I am always trying to live on partnership rules with my bands. You know what I mean, the bands are participating in creating cover arts &paintings and whole view of their release. The booklets always includes the information and photos which band is sending to me. We are often contacting by telephone and e-mails. That how it looks about contract signing.  Unfortunately personal contact is often impossible. I don’t have enough time to meet with people from my bands.  Of course sometimes there is a chance to drink some vodka on gigs. The bands now how to contact with me so there is no problem to talk about their things.
Besides the great extend of scene-knowledge,scene-conciousness,having a label also requires great amounts of dedication.What do you think when you can’t find the required dedication in the bands with whom you have a deal ,eventhough when you are much more interested in the related subjects like promotion,managements etc?Don’t you think that bands should also follow the movements of the label from a close perspective?          
As I wrote earlier for full success we need the cooperation between band and label. You know, label can do a lot but with help of band can do much more. I not saying only about concerts but about many other aspects. Every time I am giving 100% of my power to promote the band I’ve just released. For me it’s normal, if I did not do that in this way it would be pointless. Of course I understand- some bands don’t care about being famous or even well-known but there is a minimum which is necessity. Nowadays I have bigger abilities than 2 years ago. I think this is a king of progress of my label. Of course we are still behind many labels on this market but I don’t care about this and I am happy about this what we did and what we have right now.
A classic one,what are your plans for your label’s future?
At first we’re going to release 3-way split: SOULLESS- PANDEMIC GENOCIDE- ARMINIUS. It will huge death metal attack! Every band present different view of death, but every is also smashing as well.The next one is (also 3-way split) dark ambient VINTERRIKET – URUK-HAI – NAK’KIGA. Those 3rd is the project from my hometown so that something special about this for me. Of course we have plans for next year and we will start more in black metal style, but it’s too early to talk about details.
What is the meaning of the name of your label?Or,in other words,what does it stand for?With what motivation have you chosed it?           
When I was choosing that name I known that it should be made of two words. It was because I did not wanted to add ‘records’ or ‘productions’ to our name etc… Under those name there is no special meaning, I only wanted to have an old sounding name because I am not to Young hehehe I think that I’ve done that.
For you what is the importance of the magazines,fanzines in the scene?Meantime,with frank words,what do you think about the Frost Magazine?
 All those things are closely connected. I can’t imagine metal scene without magzines, webzines which are the effect of technical progress in communication. Frost is young creation on the scene but as I guess it is existing very good and that important. I hope that everything will go in the right way.     
Webzines VS Printed Magazines?        
I love printed magazines, but sometimes I don’t have enough time to read them. I like them because of my youth past when there was no internet. In last years peaple say that webzines are equal on with shit, but it’s now always truth. In printed magazines and in webzines you can find those shitlike ones. You have to choose which are good and interesting and which are not.
Being a label owner,may i take your opinions about the this free-music thing?Mp3s,file-sharings etc?For you,what forces people to lead in such ways-expensive cds? or what?   
Well I support that way of promoting each material or a band, I mean when samples from songs are on the web page. But really this is the sickness of present times. You know it depends on choice of fan – original release or mp3. We can not fight with this when huge corporations are promoting their musical equipment which is able to play mp3 format (mp3 players etc…), we can only say how destructive it is for us. That’s schematic: young people download mp3 files and they don’t buy normal original releases and than labels can’t sell any of their products. The conclusion is they don’t have enough cash to produce new releases. Bands are angry that no-one want to release them. That’s easy as a ring.  People are downloading mp3 because that’s possible for free and they can find lots of music in easy way. Many cds are not available now or they prices are very high so those positions are downloaded. Sometimes there are many people who download as much as it’s possible and after some time they even don’t remember what did they downloaded or even they did not listen to this.
Now i want you to be honest,can you earn enough money from the label?
Hehehehehe, hey man we live in Poland and here is no possibility to earn on this ‘bussines’. It’s very boring and long topic: Poland, youth people, politics, poverty etc.
Can you tell the “normal jop day” of you?How is the daily ife with your label?What generally you do in a single “jop day”?   
I’m working in small family building company. Grudziadz – the city I am living in is quite small and what is more unemployment is very high. But it’s not so bad, we are going forward and that important. The label it’s a different thing, it takes all my free time. My normal day is: listening to promo materials, correspondence, parceling up the packages etc.
I think that`s all what I wanted to know for now. Thanks for your time and the answers! Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!         
Thanx for interview, I hope some people will read those words and will take interest in this what is important here in our country. It’s easy to come to us and contact with label, on our web site you will find necessary information. Send letters, send e-mails we are always answering!


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