Carnal Records Interview

Greetings!Please explain the aims with which you constructed your label?From what kind of source of inspiration you gave life to your label?

In the middle of the 90’s me and Shamaatae decided to start a distribution under the name of Obscurum. It didn’t last long because of lack of time and inspiration. Later on we started the label Carnal Records but nothing happened with that ether. In 1999 CRAFT needed help with the vocals on the “Total Eclipse” demo, so I put on the vocals. And one thing led to another and I released the tape under the Carnal Records flag. The idea when Carnal Records was spawned was to release some ARCKANUM stuff because of trouble with there label. After this it has just grown.


Can you present the bands that dwell under the wings of your label?With which bands you have a current signings at the moment?Do they have all something in common,or are they all different from each other?Can you present the bands on your rooster?

ARCKANUM, SVARTSYN and CRAFT don’t need any long introduction. Shaarimoth is a misanthropic DM band from Norway, fucking brutal shit in the vein of Behemoth. I released a demo and a split EP with Swedish CONTAMINO some time ago. All of the bands I have support a satanic belief in some way. Musically they are rather spread from ARCKANUM’s primitive BM to CRAFT’s almost doom style and death metal from Shaarimoth.At this point I have no longer deals with any of the bands. I don’t want to force any of them into long contract if our relationship doesn’t work out in the future. The only sure thing is that it will be more ARCKANUM stuff (next release the old “Trulen” demo on CD/LP). But I have discussed more releases with SHAARIMOTH, CONTAMINO and SVARTSYN. At this point CRAFT don’t plan to record anything. But I sure hope they change their minds.


What is the biggest point that you care about much when signing with a new band?To make the answer more extended and specific,can you mention about the other subjects as well regarding the qualities that you seek in a new band or your current bands?

Of course the bands have to be great with the instruments but they also need some kind of own sound. I’m also trying out promos I get on some of my friends. They also need to have about the same perspective on Satanism as me and the most important thing is that we can have some friendship. Not necessarily in person but over the phone or Internet.


How can you define your relationships with your bands?Can we talk about a friendship here or do you just think about the business side of the stuff?

So far I have mostly released stuff from people I know. As I mentioned above it’s important that if I am “friends” with them and I try to be in contact with the bands before I take any decisions. The business part is a great deal of course. If I can’t sell the shit it’s no reason to release it ether. There are too many lousy bands out there with contracts. I don’t want to make the scene more boring.


Besides the great extend of scene-knowledge,scene-conciousness,having a label also requires great amounts of dedication.What do you think when you can’t find the required dedication in the bands with whom you have a deal ,eventhough when you are much more interested in the related subjects like promotion,managements etc?Don’t you think that bands should also follow the movements of the label from a close perspective?

Playing in a band with a contract is a job. Band must understand that it is important to promote there music. It’s impossible for the label to everything. Answering interviews, playing gigs and so on is a great deal in the part of having a contract. Bands can’t blame labels for not selling CDs when they don’t do there part of the work.


A classic one,what are your plans for your label’s future?

I will try to grow slowly. Only having 4-5 bands. Making about ten releases a year. No plans of getting rich here.


What is the meaning of the name of  your label?Or,in other words,what does it stand for?With what motivation have you chosed it?

The name is Shamaatae’s idea. I don’t like it but I have used it for so long so I stick to it. I like my logo though.


For you what is the importance of the magazines,fanzines in the scene? Meantime,with frank words,what do you think about the Frost Magazine?

Zines is fucking important. It’s the voice out to all maniacs out there. Frost Magazine rocks!


Webzines VS Printed Magazines?

Printed for me as person but webzines is good for promotion.


Being a label owner,may i take your opinions about the this free-music thing?Mp3s,file-sharings etc?For you,what forces people to lead in such ways-expensive cds? or what?

Mp3´s is a fucking plague. It has killed the nice hobby of tape trading. A person downloading music is also stealing from the bands. Mp3´s have nothing to do with extreme music. It was meant to be on vinyl.People are not forced to download. They are lazy and not dedicated enough to contact distros and bands for there music. CDs aren’t that expensive in the underground.And all bands out there. Don’t ever send me a mp3. I will delete them!


Now i want you to be honest,can you earn enough money from the label?

Don’t make any cash at all. I have a day job and all cash I have from it when I have paid my bills goes to the label. I’m losing (investing) money every month. Perhaps in a year or so I can get some of the invested money back.


Can you tell the “normal jop day” of you?How is the daily life with your label?What generally you do in a single “jop day”?

I don’t have much of an ordinary day. My day-job have a varying scheme. Some time I work 25 hour shifts. But as ordinary as I gets I go up at about 7 o’clock start my work at 8. At 5 I end my work and go to the post office to send packages and get stuff from the post office box. In the evening I work with the label for three to five hours. Depending on how much there is to do. I spend most of the time off work with the label.


I think that`s all what I wanted to know for now. Thanks for your time and the answers! Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!

Thanks a lot for the questions and good luck in the future with Frost.”I hate the human race but humans can some time amuse me like insects fighting in a can.” Quote of Björn Pettersson.

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