Yendri Interview

  1. Hi Yendri!What are you doing in these pre-autumn days?I have just rolled my tobacco and now i m ready to bore you with questions.
Hi ! I’m doing lots of programming, struggling with algorithm, many numbers and lots of math ;-)

  1. Lets start with your latest activities,about new songs,coming album ,what can you say about current situation of Yendri?
There are actually some new tracks which are more aggressive than the last ones I did, about 8 of them. Perhaps in some weeks there are enough tracks
to compile a new album. There was a lot of hate and frustration that needed to be converted into songs.

  1. How are the feedbacks for the ‘Dangerous Thought ‘of 2002?
There’s not so much feedback, but it’s either “tip of the month” 10/10 or “worst album of the year” (0/10) and I really don’t know why.
But it’s better than JUST mediocre reviews (which also exist…)

  1. With the release  of ‘Dangerous Thought’,do you think has Yendri  became more known in the scene?
No. Not really, maybe 0.5% but that doesn’t count at all. I think Yendri has become less known in time because I don’t give concerts and my
last Album is over a year old. Here in Germany, I’m pretty unknown. I get more feedback from other countries.

  1. Related with the previous one,do you think that Yendri belongs in this or that scene?What is your opinion about all these fuckin catagories/borders which are generally put by the labels or magazines/critics?
Sometimes yes, somtimes not. I have made some real goth or industrial or darkwave songs but also some songs that would rather fit into the house/techno/electro or acid scene.
The bad thing about this is, the more styles you occupy the less credible you get. At least in Germany.
They think “You can only be real good in something you’re specialized at” without even taking a look at the results.
In Japan, Mitsubishi also sells milk and doesn’t lose credibility there.

  1. May i ask,what you exactly think/feel when you hear something unpleasant about your songs/albums?Do you care about negative feedback or just skip these opinions?Actually negative thoughts about albums/songs or what the heck…may give some new ideas ,nevertheless you must be sure about the real intention of the’criticts’?
After 5 Albums (including “Lillith”) I don’t think about negative feedback anymore. It’s so mixed. But since I’m a rather pessimistic persons I keep the negative ones longer in mind.

  1. What are you listening nowadays?Can you reveal some names from your music library?
Yes, and most of it is not goth. Most of it is even mainstream! Like Prince, Basement Jaxx, Geroge Clinton, (funky stuff in general), Underworld, Orbital, LFO, NIN (older stuff), Lycia, even Level42, Lisa Stansfield,
Indian Music (A R Rahman, Latha…) yes and also Depeche Mode and Synth Pop in general. I like the sound of the 80ies ;-)
(Aint you missing the “standard list” here? *g*)
And there is much “dark matter” in “normal music”, but it’s harder to find some times. For me “Mony don’t matter” from Prince has -in my opinion- more melancholy than most dark wave songs.
I also think that it’s not “less credible”, just because it’s a maintsream song. Beneath all that, it’s of course a matter of personal taste.

  1. Do you also other veins of music?I mean do you listen Black metal or,lets say,doom metal?or be it something else?
Hm, I’m not really into the “hard” stuff. It’s like coffe without milk and sugar, it just “hurts” ;-) My other “dark side” is my affinity to funk music.

  1. You create and design your cover artworks by yourself and this is a thing which i really appreciate.I mean ,an album or dedicated magazine or something else ;one should feel responsible for his/her own work and should prepare everyaspect by his/herself.For example i can not let somebodyelse to prepare my magazine’s deisgn/artwork(Frost Mag is an one man Project),this does not mean i m hell perfect at artworks or design thing,but it should be totally mine,it should be totally under my control if i want to create something sincere or real.This my idea,though.So Yendri,what can you say about this?
It’s one of the big advantages over some of those big bands that are designed and controlled by big record companies. It’s just a big oppertunity and I wouldn’t want to miss it.
Also the artwork is a part of me and not an interpretation of someone else.

  1. A weird one;do you like the movies of (both version) the Planet of the Apes?I think you have also watched the  new version of the film.The latest one is ok,yet the ex one (1968) was a real classic for me?
No, I was not really interested in watching the remake. Like in many late movies, they only concentrated on the “great computer fx”.
I also think the original is a classic and have kept it in good memory ;-)

  1. And,what kind of movies you prefer?(Actually i think i can predict it).Watching at cinema or in your own home/room on DVD ?Tell us your choice?
I really love scifi films from that time (late 60ies to early 80ies) which also cover social issues and do not overly concentrate on computer fx.
Like “soylent green”, “Logan’s run”, “Planet of apes”, “Space Oddysee 2001”, “Clockwork Orange”, “Silent Running” just to name a few.
One of the very few films of today that really caught my attention was “The Matrix part I”, the following parts were plain dissapointing and ruined the myth about it all.
And I like comedy a lot. I’d always prefer a funny movie over a dark horror-movie. (Spaceballs, Life of Brian)
And of course I like obscure and mad movies like Brazil, Requiem for A Dream, etc.
When I have the choice, I prefer cinema. It’s bigger and more impressive and a fun thing to do.

  1. Are you thinking of some other ‘cover’ songs in the future?
Not really…

  1. Say a word for each;! (first thing you feel!)
Wheel-chair? Paralymics (it’s been broadcast recently after the olympic games in greece)
Shinas? Last Track
Bible? Interesting book. Tends to be misinterpreted by crazy lunatics who unfortunately have much power
Anti-Time Machine? Hm, wouldn’t stopping the time also stop thinking?
Subway? “Wieder kein Sitzplatz frei in der U3”
The Cure? I really hate lovecats. (Even though I covered it…)
  1. Thanks a lot Yendri,for time on this blue paper.Please add your last words and  start the dawn please!
It would be funny to add an ending “trademark” line here, but I don’t have one ;-)




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