Shining Interview

Hi Kvarforth ,Lets start with the unholy birth    of Shining, Can you tell me,when this dark  began?
I gave birth to SHINING in 1996, needless to say why and how I think, as I’ve answered this question 300 times by now, hmmm, 236 to more percise.
Latest destruction storm of Shining has already been released;The Eerie Cold,can you mention more about this blackartpiece?how are the reactions?
It hasn’t been released yet due to the sad fact that our beloved studio engineer managed to erase half of the album without doing any back-ups, nice huh? So, we had to re-record the fucking album all over again and as SHINING doesn’t exist no more you know, this was quite an difficult task. In the end, we managed to do the bleakest fucking album to date, no fucking exceptions. This album is a perfect one to end with.
Your lyrics are nothing but pure’Reality’.They sound like a frozen stone falling in to the decaying heart of the listener.What s your inspiration while cursing us with these words?
Because I hate you, every single one of you fuckers out there, thus, coming up with inspiration is not that hard task really. You should however take in consideration to listen carefully at what I am preaching in these lyrics, there might be a sollution for you in there man…
Shining has always been a band that uses the bass guitar very deepressively and professionaly,i have to admit that this kind of usage of bass guitar in Shining strikes me death,are you into this idea and i want to learn that who writes the bass guitar parts?     
I construct all the basics for a SHINING track, nevertherless, Phil A. Cirone, being the fucking musical genious he is, have contributed quite some for the past two albums, at least 15 times more than what his brother did. Heil him! I am definitely a bass guy, not many Black Metalbands even think of what the bass is capable of creating you know, thus, the result of course, 1.000.000 fucking boring and worthless bands.
How are the things in Selbstmord services?Can you mention more about Selbstmord bands?and the current activities of the label?                                                                    
Fuck, things are really hectic these days, I have two emplyees now working underneath me, and without them I believe the label would have died totally half a year ago or so. As things have been quite turbulent the past 2 years with the label because of thousand reasons. However, we are now releasing some brilliant albums by Krohm, Eikind and Ondskapt. visit our website for further information:
so,what do you think about todays scene? Morons…                                                                                               
Take a good listen to the new SHINING album when it is released, you should understand my views upon these matters (if you understand english that is), by listening to the introduction. Fuck, I hate the Black metal scene, thus, leaving it for more important issues. The label is my only future now.
What are you listening nowadays ?Would you give some names from your music library?
Haven’t been    listening to much music lately apart from the new ONDSKAPT album, KENT, DEVIL DOLL, COLDPLAYand DIDO. Of course good ol CELTIC FROST spins the wheel every now and then of course. CRAFT are still the best Black metal band around, they’re releasing their new album (which is beyond all and everything any one of you reading this could ever manage to produce) via Carnal Records this summer, make sure to fucking support Carnal Records and Craft, they shall devour all of you filthy pigs out there!!!
Have you ever hailed your audience in any concert or festivals?Totell the truth with thee Kvarfoth,i dont think that it s a good idea to perform live especially when you play such kind of dark/suicidal black metal,but of course,these are my own ideas.What do you think about this?                                                                                                                                     
 Good for you, we’re not playing live, ever as it seems! SHINING is hereby declared officially dead, get it. Now, there were quite some plans regarding these matters before the break-up. However both me, Hellhammer, Phil A. Cirone and John Doe came to the conclusion after spending a week in fucking Oslo (bible-school, we do miss your beds), that it is simply impossible for a band consisting of individuals such as ourselves to ever, ever, ever perform live.
Have you listened the BURZUM tribute?Actually it would be splendid to hear a LEGENDARY BURZUM song from the SHINING…                                                                      
Yes, I have actually and that led to the signing of yet another artist of ours, namely Canadian THE SYRE, new album out this autumn! Cover? No.
I gonna listen ‘Livets…’instead of asking any  more questions,thanks for spending time on this,Kvarforth.                                                                                                                         

The Syre Interview

Hei Thesyre! This is your next interview in your life. Do you still remember how many of them have you answered? When did you get first questions of your life?Maybe you can remember when and from whom did you get it?
I did a douzen interviews already for Thesyre. There was not a huge coverage on us previously because we’ve been out of the spotlight for a long while since the begining in 1995. We’re getting more and more interest since 2003, the year we released our first official full-lenghts album. Hopefuly we’ll get more press in the next years. We’re up for it. This more or less the best way to reach the audience interested in us besides our website I do not remember who was the first to interview Thesyre, sorry.
Your latest album `Duality` has been received positively, from my side I have found with some favourable opinions. All in all you probably do not care about what are other people saying but I`m interested if you pesonally are satisfied with the recent Syre attack?
I am really satisified. More than with the first album, maybe because the material is newer. Our debut album featured material I wrote between 1995 and 2002 while the new album was mainly written in 2004. I like hte production on ‘Duality’ and some of the lyrics are my best so far, I think.
So the next album is one the way. It is going to be a continuation of the path choosed on “Duality and Thesyre” Can you tell me something more about the forthcoming release?
It will sound like Thesyre, obviously. We plan making a few additions to our sound, too. Actually its not really additions but going back to some sonorities which were present on our demos but not on the albums. I’d like to bring back in some of the industrial touches we had initially. We’re also looking to the possibility of doing a 35 minutes one-song album. This might end-up on this forthcoming album.
Thesyre is existing a good few years now, though threw all this time it is like you are standing somwhere on a side, you are keeping yourself in a shadow. I think that now thanks to Selbstmord Services you have became one of the most stunning hordes in the underground that is playing really great mixture of Black Metal and  thrash’nroll…
When I started Thesyre I felt ne need to spread it all around and look for any media exposure. The fact that I contributed to some tribute albums previously helped getting more attention and helped out to slowly build a name in the underground. In some ways Selbstmord helped us build a ‘cult’ profile if we consider that everything they released ended-up appealing and pleasing a really specific audience. ? hope we’ll manage to keep on building our name and to get more and more support from the labels we’ll work with in the future.
What influenced you to create Thesyre? Tell us about the message behind this project…
I needed an outlet for many ideas I couldn’t use with previous bands. It all started as a solo project and later on became a real band. As a band I wanted Thesyre to deliver a message to its audience, not just another band sticking riffs together to fill up a recording contract. I like to think our music targets a specific audience and that the lyrics might trigger a few questions in their heads. Hopefully they’ll do the effort to find their own answers to them. Our message is one of willpower and strength but also one of irreligious rock-bottom realism.
And what do you think about todays Black Metal scene in our country and abroad as well? Can you recommend some bands that made impression on you lately?Actually Canada has always has somre great and unique hordes to offer…
Black Metal sits on a growing pile of crap making it harder and harder for new bands to gain the attention they deserve. 90% of it is utter crap repeating worn-out ideas and feeding off bad clichés and images. There has to be more to it and I think that a good part of the ideology is lost. We are not a Black metal band but I think we manage to offer an interesting alternative to this suffocating genre. I barely have any idea of what is happening in Canada Black Metal-wise. The only band I cared for in the last few years has been Akitsa. I am glad we had bands such as Sacrifice but I am even more proud of that fact that we are issued form the same province of the almighty Voïvod. They definitely are the best metal export we had yet.
What do you think about changes in the zines creation? I mean changes that are caused because of the computerization and mainly slow decay of the dedicated printed zines. Do you think that the situation will turn round and we will desire xeroxed zines not webzines in the near future?
To be honest I do not really care at all. I think its a positive thing to get a better layout and getting magazines distributed all around. This is the ultimate goal of a magazine. I guess that the more specialized and more underground press will always exist. The era of xeroed and cut/paste magazine is over and this is mainly due to the arrival of the web-zine and its fast, easy-sharing and free of charge qualities. ?ts just a matter of going with the flow of modern technologies now easily available to everyone. ?ts never been easier to find informations of an really obscure band or to sample the new album of your favorite artist and we should be glad of this opportunity. After all we no longer have to wait forever to get a hissing fourth-generation copied tape to find out that half of the bands featured were crap and that it was impossible to get a hold of the other half you found interesting.
To be honest i haven’t seen any of your lyrics,so ,to make me more enlightened and disillusioned,may you mention about them?I yet know you have many social critical curses in your lyrical concept…
I could go on forever about them but I think that the wisest thing to do would be to refer you to tour website. They are all available now. Read them and make your own mind out of it.
Define your music for someone who haven’t heard it yet. What bands have influenced you most?
Thesyre plays hard and heavy music which is a crossover between Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Hardcore and Punk. Sodom, Motorhead, Darkthrone and Burzum have been major influences on us.
Do you play in any other bands besides Thesyre?
Right now I also have a band called Unlife going. There should be an album out in early 2006 on Monstrous Star Records (poland). See
Do you read much? What books have you read recently? Do you have any favourite authors?On the other hand,to what extend you are taking inspirations from the books you read?(While composing lyrics etc)
I do not have a lot of free time these days and I cannot use most of it reading books anymore. I’ve read a lot before, while I was still studying. I should try to get back to it. Most of the material I am reading these days comes from the Internet. If you can filter a lot of the crap, the Internet is an unvaluable source of documentation of whatever interest you. Recently I’ve read about general psychology, the brain and human behavior. I’ve always been interested in how and why humans behave the way they do but also on how we can interfer and influence their behavior. The human brain is always an interesting topic for me to read about.
What inspires you so much in war? Do you think that human-beings always will wage wars upon themselves and some beautiful day the whole Earth and the whole hypocratical mankind will go damned? How do you think?
Where there is man there is conflict and where there is conflict there will obviously be animosity. Man always fought each other and I guess this will be so up until we blow ourselves off once and for all. We’re not damned but responsible for our own doom.
Have you heard about the National Socialist Party of Japan? What do you think about it and about Japanese people in general? Are they “an inferior race” (like some other NS extremists claim,which i don not agree at all) to you?
I do not think there is inferior races. I think there is obvious cultural and physical difference we should not forget about and there is superior and inferior individuals in each races. I do not care about national socialism to be honest so its no big deal if its german or japanese really. The last hope of national socialism died in 1945 with the Nazi regime and Hitler. In this grey age we live in I cannot even imagine we’ll ever see another Reich rising. If europeans dominated the last centuries, I can reckon that asian peoples could be the next contender in line because of their numbers, cheap labor policies and technological advance. Good or not is another question I won’t venture into.
Many say that mixing politics with music is wrong… What’s politics and what’s not? Isn’t singing about church or synagogue arsons also a political subject? It deals with religious intolerance – and that is a political topic in my opinion! What’s yours then?
I think that both can be mixed and I would claim that there is a political side to almost everything you can sing about unless you talk about demons, dragons, fairytales or whatever rubbish which has no connection with reality. I think that a lot of musicians avoid refering to their lyrics as being potentialy political because they do not want to get into long debates forcing them to take clear  positions and to explain them publicly. Music is a medium of expression and communication and therefore, communicating is sharing and exchanging ideas. Where there is a clash of different ideas there is obviously some form of politics lying around.
Last and quite typical question… Say something about the future plans for Thesyre?
We plan recording a new album real soon. I have no idea yet about who will release it. We’re also looking forward to record some material for split releases coming out in 2006. There also should be some re-issues of older material coming out sooner or later.
Tell me something about the following topics:
Jews;Religious people fighting for the wrong ideals
Christians;Religious people fighting for the wrong ideals
Pagans;Un-religious people fighting for respectable (if not really realistic) ideals
Death penalty;If there was any form of real justice then I guess we should restore it everywhere. I do not believe in crystal-clear and honest justice so I wouldn’t dare sending someone to the gallows based on a proof built by someone getting paid enormous amounts of money to find anyone sitting in court guilty.
Prostitution;Always existed and will always exist. Sex is a necessity and people will always look to pay to get some if they can’t get it in any other way.
Hitler;Great orator with a grand vision who, for various reasons, failed to achieve it. Good use of propaganda. Dead.
Stalin;Soviet dictator responsible for communism and the industrialization of Russia. Good use of propaganda. Dead
Mussolini;Great orator. Italian fascist leader who’s been a strong influence on Hitler. Good use of propaganda.
Patton;Who? The signer, the tank, the movie?
Twin towers ;Down. Casualty of a profound worldwide problem.
I think that`s all what I wanted to know for now. Thanks for long and interesting answers! Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!
“I bow to no one
Worship no gods
Seek no heaven
I fear no hell…
[…] Independant, I am on my own”
– Eric Syre (I admire no one but I trust myself a lot)
Thanks a lot for the interview! All the best!



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