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Hail the living black legend of the Swedish lands,start with your daily life nowadays,what are the latest news,what are the latest cursing on you?
 Answer 1 Pt. I:
I don’t really know what the other boys in the band are doing. As for me I’m mainly listening to and writing music.
 Answer 1 Pt. II
Latest news: we’re playing live later this year. Just check our myspace page for more info.
 Answer 1 Pt. III
I don’t know. Kids say the darndest things nowadays and I couldn’t care less. If you (pointing my finger in your direction Mr. Reader) feel your life is enhanced by slander, go ahead and knock your socks off.

I think this interview wont be answered by Kvarforth,i interviewed for him 3 times and everytime i talk ,discovered the shining mind behind the Project.Please introduce yourself to Radikaal,when you joined the band,and where is your place on the throne?
The name’s Phil A. Cirone and I joined Shining for the first time in 2002. I mainly play the bass, but I’ve also recorded some keyboard parts for Shining.

I havent received your album yet,so can you explain the motivations behind this album?
The album “Halmstad” is the sum of Kvarforth’s recent years and the time he spent in that city and the motive is the same as always. Hopefully this album will help people realise that this existence is totally pointless.

Does Hellhammer still plays in Shining or is he dismissed?If no,can i ask why?
Hellhammer isn’t a part of Shining anymore. The guy has a million other bands and we need people who can commit for real.

Is there any change in your life-style or daily life style lets say,since Shining has became bigger and stronger in the scene?Or are you same the same person both mentally and socially?
For now the only change is that I’ve started writing music that may fit the concept of Shining. Otherwise I remain unaffected. This may be because I just rejoined the band and when everything starts rolling again hell will probably break loose… as usual.

Eerie cold was kindda different album when compared to earlier ones,a bit progressive and groove.What can you say about the new album on this respect?
The more experimental spirit has been maintained on this new album, so if you’re one of those people who only can listen to things that are just “traditional” black metal you’ll probably be dissapointed. But hey, it’s your loss.

Do you follow or support Swedish black metal scene in any regard?
I’m always waiting for Craft to release a new album.

      What would be your recommendation for the new coming bands?Can you say Burzum or Mayhem wanna-bes can  no longer exist here or there?
 Please try to write interesting music and don’t be so fucking narrow minded.

What is the meaning of “creativity” for you in the music or life?
One of the few things I feel is keeping me alive at the moment. The day I feel I can no longer create, whether it is music, short stories etc., I sincerely believe I’ll drop to the floor and die.

You may not answer this question if you dont want to,what is your daily jop in daily-life?
I have no job right now.

What are you listening nowaydays,regarding the extreme music?
These “extreme music” bands reside within my mp3-player today: Dillinger Escape Plan, Neurosis, Dödheimsgard and Craft.

And what about the non –metal albums your are up to nowadays?
These “non-metal” bands reside within my mp3-player today: Jill Tracy, Neko Case, Da Lata, Mulata Astatke, Crystal Method, Captain Beefheart, Keith Jarret, Woven Hand, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Cassiber. Enjoy!


You said it… it’s shit.

Will Selbstmord Services or Vicious Records continue somehow?Or are there same new projects at hand?Selbstmord was pressed many great albums…

Selbstmord/Vicious had bands with great potential but for now there are no plans of reviving any these two labels or plans of starting a new one either.

        End it up with a quate you like most sir!Thanks!
Tack och god natt!

Shining Interview

Hi Kvarforth ,Lets start with the unholy birth    of Shining, Can you tell me,when this dark  began?
I gave birth to SHINING in 1996, needless to say why and how I think, as I’ve answered this question 300 times by now, hmmm, 236 to more percise.
Latest destruction storm of Shining has already been released;The Eerie Cold,can you mention more about this blackartpiece?how are the reactions?
It hasn’t been released yet due to the sad fact that our beloved studio engineer managed to erase half of the album without doing any back-ups, nice huh? So, we had to re-record the fucking album all over again and as SHINING doesn’t exist no more you know, this was quite an difficult task. In the end, we managed to do the bleakest fucking album to date, no fucking exceptions. This album is a perfect one to end with.
Your lyrics are nothing but pure’Reality’.They sound like a frozen stone falling in to the decaying heart of the listener.What s your inspiration while cursing us with these words?
Because I hate you, every single one of you fuckers out there, thus, coming up with inspiration is not that hard task really. You should however take in consideration to listen carefully at what I am preaching in these lyrics, there might be a sollution for you in there man…
Shining has always been a band that uses the bass guitar very deepressively and professionaly,i have to admit that this kind of usage of bass guitar in Shining strikes me death,are you into this idea and i want to learn that who writes the bass guitar parts?     
I construct all the basics for a SHINING track, nevertherless, Phil A. Cirone, being the fucking musical genious he is, have contributed quite some for the past two albums, at least 15 times more than what his brother did. Heil him! I am definitely a bass guy, not many Black Metalbands even think of what the bass is capable of creating you know, thus, the result of course, 1.000.000 fucking boring and worthless bands.
How are the things in Selbstmord services?Can you mention more about Selbstmord bands?and the current activities of the label?                                                                    
Fuck, things are really hectic these days, I have two emplyees now working underneath me, and without them I believe the label would have died totally half a year ago or so. As things have been quite turbulent the past 2 years with the label because of thousand reasons. However, we are now releasing some brilliant albums by Krohm, Eikind and Ondskapt. visit our website for further information:
so,what do you think about todays scene? Morons…                                                                                               
Take a good listen to the new SHINING album when it is released, you should understand my views upon these matters (if you understand english that is), by listening to the introduction. Fuck, I hate the Black metal scene, thus, leaving it for more important issues. The label is my only future now.
What are you listening nowadays ?Would you give some names from your music library?
Haven’t been    listening to much music lately apart from the new ONDSKAPT album, KENT, DEVIL DOLL, COLDPLAYand DIDO. Of course good ol CELTIC FROST spins the wheel every now and then of course. CRAFT are still the best Black metal band around, they’re releasing their new album (which is beyond all and everything any one of you reading this could ever manage to produce) via Carnal Records this summer, make sure to fucking support Carnal Records and Craft, they shall devour all of you filthy pigs out there!!!
Have you ever hailed your audience in any concert or festivals?Totell the truth with thee Kvarfoth,i dont think that it s a good idea to perform live especially when you play such kind of dark/suicidal black metal,but of course,these are my own ideas.What do you think about this?                                                                                                                                     
 Good for you, we’re not playing live, ever as it seems! SHINING is hereby declared officially dead, get it. Now, there were quite some plans regarding these matters before the break-up. However both me, Hellhammer, Phil A. Cirone and John Doe came to the conclusion after spending a week in fucking Oslo (bible-school, we do miss your beds), that it is simply impossible for a band consisting of individuals such as ourselves to ever, ever, ever perform live.
Have you listened the BURZUM tribute?Actually it would be splendid to hear a LEGENDARY BURZUM song from the SHINING…                                                                      
Yes, I have actually and that led to the signing of yet another artist of ours, namely Canadian THE SYRE, new album out this autumn! Cover? No.
I gonna listen ‘Livets…’instead of asking any  more questions,thanks for spending time on this,Kvarforth.                                                                                                                         

Shining Interview


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