On Thorns I Lay Interview

Hi Minas,How do you do in these great autumn days?What are the latest
news from On Thorns I Lay ?
 There is too much rain in the town where I live in and I feel
depressed. Summer was just a glance and now we are back to
melancholia. So, this is the best time for us to make songs and this is
what we do. We are preparing the songs for our new
Your 6th  album ‘Egocentric ‘has alreday been out ,what can you say us
about this new melocholia?
 As every album, ‘Egocentric’ was a new step for us. We managed to
describe the typical disturbed personality of the man in
our century using two basic elements: Metal and Melody.
On Thorns I Lay is a band which i follow from the very early
days(Sounds of Beautiful Experinence).There has been a real kind
of progress in the band since its very first release.So Minas,is this
something you planned when you just began to play
/consruct OTIL?I mean is  the current sound character of OTIL was
something already planned?
 No, ofcourse not. We always play when we feel like playing and we feel
free to express ourselves each way we desire. This
has nothing to do with plans. Besides, we are not professionals
musicians and we are doing this for fun.
So, through the years we were honest enough to play what we felt like
playing having no plans in mind.
Related with previous one,what are your future plans for OTIL?
 Write music.
Any gigs planned so far?
 We were talking these days about playing in a festival in Poland but
nothing is settled yet. The thing with us is that due to
our professions we don’t have time for touring. We are more like a
studio band, you know…
Each OTIL album has its own character,more Gothic atmosphere  in
Orama,less meloncholic in Angeldust.So may you say your
fave OTIL album or song?Mine is Crystal Tears of course,yet i think i
should add Sounds of … to the list as well…
 I am sorry but there are no favourite albums or songs. Each one is an
element of our history. However I’d like to mention that
I tent to listen more often: Love can Be A Wave (Future Narcotic),
Crystal Tears (Crystal Tears), When I’m gone (Egocentric)
and of course Oceans (Orama).
I want to ask a weird question now,is there possibility of returning to
Sounds of  Beautiful…times ,at least just in one song?
For example with some brutal vox parts?
 Definately. Our new album is going to have brutal, clean and female
You lyrical concept also deserves attention,can you enlighten us about
the lyrical structure employed in the Egocentric?
 There is a concept in Egocentric… A guy (depressed and lonely town
man) is talkin about himself in the songs. Each song is
a different aspect of his disturbed personality. In ‘When I’m gone’ he
talks about his father, In ‘Quotation for Listening’ he
talks about whores, in ‘Lack in Resorts’ about his drug addictions, in
‘Poster on a Wall’ about sexual depression and so on.
I’m thinkin about making an enlightment of the concept in ‘Egocentric’
in our ‘OTIL Cool Stuff’ page…
  It seems you decided to lower female vox parts in the songs ,may i
learn what made you to decide so?
 It has to do with the concept. There is supposed to be this scared
person talking all the time about himself (Egocentric!!)
so we thought that it would be more apropreate to use clean male vocals
instead of female or brutal ones.
Katatonia touches can clearly be felt in Angeldust.I think you are
(very)into Katatonia and Paradise Lost albums.
What are your other inspirations ?Candlemass,My Dying Bride for
example?On the other hand,do you like Paradise Lost s
new albums?Some songs are ok yet i-of course-prefer the ancient
Paradise Lost acts like Draconian Times,
Shades of God and Icon…They were(and stil are)real doom/death classics…
 We like many bands and of course the ones you mentioned. Katatonia is
one of our favourites. We actually like this change
in musical style in bands like Paradise Lost. we take it as
evolutionary step. Now that they have changed they give you the
opportunity to say ‘I like the older style’ or ‘I prefer the new style’
or ‘I keep up with the change because I evolve as
well as a listener’ but in no case you cannot say ‘I am bored of them,
they are still playing the same!!’
Excepting the doom/gothic metal,what kind of music you listen?For (far)
example,are you into Black metal
and death metal as well?
 I am not a fan but Stefanos and Chris like Black Metal. I’d say I
prefer Death although it is not my favourite. Fotis
is listening to Rick Astley :)))
Are the band members friendly while not recording or giging in On
Thorns I Lay?I mean are you also a good friends?
 Of course, even though we don’t see each other often due to our jobs
that keeps us appart in different towns.
Once I heard that your real jop is ‘Chemist’ Is this true?Do you like
your jop?Actually it would be interesting…
 I love it! Right now I am working 2 years on a thesis where the goal is
to syntesise inhibitors of an enzyme of the
human metabolism that will hopefully help people who suffer from
Diabetes Type II to control their blood glucose level.
I also know how to make amphetamines from simple molecules (easily
found in the market) like phenyl alanine! ;)
Can you tell me now,what exactly you think when you hear these?
The butt of my girlfriend
The belly of my girlfriend
Burning Church?
An evolutionary step.
Thanks a lot Minas,for your time and patience,i hope the best for On
Thorns I Lay s future.
Thanks you for your interest. It’s a plesure.



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