Virgin Black Interview

Hail! You have already recorded 4 dark symphony/opera veined releases, can you introduce these releases and your latest line-up for those who aren’t aware of Virgin Black?
(Samantha): Our first release was our self- and released independently. This full-length album captured much attention including label interest titled demo which had four songs and ran at almost 30min in length. This was later followed by an MCD entitled “Trance”. It was some time before we returned t the studio, as we were working toward our vision, and we weren’t prepared to rush it. Then finally, “Sombre Romantic” was born. It was self-funded. Massacre Records (Europe) and The End Records (U.S.) picked it up and re-released it through the label. “Elegant…and dying” was the follow-up.
A 75min epic. It undoubtedly created a stir in the music scene.
The band consists of the following members:
Rowan London: vocals, keyboards, writer.
Samantha Escarbe: lead guitar, writer
Dino Cielo: drums
Craig Edis: guitar, vocals
Ian Miller: bass, vocals
Virgin Black has a very atmospheric sound, I know you gigged many times, it must be difficult to obtain this concept, am I right? Actually I’m against when dark atmospheric bands give concerts, to me, I feel they should keep their mysticism in their recordings. What do you think about this idea?
From the very beginning, prior to any formal recording of our music, we have always performed live. The interesting thing is, after we recorded our debut “Sombre Romantic”, the feedback from those we who were accustomed to our performances was one which said, “finally, a release which captures the live experience”. Certainly, not everything is perfectly reproduced, but we continue to capture the intense, emotive quality which is so vital to our music.
Your vocalist, Rowan London, with his unique style, has a big place in your general sound concept; is he taking special training for this vocal style?
Rowan is predominantly a very natural artist. Much of what he does is self-taught, but his talents caught the attention of a renowned opera teacher (who was taught by Pavarotti’s teacher) and has now taken him and begun training him. His training began after we recorded “Sombre Romantic”.
What are the reactions to “Elegant…and dying”? Are you content with the ideas of the audiences?
For the most part, we have had outstanding feedback from reviewers. There has been a handful of very negative reviews also, but upon reading them, one soon realises that the reviewer doesn’t understand the music and would much rather listen to something which requires no thought or intellectual function. It’s a difficult thing because “Elegant…and dying” needs time to digest, and understandably, most reviewers don’t have the time. Overall, we have been very pleased with the response from reviewers and also our fans.
About your lyrics, they are as blue (gloomy) as your music. Can you talk more about them? With which themes you cooperate?
The essence of our lyrics is based on tragedy and hope.
We believe that one may experience the darkest night of the soul, but hope, the smallest fragment of hope still breaths, and waits quietly for us.
What are yo listening nowadays? Give some names from your music collection.
I can’t help it, but I tend to revert to quite a few “old classics” like Candlemass: Nightfall, Ancient Dreams. My Dying Bride: turn loose the swans. Entombed: left hand path. Paradise Lost: gothic, draconian times. Moonspell: Irreligious. Then there’s albums like Saviour Machine: II,
Jeff Buckley: grace, Madder Mortem: deadlands, Nile: in their darkened shrines, Antimatter: lights out, Agalloch: the mantle, Anathema: alternative four etc etc.
“Sombre Romantic” was a real dark opera masterpiece. After the release of this album, did you think that you have more responsibilities about the band’s future releases?
We probably should have naturally felt a lot of pressure after such great responses toward “Sombre Romantic”, but in my mind and in my heart, Rowan and I wrote the second album as if it was our first.
Honesty in music is a great quality and one which can so easily be lost. I never want to lose that fragile honesty. That’s how we have always written and will hopefully continue to do so.
How is the scene in Australia? Enough audience for the dark side of music?
The scene here in Australia is very small but thriving. There really isn’t a dark music scene here. In our city of Adelaide, perhaps due to lack of numbers, people tend to support good quality bands rather than their specific genre of choice. Hence it is not uncommon for black-metal and doom-metal bands to share the stage, or even thrash and hardcore to perform together. I believe this has many benefits, and its important to keep an open mind.
I can find great artwork not only in your album covers but also on your website. Who designs the album covers? It seems you are giving great importance to these artwork themes.
I have photographed all the artwork for our releases thus far (which are also featured on our website).
Every aspect of our art is important to us including the photography. For example, “Elegant…and dying” features artwork which was specifically photographed for the album-title and the interwoven thread within the music. The overall artwork follows the music. For example, you will notice a predominantly white exterior. This exterior at first glance seems warm and inviting, a false sense of security if you will, for when one examines closer, there is a lingering discomfort. The first few songs all reflect this theme up until “And The Kiss Of God’s Mouth”. When one opens the booklet, the art-work transforms into a very dark environment which also reflects the mood of the music deeper within the album (eg. The Everlasting, Cult Of Crucifixion). Then finally, the last page returns to an image adorned in white…a sense of relief, yet somehow still a little disturbing (which is indicative of the last song).
You toured with Opeth in your country (Australia), how were these concerts?
We haven’t as yet toured with Opeth, but will be doing so in less than two weeks.
It is a great honour indeed.
Today’s new-age kids are using the gothic culture/lifestyle as a kind of fashion. Even there is a gothic porn market; what do you think about this new fashion trend? I hope they fed up soon and find new ideology to suck…morons…
I’m not particularly gripped by modern gothic culture as such. I have a lot of respect and admiration for gothic architecture, art and literature. So much beauty is reflected in these art forms, and this is what I admire. But at the end of the day, each person has the right to express themselves as they choose, as everyone is different.
Any words to add/manifest?
To discover more, please visit the official website:
Thanx for spending your time on this mental plague, hope to hail you again in the future!
Thank you , it’s been a pleasure.


End Of Green Interview

Hi Micheal!i hope everything is bad enough to force you to go on creating your music!how is the life nowadays?

Hi ,Oh, don’t worry there will always be enough tragedy for us. Maybe we have some kind of magnet for that type of scenarios deep inside. Murphy’s Law or whatever. But actually i’m in quite a good mood right now. And knock on wood this lasts for some time.

You have recently released ‘Last Night on Earth’,how did the audience react to material?

The reactions have been quite good for us. We got lots of good reviews and recieved good feedback from the people that have also bought our old stuff. There were also a couple of folks that did not like the record at all, but that’s okay with me. I mean I do not consider it as lack of character if someone does not like our music. But of course we prefer people saying “You’re gorgeous” and nice stuff like that.

The title for the album’last night on earth’is really interesting.what did you hide behind this name?may be end of everything?may be a new beginning…

Personally i think it’s about the moment when you go like “Fuck everything. Tonight’s the night. Tomorrow means nothing.” I don’t know how the others feel about that. We don’t talk about things like that too much. Everyone in the band has it’s own interpretation. And i don’t want to know it. It might ruin the picture in my head. With the “last night on earth” – i often spend time thinking about how i would spend my last night on earth. But of course it is not going to happen, that someone calls you on the phone and informs you about that night. Only if you plan that by yourself, and then again i try not to think too much about what i would do in that case. It makes me psychotic. And i think it’s not really possible to talk about the hours before i kill myself without being very pathetic. It’s nothing to pose with. Suicide sucks.

Are you content with your current label?(Silverdust)

Oh, Silverdust is a fine bunch of people. Achim (the boss) really supports us with 100%. Not every band is blessed with a record company like that. I have the suspicion that they really care about our music, our views and our handling of being a band. Guess we’re happy and i hope they are, too.

What are you listening nowadays?can you reveal some names from your music library?

My taste has a huge range. I love listening to almost every type of “good” music. Right now i listen to a lot of punk and hardcore stuff like The Beatsteaks, Billy Talent, Danko Jones, Nomeansno. I think the last Johnny Cash albums have been spectacular, Mogwai are great and i can’t get enough of old Indiestuff like The Cure, Fields Of The Nephilim or The Cult. Come and travel with us we have the coolest mixtapes on the bus.

To be honest,’Infinity’is the best for me among other End of Green arts,according to you;what has changed in the band since  this legendary release?

Well, we changed labels twice and i joined the band. That’s about it. The actual changes in the band when it comes to songwriting and all this stuff is something that’s not really in our hands. You know, you get older sometimes a little wiser or more experimental. But i think we still kept the spirit of the early days.

What do you think about todays gothic music scene?Are there new bands which you can recommend to us?

To be honest. i do not really have an opinion about that. When i listen to goth stuff it’s most of the times the old jewels like Fields Of The Nephilim, Sisters Of Mercy or The Cure … or those gothbands that aren’t pure goth like Bay Laurel and 69 Eyes. Oh, and i can’t help myself: i think Marilyn Manson is dope.

What s your opinion about todays pseudo gothic fashion?i do not think gothic culture/lifestyle is a thing that you can use to boast off in fuckin high school parties?

I guess lots of people have taken the goth lifestyle as a fashion thing and not a cultural movement – and that’s okay with me. I mean, i prefer people dressed in black, anyway. Like every scene, that “goth-thang” has found its way into the fashion mainstream. You can’t change that. Look at punk nowadays. I do not believe that it is very “punk” to buy shredded shirts for 90 Euros. That’s fashion. And everyone who travels that road ­“Have a nice journey”. In two years time they find something other happening. But definitely: If you dress “goth” at a wedding or a highschool party you’re the eyecatcher of the event. And let’s face it: It looks good, doesn’t it?

Why did you chose to express yourself in this vein of metal music?

Don’t know. It happend. Maybe we’re too bad at painting. I always fell for heartdriven music, no matter if it’s pop, rock or even hiphop. If it’s done with soul, i respect it. We chose a band to express ourselves, others might have a little talent for something else.

As far as i know you keen on cinema/films as well,what kind of movies you prefer?

For me movies are quite important. And i do not care if it is spooky, scary, brutal, cynic or completly funny ­ as long as it’s done with heart. Look at actors like Johnny Depp or Sean Penn, whatever they do ­ it’s great. And i have to admit i love “When Harry Met Sally”, “Harold & Maude”. Two weeks ago i saw a film called “Irreversible” which is by far one of the most impressing films i ever saw. It’s one of these films that turns your stomach around with their intensity. Also, an austian movie called “Funny Games” – incredible.

Did the members of End of Green have any side project?moreover,do you think that is it a good thing for a musician to take part in other side projects aswell?

Michelle plays in a band called Die Fuge, Rainer plays in Dyin’ Julia, Maze and Oliver used to play in Voodooshock and i sometimes play in icheherntion. I think it’s good to play together with other people. I just would not see the point in playing in a side project that sounds like the actual band.

i saw that sentence in your web site(in web shop part):’Capitalism sold my viginity’may you tell us more about this idea man?

We adapted that one from a swedish band called The (Int.) Noise Conspiracy. They have a song “Capitalism Stole My Virginity”. We just make fun of that (yes, sometimes we do that). I mean the message explains itself. We all grew up in an environment where everybody would almost do everything just by being paid for it. i will not say that anyone is guilty or whatever. It just the way it works. We all judge everything by its material weight. And by having a web shop we’re not better than anyone else. We sell shirts and CDs, but let me tell you, we do not earn much with that. Actually almost nothing. But i guess it’s always the poor who complain about capitalism. i do not hear the rich bitching about that.

my questions are over Michael,do you wanna add something as a conclusion?

No, i already said way too much. Thanks for that interview. i really enjoyed the questions. AND I MEAN THAT. Thanks for the support and interest in our little popgroup.

Samael Interview

Salut Vorph. and Samael,how do you do nowadays?I hope everything is okay over there!

Nice from you to enquire about us , we’re doing great!


Lets take a fast start with the responses for your latest album “Reign of Light”?Do you content with the reviews so far?And the most important of all;what is your very own review for this new Samael album?

Reviews have been great and more important the people reaction to “Reign Of Light” is overwhelming. I’m not gonna review the album myself, we record something we’re proud of and that’s the most important thing, the rest is bonus…


Is Reign Of Light a concept album or not?

We never did concept album, at least not consciously. If I look back to “Ceremony Of Opposites” for example it might feels today as a concept album as all the songs are tied together and compliment one another. That could also be the case with “Reign Of Light” but I’ll need more time and distance to have a clear view on that.


Samael’s history is not that “monoton” actually,Talking about the bandhistory of  SAMAEL would totally blow up the frames of these pages, but it would interest me what kept  SAMAEL so original over all these years. Is it the will to create something “above everything” or was it more a natural and non-controllable development?

Our personal quests and desire of fulfillment are the roots and fuel of SAMAEL. Every album we record is the end and beginning of something. It took us some time to get to the point where we could release our first CD, and that was already an achievement. From there we’ve developed and re-arranged things to make it as much reflective of our life as possible. We can travel in time just by listening to our previous albums.


Most of the fans hated you,despised you because of the change in your style,but you were always standing strong with the works you offer.So,What are your impressions when you look back in the old days of SAMAEL? Are there things you would better make undone today, or are you proud of everything you have done so far?

There are changes which took time to be accepted. When we switched from live drums to drums machine for example, some people didn’t want us to go that way. Ten years after we actually meet a lot of people who admitted they went back to their previous position and enjoy now our approach of music. I’m sure “Reign Of Light” has what it takes to make our ancient supporters and new ones agreed on the pertinence of our choices. As for my feeling toward our evolution, I have no remorse and no regrets.


On the first three Samael albums, the occult and satanic philospohy played a very important role. It changed on your fourth album “Passage” where you gave the whole concept a more astronomical background. What was finally the reason for that? Have you been bored by this satanic image or was it only time for a change? Which importance have topics like satanism and occultism in general for you today? Do you still have something in common with these ideologies?

On the firsts recordings I was working in reaction of my surroundings, my purpose was to get away from what I considered to be the moral dictatorship of religion. It took me some time to understand that I didn’t have to fight against it, I could just move on and that’s pretty much what I did. I’m no longer looking for confrontation; our whole concept is way more balanced and more efficient in many ways.


A SAMAEL live playlist would be incomplete without classic songs like ‘Into The Pentagram’ or ‘Baphomet‘s Throne’. Can you imagine how many times you already played songs like these? Playing such songs again and again surely becomes boring after some time, but the audience would be disappointed if it couldn’t enjoy the atmosphere of such classics. Do you still have the same feeling as you had in past times when you play songs, for example, from the “Worship Him” era?And when we compare the old gigs with the new ones,which seems more “lively” and exciting?For you has the audience changed in terms energy etc?

We haven’t play “Baphomet’s Throne” for many years and finally brought it back to our set ‘cause we felt like doing so. To me there is as much if not more atmosphere in our newest songs than in the oldest ones. Energy is and stays the main word to describe a good show and we’re well aware of that.


Related with the previous one; It is always the problem that some people come to the show and only want to hear that one song which they like for 10 years. Do you take this into consideration on festivals or headlining shows when you have enough time?

We do have our favorite songs as well even though they change from time to time. First we have to feel comfortable and excited about our set list then we hope our choices will match the ones of the people.


And new recordings? Are you already thinking or working on new material?

We’re currently working on new material. We have a couple of songs ready but we will probably re-work them early next year.


If you’d be convicted to death which kind of it will you choose: death by hanging, electric chair or maybe death by poisoning with some Zyklon?

I’m lucky enough to live in a country where death penalty is obsolete so I won’t have to choose anything on that menu.


Do you read much? What books have you read recently? Do you have any favourite authors?On the other hand,to what extend you ar etaking inspirations from the books you read?(While composing lyrics etc)

I just finished “La possibilité d’une île” from Michel Houellebecq and I’m currently reading “Of Man” from Hobbes. Literature is a good friend of mine, it certainly have an impact of my way of thinking and therefore on the things that I write. Some of my favorite novelists are Matin Amis, Paul Auster, Henry Miller…


What is the name of the band that you hate most?Most of the people are eager to utter their fave bands yet i want to learn the band you hate most?Can you give an honest answer to this question?

To be honest there’s no band that I hate. I tend to listen only to music that I like. I used to think WASP sucked ‘cause they where only KISS wannabes to my point of view, but I never went that far as to hate them.


A last weird question, a question on a personal note. Do you have any pets?If yes,which breed you like most?8if it is a dog,that is)

Well ,sorry but I have no pets.


I think that`s all what I wanted to know for now. Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!

“Where there is love, there’s no constraint”

(Albert Einstein)

Darzamat Interview

Greetings Flauros!How do you do nowadays,what are the latest news from the Darzamat camp?

Hello there! We have just started an intensive mass media promotion of our latest album entitled “Transkarpatia”.  So accordingly we have recently not been complaining on the lack of activities and for me this very interview has been the third one today.(laugh) We have been also preparing for the concerts which we will start to play already at the end of April. We will appear in Germany, Czech Republik, Slovakia and probably also in Italy. In the second half of the year, we plan bigger european tour. It is almost certain that in December we will go on the travelling X – mass festival together with such bands as : Six Feet Under, Gorefest, Krisiun, God Dethroned and Cataract. I am very glad and excited with the thought as what follows is the fact that we will appear in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holand and France.There are also some subsequent compositions coming into being and they will appear on “Transkarpatia”’s succesor. It is highly probable that still this year we would want to record our new album.


A boring one yet it can be helpful for some readers.Could you please give a short introduction of your band to those readers who are not yet familiar with you?

The band was founded in the middle of 90ties and has released five albums so far : “In The Flames Of Black Art”, “In The Opium Of Black Veil”, “Oniriad”, “Semi devilish” and the latest one entitled “Transkarpatia”. “Oniriad” was a musical experiment and has nothing in common with today’s Darzamat’s music. The two first albums which were placed in black metal atmosphere are much closer to the latest album. “Semidevilish” is for the people who love hard sound combined with melody. However, it is undoubtedly “Transkarpatia” that is the most important record for us. Musically speaking for us it is the very direction Darzamat wants to follow, other words – the proper direction. We have finally managed to come to the point in which we were working with the real producer. The album was produced by Andy La Rocque (King Diamond’s guitar player) in his studio “Los Angered Recordings” in Goeteborg. It is a magnificent place and Andy is the amazing man. He is a real professional as well as a very modest and cheerful guy. I believe that what had a large influence on the sound of “Transkarpatia” was not only Andy’s huge knowledge and abilities but the superb atmosphere one felt in his studio as well.


There occured an exact kind of change in the Darzamat,that is for sure.When a band changes their sound, sometimes they loose some fans but also find new ones. Do you think you have gained more fans with the change of your sound or the other way around?

Few years ago, there occured some serious and revolutionary changes in the band. The whole lineup was practically changed. I was the only member from the old lineup that left that is why the stylistic changes were pretty inevitable. Besides, I was loking for new people in order to be able to create the band anew. I wanted Darzamat’s music to look exactly the way it does now from a very long period of time and I am glad that I have finally been able to meet my own expectations.Earlier it was impossible for me to come to any kind of agreement with Simon – the cofounder of the band. We had totally different visions of the band, completely different priorities. We sat down, talked and it turned out that he lost interest in the band and even in the metal music itself. In this situation it was no other option but to separate. I think the last three years prove that this solution was a good one.We have recorded two very good albums “Semidevilish” and “Transkarpatia” as well as we have started playing a lot of concerts. I think that is what it all is about that is why I do not even wonder whether now we have more fans than we used to have in the 90-ties. I totally agree with what You said, namely : the old fans go and some new ones take their place. The band should not and cannot make the music that is imposed on it by the people from the outside. It must emerge from You. it is only then when it is truly sincere and worth anything.


Darzamat have toured with some famous bands like: Cannibal Corpse, Impaled Nazarene, Graveworm, Misery Index etc. Which band are you most of all proud to say that you have toured with and why?

Except from the bands You named, we have played with many other fantastic ones so far. It will suffice when I add : Apocalyptica, Napalm Death, Arcturus, Katatonia, Craddle of Filth, Amon Amarth, Tiamat or Atrocity. These are of course excellent bands and in most cases increadible people as well. However, the band that impressed me the most was the swedish Entombed with which we played on the stadium during the festival in italian Casterta. Yet, it is a really personal matter since when I was 15, I was a huge fan of Entombed! And it so happened that I have never been able to see the guys on stage. It was as late as in Italy that I had the opportunity to see their concert and additionally they shared the stage with us. Later on we drank couple of beers and talked a bit. This trip is the one I reminisce as a very nice one.


Do you have any difficulties touring with bands that play a completely different or even opposite music style of what you play?

We have got no problems with it as nowadays it is practically natural that on tours you meet the bands presenting different kinds of extremal playing. The most important thing is that they all play metal. Fans also do not limit themselves to listening to only one kind. Many people do seek and they accordingly listen to various kinds of music. The most important thing is to give the maximum of yourself during the concerts and not pretend to be somebody you are not. One should be sincere towards other people as well as towards oneself.You see, for example, in December we are going on tour practically with only death metal bands such as : Six Feet Under, Gorefest or Krisiun and I think that it is gonna be ok. We will be a certain alternative for the music presented by the bands.


When someone says “Poland” you can’t help but thinking of bands like Behemoth or Vader whom are probably the most famous Polish bands. But beside these bands There are many great and highly respected underground wulfs like Graveland,Capricornus etc. And please also let me know your own favourite band from your country?

I have got no doubts that Poland is nowadays one of the best developing metal scenes in Europe. More and more bands from our country have been signing contracts with good European record companies, appear in the schedules of the concert tours and festivals not only in our continent but in the States as well.We have got many other fantastic bands. Especially in the most extreme brands of this kind, death and black metal as well as grindcore. One cannot, however, forget about some other bands such as e.g. progressive Riverside.Personally they are my favourites and I think that this band will achieve a lot. One must not also forget about death metal band – Decapitated. It is also an excellent band.


Which member from the band writes the lyrics and what are they mostly about?

Lyrical layer of the band is what I myself together with our vocalist Nera are responsible for.There is no unique maxim by means of which the Darzamat’s message could be classified. It is rather dependant on the concrete number or even the whole album, which touches upon a certain issue. For example the lyrical layer of the latest album ‘ Transkarpatia’  oscillates round pagan issue and magic. The other matters also emphazised are : the Inquisition, vampirism and hatred towards everything the Church could not accept or was even afraid of. Catholic Church in Poland often forces on people the way they should think and act and what is more, it engages in politics too bloody much. According to the Church in our country, people should follow only its rules. It results in people being totally pissed off, the consequence of which is the need of expressing their emotions through the extremal forms of art.


What is the most beautiful thing in life that makes life worth living to you?

The life itself is beautiful and inspiring. One should get off on life’s charms fully yet wisely and it is then when life gives you strength and motivates you to take an action. The possibility of creation and standalone thinking is the energy nobody is able to destroy.


How you can describe your audience, the persons you are writing music to? What thoughts you are trying to bring them?

People who listen to our music are no doubt sensitive and probably a bit similar to us. They are unquestionably and definitely the open-minded people, ones willing to seek. It is important for them not to let anybody tell them what to think and how to feel. The most crusial thing is to stay yourself.


Normally metal music is not very profitable, do you live out of music or have permanent jobs? If yes, then who are you in everyday life?

Each and everyone of us has his/her occupational work. We have got a journalist, salesman from the musical shop and even a teacher in our band. It is all due to the fact that it is very hard to earn the living with the music we perform. I think that one would have to play at least 200 concerts a year to be able to earn one’s living with metal. It is very difficult, indeed and among polish bands there are only two, namely Vader and Behemoth, that can afford it. Yet, everything is possible. You must strongly believe in what you are doing!


Do you have (or any of the Darzamat members) special musical education and how did this come that you became musicians?

Most of us learned the profession by ourselves and I think that we did a pretty god job. Yet, of course there are some musicians among us as well, having the educational base. Such is the case of our keyboard player – Spectre who has finished the musical school. Our new drummer Darkside, has also a musical education, yet from what I know, he did not finish the school (laugh)! Nera – our vocalist- attends vocal classes.How did it happen that we became musicians? I believe that it is due to the willing to create. If you are a young man who has something to pass on, you will undoubtedly cope with all the problems which await you at the beginning of the way. The essential thing here is determination and willingness to learn as well as drawing conclusions from your shortages and imperfections.


Besides your own work – what do you think were the best metal albums of the last few years?

It is hard to find the one and the best. Nowadays there are so many excellent albums coming into being that it is impossible to find only one. I am personally very much impressed with the record of Vital Remains entitled “Dechristianize”. It is thanks to this album that I have believed once more in the strength of death metal. The band that certainly did a good job was Dimmu Borgir on “ Death Cult Armageddon” and “Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia”. I am also very much fond of the latest publishing of Vader entitled “ The Art of War” as well as of Entombed’s “Unreal Estate” and Anorexia Nervosa’s “Redemption Process”.


And the best recent non-metal albums?

What impressed me to quite a big extent is the “Van Helsing”’s sountrack. It was two years ago but I still remain under the big impression of this music.


Are any of you family people? You know, spouse, kids, fido, and the white picket fence etc.?

Fortunately, none of us was involved in such stories. We have got our partners with whom we live, meet and share our spare time, yet, one cannot talk about marriage in here. Personally I am not against the institution of mariage and family. One must, however, remember that in order to be a good and responsible husband or father one is not able to have time in which one could commit oneself to music.


And,related with the previous question;;Are you married? And what kind of effects could marriage have on the creativity of the artist? Have you ever thought of this? It sure one may be more creative when he is alone,yet what about a man married with children!?

The thing is that when you take care of your family, you do not have time on music and the other way round. I have seen the musicians the marriages of whose broke up as they were lured towards the tours and travelling worldwide. At first each of them says that there is no problem, that their girlfriends are very understanding and can take everything. Yet, after the year or two, everything changes and people experience a real nightmare. You know, I really do understand these women as they do not have any kind of benefit from a musician who spends most time of the year being on tours, rehearsals or in studio. In my opinion, the musicians who are not involved in marriages are much more productive. Then they hurt as they are alone and they write the music which is really off the chain (laugh)!


How much time does the band actually spend together – writing, in the studio, or even socially?

For musicians the band is like the second family, often even closer than the real one. It is hard to count the time we spend together on tours, rehearsals or in studio. It practically happens nonstop and it is rather easier to talk about the time when we are not together. We continually meet and talk about our current activities. In such situation when we go out to have a drink, it happens that we go to different places (laugh)! I think that it is pretty “sane” to take a break and have a rest from one another sometimes. In such moments one can distance oneself and look at people differently.


What do you think about changes in the zines creation? I mean changes that are caused because of the computerization and mainly slow decay of the dedicated printed zines. Do you think that the situation will turn round and we will desire xeroxed zines not webzines in the near future?

I remember when I was 15 and together with my friend we would go to the city situated couple of dozens kilometers from our city just to be able to read about metal there. There was a guy there who had the xerocopied zines from all over the world and he made a kind of “metal library” out of it.(laugh)! Metalmen from various places in Poland would come to him and they borrowed the zines for money. One also had to leave deposit in case one did not reappear with the zine from Mexico or Japan. Those were truly excellent times, then getting the acces to the info and to the music was almost a miracle. Accordingly, listening to the music later on had its unique unrepeatable “taste”. It was a certain kind of celebration. I do not, however, believe that it will come back. The world paces forward with its own speed and in my opinion we will sooner have the zines in SMS than we will return to xero (laugh)!


Thanks Flauros a lot for your majestic help.Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most please?

Look forward to the coming of the new Darzamat’s album ‘Transkarpatia’ which will change your thinking connected with climatic metal. It is the record that will do a snow job on the metal scene and it’ll stay in your heads long afterwards. Stay dark!


Trail Of Tears Interviews

>    Hi all!How are the things at Norway,i hope nothing bad at Trail of
Tears’ camp!?
Everything is fine up here thanks, we`re just waiting for the album to
be released and doing as much promotion as possible!
>    Lets start with the latest activities of the band.What can you say
about the coming album recently titled as ‘Free Fall into Fear’?
The album will be out in Europe on February 28th, there have been a lot
of delays because of computer problems in the studio but finally
everything is ready. The album will contain 10 songs, musically it is a
natural continuance of the previous material. I would say that the main
differences lay in the production of the album, it is more direct and
hard-hitting and of course you have the thing with female vocals, like most
people know by now they are not present on the new album. We felt that
we needed to take things in a different and new direction in order not
to become a parody of ourselves so in that sense it is a new thing for
the band.
>    I think it is again from the Napalm Records,am i right?
It will be out on Napalm Records in Europe, yes, and we are working on
license deals now for the rest of the world.
>    When compared to ancient Trail of Tears releases,what kind of new
elements are employed in the new album?
The biggest difference is like I mentioned the lack of female vocals.
In addition to that there are of course certain things which sound a
little different, for example we have toned down the use of keyboards a
bit so that the material sounds more direct and heavy.
>    Did you also tried something different in the lyrical structure
?Is there any concept that is specially depicted in this coming album?
There is no concept to speak of in the traditional sense though several
of the songs deal with the same issues, namely supressed feelings that
come to the surface when confronted by them. There is a great deal of
anger and hatred in the lyrics but also more uplifting and positive
angles. I think it`s important to find a good balance which reflect the
human mind. There are also some new subjects that I have taken up this
time, people will see for themselves.
>    Do you have any side projects?
Well, Kjetil is also in Green Carnation of coyrse but it`s a fulltime
band and not really a sideproject, Jonathan also plays with Sirenia and
we do session work from time to time with other bands, our bass player
will do the world tour with Tristania this year and I have some offers
myself, we have to see.
>    Are into black metal scene as well-especially when you are coming
from the Norway-?What kind of music do you listen except your onw vein?
I personally listen to a lot of black metal, I`m not really interested
in any particular scene I just listen to whatever I find interesting,
wheter it`s extreme metal or pop, it doesn`t matter. Some of my
favourite bands are black metal though, such as Emperor, Dimmu or Limbonic Art.
>    Do you content with the current situation of the band in the
gothic scene?Or do you think you have still time to be placed among the best
As I said we don`t care about specific “scenes”. We have never really
felt too attached to the gothic metal scene even though a lot of people
label our music as that. We simply want to continue to build the band
stronger and bigger and reach out to as many people as possible, it
doesn`t matter who enjoys our music and I think with this new album we have
a good chance to open the eyes of people in very different musical
enviroments than we have done in the past.
>    What are Trail of Tears future plans?Some gigs/tours for example?
We just finished a five weeks European tour with Therion and Tristania
in Europe which took us to 14 different countries. A great tour indeed.
After the release we will follow up with another tour in Europe, we
have offers for Mexico and South America later in the year and I guess
there will also be some festivals in the summer.
>    Being a gothic band member,do you  live in a real gothic way?I
mean in terms of life style,be it in reading taste(books)or in watching
taste  (movies)?
Again we approach the thing called individual interpretation. I don`t
see myself as a gothic person really and we just make the music we want
and if it end up sounding gothic to someone then that`s fine by us. I
don`t paint my face with gothic makeup, wear those clothes or
accessories, nor am I interested in drinking blood or cutting myseld as a lot of
people into this thing do. I`m more of a metal head, I wear usually
black clothes simply because I like it better and I watch and read
whatever I find interesting, regardless of genre. 
>    Say your fave gothic writers and books please?
It`s cliches to say Anne Rice but I love her. But like I said I don`t
focus more on this than any other styles, I read a lot of different
things. My favourite writer is Brett Easton Ellis, though he has nothing to
do with the gothic genre.
>    Any last words for enemies?
Hahaha, I don`t waste my time on that! People who regard me as their
enemy should do that if they want, I live my life regardless of what
people say.
>    Thanks a lot for your help,you can close the interview!
Thanks to you too, hopefully we`ll be able to come there soon to
create some madness!


On Thorns I Lay Interview

Hi Minas,How do you do in these great autumn days?What are the latest
news from On Thorns I Lay ?
 There is too much rain in the town where I live in and I feel
depressed. Summer was just a glance and now we are back to
melancholia. So, this is the best time for us to make songs and this is
what we do. We are preparing the songs for our new
Your 6th  album ‘Egocentric ‘has alreday been out ,what can you say us
about this new melocholia?
 As every album, ‘Egocentric’ was a new step for us. We managed to
describe the typical disturbed personality of the man in
our century using two basic elements: Metal and Melody.
On Thorns I Lay is a band which i follow from the very early
days(Sounds of Beautiful Experinence).There has been a real kind
of progress in the band since its very first release.So Minas,is this
something you planned when you just began to play
/consruct OTIL?I mean is  the current sound character of OTIL was
something already planned?
 No, ofcourse not. We always play when we feel like playing and we feel
free to express ourselves each way we desire. This
has nothing to do with plans. Besides, we are not professionals
musicians and we are doing this for fun.
So, through the years we were honest enough to play what we felt like
playing having no plans in mind.
Related with previous one,what are your future plans for OTIL?
 Write music.
Any gigs planned so far?
 We were talking these days about playing in a festival in Poland but
nothing is settled yet. The thing with us is that due to
our professions we don’t have time for touring. We are more like a
studio band, you know…
Each OTIL album has its own character,more Gothic atmosphere  in
Orama,less meloncholic in Angeldust.So may you say your
fave OTIL album or song?Mine is Crystal Tears of course,yet i think i
should add Sounds of … to the list as well…
 I am sorry but there are no favourite albums or songs. Each one is an
element of our history. However I’d like to mention that
I tent to listen more often: Love can Be A Wave (Future Narcotic),
Crystal Tears (Crystal Tears), When I’m gone (Egocentric)
and of course Oceans (Orama).
I want to ask a weird question now,is there possibility of returning to
Sounds of  Beautiful…times ,at least just in one song?
For example with some brutal vox parts?
 Definately. Our new album is going to have brutal, clean and female
You lyrical concept also deserves attention,can you enlighten us about
the lyrical structure employed in the Egocentric?
 There is a concept in Egocentric… A guy (depressed and lonely town
man) is talkin about himself in the songs. Each song is
a different aspect of his disturbed personality. In ‘When I’m gone’ he
talks about his father, In ‘Quotation for Listening’ he
talks about whores, in ‘Lack in Resorts’ about his drug addictions, in
‘Poster on a Wall’ about sexual depression and so on.
I’m thinkin about making an enlightment of the concept in ‘Egocentric’
in our ‘OTIL Cool Stuff’ page…
  It seems you decided to lower female vox parts in the songs ,may i
learn what made you to decide so?
 It has to do with the concept. There is supposed to be this scared
person talking all the time about himself (Egocentric!!)
so we thought that it would be more apropreate to use clean male vocals
instead of female or brutal ones.
Katatonia touches can clearly be felt in Angeldust.I think you are
(very)into Katatonia and Paradise Lost albums.
What are your other inspirations ?Candlemass,My Dying Bride for
example?On the other hand,do you like Paradise Lost s
new albums?Some songs are ok yet i-of course-prefer the ancient
Paradise Lost acts like Draconian Times,
Shades of God and Icon…They were(and stil are)real doom/death classics…
 We like many bands and of course the ones you mentioned. Katatonia is
one of our favourites. We actually like this change
in musical style in bands like Paradise Lost. we take it as
evolutionary step. Now that they have changed they give you the
opportunity to say ‘I like the older style’ or ‘I prefer the new style’
or ‘I keep up with the change because I evolve as
well as a listener’ but in no case you cannot say ‘I am bored of them,
they are still playing the same!!’
Excepting the doom/gothic metal,what kind of music you listen?For (far)
example,are you into Black metal
and death metal as well?
 I am not a fan but Stefanos and Chris like Black Metal. I’d say I
prefer Death although it is not my favourite. Fotis
is listening to Rick Astley :)))
Are the band members friendly while not recording or giging in On
Thorns I Lay?I mean are you also a good friends?
 Of course, even though we don’t see each other often due to our jobs
that keeps us appart in different towns.
Once I heard that your real jop is ‘Chemist’ Is this true?Do you like
your jop?Actually it would be interesting…
 I love it! Right now I am working 2 years on a thesis where the goal is
to syntesise inhibitors of an enzyme of the
human metabolism that will hopefully help people who suffer from
Diabetes Type II to control their blood glucose level.
I also know how to make amphetamines from simple molecules (easily
found in the market) like phenyl alanine! ;)
Can you tell me now,what exactly you think when you hear these?
The butt of my girlfriend
The belly of my girlfriend
Burning Church?
An evolutionary step.
Thanks a lot Minas,for your time and patience,i hope the best for On
Thorns I Lay s future.
Thanks you for your interest. It’s a plesure.



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