Uhrilehto Interview

Hail Uhrilehto!Lets start the presentation of the band for those who are unlucky enough to skip the name of Uhrilehto so far,when exactly the band has founded and with which aims you are creating songs under the banner of Uhrilehto?
Hails to you as well! Uhrilehto was formed `96, Nidhogg remaining as a only original member. Current line-up is Nidhogg-vox, Essiah-bass, Cyclotron-drums and Noirgrim-guitars. We stand for spreading and expressing Finnish mentality of oppression channelled to different forms.
“Ihmisvihan Elitti” has recently unleashed from the German label Schwarzdorn.Talking about the reponses so far, how is the promotion going? And, how are the reactions to thw album so far?
Promotion is going well, Schwarzdorn does a great job! Reactions have been so far mainly positive, some shit is given through criticism but it only strenghten us,so it`s only a good thing!
There is a slight change in your style.You are now on more brutal and death metal originated wing, still having black metal touches as well. Have you ever thought that some orthodox fans may commend on that attitude in a negative way?
The development to this sound has come as a natural part of necessary evolution as I see it. Even though it seems we are counted now among a big trend of turning more to death metal as many bands nowadays do…but you can take a guess do we give a shit about others opinions. Certainly theres those who are pissed off, but we are not here to please anyone!
There is an also open-minded attitude in the album.Various elements harmonied in an effective way; making the musical journey interesting and  outstanding. Are you generally an open minded musician or can we define you as an ortthodox dinosour?
Thats true, open-minded with lots of free flowing vibes on it. I consider myself an open-minded musician as I`ve played, play and listen a lot of different stuff. It is the hand that feeds me, so I rather not bite it.
Do you like reading magazines /fanzines which is dedicated to this scene? People are not interested in such kind of stuff anymore, there are webzines bla bla, they generally chose this way.i m addicted to the smell of paper.
When I was younger I did read a lot more than now, such “fanaticism” towards the scene is replaced by other things that takes my time and money, last mentioned being a big reason why some of my interests are limited. Anyway, ink on a paper as well word on the web, they`re both fine.
Can you mention about your lyrics? What kind of themes you try to depict? Do you use them literarally conceptional, or write them just to put into the booklet?
Uhrilehto lyrics can be considered as pages from the diary of madman. They are enough simple, raw and “fist in the face” to understand them (if you are a Finnish)…but still having something to read between the lines, and this is what some monkeys dont get when they throw shit about the words. Themes are straight to business with oppression, hate and revenge etc. You know, some serious mental problems can be a good thing!
On the other hand, what is the title “Ihmisvihan Eliitti” stands for? And there fore, what might be your inspirations while chosing an album title for the Uhrilehto?
It means “Elite of Misanthropy” and its a title that suits perfectly to describe the whole album, as if it binds all the songs to a one concept with a twisted thin red line. Thats what we seek when we want a title to represent the album.
Another subject that i want to learn more about is the name of the band; Uhrilehto. What made you to find this name for your band? What kind of meaning hidden behind this title?
Translated it means “Sacrificial grove”. It was a idea of former guitarist, I wasn`t part of the group back then. There`s a relation of death on it, connected with mysticism of it as it was (as the name says) a place, a grove where the people brought the dead and cherish them by sacrifices, before our time.
What are your ideas on the live black metal performances? Dont you think it is supposed to be misanthropic when we talk about the black metal? Meantime, do you have any plans for gigs /concerts? Actually i want to take your opinions about these huuge fuckin fests/gigs? What do you think when you see these pseudo black metal bands on the stage ,in front of the thousand asshole? Considering that the true black metal must be misanthropic , what can you say about such kind of live activities?
I can see what you mean, but I think there`s underground for the underground and as well attitude in those concerts when the name defines something. I mean I got a bit dissapointed for not seeing Dissection last summer here in Finland on festival, if you read between the lines. It would be great to do gigs, but at the moment we have problems with rehearsing, time and money. Anyhow, Nidhogg have had some talk about some few possible gigs on next summer, let`s see what happens
What can you say about todays black metal scene of Finland? Do you think that the bands like Children of Bodom can represent the true Finnish concept of the Finnish Black Metal? Isn’t it shame when a couple of pussy addict hippies play black metal only for the sake of money and fame? Covering Britney Spears etc?(I prefer Britney to Children of Bodom that is.)
Finland has a strong scene created by strong bands. But I don`t see COB never being a black metal or able anyhow to represent Finnish BM. I think their debyt is a great album, everything else ever since is not my cup of tea. It is a shame if some do music for money and fame, but it`s also a shame if the people make the band look like they?re doing it for such things…well, be it this or like that it`s all gone to hell. Actually, we have covered Texas and Roxette, so it makes us even worse.
Are there any philosophies that you feel yourself close to? Be it National Socialism or Nihilism or any other? On the other hand, Some of these black metallers of today say that mixing politics with music is wrong… Can you define what’s politics and what’s not? Isn’t singing about church or synagogue arsons also a political subject in this or that way? It deals with religious intolerance – and that is a political topic in my opinion! What about yours?
You have a certain point as you mentioned religious intolerance and lets add the attempt to change and direct things by singing about acts and opinions in general on theory as doing them in practice, so there`s a piece of politic manifest allright if we want to see it that way…and as it is said war is continuation of policy. But I wish not the case when bands mix nations practiced politics on music on higher level and degree, it`s a eternal sea I definately don`t want to sail and drown. I feel myself standing by my own dark region, collecting values and thoughts that I find being worth of me and what I`m worth of. Developing myself by basis of them and to them. So when it comes to some certain philosophy, it would be naive to put up any terms…it`s the dark materia of mine.
Talking about the Finland, are you proud of your being Norseman? And, by this or that way, related with this subject, Is “Black Metal only for White People” in your opinion? For me actually(Being a Slav),it would be meaningless to say that it is impossible for any different coloured race to develop exact talents or skills or qualities, i mean i wouldnt reject anyone just because of his/her skin colour or racial belonging, nevertheless; this does not necessarily mean that i believe in Judeo-Christian tradition called “equality”, which enables racial integration in todays Europe. So, what can you say about all these?
Yes, I`m proud to walk this northern soil and proud to be a son of Finland, son of North.I would be a hypocrite to say that I have no nothing against the colored people, but as well I cannot say I have no nothing against white people. So say it here; be it any color, any race, black or white or anything between develop and proceed as long you don`t fuck with me with anything that dwell`s beneath the skin, I have no tolerance for that. Any fuckin way humans have genetic legacy behind million years, we are all subhumans equally low.
On the other hand, lets say, if you happen to jailed one day, can you imagine that how would be your condition ? I mean, may be because of Uhrilehto, or because of any other thing. Meantime, have you ever had problems with the police? Is the Finnish laws strict on arsonism, religious fanaticism etc?
Ive had some problems with police. Finnish law is somewhat strict in general but it has wormholes here and there. Criminal activity of religious movements are low here ,it`s a whole different issue in the middle-east…and as well any form of satanic crime is rarely focused on by the public eye. Well, of course here has been grave desecrations, arson and ritual murder…but they`re not popping up like mushrooms in the rain. If I get arrested and have jail, I think it`s because of my temperment,…I get to extreme aggression when it`s needed and it comes like a stormwind that blinds my consiousness. But I rather not spend my time behind the bars, so don`t hope any situation that would lead me to jail.
My questions are here ended, do you have any final words to spit on the hypocritical faces of the humans here?
Well, thanks for the interwiew! Check out Uhrilehto album,it`s about peace and happiness for the fraudulent race of homo sapiens!

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