Trail Of Tears Interviews

>    Hi all!How are the things at Norway,i hope nothing bad at Trail of
Tears’ camp!?
Everything is fine up here thanks, we`re just waiting for the album to
be released and doing as much promotion as possible!
>    Lets start with the latest activities of the band.What can you say
about the coming album recently titled as ‘Free Fall into Fear’?
The album will be out in Europe on February 28th, there have been a lot
of delays because of computer problems in the studio but finally
everything is ready. The album will contain 10 songs, musically it is a
natural continuance of the previous material. I would say that the main
differences lay in the production of the album, it is more direct and
hard-hitting and of course you have the thing with female vocals, like most
people know by now they are not present on the new album. We felt that
we needed to take things in a different and new direction in order not
to become a parody of ourselves so in that sense it is a new thing for
the band.
>    I think it is again from the Napalm Records,am i right?
It will be out on Napalm Records in Europe, yes, and we are working on
license deals now for the rest of the world.
>    When compared to ancient Trail of Tears releases,what kind of new
elements are employed in the new album?
The biggest difference is like I mentioned the lack of female vocals.
In addition to that there are of course certain things which sound a
little different, for example we have toned down the use of keyboards a
bit so that the material sounds more direct and heavy.
>    Did you also tried something different in the lyrical structure
?Is there any concept that is specially depicted in this coming album?
There is no concept to speak of in the traditional sense though several
of the songs deal with the same issues, namely supressed feelings that
come to the surface when confronted by them. There is a great deal of
anger and hatred in the lyrics but also more uplifting and positive
angles. I think it`s important to find a good balance which reflect the
human mind. There are also some new subjects that I have taken up this
time, people will see for themselves.
>    Do you have any side projects?
Well, Kjetil is also in Green Carnation of coyrse but it`s a fulltime
band and not really a sideproject, Jonathan also plays with Sirenia and
we do session work from time to time with other bands, our bass player
will do the world tour with Tristania this year and I have some offers
myself, we have to see.
>    Are into black metal scene as well-especially when you are coming
from the Norway-?What kind of music do you listen except your onw vein?
I personally listen to a lot of black metal, I`m not really interested
in any particular scene I just listen to whatever I find interesting,
wheter it`s extreme metal or pop, it doesn`t matter. Some of my
favourite bands are black metal though, such as Emperor, Dimmu or Limbonic Art.
>    Do you content with the current situation of the band in the
gothic scene?Or do you think you have still time to be placed among the best
As I said we don`t care about specific “scenes”. We have never really
felt too attached to the gothic metal scene even though a lot of people
label our music as that. We simply want to continue to build the band
stronger and bigger and reach out to as many people as possible, it
doesn`t matter who enjoys our music and I think with this new album we have
a good chance to open the eyes of people in very different musical
enviroments than we have done in the past.
>    What are Trail of Tears future plans?Some gigs/tours for example?
We just finished a five weeks European tour with Therion and Tristania
in Europe which took us to 14 different countries. A great tour indeed.
After the release we will follow up with another tour in Europe, we
have offers for Mexico and South America later in the year and I guess
there will also be some festivals in the summer.
>    Being a gothic band member,do you  live in a real gothic way?I
mean in terms of life style,be it in reading taste(books)or in watching
taste  (movies)?
Again we approach the thing called individual interpretation. I don`t
see myself as a gothic person really and we just make the music we want
and if it end up sounding gothic to someone then that`s fine by us. I
don`t paint my face with gothic makeup, wear those clothes or
accessories, nor am I interested in drinking blood or cutting myseld as a lot of
people into this thing do. I`m more of a metal head, I wear usually
black clothes simply because I like it better and I watch and read
whatever I find interesting, regardless of genre. 
>    Say your fave gothic writers and books please?
It`s cliches to say Anne Rice but I love her. But like I said I don`t
focus more on this than any other styles, I read a lot of different
things. My favourite writer is Brett Easton Ellis, though he has nothing to
do with the gothic genre.
>    Any last words for enemies?
Hahaha, I don`t waste my time on that! People who regard me as their
enemy should do that if they want, I live my life regardless of what
people say.
>    Thanks a lot for your help,you can close the interview!
Thanks to you too, hopefully we`ll be able to come there soon to
create some madness!



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