Thyrfing Interview

Hi Patrik ,how the things in Sweden nowadays? I hope everything is all right at your side…
Yep, it’s just fine over fine. Had a nice long sleep tonight, some coffee, and now I’m about to watch Sergio Leone’s epic “Once Upon a Time in The West”.
Lets start with the latest activities of the band ?
Well, things has been happening extremely slow for us, ever since the recording of “Vansinnesvisor” in October 2001. However, we’ve realized that quality is far more important than quantity and after released four albums which has been very appreciated by people, you have to be quite picky when writing material. We are not aiming to repeat ourselves, neither to get too far away from the rooted Thyrfing-sound. It’s not that easy and the writing process has been very slow, with several interruptions for several reasons… However, right now we have like 5 songs finished which we are really satisfied with.
As far as i know,you are working on the new full length,Can you say what is planned yet for this coming release?
-We hope that we can have it released during the first half of 2005. I think it would be a really good timing for us, keeping the festival-season in mind. If we would succeed it would be the first time we had some really good timing in the band haha.
Will you record the new album in Abyss again or in Dug-Out studio?Have you decided yet?
Nothing is decided yet. However, I can tell for sure that it won’t be in Abyss Studio.
Will there be any change in Lyrical concept? Are you planning to depict something diverse/different this time?
I think it would be pretty much in line with our latest effort, “Vansinnesvisor” i.e. quite dark and folkloric stuff. As explained in several interviews before, we ran out of ideas for the heroic Viking-themes after “Urkraft”. You can’t go writing the same thing over and over again you know… however we always try to keep a certain reference to the northern mythology and tales.
I think 2003 was a kind of concert/festival year for Thyrfing,may you tell us about these live performances ,about the atmospheres of this fests?How was Wacken?
First we did a mini-tour in the Easter in Finland together with Barathrum, Skyforger and Luciferase. It was … well, primitive, quite chaotic and definitely Metal…haha. It was a nice tour for sure, especially as we’ve never before played in Finland. Then we did the Generation Armageddon-festivals in May with labelmates Ancient Rites, Septic Flesh, Primordial, Blood Red Throne and Skyfire. It was a great atmosphere and plenty of fun during this tour, and the first gigs were really successful for us as well. Unfortunately, our drummer Jocke was food-poisoned and had to leave the tour. So the rest of the shows had to be cut-out or played with a different line-up (our vocalist Thomas can do drums as well) with only a few songs etc… totally chaos actually, but I think the fans appreciated it, and it grew us tighter as “a band” with all these circumstances… Then we did two very good festivals, on the main-stages of 2000 Decibel in Sweden and Wacken in Germany…two fantasic gigs…especially Wacken. A memory for life.
Do you think is it good thing for a band to gather only in concert times? Should the band be friendly while not rehearsing or recording something as well? What’s your opinion about this ?
Most of us were friends already before we formed the band, so we are definitely one of those “friends-within-the-band”-bands… I think it has both advantages and disadvantages… one of the good things are that you know each other extremely well, how different members are going to react to different things etc., plus that we’re having such a good time when we are doing things like touring, recording etc. On the negatives, you might mix up your personal life with the band, and not being able to think “professionally” if we should put it that way. Like “hey, I am going out for a beer later on with this this guy, so I don’t want to start up a fuss about that riff, or something…”. But in the long run I think it’s a good thing being friends outside the band.
Being a band from Sweden,and being a Swedish,Could you tell us the Swedish people s characteristics?I had some great memories with the Swedish in the past…great remembrance…
I think the most common thing is that people are quite reserved and “cold” comparing to people from the southern continent. You may call it “anit-social”, shy or whatever. And then, when we drink we get extremely drunk, want to be everyone’s friend, and tell everybody exactly what we think… and then the next day we’re having a bad-ass hang-over and being totally quite again..haha. I know this is generalising and the archetype of Swedes, but anyway… if you meet Swedish band abroad they’re most probably drunk all the time so you’ll probably only see the latter side of them…haha.
What is your biggest influnce? A spirit,nature or gloom that aging in our veins…
My biggest influence is probably all the great music I’ve listened/listen to… at the end of the day, it’s all about music for me. Of course, books, film, nature etc. could be an influence as well. But it’s mainly music…
What do you feel when you listen your own songs while sitting with a glass of red wine in your home ,at night?
Hey, I never drink wine…haha. I’m getting the worst hangovers from it, and I only drink it if I’m out of beer, whiskey or booze. But I actually enjoy listening to Thyrfing when being drunk… but I try to avoid it, feels like I’m trying to “show-off” and the other people probably get annoyed after 2-3 songs…hehe.
What do you listen nowadays?open your cd player and tell me why!?
I mostly listen to bands that I’ve been listening to for a few years. It’s not often I discover new good bands nowadays. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to: Skyclad, Ayreon, W.A.S.P., Opeth, Ajattara + a couple of new soundtracks (The Last Samurai, Kill Bill vol. 2, Pirates of The Carribbean… I really get a kick out of that stuff…)
This may sound weird;What is your favorite Bathory song?mine is ‘Woman of Dark Desires’;a real classic for me …
 I think I have to say “One Road to Asa Bay”. That song almost puts me into tears, when listening to it… actually the whole album is 10/10 for me, but that song has it’s little extra… “It’s only just….begun”. Brilliant. “Women of Dark Desires” is an ok song, but the albums before “Hammerheart” never really triggered it for me. I mostly like the epic albums, also “Twilight of The Gods”, “Blood on Ice” and the new “Nordland”-albums are great too.
Do you want to add something as a conclusion?
Nothing excepts for thanking you for the interview. And check our website at for updates in the Thyrfing-world…
It started to rain here,i should go and have some walk,thanx for your time Patrik, it has been a pleasure to meet you.
Dito. Have a nice walk…with our without umbrella…



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