Thunderbolt Interview

Salut Paimon and Poland!Lets take an harsh start to make everything crystal.You were affiliated with the NSBM scene in your early days, but have rejected the ideology in favour of Luciferian Ecclesiasticism. What were the reasons for this change ,which reflected into your music in  splendid way,that is.?
Hail! THUNDERBOLT was devilish band since the beginning. Our ideology was and will be Luciferian. That’s the path we follow. So-called “NSBM” scene and bands such like GRAVELAND, FULLMOON, INFERNUM, VELES was the only scene in my area at that time (in 1993 when we joined black metal movement) and we were close to this scene and those people till 1998/1999. Anyway we didn’t ever feel any connections with policy itself because I’m individualist and I walk my own way in life and I don’t need any mundane policy, religion or whatever to feel better in this world of shit. We just wanted to underline and state that we’ve NOTHING in common with “NSBM” as some assholes still wants to attribute us to it. I hate humans at all and I don’t care about any people and I don’t care if they’re white, black or whatever. Most of mankind is just worthless shit, humans are the biggest plague and they deserve the total death. 
So Paimon,to make this interview more specific,can i take your ideas on this,expanding the subject throughout then whole Nsbm scene,and,in some personal level,regarding this kind of lifestyle and point of ?
Well, this “problem” is very complex. However, I’ve lost my interest in mankind and humans years ago. Mostly they’re scum, nothing more for me. That’s the biggest plague on this planet, no doubt. Sometimes I read about some great ancient cultures and I know that was something far beyond everything that the present mankind represents and have to offer. I’m an anti-social person and I do my best to avoid society and humans at all… I don’t care about it, this world is heading towards selfdestruction. Everything I can tell you about “NSBM” is that there are so many stupid kids and assholes that even don’t understand the ideology they hail. In my opinion that was the big mistake to mix any political shit with black metal which is far beyond any “social” problems. But policy is helpful like wise to religion in extermination of humans as well as it’s important thing to control weak sheeps which can’t find their own independent way in their worthless life.    
What do you think about the term “Fanaticism” in arts?Can “fanaticism” be a fuel for the creativity of an artist?And,therefore,are there any seeds of “fanaticism” in the construction of the Thunderbolt?
Well, I’m more an open-minded person than an ideological fanatic. I think there are always good as well as bad things in differtent specific ideologies. I have my own vision and way of life and I do my best to step forward not backward, to deveope all the time. I’m sure that fanaticism could be a fuel for some artists but I don’t need it. I just do what I think is right for me and THUNDERBOLT’s music is reflection of our feelings and thoughts. We’re only fanatics of black metal and satan’s fucking metal. Hail!
Returning to the music,let me congratulateyou  for your latest two album,”Burning Deed of Deceit” and “Inhuman Ritual Massmurder”.These are one the best black metal albums that i have listened in recent years.How would you define this success,also with regarding the inspirations for those albums?
Thank you ! Black metal is just the most important “thing” in our life, so we create the most convincing, quality and premeditated stuff every time. I think that only the people who sacrifice their life for black metal can create something special, unique and reliable. We just feel it, that’s our life. Black metal flows through our veins.  Inspirations…? Hmmm, our life and experiences, darkness, desecration, war, hate, death, pain, evil, misanthropy … nostalgia…
“Inhuman Ritual Massmurder” smells more brutal and death-like when compared to “Burning Deed of Deceit”.Do you define this as  a musical progress or ?
I’m sure that you can find some death metal touches on “Burning…” too. We’re fans of satanic death metal, I worship some classic stuff from this genre so I’m sure we’ve found some inspirations there too. “Inhuman…” is just more brutal, more violent stuff. We felt so much hatred while composing “IRM” and this album is like an eruption of it. As for progression – yes, that’s important too, I think it’s fucking boring and I see no reason in recording same albums all the time.
Also some fans blame you for these ideological and musical winds of changes.What can you say about these sheeps?
I don’t care. We do what we want to do. Grasp it or fuck off and die.                                                                                          
Do you currently support any  ideology, or are you merely anti-Christian? What are your thoughts on the presence of neo-Heathenism in black metal?
Yes, I’m an anti-christian. But my ideology has nothing to do with christianity and it has nothing to do with slavish-like way of thinking. I have no god over myself, I’m individualist with misanthropic and dark personality. Yes,  I ‘m anti-christian, My band is one of my own forms of fighting against slavish way of thinking which fucking christians spread. About, as you called it, neo-Heathenism in black metal I can tell you that I’m not familiar with this and I think that black metal should be devilish. Black metal was always about Lucifer, darkness, evil… That’s my point of view. Everything I can tell you is I support every form of anti-christian activity.
Is the line-up on _Inhuman Ritual Massmurder_ a stable one, or are they simply session musicians who will be replaced on the recording of the new album?
No. Definately, they aren’t session musicians. Only D. (bass) is no longer a member of THUNDERBOLT and he has been replaced by Triumphator. THUNDERBOLT is: Paimon (guitars), Necrosodom (guitars, vocals), Stormblast (drums) and Triumphator (bass).
Related with the previous one,Thunderboly seemed to be a one man band,yet thesere are also photos of the new members in the last albums’s booklet.What can you say about this regarding the future releases etc?
THUNDERBOLT since 3 years is a full-member band. Not a studio-project as it was before. We have regular rehearsals, we play some live desecrations and we create new stuff together. We enter the studio in February Anno 2006  to record our next album. Line-up will be almost the same as during “IRM” session (except D.). Expect pure hell and blasphemy! 666
What happened to previous band members? I heard that at least one was imprisoned?Is it true?What was the reason?
Yes. Uldor was a drummer in THUNDERBOLT since 1996 till 1997 and he has recorded drums on MCD called “Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty” (now re-released on Christhunt Productions as 7” EP). He has been captured and sentenced to 4 years for church burning, assault and battery and destroying the proofs of murder of any tramp that was stabbed by his pal a night before he was arrested… The other members just had to go away due to the lack of time, lack of involvement in black metal and so on. 
What do you think about changes in the zines creation? I mean changes that are caused because of the computerization and mainly slow decay of the dedicated printed zines. Do you think that the situation will turn round and we will desire xeroxed zines not webzines in the near future?
I don’t think so. Internet is helpful invention but it has killed an old traditions, spirit and cult within the metal underground. When I’ve started my adventure with the underground I’ve been going to the post office almost everyday, sending demos, trading it with people from the whole world, writing letters, spreading flyers, buying zines… I was spending all my money on it. That was the spirit… Now people prefer webzines, they download those fucking mp3 and so on… I think it won’t change. That’s sad. Personally, of course, I prefer those paper motherfuckers and can’t wait to see your zine. I’ve been raised by metal of 80’s and mid-90’s so sometimes I feel confused and lost in this fucking internet-era…
Do you play in any other bands besides Thunderbolt?and thereffore,have you ever though about the negative sides of the “side-project”?Dont you think that musician can be more effective when he focus on only one band,one Project? do you think it helps your creativity when you play in some other side projects as well? Or have you ever though that it may have some negative sides when you have to spend some ‘musical’ time apart from your own band? Dont you think that you must be a bit selfish for the sake of your own band?
I have no time for any side-projects and other bands actually. THUNDERBOLT is my only band and I don’t think about any side-project now. Yes, I compose some different stuff than I do for THUNDERBOLT. There are some very dark, atmospheric and depressive riffs that doesn’t match the THUNDERBOLT spirit… However, I’m not going to record it just due to the lack of time. I don’t think it would bother THUNDERBOLT in any way if I recorded it one day. 
Do you read much? What books have you read recently? Do you have any favourite authors?On the other hand,to what extend you ar etaking inspirations from the books you read?(While composing lyrics etc)
I don’t have much time for reading these days. If I find some free time though I read Nietzsche, some works concerning the bloody history of christianity, some stuff about II World War etc. I’m not an author of the lyrics in THUNDERBOLT, I’m not talented in writing lyrics so I don’t need any inspirations from books to write. I’m sure that the books are great inspiration for many lyrics-writers.
Another weird one on the way;Are you married? And what kind of effects could marriage have on the creativity of the artist? Have you ever thought of this? It sure one may be more creative when he is alone,yet what about a man married with children!?
I don’t think that close relationship with woman could interfere creativity. Definately not. I have a girlfriend myself and it doesn’t bother me in any way. She’s not my wife actually, not yet, but she will be for sure in the future. I see no problem. She gives me lots of support and energy in life. When I compose I close my mind and focus on exteme and negative emotions mostly… That’s all. I know some people already married and they have children and they create great black metal stuff, so…
The Last weird one;do you have any question that you wanted to ask me?
What is the essence of existence?
Ok Paimon,let me leave you alone before boring you to death.Thanks a lot for your majestic help.Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most please?                            
Thanks a lot for your support! Your questions were very interesting. Respect. Visit our website at: http://www.thunderbolt. pl for news etc. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”, NIETSZCHE.



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