Throneum Interview

  1. Hail Tomasz,please intoduce your band to the ones who dont know you well…
 Throneum was born in hell, to bring and spread fucking hell… that’s the only goal. Fuck off! Yeah, haha… but, we are mortal shit, so hell will swallow us fucking soon! 
  1. As far as i heard you are working with Apocalyptor Records at the moment, do you content with Australian label?
 Up till now Apocalyptor released our split CD with mighty MARTIRE and re-released our second demo tape “The Underground Storms Eternally” on CD. Soon they should release LP versions of both releases and picture LP of our second album “Mutiny Of Death”. We are very satisfied with their work!!! 
  1. How was the recording session for Mutiny Of Death?In general,what do you feel when you enter to the studio to create your art?Mood must be an important element at those times.
 What do we feel? Mood is not important, mostly when we start to play there is enough sulphur in the air to righ infernal performance!!! ARGH! Our music is negative, evil, morbid and dead, so the same we feel while playing it… it’s closed circle! But we are normal guys, just a bit fixed haha… we turn out to be maniacal sadists when we start to play. That’s the fucking core of all this shit! 
  1. What is planned for the Throneum’s future?In which ’level/status’wolud you like to see your band?
 We plane to play in the front of Satan and His elite… 
  1. For the ones who havent ever listened Throneum,what kind of descriptive words would you use to define its musical character?
 “We are senseless ugly, we are senseless raw, we are senseless aggressive… fuck off and die!” 
  1. ‘No originality, no own style, no musical progress, but only aggressive, raw and ugly Metal as it should be – that’s the only goal of the band!!!’This is a quote from your bio, can you tell more about this fine idea?
 Hm… I wrote it a few lines above. We don’t care about good and skilled riff playing, hate triggers and digital/modern craps… we play old and dead music for dead people. Don’t care about all these shitheads listening to crappy and modern disco stuff (called metal unfortunately). 
  1. Related with that quote,what do you think about the shit called senfonic black metal?If you ask me;i just think of shit?
 I don’t think! FUKK! Official, so called, “black metal” of nowadays is too modern, to shitty too childish… I wouldn’t call it metal and for sure isn’t it “black”!!! Crap!!!
I don’t care! I’m completely into underground shit like Watain, Decayed, Necroplasma, GoatMolestor, Nachtmystium, Heptameron and stuff like this… it’s the core of Darkness and fucking Evil !!! 
  1. Correct me if i am wrong,you have a side Project called Morbid Execution,am i right?Have you any other side projects?Can you mention about Morbid Executions musical style?
 Yes, Morbid Execution is one of ours projects. It’s total Hell Necro Metal Shit in vein of Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer, Autopsy and the like stuff… just riffs, that don’t fit to Throneum. Slow and mid tempo only, obscure vocal and fucking dirty sound!
Another our band is Worship Death. We’ll record first demo within a month I guess. There are only bass lines, drums and infernal mad vocals… hm… it’s something like early Barathrum mixed with Countess – darkness, total primitive sabbatical anti-riffs and Satan! 
  1. What is your opinions about the new veins of metal?I mean nu-metal,thrash-core/death-core(what the fuck…)?
 I wouldn’t call nu-shit as metal, so I don’t see any reason to talk about it… I’m really not interested in any new core stuff too! Only old core bands like DRI or SOD paid my attention, but also not too much. 
  1. What are you listening nowadays?Give us some killer names?
 Lately (I mean a few last days) I mole state my ears by Funeralium “Ultra Sick Doom”, Buried Beneath “The Last Rays Of The Moon”, Countess “Heilig Vuur”, Impiety / Surrender Of Divinity split, Necrosanct “Incarnate”, Danzig “Circle of Snakes” and Venom “Welcome to Hell” – just these CDs/tapes lay near by my Hi-Fi in this moment. 
  1. May i take your fine ideas on Nihilism?In which way it comes to be an inspiration for you?
 Fine ideas of Nihilism? Hahaha… I don’t understand what you mean. Satan’s Metal is nihilistic, evil and mad… there is no fine ideas… just pure total death!!! 
  1. Having some negative aspects,fanaticism has also some postive sides especially when you play extreme kinds of metal music.In which way do you think a person should take some inspirations from Fanaticism?
 If someone is real die hard maniac it doesn’t mean he’s a fanatic… all fanatics should be burn on the stakes… let the whole earth burn these flames!!! 
  1. Any word for enemies?
 Drink boiling goat sulphur sperm and let goat horns rape your gay assess forever! 
  1. Any word for allies?
 Fukk off too!!! 
  1. Thanks for support,add your last spell ,you can close the interview!
“Dogface demons appeared around my temple
All walls start to burst
She is here and waits for me… Pestilent Death” – beware this name! “Pestilent Death” will crush you fucking soon! 



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