The Meads of Asphodel Interview

Salut The Meads of Asphodel team!I hope everything is ok. at your side.Can we start with the latest news from your side?You have released a new album- Damascus Steel -and…

This is out third album and it basically details the conflict between East and West where Christian Crusaders and Islamic fundamentalists are clashing even to this day. The war of  three religions all rooted to the creed of Abraham, Christians, Jews and Muslims. Of who is right and wrong depends on what side you view things from. This is the problem of the Middle-Eastern inferno, the clash ot cultures and Gods where divided faith and race try to destroy each other. Again, it is the innocent who perish in the flames of war, the ignorant who sacrifice their flesh to the gods. This is an album of blood and religion.


The Meads of Asphodel is one of the most original and interesting metal bands ever.With what kind inspirations you create this kind of songs which are swimming in the oceans of variety?

The music of Sigh is what captivated me many moons ago. The way the mcd, Ghastly Funeral Theatre, explores uncharted paths with bizzare arrangements and off the wall sounds, yet all musically absorbing. To make music so complex but so easy on the ears was my first vision. The band have strived to create the obscure of warmth and coldness set to the music. We draw upon the blazing guitar atmosphers of Venom, the space atmospheres of Hawkwind and the dark essence of Black Metal.


Your lyrics suggest a more than average knowledge of the monotheistic religions,more  than the average black metal odes to Luciferian Ecclesiasticism. Have you ever had any sort of ecclesiastical or philosophical training?

Ah, i have studied the Christion cannon in one way or another, of what academic degree i shall not reveal. I believe you should not mock what you do not understand. So with this ethos, i have tried to undrstand the Christian doctrine from within, its history and construction, its growth from Jewish origins to its conclusive demise in the West. I have learnt that anti-semtitsm was ignited by the Roman Church to absolve their guilt. To blame the Jews for the murder of the Priest King Yeshua and to leave the cruel Pontia Pilate blameless of his ruthless act. There is no doubt the Jewish prophet lived, no doubt he was destroyed by the barbaraty of the Roman political styatem. For me to believe that the Christ of the Roman church, a Jewish prophet made God by the West to give birth to another false truth. This, and many other aspects of Christianity are a primal focus for my lyrics.


You seem content with the work of Supernal music,do you?Be it in terms of promotion or publicity_

Supernal is a small label and thus we expect no great promotional work. Our music will grow from word of mouth and if you believe then any thing is possible.


Your split with Mayhem without doubt helped you a lot in terms of promöotion.For you what is theimportance of this split in the Meads Of Asphodel’s career?

The split was originally set to a limited 10” vinyl, but ended up as a cd. We originaly thought the cd would contain only our Jihad concept. In any event we are not  foolish enough to believe this release is popular for our contibution only. The Mayhem tracks have a greater meaning to Black Metal fans in genreal and we respect that. In any case, this release is one of those underground oddities and reflects the musical ethos of Supernal perfectly.


What do you think of UK black metal scene nowadays and about that from the couple years ago? I know that you put yourself away from this or that scene, yet still wanted to know as I believe you at least see the things from an objective point of view?

The UK black Metal scene has never been a cohesive entiry like the Norwegian or Finnish scenes. Many nations have strong underground Black Metal scenes, nut the Uk is more of a quality than quantity i beleive in all genres. We have Napalm Death, Cathedral, My Dying Bride, Bal Sagaoth, Akercoke, Annal Nathrak, to name afew.Of the classic era, we have Venom, Sabbat, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Hawkwind, Angel Witch, Carcase, Tank, and the list goes on. The Uk has give the world Heavy Metal and with band slike Discharge and Venom, helped create Thrash, which itseld morphed into Death and Black Metal. I am very proud to be part of this great past and maybe the future.


When you started playing in the band you were very young. How did your look on the world and personalities change from then?

Not as young as you think. All perspectives on life change with age. It is how you learn from your mistakes, and the mistakes of others that make you wise or ignorant. There can be no wisdom found in religion outside the moral teachings within. All out side influences are fundamentally flawed in that to build upon fabrication is to give rise to the greater lie.  I have learned that all life feeds upon the fear of the unknown. The fear of who we are, where we are going and why we must ultimately perish. These questions are answered in many ways by many cultures and yet who really understands the meaning of life? Certainly none of the religions that peck at out minds with merciless beaks of subversion.


How much are the pagan beliefs important for you? Do you think that we all shall pay tribute to our ancestors?

I believe all cultures should hold onto thei ancestral past. The olden ways should never be forgotten as they make us who we really are. To have your identity raped by the indoctrination of an out side poison should never happen but it has always happened. Christianity, Islam and any other growth of alien faith is spread by fear and wrath. These great faiths have devoured the smaller tribes and erased their gods with fire and steel. This is a sad fact and that is why i believe our individual past is so important and we must never forget.


Do you organize or take part in any of the old pagan rituals?

No, but we respect any who do.


Are you satisfied as a musician? Maybe you have to create something else in order to satisfy your ambitions?

We are proud of the Meads of Asphodel and all the band stands for. We have other interests.


Do you think that The Meads of Asphodel is still part of the underground scene?

Yes. Even though we have had great press in the mainstream mags, we still feel part of the underground and are pleased to remain so. We would still like to release obscure 7” singles and split releases. We have as much enthusiasm to do interviews with small zines as well as big publications. The fan is no different to us, we all live for Metal, we follow our bands and are proud to be part of the scene, underground or overground.

Ok. If you have some other side projects then mention about them here. I have a strange feeling that you have some I haven’t heard about yet, hehe…

We have been covering a few old punk/ hardcore songs for a release yet to be confirmed. Bands like Discharge, S.L.F, Ramones, The Saints, Ruts and a few others. The old Punk scene is more relevant to us than the new.


In your web-site ,the words “The Meads of Asphodel believe in all peoples right to live in peace, free from the shackles of inflicted dogma and servitude.”are hailing the audience in your biography section.Regarding that you have a deal with a label which is famous with its NSBM bands,these words may seem to be quite bold for some environments.What can you say about these words and the bands that are gathered under the banner of Supernal music?

We do not care for these bands and have no cares for NSBM. We have no control over Supernals choice of acts. When we signed the label was not obviosly drawn to such bands. Supernal are a dedicated undergound label whos owner undertsand the Black Metal genre more than most. We are now seeking another label as our contract has expired, but we will always honour Supernal for their honesty and passion for the music. As for NSBM, it is more to do with pride in ones culture and not the Nazi connections so many percieve it to be.We respect any nations rights to be proud of their own culture and believe all tribes to be individuals [again, all peoples right to be free], free from the Christian yoke, the Islamic fire, the rascist poison, the greed to dictatorship, and numerous other human defects that contaminate the whole World. The past has shown agressive, waring tribes ultimately become destyroyed by their own blindness.  To be strong and proud does not mean to hate another because of his colour or creed, only to let him know never to insult or try to make us diferent from who we are.


What do you think about changes in the zines creation? I mean changes that are caused because of the computerization and mainly slow decay of the dedicated printed zines. Do you think that the situation will turn round and we will desire xeroxed zines not webzines in the near future?

The old zines were created by more deicated fans because the time and expence to make a paper zine is so much greater than a web-zine. For sure there are many great web-zines, and this has destroyed the paper zines to an extent. I suppose it is free for any wo log onto, where a paper zine you must pay for. Also it is easy to look at a computer screen than open pages. I am a great fan of paper zines and have many from the ninties. Slayer mag/ Isten to name a few.


Do you read much? What books have you read recently? Do you have any favourite other hand,to what extend you ar etaking inspirations from the books you read?(While composing lyrics etc)

I read apocrapha, the non-cannocal works and numerous theories that cipher the life of Jeshua the Jew. Books of Genocide and the deconstruction of the good set amongst an all consuming hatred. Historical works, theological and philisophical works. Anything that will add to my undertsnding [or lack of] towards the world we live in and must suffer in.


Another weird one on the way;Are you married? And what kind of effects could marriage have on the creativity of the artist? Have you ever thought of this? It sure one may be more creative when he is alone,yet what about a man married with children!?

We will dot disclose our lives out side of the band. That has always been something aside from the music. Marriage would no doubt make ones perspective diferent. When a man has children he is more equipt to experience his own meaning upon this world than the man without. To instinctivley protect is not something that occurs with the childless man, yet he who protects is more likely to offer his life than he who does not. The childless man is wrapped with his own foolish perceptions of life and he is both selfish and unwilling to admit his mistakes. He is narrow minded and shallow of heart. For both the father and the fatherless to seek wisdom, it is the father who will embrace its truth. This is my opinion of such things.


I think that’s all what I wanted to know for now. Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!

I admire the man who walked across the field of fresh cow shit with no shoes on. He sayeth, ‘He who beholds shit and walks in the shit must pay the price of having shit follow him all his days’

Many thanks for your words and we wish your readers well



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