Temple Of Baal Interview

Hail Amduscias!I know it s a boring shit ,but Please give ‘Temple of Baal’ s short history for those who dont know you well.
I decided to create this band in 1998, first as a solo project, then as a real band. At that time, there weren’t too many bands like us. Most bands were into melodic Black Metal, or totally blasting BM like Marduk’s Panzerdivision. I wanted to bring back the spirit of true Black Metal, to bring back old school BM, with a simple instrumentation, catchy riffs, darkness and satanic dedication. So far we have released 2 demos, one of which has been re-released on cd, a split LP with Eternal Majesty (EAL) and our album “Servants Of The Beast” on Oaken Shield/Adipocere.
Can you give the latest line up ?
Amduscias : Incantations, chainsaw
Arkdaemon: Atomic subnoize
Herr Rikk: Hellhammers.
How were the reactions after the release of ‘Servants of the Beast’?Do you content with them in general?
They have been great, really. People don’t seem to lose interest, which is good, and means that this is an album that can stand the test of time, it’s not one of those you listen only once or twice. People like it when they hear our old school sound. I guess the thrashing/heavy roots help also to create something catchy. We’ve had many great responses to our album. I’m most satisfied with this of course!
What is planned for the next album?Any changes or new elements in music at hand?
We are working on ten new tracks. It’s very varied, just like our album. Totally old school BM, our fucking trademark so to say. Changes are mostly in the lyrics, Satan is still around of course, but this time I talk more about myself, my inner chaos, my repulsion of humanity, my nightmarish visions. Many lyrics have been written in a shit situation, for example in the subway, surrounded by humans, heavy morning afters, sleepless nights, moments of extreme anger. Often under the influence of alcoholic addiction. Fucking dark, oppressive, disgusting feelings. You’ll see. Of course, there will also be “direct” satanic lyrics (overtly religious). We’ll never abandon that.
As far as i know you are working with Adipocere records at the moment,How is their interest in to the Temple Of Baal?
They are very supportive to us, in fact they really like what we’re doing, and I like working with them myself, they are great guys. Next album will again be under the banner of Adipocere.
Why did you chose this name for your band?What does Temple of Baal stands for?
I wanted to have a name that suggested a religious/occult feeling, because I wanted to restore this feeling in Black Metal. And Baal is often linked to fire. You can draw the parallel with the band playing live. Also in some writing, Baal is likened to Satan. So that’s totally what I was looking for. And it sounds gloomy and cruel. Which is fine.
Adipocere is advertising you as ‘Brutal Black Old School’.Is this enough to describe your music?Have you ever thought about another describtions?
I think we are not that brutal, when I compare to bands like Antaeus for example. To me we’re Old School Black Metal, that’s it.
What are your opinions about todays underground scene?I think there are so many empty bands who dont know the dear meaning of true black metal or unholy arts,do you agree with me?
Somehow yes but I chose not to focus on such bands. There are bands that keep on with the spirit. Just listen to Antaeus, Watain, Funeral Mist, Shining, Ondskapt, Deathspell Omega, Clandestine Blaze or stuff like Nehemah… Those are great bands. And what about stuff like Black Witchery, Revenge, Abominator… Or 1349, Khold… And a hell lot I forget ? Those are bands I keep an eye on. They know how to play Metal, Black Metal, War Metal etc. There’s always been bands out there who did not know a thing about what they were playing of course, but I chose to ignore them.
Heathenism should be the light for the new coming black metal bands which motives them to create something satanic and catasthropic,what do you think about it?
Mmmm… I doubt. Heathenism is not a “dark” stuff. It is life-oriented in the end. The only “light” to create something satanic and catastrophic is the light of Satan ! Satanas Lux Solis…
Related with the previous one ,May i take your fine opinions on the ass-pain called religion?I think it has been decaying day by day thanx to wars,corruptions and technology.
I don’t think so, there is a comeback of religion in my opinion. Especially with wars. Look at Irak. When the USA will leave this country it will surely turn into an Islamic “republic” with sharia etc. Islam is quite alive these days. And it is highly preocupating.
No fair attitudes from the earth,What do you think about these stuff;wars ,suicides etc?
It helps cleaning the place. Humanity is a waste. A biological error if you ask me. So better get rid of it. Of course I don’t have any hope for Earth’s future.
Are you in to the philosopoy of Nihilism?Whats your opinion about this idea?
Quite much yes. I have no hope left. To me salvation lies in annihilation. That’s pretty much what I think yeah… Just read the lyrics of “Ruins…”
Have you ever performed live?Are there some new gigs on way ?
Yeah of course. We like playing live. We are going to keep on with it. We play with Belphegor and The Legion a few days ago. But sorry no chance for touring. We don’t have time for this. On stage Temple Of Baal is fucking Metal, we were leather, we wear spikes, we rule the night haha… Bullet belts, corpse paint to enhance the ritual feeling, headbanging, sweat and energy. Of course, it’s better if the audience moshes etc… it gives me even more reasons to give 200% of myself to our performance. If they stand arms crossed, I end up being bored.
Do you like to go concerts / festivals as a listener ?To be honest with you ,i generally dont prefer such kind of stuff,most of the bands are losing their musical atmosphere while trying to give gigs etc?Dont you think that black metal have to be misanthropic ?
It depends on the band. We are a band to see live I think. Our music is very energic in a live context. The audience generally goes wild. I think it’s because our music is varied and full of heavy breaks, people like this. Well I couldn’t imagine a band like Burzum playing live honestly. Of course it wouldn’t be the same feeling at all. But I agree with you on the point that some bands are enjoyable in loneliness, not in a live context. When I listen to “In The Nigthside Eclipse” during a snowy winter night, for example. Or “Hvis Lysset Tar Oss”… Stuff like that. I don’t need any concert in such moments. It’s quite enough to make my mind travel into lands unknown…
Say your fave Dark Throne album / song !Mine is ‘A Blaze In Northen Sky’Pure fuckin BlackMetal!Aargghh!
Hehe you have damn good tastes man. It’s also my fave BM album. My fave song should be “Kathaarian Life Code”. Fucking dark and cult atmosphere !
Thanx for interview & support Amduscias,i hope we keep the contact in the future too.
Thank you ! If any people want to get more informations about us I suggest to visit our website : http://www.templeofbaal.com Hail !!

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