Tankard Interview

Hi Gerre!How is your life nowadays?

-thanx! I`m fine, but a little bit busy as usual!!!!


I have just lighted my cigar and took a beer from the fridge and here i m ready to ask some questions to you!

-ok, I will open my first beer too and now I`m ready!!!

How are reactions to the latest Tankard album,i think it has gained really great feedback from the metal-press etc?

-yes, the reaction were quite good and we are still satisfied with the result of beast of bourbon!

As far as i know,You are already 35 years old. How  it fees to play so many years in such a famous thrash band?With the other names like KREATOR, SODOM, DESTRUCTION you constructed great German thrash metal scene.

-yeahh, I`m now 37 years old and I`m a little bit proud to play in a band since 1982!! We are still a part of the metalscene and we still have a lot of fun to play that kind of music!!!!

Man i heard that  that once you played an episode in some German TV series. How came? Do you  think that you are a talented actor?

-the tv company asked our old booking agency for a band to join in one episode for the series “ein fall für zwei”. So they chosen us and I was able to say some words, but nobody discovered my talent as an actor hahahaha……..

What is your or opinion on drug addiction in general? I know it is quite common in German nowadays?

-in my “normal” job I work as a social worker with drug addicted people. So the only thing I can say is that we need more help and information than more laws!!!

And can you inform us more about your side Project “Tankwart”?

-we covered some old German songs from the seventies and eighties on two albums in punkrock style. But now we stopped the project, we prefer to play our own style!!!! 

Are there any recently planned gigs ?

-we play the first time in Russia in February and have planed some shows in whole Europe. Also we gonna play at the bang your head festival in Germany in June. Of course we really would love to come back to turkey!!!!!! Turkey have really crazy fans!!!!!

Related with gigs,why exactly you feel while playing in front of the crowd? What is the best side of the live performances for you? A device of communication?

-tankard is really first of all a live band, because it´s great to bring the power to the people and get the feeling back, this is really a great feeling!!! But it´s very hard to describe this feeling, you have to join it by your own!!!

What do you think about the new form of thrash metal? I mean do you content with the todays thrash scene?

– there are a lot of cool bands and I think it`s great to keep the thrash metal spirit alive!!!!!!

 What do you think about the free music? MP3s,file-sharing stuff etc? Do you think is it ethic?

-on the one hand I think it is very important for a band that people came into contact with your music, on the other it is very bad especially for little bands if people “steal” their music!!! But I really have to say that the prices of cd`s are much too high!!!!


“Die With A Beer In Your Hand” sounds like a really interesting title, does this song have a special story?
-it´s a parody of all the typical metal lyrics like die with a sword in your hand……so we just did a typical tankard joke out of it!!!! 


Which is your favourite Tankard album and why? It can be a song as well? 

-oh of course I have to like them all, but I really like zombie attack because it is the first one and the last two ones, because the sound is very good!!!

   Frost Magazine is generally based on the extreme kinds of metal music like death, black, and thrash of course. I wonder are you also into such kind of styles, lets say, into black metal or death metal?

-sometimes I like to hear some songs but I´m really not a big fan of black and death, I´m more into speed and thrash, sorry!!!

Thanks for your help for Frost Magazine, you can close the interview now! Keep on banging!

-thanx for your support!!! I would like to great all the tankard maniacs!! We really would love to party with you again!!!!!



Cheers gerre 


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