Summoning Interview

Hail Protector! i hope everything is ok at your side…
Protector:Yes everything fine. In the last Months I am dealing with music more
than ever before. Right now there all of my three projects running simultaneously.
Concerning my Dark Wave project “Die Verbannten Kinder Evas” I am waiting for the vocal-tracks from the new female singer so that I can finish the new CD ( we made the rehearsals via Internet).Concerning my dark electronic project “Ice Ages”; in the last days I hadextremely great ideas for it, and already have started 2 new songs. And concerning Summoning, there are already 4 completed new songs existing which already sound very fine.
Summoning is an old and well known band in the scenebut introduce the band for those still not aware of this dark beauty!
Protector:Summoning makes music which derived from the Black Metal style. From Our second release on (called “Minas Morgul”) we integrated a lot of keyboards and also keyboard drums so that this instrument became the main one for Summoning. Since this time we focus on slow, epic, mighty hymns and drums and not on any fast, harsh black metal sounds anymore.But anyway still the vocals and the rather sharp guitar sound sill remembers on our origins. Lyrical-wise we totally focused on Tolkien and “The Lord Of The rings”since nearly 10 years by now.
You have released your latest mcd called ‘Lost Tales’ recently,howare the reactions to the album when compared to the other Summoning releases?(in magazines etc)
Silenius:Lost Tales is a Mini CD which contains only two old songs released for die hard fans only as a collector’s item. The first song comes from the “Mirkwood” promo tape and the second is their very last one of the “Dol Guldur” sessions. Both songs are taken directly from an old tape and mhave been kept to the basics without guitars or vocals just added with some word-samples taken from a Tolkien broadcast. Of course the responses have not been that good as from normal releases but that was obvious and a big problem was that many shops sold the CD far to expensive.
To me, Summoning is not a kind of band which can be listened at any time but a mystical band ‘who’ suits well to up-rooted, dream like minutes of poor time, like nights. so, what are your inspirations while composing such kind of atmospheric art?
Silelnius:Well the main goal of Summonings Music is to make musical landscapes based on Tolkiens middle earth so that the listener can step deep into his mind worlds of ancient dreams and high adventures, full of legends and epic tales.
Wandering under the alienated shadows of Middle earth, may you share the concept of the lyrics with us? who writes them? Under which psychology?
Silenius:most of our lyrics are taken directly from poems of Tolkien from all different books just rearranged a little bit. In former times also Pazuzu or P.K. of “Abigor” wrote some lyrics and lately we also took poems from other fantasy writers.
Have you ever played in a festival/concert?how was it?,it must be difficult to create the same atmosphere…
Protector:No we never played live and never will. First we think that your music is not meant to be performed live (our musical world rather reminds on wide fantasy landscapes, rather than on two mortal sweating humans standing on a dirty stage:-), and second we simple don’t see the act of playing our songs as the main think of Summoning. For us only the composition counts and therefore playing and practicing already existingsongs would be nothing we would enjoy so much.
Why did you choose ‘Summoning’ as a band name? is there an hidden allegory in it? Silenius:No. The band name has no deeper meaning. I think the only important thing  of a band name is to give the supposed listener a short direction which kind of music he could expect. Close to the bandname comes the type of the logo which is of course deeply connected with a black metal logo as Summoning did start in the beginning and still has its roots. Of course we can say that to “summon” means to invoke and in our case it means a kind of invocation to bring back the centuries of middle earth to the mind of the listener.
Summoning s music has diverse musical elements in it,i want to ask whether you are into classic music besides your own vein?
Protector:Sure there are some classical music elements in the music of Summonig (like the strings, the horns etc), but I would exaggerate if I would say that I am a classical expert. I only like a few musical classical works,and surely got influenced by them somehow, but I surely didn’t focus on this kind of music.
Have you got any side projects?
Silenius:In former times both of use played in Pazuzu and I was the lead singer of Abigor. Meanwhile I have my own project called Kreuzweg ost. It is industrial and noise music mixed with military and Schlager music and it is of coure far away from the art of summoning beside that I also make some session vocals for the black metal – pagan band “Amestigon”.
Protector:As mentioned above, I also work for “Die Verbannten Kinder Evas” and “Ice Ages”. I simply like any kind of dark music and so I feel the strong desire to make different kind of dark music styles. All are necessary to keep my musical work fresh and prevent it from getting boring. With Summoning I can create heroic moods, with “DVKE”rather melancholic, and with “Ice Ages” very dark, negative and often aggressive moods.
Are you following the underground scene? There are so many useless, rip offbands, the situation is the same in the mainstream too. What do you think about these pseudo musicians? for you, how must be an ideal musician?
Silenius:If you mean the metal or special the black metal underground I must say no, but I follow deeply the industrial dark-ambient underground. I buymost of the releases of labels like “Tesco Organisation”, “State Art”,”Loki Foundation”, “Cold Spring” and some more. I don’t judge a band of their musical abilities; I think it is important to have good ideas, tobe able to compose a song and to realise all this as close as possible.Therefore it is absolutely not necessary to be a god on your instrument,but if you have no ideas at all you should better stop making music anddo something else.
What are you listening to nowadays?Are there any new bands you listen/support?
Silenius:The lastest releases I have bought have been “In Stahlgewittern” (a 4 LP box set with various artists) and the 2 LP box set “Wir rufen deineWölfe”, also with different artists from “Blood Axxis” to “TurbundSturmwerk”.
Protector:I also focused on other music; in my case dark electronic music (like”Leatherstrip” or “Infact”). For this kind of music is the darkest oneright now. I still respect black metal very much and also like to listen to it sometimes, but I simply don’t have the time to follow all detailssince many years.
Except from fantastic novels(J.R.R. Tolkien s,H.P.Lovecrafts…)what kind of literature works you read?
Silenius: In the moment I read most of the books of “Terry Pratchet” just for the fun of it. It is easy literature that has no influence to the musicalwork.
Protector:In the last years I hardy found the time to read, but in the past Iliked strange surrealistic books like “The Trial” from “Franz Kafka”very much.
Have you seen the movie version(s) of ‘The Lord of The Rings’? if so, Do you content with Peter Jackson s work? 
Silenius:I think all three of the movies really have blown us away. Peter Jackson has done a real excellent work but of course it was obvious that the film version never could be a one to one translation of the book and of course it was never the idea of Peter Jackson to top Tolkiens  Literaturewith the film.
Thanx a lot for your answers Protector! Adding your last words, you can close this interview!
Silenius:Thanks for the interview and up the hammers to our fans

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