Soulcide Interview

note;this is kindda different interview,first total questions then total you got peh!-frostkamp-
1.      Of course most of us has seen some great bands in their poor
lifes,had been inspired from these bands,from these bands’
ideological,musical or mental approaaches,yet i want to learn more
anout Soulcide’s past,ancient activities,which can be a bunch of
source of knowledge for whom who hasnt known you well yet,and want to
know much about Soulcide’s activities,please introduce your band;both
in terms of ideologically-which is a  lacking point of todays
bands-,your aim in creating Soulcide,reasons of chosing the unholy
path of black metal to express or spread your propaganda please?
2.      Your split album with Nuclear Winter has already hailed the
catalogies,so returning top ast and judging this morbid album,what can
you say about this release?How were the reactions to this album,and
meantime,most important of all;do you care about any feedback about
this album;be it negative or positive?
3.      Be it in any cases,are the negative comments of your works
give you some inspiration or fuel for the future?I mean are you a kind
of person who takes lessons from the past mistakes?Be it in Soulcide’s
musical life or your very own personal,individual life?
4.      How would you define the Soulcide’s music?Actually suicidal
black metal touches,lets say from Legendary Burzum-specially in terms
of vocal usage-can be seen in the songs of Soulcide,what can you say
about this?In which file you can catagorize thje Soulcide’s musical
5.      What do you think about the Natiaonal Socialism in black
metal?Do you have any special comments about this subject?For you is
it true to spread any kind of propaganda by means of black metal?And
therefore,how far can black metal go without the ideological approach
that dwells in its very veins?Dont you think that the black metal has
to ideological or philosophical,particularly in terms of lyrical
concept?For example,what we are being offered in the lyrical side of
the Soulcide?What are your lyrics are mentioning about?Do you think
the lyrics of a band can be a kind of device of political
propaganda,as i already said before,particularly when we talk about
National Socialism?
6.      Have you ever thought of giving gigs,inj fornmt of the
audience?Being a black metal listener who hates live performances,i
simply dont care about any live black metal gigs as i strongly and
precisely belive in that black metal must be misanthropic.Black metal
should not be performed in front of thousands of idiots i think,what
can you say abouty this?And,therefore,what are your opinions about the
fuckin big festivals in which every fuckin metal music listener
adores?Lets say about Wacken or any other?
7.      When exactly your journey into the unholy black metal arts
started?What was the first albums you have ever bought?
8.      Meantime,what are your opinions on free music opportinities
that can be easily gained by means of internet?Are you for or against
to this Mp3 thing?Do you think it is true to gain free möusic joy
throughout the internet shit?
9.      You have been working with the Possesion Productions from the
Belarus,do you content with them- so far?For you,what kind of
qualities should have a record label?
10.     What are your final words for the ugly readers of the Frost
Magazine?Do you have enough balls to spit your hate from here to your
Answers of Melkor(SOULCIDE):
1. SOULCIDE as project was given birth in 2002. Then mini-album
“Misanthropy” was recorded. Earlier we participated in one project,
but have soon abandoned it because of ideological and musical discords
inside the band. The purpose spurred us to create the band, was a
desire to give own contribution to fight for souls and minds. We want
to propagandize our ideas through our music, through texts of our
songs, regardless of that what images and the forms will find our
propaganda. Will this idea superiority of White Race and NS-ideology,
or entailment to misanthropy/total Chaos and Dark (even having
shortened ‘til of minimum amount participant, it is impossible obtain
one opinions) – all this will find its reflection in activity of
SOULCIDE. It is important that we are adjusted devilishly seriously
and that we do is not for some clownshit or entertainment.
2. I consider that for debut recording it isn’t bad though something
possible be changed and added. Some moments presently not much make
(possible, problem is in absence of the experience of work in
recording studio, lacks of time and etc), but what was made, that was
made. The responses as a whole were positive though we care little
what the others say. We walk to our goal and spit on all freaks, which
try to moo something inarticulate in our address.
3. Naturally, we stand some lessons from own mistakes. After all only
idiot will step again and again on one and same rake whole its stupid
life. But this is not due to some critics in our address. What is the
essence in general of critics/negative review? This or desire to
regurgitate its negation or incomprehension of this music (you know,
in some magazines editors entrust to write the reviews on Black Metal
albums to fucking fagots, who for the whole their good-for-nothing
life have heard nothing heavier than RAMMSTEIN), or attempt to teach,
or direct the musician on several other ways. It’s why I want to
declare: SOULCIDE is not and never will be a whore, which at will of
client takes any poses! Shall say once again – we spit on critic, we
do that want, and in those ways we consider necessary.
4. I did not want to delimit Black Metal more and more and think up
for us some determined style (in my opinion, is enough of them). We
characterize our music as Black Metal. If someone have kept an eye in
it of some else “moments”, we not against. For us it’s much important
what carries our music than its name. Certainly BURZUM as band and
Varg as personality have inspired us. But was wrong say only about
BURZUM, as about group rendered certain influence upon formation as
SOULCIDE and our personalities, and not to say about Fenriz and
Nocturno (DARKTHRONE), Nordavind and Nattefrost (CARPATHIAN FOREST)
and others. Those groups and their participants in determined measure
has influenced upon us and our music. We are grateful them for this
and their great contribution to Black Art!          
5. I think that merging Black Metal and NS-movement in a certain sort
was predestined (both these currents in its sort are the most
extremist and intolerant to sleazy freaks) so I hail the unity of
Malice and Misanthropy with extremism and anti-semitism (as first
thing!). I consider the spreading the propaganda as first goal of
Black Metal since from first days it was anticlerical and have carried
protest in itself, propagandized its intolerance. Can you imagine that
Black Metal can reach those nowadays positions without ideology? Then
in your question is cut and answer. The ideology is an essence of
Black Metal, its Steel Axis. And if it will be taken away, this will
be not Black Metal already. Look at those who have sold their ideology
for the lines in pop-charts. They are even not Metal in sense! Only
miserable travesty of Great Art. In our lyrics we offer to pay more
attention on everyone’s miserable existence, we try to break the
existing myths, we want to inflict the shattering blow straight in
pig-face of judeo-christianity!              
6. We aren’t live-band, we do not want entertain the public. We can
leave on scene under single condition – if were certain that under
influence of live performing of our music several persons will commit
suicide. The death into the name of Black Metal – a good stimulus! As
you have said, I do not care about gigs (let all those fucking “metal
music listeners” think about and adore it). On my view, Wacken is a
circus arena for clowns, who have long ago transformed the Black Art
into entertainment. For what this was made remains only to guess.
7. My journey into Black Metal Art began, when I was a 15. The first
that I have heard was BURZUM album “Det Som Engang Var”. This was so
misanthropic and suicidal that has completely captured my thoughts and
feelings. Then I have understood that this is the music, which most
fitted to my understanding of reality. Possible say that Black Metal
became the sense of my life, but later and hymn of the fight.
8. I’m for MP3 and free music through Internet only. Why not? Fury
takes me when anyone speaks that he has solved to create the group for
self-expression and they do not care about volumes of sales of their
last released CD. But in the same time yells, “how bad are those
pirates which deprive the poor musicians of the legal dollar”. What’s
up, man? After all, your music gets to listeners, people heeds your
ideas. It is a cause for joy, but… they do not. Shall not advise those
people to play anything more commercial to earn money… Simply it is
necessary to be much honest to ourselves.       
9. Yes, this label we support and we are satisfied by cooperation with
POSSESSION productions. I consider that our ideology is close
(possible not completely, but in most directions). On our view as
first label must be honest with musicians. One more important thing is
that, when label is really promoting the music, rather then feed the
band by promises. We think that in cooperation with POSSESSION
Productions we found all things important for SOULCIDE.     
10. I’m not sure that amongst readers of Frost Magazine our enemies
are found. However if some of them hides amongst the worshipers of
Black Metal Art, I want to say that do not want to become like one,
who declares its poser-threats from pages of magazine. Our hate to
you, dickheads, is in our music!   



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