Simargal Interview

Can you talk about the latest activities of the band?whats going on in the Simargal camp?

 After we finished those things with the army we are gathering again. We have couple of gigs in Belgrade last few weeks. Now we are working on the new songs for the new album and we are preparing” Hidden god” for realizing

Do you content with the reactions to ‘Meetin with…’?How did the audience react?

The reaction was great. We sold 2.000 CD all over the world. We sold our album in Malesia,Peru,Germany,Czhech Republic and many counters in IS Europe.” MEETING WITH” was realized on ROCK EXPRESS RECORD and they do great job for Simargal in marketing plan so audience in Serbia was really notify.

After the release of ‘Meeting with…’,do you think you received an exact place in the underground blackmetal scene in Europe?

 We don’t know what is our place in Europe, only we know that we are sold a lot of copy there. Metal fans are judge for that question. We now our quality



What can you say us about the coming release?

 Our next realise”HIDDEN GOD” is a mixture melodic black and death metal. Album got one intro, sixth songs, and two bonus songs that are from our first demo”INTUS-SUSCEPTIO.”

As far as i know you started by playing death metal.What made you to change the syle into black metal?

 It’s so naturale.All members in band like a lot of black, death, and trash metal music. We do not have a real explanation for that. We are not a band who said we are playing only this or that we are playing what is our hearts.

What does the name’Simargal’stands for?Why did you chose this name?

 SIMARGAL is a God of winds in Slovenia mythology. This name chose our vocalist. We like a Serbian mythology and we want something from our region.

Give some info about your lyrics ?Who generally write them?

 Our lyrics talking about our dreams, antichurch politics, dark side of humanity etc… Lyrics wrote drummer, vocalist, and me.

Can you mention about your ideology?Do you have some kind of  message which you try to emphasis through your music/lyrics?

We are trying to have full harmony in our music and catchy riffs. Our music and lyrics do not have response for the ordinary people. Only we want to represent people what is in our black hearts. No ideology. We are not messengers.

What can you say about Yugoslavian scene?Can you give us some names?

There are many good bands in Serbia:-PUNISHED






Have you ever performed live?if yes,may you talk about the atmospheres of these occasions? We have many gigs around Serbia but we do not performed over the border. Atmospheres on our performance were always very wild and we got a very good contact with public when we are on stage. The 23.nov.we will play with German “ANCIENT CEREMONY.”


What is your musical/spiritual inspirations?


Now i want you to talk about the own personal views.Think about your views that you had in the very first days of your musical experiences,then compare them with the views you have at the moment?Are there any radical changes in terms of musical attitudes?

. Every beginning is very hard. We doesn’t have equipment,amps,it was very difficult for us to play.Meanwhile,we recorded album and community of Trstenik give us a place and money for preparing so from that time things are getting better for Simargal.Now after second album community believe in us so much. Only love for that kind of music kept us alive. In this country is very hard to play metal. People are very poor and only domestic folklore is popular. There are not radical changes we are what we are.

Any words for enemies?

. We are trading to not have the enemies but lot of bands have other way of thinking. They enjoyed bickering rather then playing. The things that crush us make us so strong then must know that.

Any words for allies?

 Only support Simargal with all your hearts.

Thanx for your support for Frost,hope to meet you one day.

Thank you frost,for great questions we hope we will meet one day . Write back soon and all the best. Take care “LET THE METAL FLOW”




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