Sethery Interview

Here is the interview answered by Lehto and Henttunen. Thanks.
  1. Ave! You are quite new band  in the scene ,so,lets start with your
activities/history please.
Lehto: Band was found in 1998 under Black Emotions -name. At first some
members came in and left, but in few years this line up was gathered
together to spread some blasphemy. Couple of demos were made and after
“Bound In Hatred”-promo, Woodcut records wanted to put one of our songs
Jatkosota-compilation and soon after that we signed a deal with
Then we recorded our debut album, Kholera, at spring 2003 and it was
published in March 2004.
  2. ‘Kholera’has already been out (Woodcut Records),what can you say
this release?Do you content with the  comments/reviews in general?
Lehto: I personally am still very satisfied with the album, but there’s
always things that could have been done better. Reviews have been quite
and almost all of them are pretty much same. Most of them compare us to
Dimmu Borgir which is understandable but I don’t find our music that
similar to Dimmu Borgir’s.
Henttunen: 8 tracks of brutal trash/black metal music. I don`t give a
what someone want to say in the reviews and so on. I play the music
which I
like myself.
  3. Who is responsible for the lyrics?From which themes you are taking
inspirations while composing the lyrics?
Lehto: I take a big responsible on writing lyrics, but Henttunen also
My inspiration comes from hate, anger and antireligiousness. They are
natural sources of lyrics for me, and it’s usually pretty easy to write
about those things. Sometimes I put words more poetical form to make
a little bit more complicated and to give variety how to understand
them, to
let readers to think themselves.
Henttunen: The stupidity of a mankind is one source for the
things comes from the sick mind of a mad man. Buahahahahahahaha!!!!
  4. Frost Mag ‘s second assault will be featuring Alghazanth as
well,related with this,what can you say about Finlands black metal
scene?Especially when compared to her neighbours?
Lehto: Finnish black metal scene is maybe stronger than ever, there are
of good bands, for example Alghazanth, which I like pretty much. And
are also cool guys.
Henttunen: Here are few pretty good black metal bands in Finland. And I
heard that the legendary Archgoat is coming back!!!!!!
  5. Can you recommend some names from there,who deserves attention and
Henttunen: Good bands in generally in Finland are for example
Deathbound, Thyrane, Behexen, …and Oceans.
  6. What can you say about the future plans of the Sethery?On the
hand,do you content with the current position of the band?
Lehto: We try to play live shows as much as possible ‘cos playing live
rules. We are also composing new material for the second album. We have
material ready and more coming, but no studio’s booked yet. Let’s see
things turn out. All the latest news can be found on our website.
Henttunen: More gigs and a new record.
  7. Some says it is false to use Synths/effects bla in black
metal,what do
you think about it?
Lehto: Fuck it. It’s musical instrument as well as guitar. I don’t give
flying rats ass to that kind of opinions.
Henttunen: Sehän on jokaisen oma mielipide. Makuasioistahan ei voi
kuin kiistellä.
  8. The ‘Real’ false thing in black metal that it has been
domesticated a
lot-i think-especially during the last five years,both in terms of
and musical structure.What can say about this unholy vein’s future?
Henttunen: during last five years?….I thing same kind of things have
there at least ten years!
  9. Do you have any side projects?I think you and Lehto will feature
Maple Cross in the coming gigs with Cannibal Corpse?
Henttunen: Yes, I also play in Maple Cross but it`s not a project. And
of the dreams comes true, tour with Cannibal Corpse! Meat hook
Lehto: Yes, Henttunen and I play also on Maple Cross, and we’ll hit the
round to tour with Cannibal Corpse, and that is totally cool. I play
also in
Iron Maiden cover band with our synth player Liukkonen.
10. Apart from this,is any special gig for Sethery planned yet?
Lehto: No actually. We try to book as many gigs we can. Nothing at the
Henttunen: Not at the moment but let`s see what happens in the future.
11. Are you working on a new material?If yes,what kind of clues you
give us about the next album?
Henttunen: Yes, we are working on a new material. Brutal trash/black is
Lehto: Yes, new material has been partly written, and I can say that at
least it will be more and more dissimilar to Dimmu Borgir. There are
death metal kind of riffs, and more complicated things. You’ll see in
12. Weird questions at hand,can you tell what exactly you think first
you  see/heard these words;
Lehto: My arm in a future with lots of those.
Henttunen: Old form of art
Lehto: Cold winter morning here in Rovaniemi, northern Finland. Nice,
Henttunen: Winter in finland and warm beer is in the fridge to getting
Henttunen: Immortal song, hah
Lehto: Shagrath of Dimmu with a top hat.
Lehto: Vinyl, maybe? Iron Maiden.
Henttunen: If you really mean vinyl, then I hope that kind of form to
music won`t never die.
13. Any words for enemies?
Lehto: Drop dead and rot.
Henttunen: May the disease make you suffer!
14. Ok Sethery team, thanks for spending time on  these boring
questions,add your last spell/close this please !
Henttunen: Hey you scums out there, buy our record and shovel a grave
with a
view. By the way, this interview was not so boring.
Lehto: Buy Kholera and be blown away. Thanks for the interview.



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