Secrets Of The Moon Interview

1.       Hail!I know it s a boring fuck but may be useful for new undergrounders around,Lets start with the ancient activities and the history of the band please.


Avé! The band raised from the depths in the year 1995 and released several legendary demo tapes, split 7”, the LP “Stronghold of the Inviolables” and this year the opus “Carved in stigmata Wounds” through Germanys finest label Prophecy Productions. In the past we toured Germany and Europe together with bands as Inquisition, Krieg and Watain, did single concerts with Isvind, Ragnarök and Arcturus, to mention only a few, and stated our position as one of the leading bands from Germany. With strong releases, concerts and our special occult aura! 

  1. How are the things after the ‘Carved in Stigmata Wounds’?How were the general feedback?


The general feedback was and still is great. We got great reviews and responses from the biggest mags around and also from people who have never been into dark music at all. That really fills us with pride, as we can earn now the respect for the hard work we had to do. 

  1. On the other hand,may you tell what does the title‘Carved in Stigmata Wounds’basically stands for?


The LP can be seen as trip into nothingness, so everyone who wanna know the meaning behind the title and the lyrics should feel free to find out his own special interpretation on his journey through the dark world of this album. 

  1. Have you recorded/prepared any new songs for the next opus?


I like the word “Opus” for our music, it´s much better than “release”…. Sounds more classical! Yes, right now we work on new songs and we hope to enter the studio next spring. The songs we already have a quite strong and real killers! Be prepared! 

  1. Once i heard that you record songs in candle light and read ancient fanzines in the recording period.Actually these must be great Gates to powerful motivation,what can you say about it?


That´s right and we need this special feeling that gives us motivation and the songs this occult touch! We also rehearse in candlelight. Every rehearsal has to be kind of a mass or ritual. Ancient fanzines spread melancholy as they have been edited in the glory times of dark music, up to 12 years ago. 

  1. Speaking about the motivation;todays bands lacks this true ancient spirit,miss the exact point,i think.What is your opinion about it?I mean,these pigs just see pussies,money and fame as inspirations?


I don´t know, never thought about that. We don´t have this lack of ancient spirit, that makes us so special nowadays. Money should never be the reason for motivation, a great band has to sound honest and give a special feeling to the audience! 

  1. You have gigged so many times ,with so many bands.Yet,i wonder,have you ever thought that you could destroy the ‘Secrets of the Moon’image that is already consructed in the listeners mind?I mean it s different when you listen it from the album,and it s again different when you listen it from the fest/gig?


Also my opinion, yes. We would loose our face, the occult image with too many gigs. Last year we played a lot, as we´ve also been on tour for 2 weeks. We saw that it was too much, so this year we only did a few and will not enter the stage before having released the next album. We don´t wanna be too present, and especially not in Germany. It sucks to play there and it´s boring! 

  1. It s already autumn,do you think seasons effects your creativity in that or this way?


Yes, it does. We can be more creative in the colder, darker times. That gives us this special feeling and helps to write so strong songs.  

  1. While trying to find a band name,were there any other ‘suggested’names for the Secrets of the Moon?Some other titles etc?


The band exists for nearly 10 years, none knows that anymore. And it´s not important. Secrets of the Moon is the best name the band could ever get.  

  1. What can you say us about the current situation German undergound?Can you reveal some new coming ‘original’ names?


I´m not interested in that. I can only tell you that 99% of the releases or bands I heard and saw are the purest shit, not worth to be mentioned here. If I wanna listen to Black Metal I choose the bands from the good old times, as Darkthrone, Bathory, Burzum… You all know them well, I hope! The new bands are just a 5th class copy, just untalented clowns. Fuck them! The one and only good bands from Germany are, next to us, Katharsis, Lunar Aurora and Dark Fortress! That´s it, sorry! 

  1. What can you say about ‘Underground Ethic’?What does this mean to you?


As stated before, it´s not my interest. For me it doesn´t matter if a band is active in the underground or in an upper class, the music counts! And I think there isn´t an underground anymore… Just commercial attitude and freaky behaviour! 

  1. Is the band friendly while nor rehearsing or recording?Or you just meet the other members when it is just ‘needed’?


Secrets of the Moon is not only a strong band, the members behind it are also a circle of good friends and strong, open-minded individuals. That´s also an important reason for our creativity and the constant working-process. 

  1. Excepting your own vein,what kind of bands/stles you listen?


As mentioned before when it comes up to Black Metal I like the old bands. Ulver, Dodheimsgard, Mayhem, Gorgoroth etc. But I also like and prefer the new releases of bands as Satyricon, Enslaved, Arcturus and the mighty Ulver! We also honour bands as Opeth and Katatonia, next to other styles played by Porcupine Tree, Dead Soul Tribe etc. My actual favourite is Blackfields first album! 

  1. Weird question,can you say the first thing that you think when hearing these words;

‘Tattoo’? Wolves 

‘Reich’? Not yet 

‘Mountain’? Norway 

‘A blaze in the northern sky’? Fenriz 

  1. It s all from me.Thanks for your time,add your last words…

We hope to play there in the near future, maybe it´s possible. Don´t waste your money on all these shitty releases, get “Carved in stigmata wounds” and listen to real dark and occult music! Worship him!  


Thrawn/ SOTM 2004


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