Sear Bliss Interview

Hail Sear Bliss!Lets start with the latest activities of the band,what  the band up to nowadays,any new planned gigs,or any new songs composed?

“Hails! Well, it’s been a really busy year for Sear Bliss. We have never had so many shows before. We had a European tour with Skyforger, plus many successful shows and festival appearances. Our last show in 2005 was in Budapest together with Mayhem. It was huge. Other news is that our DVD entitled Decade Of Perdition is out now. It contains our 10th anniversary show, filmed in Budapest in 2004 with 5.1 sound. The DVD also contains a one hour long film of the band with interviews, backstage footage and a lot more plus photo gallery. As for the new songs, they are in the making. Plus we will have many shows from February in Austria, Germany and Hungary and we are trying to find a good tour for Sear Bliss in 2006.”  


I wanted to personally congratulate you about Sear Bliss’ tenth anniversary! You had told me that Sear Bliss played a tenth anniversary show in Hungary. Care to enlighten us as to how that show went?

“Thanks. It was great. You can see on the DVD that the atmosphere was really there. It was a special moment and we invited some ex-members with whom we played the old songs. The audienced liked it very much. We played our longest set which carried all eras of Sear Bliss.” 


I wonder the style of music you are playing is whether a combination of units (just the players come around and everybody contributes sth to the whole in respect/ for the purpose of their instruments do in the harmony of your music), or else you set forth a convincing story and everybody tells it in unity?

“Well, usually we are writing music at home. For me it needs to be alone. All my ideas born in solitude, far from the distraction of life. So, I might say we are working individually but at the end each of us contributes to it as a team.”

Attila Csihar of Tormentor and Mayhem fame has supposedly helped out on the recording of “Glory And Persition”. What did he do on the new album, and how did you come about asking him to help you guys out? How was the final result?And,moreover,do you feel content about the feedback to this album,lets say,when compared to previous ones?

“Attila is a great friend of mine and I always loved his voice. His vocals on “De Myteriis Dom Satanas” have been a great influence for me. I think he is the best vocalist in the whole black metal scene. His performance with Mayhem now on this show in Budapest was awesome and shocking. I always wanted to ask Attila to sing some lines on a Sear Bliss album. I invited him to sing on our “Grand Destiny” album but he was abroad at that time, then I asked him to sing on the “Forsaken Symphony” but he was too busy then with his other projects but time has finally come for the recording of “Glory And Perdition” and he was available then, so he sang on two of the songs. I like the result very much. “Glory And Perdition” is definitely Sear Bliss’ best effort so far both musically and production-wise. Compared to the previous albums, it is more mature and powerful and also very catchy.”


Kris Verwimp has painted theall Sear Bliss album covers so far.What make you to work him throughout the years?Do you think his paintings are the best way to Express Sear Bliss conception visually?For an example,”Glory and Perdition’s” cover seems more apocalypticthan the previous ones.When arranging an album cover,are all members gathering to construct an idea about the visual side of the band or just a single member responsible for these kind of matters in the band?

“Actually Kris painted all Sear Bliss covers except “Glory And Perdition”. It was painted by a Hungarian artist, Jozsef Tari. He is a genious. Too bad that he is so unknown, though he made an artwork for Venom’s “Wastelands” album. By the way, the original painting for “Glory And Perdition” is hanging on my wall. It looks amazing. We love Kris’ work and talent too but this time we wanted to change a bit, as the music changed too. Yes, for the previous albums Kris’ paintings seemed the best way to visually express Sear Bliss’ music but as I told you, this time we wanted something else. We believe the visual side is almost as important as music for an album. Usually it is only one of us who gives ideas for the artwork but we also let the painter use his own imagination and ideas. This is how our covers born.”


Interesting question on the way, say, your basist insists on keeping intruding your tab not darely bur generously since he is a talented man, but as a band, your deal is sth in a frame that works within the sculpture of what the song requires to be a piece of work, and thus how can you balance and unite together as persons? tear off the extremities for the sake of your rule?

“We have no rules. We play what we love. But each of us must accept the certain song or idea, otherwise it is not a band. We are quite different as persons but standing in unity and having a common aim and this is what the diversity of our music.”


Another weird thing that stroke my attention is that Csaba Csejtei is always using war-paint ,nonetheless it seems that he is the only one uses the war-paint in the band If you ask me ,when looking at your band photos,that thing seems quite weird as well as seeming “not-estetic”at all.I mean,this image doesn’t suits the general concept,specialy when all other members are not wearing war-paints.So how you comment on this?Why he is acting so and what is the reason for this?It seems youa r every democratic band,though…

“As I told you we are different persons. This is one of the reasons. He felt like this, he used war-paint because he expressed himself that way. To be honest we didn’t like it as it is not an original idea to you war-paint, so he stopped using it. On the other hand he is no longer a member of the band…We have a new guitar player now and he is great. He is from another Hungarian band called Sin Of Kain.”


If you had known all in advance; what things would you certainly have done an other way and any warnings/advice for new-coming bands?What would you advise or not advise?

“Good question. I acknowledge we made mistakes during the years. It is important to be able to recognize your faults. We made some and learnt a lot out of it. Now we try to bring positive things out of the mistakes. There were things that I would do differently now but what happened is happened and there is really no need to worry about it now as it belongs to the past. The most common problem with young bands it to sign a very disadvantageous contract. We made the same mistake. I would advise anyone not to sign a disadvantageous contract because later it may become worse if your albums sell but you don’t get money of it. This is what happened with us. An offer for albums can be very temptating for a young band but it can dangerous too.”     


What are you listening nowadays?And therefore,are there some new names hailing from your country?

“I’m listening to a lot of music. My musical taste is quite wide, so I listen to a lot of different music from black metal metal to some electronic music. As for new names, the band I mentioned before (Sin Of Kain) is very good. My other favourite, though it’s not a new band, is Blut Aus Nord from France.”


What if we were living in a world in which no ecclesiastical viruses dwell?What if there were no temples,churches,What kind of opinion would you come up with if such situation took place?

“As the biggest part of mankind is weak inside, churches and relegions will always be. 


What is the name of the band that you hate most?Most of the people are eager to utter their fave bands yet i want to learn the band you hate most?Can you give an honest answer to this question?

“Another good question. Well, I could name certain bands, I would rather choose a scene: the music I hate most are rap, hip-hop and rnb.”


Are you married and have you ever thought about the effectsthat can be created by the marriage on the creativity of the artist?Do you think that an artist should always find the pain as a source of inspiration?

“I’m not married. I do not believe it has an effect on the artist. I’m living together with my girlfriend and I will not get married just to get a paper. On the other hand I do believe pain has a great effect on the artist. At least I find all my inspirations from negative things. I would say, my music would be totally different if I was happy.”


Returning to the music, What are your thoughts on the Black Metal Scene of today?It seems its easier to promote a new-born band nowadays,nonetheless,i want to learn,what kindof difficulties you had to face when your first formed then band?I know,it was not that easy ,particulary when compared with nowadays “easy come-easy go” scene…

“It was totally different back then. To have an album released in the mid of 90’s was really a privilege. It was even more difficult for a band coming from Hungary. What I liked back then is that you had to go to a real studio to make a recording but now many bands record albums at home with computer. This is also why the quality of albums is getting worse. I do use computers for making demos and a lot of things but I believe you have to go the a studio to create quality music. To be honest I don’t follow the black metal scene so closely I did it 10 or 12 years ago. There are still some great bands like Tsjuder, 1349, Blut Aus Nord but there are too many craps as well. I don’t see anything behind the face of today’s average black metal bands.” 


Having an album like “Pagan Winter”,i want to ask your ideas on Paganism?It is of course seems so far away when every walk of life is filled with christian and “creator” scum nowadays,yet there are still very small groups of people who only worship nature and its powers.There are still Pagan festivals throughout the Europe ,have you ever thought of participating in one of these festivals in that or this way?Or,do you follow such activities?

“It’s a very actual question as we got two invitations for these kind of Pagan festivals. One of them will be in Poland. It’s called Silmarillion and it’s a Pagan cultural festival. It will be in Warsaw in September. There will be not only gigs but courses as well to show the pagan roots of all eastern European nations. Very interesting. The other festival will be in Germany in June. It’s called Pagan Nights and it seems another interesting event, held in the Bavarian forests. I’m glad there are festivals like these and I’m glad they invite Sear Bliss to participate in it. Man should return to ages when nature and its powers were respected!”


What do you feel when you listen your own songs?I mean,lets say, you heard it from the radio while you are in a car!

“It’s very difficult to listen to your own music the way as if it wasn’t written or played by you. It’s nearly impossible. So, most of the time you look out for mistakes or things what could have been done differently. But if I hear it from the radio, I’m proud and I enjoy it.”

My questions are over sir,please close this interview now.Thanks for honouring the pages of Frost III.

“Thank you very much for the interview. It’s really an awesome thing that there still exists a magazine like this, in our days of webzines and crappy magazines. Frost represents value and quality and I like take part in it. Thanks also for the interesting questions, I enjoyed answering them. Not the average boring questions we receive quite often. Hail to the readers and those who support a quality magazine like this.”

Hi Frostkamp!!                          

This is Andras from Sear Bliss writing.              

First of all, I apologize for the delay and that it took so much time to answer but since I have been very busy, it was quite difficult. I had to travel a lot due to my new job plus a lot of things with the band and since I’m in the only one in Sear Bliss who arrange everything, I really needed some time to answer your questions. I hope it’s not too late.It’s really an honour for us to be featured in such a quality release like Frost!!! I was sur prised how amazing the content of the next issue will be. I really miss this attitude and quality in today’s scene that you represent with Frost.         

We appreciate you a lot and it’s an honour for us to take part in it.                      

Please find enclosed my answers. I hope you like them.                        

Let me know when Frost will be out.                  

Thank you for your support!!!                 




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