Ruins Of Beverast Interview

  1. Greetings The Ruins of the Beverast !How does the thy life nowadays?Is evrything ok at your side?
    Thank you, I’m doing fine. There is some kind of stress these days because of combining too much responsibilities that make me disregard my studies again, but I am familiar with that…

  2. I have already received your first opus “Unlock the Shrine” from the Van,and i should congratulate for this very first yet successful album.So how are the otehr reactions to this new opus and do you content with the general feedback so far?

The feedback so far is rather positive, although you have to keep in mind that “Unlock The Shrine” is a pure underground album, so this feedback won’t be reflected in huge sale figures or something like that. Most people are aware of the fact that this is an emotional and truly dedicated album without any calculation, and that’s what it is, so the central idea has been identified.

  1. Actually i do not want to ask about the history stuff etc,yet can you say why did you chose this new path to express yourself?
    When my previous band split up, there was no doubt for me that I had to continue with creative expression, yet it took a long time until I actually started, due to some personal reasons. However, I was bored by the modern drifts in black metal, which lead a lot of new bands to either interpret this kind of music as a competition in drum-speed or, on the other hand side, a competition in perfect sound production with unimportant guitars yet much more important keyboards and kitsch. I was somehow nostalgic about the times when (Black)Metal was intuitive, anonymous and malicious art with black atmosphere and raw feeling. That’s what inspired me during the composition process of new material.

  2. On the other hand, you define your music with the words of oppressive black metal. Why did you chose this definition?
    ”Unlock The Shrine” is a picture of a world in decay, a pre-apocalyptic scenery of hopelessness and imminent annihilation. That’s what is musically and lyrically proceeded on this album, thus it is described by this term. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t use it again. If you heard the album, you know what it sounds like, and don’t need a categorisation. I guess it was rather useful for fixing the atmospheric appearance of the album, yet not really necessary.

  3. Another subject that i want to learn more about is the name of the band; The Ruins of Beverast.What made you to find this name for your band?What kind of meaning hidden behind this title?
    Beverast is a modified expression of “Bifröst”, which embodies the bridge between earth and heaven within heathenish Germanic mythology. The ruining of the bridge is part of the human world’s apocalypse, as it is written. The collapse of this mighty bridge is a gloomy and impressing vision that points out the essence of The Ruins Of Beverast, annihilation, putridness, fear, gloom.


  1. Do you content with the work of your label,Van so far?
    Well, the label is led by me and a close friend of mine, Sveinn. Thus, all lies in our own hands. There is nothing to complain about.

  2. Suicidal black metal touches can clearly be felt in the music of The Ruins of Beverast.So can you say your influences?Do you like the music of Bethlehem and Shining,for example?
    I like Bethlehem a lot up to their S.U.I.Z.I.D.-album, yet, the incredibly dark debut album is still the best. There are some bands around that really know how to create malicious yet depressive atmosphere, be it Shining, the terrific Abyssic Hate, Xasthur (although I HATE drum computers), Tearstained and a lot more. Yet, two of the early Norwegian bands are too much forgotten besides Burzum when it comes to depressive Black Metal, that is the godly Strid, and the no less godly Manes. I sometimes discover some of their ideas in my songs, I cannot deny…

  3. May you enlighten us more on the lyrical structure of the Unlock the Shrine?Is any kind of concept employed behind the title?
    Well, as said before the album describes the process of earth lying in her throes of death, and that is what the lyrical side is all about. Yet, I would not rate this a concept, as there is no defined chronological order whatsoever on the album. Some songs are deeply personal, the others more global, but they all are embedded within dark and surreal sceneries of horror and fright, nihilism and death.

  4. I see really great photos in the booklet.Did you yourself take this pictures?What kind of artwork ,imagery you wanted to create in the booklet?
    No, I did not take them myself. However, I will in the future, but no time was given to do so for the debut album. The booklet is strongly in line with the single songs, so their atmosphere and statement is visualized, which is the most important thing to do. See it as an entity of three aspects: the lyrical, musical and visual side. They have to intertwine to make the album a meaningful, coherent and effective union of atmosphere and expression.

  5. Weird question,what kind of wine did you prefer,red or white?And Is the alcohol helps to the moments of your creativity?
    I do not drink wine. I am rather strictly limited to beer and whisky when it comes to alcohol. Alcohol is – together with some other drugs – a definite way to expand my mind and make it accessible for strange and morbid ideas, which are really essential for The Ruins Of Beverast. I definitely do not agree with the theory that creative art does need a level head, often just the opposite is true.

  6. What are your ideas on the live black metal performances?Dont you think it is supposed to be misanthropic when we talk about the black metal?Meantime,do you have any plans for gigs /concerts?
    The Ruins Of Beverast is not intended to ever play a live gig. I will not deny this categorically, yet it would be an incredibly laborious effort to make all the session musicians learn the songs, and I would need up to 5 or even 6 people on stage, I think it to be senseless. Even if this should happen, I am really sceptic that any of the atmosphere will be translated properly onto the stage. I guess it would be ruined.
    And that is what happens to a lot of Black Metal bands when performing live. If you know and appreciate the atmosphere of their albums, you’ll be disappointed when witnessing them on stage. I like live performances of fast and brutal bands who are able to perform authentic aggression. That is what a metal show in general is all about, if you ask me.

  7. What do you think about the National Socialism in black metal?Are you for or against to this subject?
    I am not interested in National Socialism. I am not interested in political drifts within Black Metal. I should be interested and I should damn it, but most of the modern NSBM-bands – I speak about the German sector mainly – are adolescent newcomers that consider themselves really extreme, yet do not even recognise a song from Bathory, so I cannot take them for serious, I’m sorry. If you in any way concern yourself with them, you make a mistake, because that is their request.

  8. Do you have any words for your enemies?
    Yes, but all of them are contained within the lyrics of The Ruins Of Beverast.

  9. I think this is all for now,thanks for your time on Frost Magazine.Last words are yours,hails!
    Thanks a lot for your interest and support , I suppose Black Metal is no everyday business in your country, am I wrong…?
    Watch out for a vinyl edition of “Unlock The Shrine” in spring 2005 and some split releases later this year. Cheerz!

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