Rotting Christ Interview

Lets start with the latest activities taking place in Rotting Christ camp?

Anew album out and as you guess many shows currently workd cause ROTTING CHRIST  without live can not be existed…


New album ‘Sanctus Diavolos ‘ has already released,so what can you say about this new album,what should fans expect this time?

They have to excpect a return back to the roots attitude,musically and lyrically but everything adapted to the needs of zeros production.Definitelly they should look for our most Satanic and mature simoultaneously release ever.


What tell the lyrics in the new album?Did you tried something different this time or depicted the same themes?

The lyrics face our anti religions views  in a more mature…..So the concept are
 an urge  to humanity to burn out the fearing  flame   that God desired to
reign on

To me,‘Genesis ‘ was really a  different album when compared to previous releases-which is i really appreciate-,i mean ‘A Dead Poem’,’Sleep of the Angels’ and ‘Khronos’ were dwelling in the same musical veins,nevertheless there were ‘new’ and ‘faster’ elements in the Genesis.What made you to try something different,did you bored with the ancient syle of the band?

I can not call our style is an ancient one as the history has proved that we have experiment a lot through our musical carrer and we have tried that many progressive experiments but definitelly Genesis is differentr from our latest album GENESIS….So our SANCTUS DIAVOLOS  is more aggressive more atmospheric and more alive concerning the
production….cause we didn’t use any triggers and all the instruments are
real….even the most part of keybords cause we worked with a real choir of
8 people.In all it is really cursed album something that make the difference
from Genesis.

Do you still listen the ‘Non Serviam’ or ‘Thy mighty…’?What do you feel when you listen the ancient Rotting Christ songs?

Proud that th press and the people consider us as one of the few bands that startd up the second generation Black Metal musical movement. Ok some parts could be played better but this ois the element that made the albums of this era CULT……….


How does the northen European audience reacts when you play live?in fests/gigs?

Definitelly not like the Southern European ones….more freezing but still METAL  and respectfull.



How was the recording period of Sanctus Diavolos?Did the all members involve in the song writing process?

Because of the department of KOSTAS  and GEORGE  i was forced to record all the guitars and keybords by myself.That meant a lot of work and a kind of stress but the result was really encouraging and i can dsay that i do prefewr wotrk alone….i can produce more effectivelly.


Is a new  guitarist  founded ?Can we say that it has some negative sides when you lost the permanent  member of the band?What can you say about Costas’ actual reasons to quit ?

You know Ozgen playing in a band when you reach the age of 30 years old
ain’t the most secure thing cause the guys prefered to choose the more
proper life way having a normal job something that is totally respectfull
and understandable….so the three remains goes on the rotting trip and a fourth will very soon be added to the band and we are tsalking about the ex- SEPTIC FLESH  guitarist.


A Rotting Christ tribute from Brasil sounds interesting!What did you feel when you first hear this tribute?It must be honouring thing to be ‘tributed’!?

I can say that i did feel proud….i can not find any other word to describe the  when someone hear a tribute album.That means that his work found a place into the vanity that every musician is covered. Hail to all South American Black Metal


Do you content with your own country’s audience?I mean,is there enough supporters for Black metal/death metal?

Yes Greece consist of a strong Metal scene and the fact that we full the venues we are playing means that there are many extreme Black /Death Metal fans.The flame has been burning in Greece since late 80 ies !


What are you listening nowadays?Be it in your own vein or something else?

No i do listen as many releases that comes out  from the Metal scene  as possible cause i am simply a fan and a an acgtive member of the scene.



Having a band name like ‘Rotting Christ’what can you say us about todays christian word?Do you think is ecclesiastical  beings decaying day by day or is religion becoming stronger ?

Religion is the biggest and the most  well organised  deceptive  in contrrolling the  masses in the contremporary human beings history…so as you can guess and from our name our view is really negative on any kind of religion and we are supporters of mind freedom something that no religion around provide.

Have you ever faced some censorships in your country or in somewhere else?

Yes quite a frew times some of our shows were cancelled some of our album didn’t released in some territories but we keep on fighting for freedom cause this is Metal.


Say your fave Bathory song!Mine is ‘Woman of Dark Desires’ and  ‘War!’

Not favorite 5 songs from my all time favorite band……… Ok  “Woman of Dark Desires’ and  ‘War”  are great but what about POSSESSED / 13 CANDLES/A FINE WAY TO DIE/ EQUIMANTHORN/ SADIST/BLOODFIRE DEATH/TOTAL DESTRUCTION  and that many to be mentioned….


It is all for now from me,please add your last words and close this interview…




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