Raise Hell Interview

Hail Dennis!What s up?hope everyfuckin thing is fuckin ok!i m a bit nervous nowadays,need some booze i think…

Hello! Im fine! We just had a pretty busy schedule the past weeks cause we got an offer for a mini tour in Italy and that moment we were writing the new album! We haven’t played the old songs for a while so a lot of time has to be focused on rehearsals! Hehe.. booz is always needed!

You have already released ‘Wicked is My Game’,this album sounds more thrash metal than the’Not Dead Yet’,what can you say about this change dude!?

Well I don’t know if I agree that “wicked is my game” is more “Thrash” than “Not Dead Yet” but I do know that we experimented a lot more on “Wicked” and we were not afraid to do longer and more complicated songs! I think that as you grow older and you develop as a musician you have to change your music style to push your limits and to really get something out of it! We did change “Not dead yet” a lot during the recordings but when we recorded “Wicked” ever song was already finished!

‘Fuckin great thrash band from Sweden’:,trendy pigs who expectsonlylight death metal from Sweden will be disappointed when they hear Raise Hell,so why did you chose this kind of vein(thrash)?i mean what made you to‘Thrash!’?

We are not trying to sound typically “Thrashy”  but I think that the way we play our music comes off in a very thrashy way! I mean a lot of our riffs could be rock n roll our deathmetal riffs but we play them in a thrashy way! I also think that the vocals have a lot to do with it!

You are working with Nuclear Blast,willyour next album come from N.Blast again?and,can you tell us about the next album?are there surprises for us ?

We are not on Nuclear Blast any more!! We want to release next album on a lable that really have the time to focus on us and that are willing to support us 100%.. Nuclear Blast have too many bands and we are not among the big ones!! For the next album I think that people will get a surprise since we have a new vocalist in the band! But I can assure you that nobody will be disappointed he´s doing a great job and we will be able to do much cooler arrangements with all the songs.. The songs we have written so far Is just what we have in mind for next album and it sounds……… Wait and see!! Hehe..

it says that you never read books (in your bio page),do you really hate all books man?

No! It´s not that I hate books but I´m a very busy person! When I don’t play music I have to have time for other fun stuff and that does not include books! Except for books about snakes cause I have a lot of snakes!!

I know you still listen Black Metal a lot,can you give some names from your play list?

Yes! I still listen to Black metal! Like Satyricon,Emperor, Dimmu Borgir,Funeral mist and many more!.. Actually I play in a black metal band as well!.. It´s called RUTTHNA it´s with me and the drummer of THYRFING it will be released this year so make sure to check it out!!!!!!! It´s  really primitive old school black metal but with good sound!

When compared to ancient days of thrash metal,what do you think about todays thrash metal scene?

I don’t have so much to say about that because I were’nt there! Im only 23 years old! We were on tour with Destruction and they told us about the good old days and it sounded great! J I think that todays “Thrash” scene is not that big but there is still many good bands out there like Slayer,Destruction and Kreator! I was on tour with “Death Angel” and I had never heard the before but I must say that they really kick ass!!!!!

Do you agree that new coming bands of today lack the dirty spirit of thrash?

Maybe in a way but I believe that change can be good as well! I think that as long as you have metal in your heart you can express it in so many ways that you cant judge people just because they don’t got spikes and blood all over their bodies! Hehe…

Have you ever planned about a video clip?

We want to do a video but it´s not that easy! We didn’t sell enough on the previous albums to get a good budget for a video! but we will make sure that we will find a lable that are willing to spend money on tour support and a video!!

We all addicted to fuckin beer/alcohol ,may you give some fave booze names ?

I mostly drink beer but when I drink booz I prefer White Russian and vodka lime!!

There left few real Thrash metallers nowadays,what do you think about this situation?

I think that there is still real thrashers out there but as I said before they come in different shapes nowadays!!!

Did you like the latest SLAYER album,they are still killer;what a great title’God Hates Us All’!i think you have influnces from them like you have from the Celtic Frost,Destruction as well,am i right?

I like the new slayer album! But not as much as the older ones… Slayer has been a big influence for us but I cant say that about Destruction and Celtic Frost.. I mean these are great bands but we just missed out on them until the Destruction tour when we really opened our eyes for them!

Thanks Dennis for the interview,!Thrash Till Fuckin Death!

Ok !! Thank you very much! Hopefully we will be able to come to turkey for next album!! Unti then.. RAISE HELL!!!!!



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