Primordial Interview

Greetings Nemtheanga!Here you are again,once more time in the pages Frost.What has changed or not changed from the last time we had a chat(2003) in your life?Are yo u getting older ,be it physically and spiritually?         

Hails. well im surely 2 years older thats for certain. phy sically im not so different. spiritually i dont know i ima gine or hope i have come to understand more then 2 years ago or at least to try to.  


It’s been a while now since the release of “The Gathering Wilderness”. How was the album received worldwide, and how was the reaction from your audience to thealbum?          

the album was recieved well by the press and media and got generally very good reviews all round and i think people who follow the band appreciated  the fact we didnt repeat ourselves and tried to do something different. sure the sound is pretty raw and earthy but we tried to chal lenge ourselves. to do something different. its no pe rfect but we werent after perfection…         


I m a student of American Culture and Literature dep arment in the university.We have also English Literature lessons in which we learn about Irish drama and poetry as well.So,using the texts from Yeats,what is your connection with literature?Be it Irish or English,are you into poetry or drama?(Specially Irish Drama is very great to deal with,like “Shadow Of a Gunman”etc..)     

broad question really. of course we did it in school and some of us after school and it has affected us all in dif ferent ways. personally i see primordial as continuing part of the great irish artistic tradition whether its literature, art or music. 


Ecclesiastics hurt some many hearts,some many lands;be it in Europe or in Ireland.Ireland is a very christianized land with the cult of St.Patrick and very powerful catholic church, but you have also a very strong celtic-pagan tradition. Do you reflect in your music and texts this contrast between the pagan and christian world?     

ireland of course has the image of a very powerful catholic church ruling over it but in reality once we got to about 1991 or 1992 with a whole serious of sex and abuse scandals coming out over the previous 50 years many people have no faith and no faith in the catholic church so its hold on society is not remotely as powerful as it was. i dont think as powerful anymore as for example italy or spain even in europe. of course christianity is a ridiculous concept as any sane minded person should think but even though they consumed the pagan faith here they preserved many of the myths and legends and the merged into one. there are many elements of religion and faith in primordials lyrics…           


Are you proud for your nationality? What does it mean for you to be a citizen of Ireland? Do you feel strong your celtic roots?To what extent your nationalistic identity affects your creativity?      

i am very proud of being irish of course, we all are and the irish way of being affects our music and everything we do. without our roots and heritage we are nothing. of course the term “celtic” is a very loose term and a hard one to consider as ones sole roots and tradition. i think being irish affects as i said everything we do and create. there is an irish way of being….as there is a greek or ital ian or what have you. we are as we sound…         


Which are the conditions for the musicians in Ireland? Is it possible to earn money by playing metal music? Could you describe the nowadays Irish UG scene the fans, the press, the support?   

conditions are good i suppose, there are lots of gigs and people have generally a lot of income as opposed to years ago when we started when it was more like a second world country. but things have changed, there is money in ireland now. we can earn some money here and there, mainly from playing shows in europe. we are of course owed tons of money from previous rip off labels but thats another story. but every year things seem to get a little easier. the irish underground scene nowadays is quite healthy i think, lots of people trying to do things here and there, shops, labels, promoters, bands, mags etc…        


Primordial’s sound is very refreshing in that you are unlike anyone else out there. For fans that aren’t familiar with your style, how would you describe it? You cannot be labeled very easily, which could make it tough to market you,that is.          

sure of course. we are tough to market and sell. most people just want the same old crap day in and day out. and we are drowing in mediocre bands that mean absolutely nothing but primordial is primordial and we continue as we always did and ignore it all. to describe it ?…passionate, dark, intense, epic, tragic. if you want solos and middle 8s and catchy choruses or 4 minute pop songs with some chick in a black velvet dress singing about angels or digital air brushed scandinavian metal then look elsewhere. we are a real band….    


Do you think that playing live and having people actually see the band perform the songs in a live setting is just as important as listening to the music at home ?

definitely. thats where people can make the connection between the music and the people they see. where as they say the magic happens…primordial is a metal band and where a metal bands power is is live. we are no different. 


What would you hope that the listener gets from the music you create ? Gloomy atmosphere,feeling of Glory?or even Honour?           

gloomy ?. i dont think gloomy really. its really up to them. personally i would rather they love it or hate it. indifference is worse. the true nature of all art is to move people emotionally.   


What is the name of the band that you hate most?Most of the people are eager to utter their fave bands yet i want to learn the band you hate most?Can you give an honest answer to this question?    

hate most ?….right now everything seems to be so damn uplifting…so polished and airbrushed. lyrics that are empty and mean nothing. im not interested in hardly any of the big label outputs so i really dont give a fuck about your nightwishs or children of bodoms or arch enemys. i want grit, sex, death, emotion, filth and darkness in my music not glorified pop music. but thankfully there are still great bands out there if you look. in a perfect and just world slough feg would be bigger then hammerfall, root would be as big as opeth, axis of advance as big as cannibal corpse or whatever but they arent. perhaps its better off…some bands are not for everyone.           


Do you think it´s a lot easier nowadays for bands to get signed to a label or even put out their own self financed CD ? Is some of the magic of getting signed lost in nowadays fast moving, high technology world ?           

totally, its completely lost. nothing is the same anymore, all the romance is virtually dead. there are too many bands and labels. there are some advantages of course, being able to spread your music at the touch of a button… 

Throughout your rather long history as a band is there anything you´d want to go back and do differently ?

i try not to think about that kind of thing to be honest. perhaps not to have worked with hammerheart records and tried to sign to a label like metal blade back then would have been better but i try not look at life in terms

of regrets…      


If you’d be convicted to death which kind of it will you choose: death by hanging, electric chair or maybe death by poisoning with some Zyklon?  

poisoning i guess. lethal injection should be the least painful. what a morbid question !. definitely not electric chair.           


A last weird question, a question on a personal note. Do you have any pets?If yes,which breed you like most?(if it is a dog,that is)           

nope no pets. i like animals of course. its just a house rule here as we might be away for long periods of time…    


I think that`s all what I wanted to know for now. Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!           

too many to pick one…”culture is resistance art is re bellion”thanks for your time  



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