Primordial Interview

Hail Nemtheanga!Smelling the atmosphere of this midnight spirit;first of all i want to say that i really feel glad to guest the Irish Legend Primordial in the Frost s gloom veining pages.How do you do nowadays?
Hails yeah im doing fine. ive got the new Root album on here and the sun is
shining outside so im ready to answer your questions…
I m generally malcontent guy in terms of musical taste,yet i can simply say that i found everything that i try to find as an blackish atmosphere in the ‘Storm Before Calm’.So what do you thing about this Primordial album,a new masterpiece from the band?
well the roots of primordial are black metal, that is where we came from and always will so it should come as no surprise. there are things that could have been done better with the album but overall for the time we had in the studio i am satisfied.
Whenever i listen to Primordial ,i feel myself under a cloudy,rainy weather-like  dark atmosphere,so what can you say about the atmosphere that you try to create in your albums?
we just try and create a natural atmosphere. as pure and honest as
possible. the music has this organic quality so if you feel that when listening to us then we are doing our job well i think !. Primordial is definitely music for windy desolate autumn nights thats for sure.
An unique nature of Ireland must be one of the greatest inspirations for you while creating your art,am i rght?May you also mention about the other inspiration you have?
yeah thats the most important one, ireland itself is a massive inspiration to us in all walks and forms.inspiration can come from anywhere, people, places, passages in time, travelling, reading a book or simply turning on the news…could be anywhere.
Again about weather(sorry for my obsession ),Snowy or Rainy;which one do you prefer?
Haha can i choose about 6 am, sunrise in another strange country…travelling somewhere. those are my favourite days !.
Lets return to the Primordial;As far as i know;You formed the band in 1991 with the release of ‘Dark Romanticism’.So,how was the situation at those years,when compared to todays ?Did you try hard to spread the bands name throughout the flyers /demo tapes?
yeah we sold like 1200 demos in the post back then. the days between 1988 and 1994 when i was most active were truely magical. recieving mail from all over the world, zines, tape trading etc. thankfully however the underground is coming back in the last 3 or 4 years and there seems more independence and more bands wanting to return underground with that “old” feeling. those where the days i was most active with demos etc but i still am very active and am looking for new bands all the time…
No flyers,no envelopes,no post offices today,just go and sit in front of the fuckin computer and be heavy metal wisdom,music merit  throughout the forum shit bla bla…Everything is so  easy to consume nowadays,what is your opinion about this situation?
Ahhh its sad but true for many kids actually owning the original thing means nothing, people have their entire record collection on their hard drive and for me it seems alien. somehow releasing a cd these days has very little meaning, anyone can start a label, start a band and things are made with less and less attention to detail and with real love and care…
Do you still listen to  tapes?Yes i do ;i have still lots of cassettes and i like them all!Do you remember the first tape you bought?
yeah i have boxes of the thingsi guess about 800 of them over the years. tapes were very popular here in ireland. i dont really listen to them so much anymore…sometimes now and again i pull out the old divine eve demo or some old graveland polish tapes or something. the first album i ever bought was on tape it was AC/DC for those about to rock and i think it was about 1983 or 1984.
As far as i know,you are writing the all lyrics,Is it just because you like writing or the other members are not keen on this subject?What kind of themes should we wait to read in coming releases?Do you want to try something totally new?
yeah they leave me to concentrate on them since the beginning of the band, its easier that way and i think words are something that can come easy to me. for the new album ?, i dont know the lyrics are being pieced together now. hard to say but i think there are infinite things to say.
Are you working on a new material?When we should go and ask for your new release?Any time planned  for the next ful length?
yeah we are we will record in september i think and it shold be out in january 2005.
You can be watched at coming Summer Breeze Festival ,Are you planning
anything special for this performance?
just the usual blood, sweat, tears and 100% honesty as always with primordial.stripped and to the bone.
I always think that it s hard to create the same musical/spiritual atmosphere  in the concerts,especially when you dwell in the borders of atmospheric musical character.What  do you think about this idea?
its true often things become more aggressive then on record….we havent the money to perhaps have the show we would want to have but we just try and give everything we possibly can over the course of the show and breath some life into the songs.
What can be seen in your cd player nowadays?Reveal some names from your
music library please,may  be some recommends?..
these days watain – casus luciferi, place of skulls – with vision, destroyer 666 – terror abraxas, sigrblot – blodsband, rotting christ – genesis, root – the book, dio – lots, ac/dc – lots, axis of advance – strike, lord weird slough feg – traveller, spirit caravan – jug fulla sun, high on fire – surrounded by thieves, neurosis – a sun that never sets, tragedy – vengeance, rainbow – loads, mercyful fate – the beginning, desaster – divine blasphemies, motley crue – shout at the devil…loads
A weird question,What s your killer Burzum song or album?Actually it s very hard to say but ‘Spell of Destruction’ and album of ‘Aske/Burzum’ for me…
Hmmm yeah it isi think my fave burzum album is hviss lyset tar oss but all until filosofem are genius and people forget that. to pick one song i dont know if i could.
Thanx al lot for your answers Nemtheanga,it has been an honour for Frost..Close the spell please…
thanks for your time hopefully we will see you in your land sometime….
strength and joy.

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