Phobia Interview

1. Greetings Shane!What is up in Phobia?What are your news for us from the Phobia camp?

well…we have been just playing shows,we are in the middle of working on a new full length record,the last 2 were were mostly mini lp’s.  we have some tours in the works,and just keeping the ball rolling to keep grinding people’s heads in,that basically what we have been doing!!

2. First of all let me congratulate you for the latest Phobia sickness 1Get up and Kill1.Then,how are the reactions for this release?

I think it has been good,but it had to follow the grind your fucking head in Ep also,that’s a tough release to follow,that’s maniac shit!!  Everything has been good towards it,i think the grind cd got way more attention,and at that time it came out,we were touring, so people got to get attached to it.  Here in the states the get up and kill sold better right off the bat,it has good art work,and it looks brutal…its ll works together good.

3. Phobia is quite old band actually,rooting back to 1990.When compared to today’s scene,what are the main differences in the general music scene for you?Are the bandsand the labels going worse or better?

I think the scene was way more brutal back in the days,it was way more sincere,it was newer, and it wasn’t for people unless they were into the underground music, and into brutal music.  Now a days,with all new metal shit,it has because way more commercial with all the fucking shit on the radio,it has been more acceptable.  I think that more labels are putting out crap,and now its for college kids and people who are editors in mags now that no nothing about brutal music,because they are fucking posers,and have only been into it for 3 years or so  ” maybe”  Kill those fuckers!!!!!

I think people who were writing for mags,zines,they were into it,and there reviews were honest,so the difference is, the scene was good back then,maybe more kids now,but they don’t have the integrity like back in the days….

4. Being a true political grind core band,let me ask about the

elections,i mean do you think that should the world wait for very

fantastic decisions from the Bush again?What kind of precautions should we take now?

I think its more important now for people to protest,and wage war against this government,let the people who are manipulated by bullshit propaganda,see the light,this is the problem in america,americans are stupid!!  they think because our american government imperialisms on other countries that we sleep safe at night.  This just ads to the problem back here in america with terrorist.  They don’t understand that the reason why they sleep good at night, is because some fucking american marine has his m-16 down some little kids throat in some other 3rd world country.

This is going to be the worst year,its the last term of bush,so he has to make it all happen,that means a lot of dead people,this is what we have to wait for. He has an objective for all the rich bastards and his family ideas,so this is the year we need an assignation!!!

5. As far as i heard you have a new drummer at the moment,Bryan Fajardo,how came?Do you content with him?his style etc?

bryan is a friend and a dedicated drummer, he has been into grind core for a while now,and knows what phobia needs. He was a fan of the band,and always hit me up to join if we needed a new drummer,so the time came, and it took off from there.  his style is good for phobia,he knows all elements of this music,and phobia uses all of them.

what’s important to me also, is i write pretty much all the music,i have to have somebody i can write with,because its me and him in the studio before i bring the other guys in, he works with me good,we get shit down,and he is dedicated,and that’s important!!

6. For you,what are the biggest difficulties that a band has to face while searching for a new member?And,do the Phobia friendly in general?

Well…somebody you can play with,relate to,someone that believes into the music and is willing to make sacrifices for the band.  We have an agenda in this band, and someone has to be ready to be on the same page. they have to be able to deal with my asshole attitude,and be ready drink at all cost!!!  hahahah!!


We usually have people that we already know,have met,so it becomes easy. Bruce,steve and I have been together for 15 years,so its mainly drummers. we have had some bass players that i have had to kick there asses and send them home!!


7. Do you content with the Obscene Productions work so far?


yeah..i am happy!!  curby has already showed loyalty to the band,and that’s important. He is a true grinder, and that’s what we need backing us in europe.


8. What is planned for the coming Phobia album?Do you have any clue for


we are working on stuff right now, i am hoping we can be in the studio by march.  Bryan lives in texas now,so he comes out for a couple weeks,then go’s home,so it will take some time, but him and I write fast, I get things prepared,then we grind out together. title yet,but it will be tough !!!!


9. What if Bush receive a copy of the Get up and Kill?!What would he

react?Can you imagine?


Well…he already knows people hated him!!  He would send the CIA to come track me down,and he would probably hate it,and not understand what the hell was going on.  Or he would like the title of the record, and think that i would be perfect for his secret police because we like to kill,and so does he.  I figure ill just move to texas with my drummer,and then fuck his daughters grind core style!!  That would make him mad,huh??  an anarchist fucking his daughters??


10. What are your opinions about free music?I mean Mp3s,file-sharing

etc?What would you feel when you see an illegal copy of an Phobia album?How

would you react?


I don’t know…I burn cd’s…but i have bought a shit load of music through the years,i collect music,but lots of kids these days get it all for free. I think that it would probably bug me,if we were not selling good,and got no tour support because kids are all getting our shit for free, i think there are different ways to look at it.  I know people download our stuff…It doesn’t bother me really!! But all bands are in different each there own


11. What is the place of fanaticism in music for you?Does this term

can be describes as a positive motive?


yes…this is a good thing!!!  It means things can get done,and it can be brutal!!



12. Describe these with a word please!;

Beer? love

Hammer Smashed Face? what you get when you fuck with phobia

Tattoo?  chapters in my life.

Doberman? new somebody who fucked one.

Phobia shirt on a chick?  she looks good

Slipknot? mass murder Adolph hitler style

13. Ok Shane,thanks for your time.Last words are yours!Spit whatever you



thank you for this interview and your support!!  we hope to see all the grinders soon,look for the record when it comes out,and will kill!!!!!!!  grind your fucking head in!!!



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