Paatos Interview

answered by Petronella

1.       You must have been working on the promotion of the new Paatos album,”Kallocain”, at the moment,what can you say us about this new Paatos album?Are there slight changes in the form of the songs or are they all in the same vein again? Hux: I think You will find a rather big change both in sound and appereance. We have a new guitarist with a sound as personal as Reine´s, and that is of course making a big difference soundwise. Also, this time I knew more what I was doing while recording the songs. Timeloss was very much experimenting in all aspects, and I think that Kallocain is more arranged overall. However, You will still know that it´s Paatos playing!

2.       Being your debut,how are(were) the feedback for the “Timeloss”? Hux: It slowly found its course, almost like living its own life, as StockholmRecords did absolutely NOTHING to help us! I think that without Stefans enormous contact-net, things would have stayed kind of quiet…

3.       It seems you can find some depressive and meloncholic sides in the old buildings,desolated landscaped etc?(Like me)Except from employing such kind of images in your album covers/artworks,are you personally into photographing and visiting such places? Hux: I love finding old, abandoned houses and workshops and stuff like that! As a kid, I often went out looking for that. Sadly, nowadays there´s almost not enough time for such activities!

4.       Kallocain’s title refers to a science fiction novel by Swedish author Karin Boye.Being an unlucky enough to be unfamiliar with the book, i want you to briefly explain its impact on the album’s content and its influence on you? Hux: Boye is one of my alltime favorite writers (check her out!!!). The novel is about a future community, where there is a “truth-serum” called Kallocain, that they use on people to keep them under control. The story is, mainly, about breaking free-to break the walls that are mainly just fictions in our own minds. Actually, we all sat down as the album was finished, and tried to come up with a name for it-Kallocain seemed like a perfect choice!

5.       As far as i know, Petronella, you and your husband are the band’s primary songwriters. Do you ever find it difficult working together as a married couple? Are there ever arguments over stylistic preferences or the songs etc you’re working on together? Or do you think it has some positive sides? Petronella: Actually, all of us write together.There´s been no fighting this far, and we all share the deepest respect for eachothers musical ideas. Everybody gets their voice heared! Because me and Hux are living together, we are continuously sharing ideas,and that`s a good thing!

6.       You will be supporting “The Gathering”in their European tour,what kind of plans you have for these shows? Hux : To have a good time together, and hopefully win some new lost souls to the Paatos thing!

7.       Meantime which Gathering album is your best?How about the “How to measure a planet?( is my fave ,that is why i m asking this question..) Hux: I think we all agree on “soveneirs”

8.       The musical influences of Paatos ranges from progressive rock, folk, jazz to artists like Björk, Portishead, The Gathering.. How do you manage to keep all this together for the typical Paatos sound? Hux: By not trying at all…

9.       Variety in music means variety in musical taste,i mean one must be quite open-minded listener to create such kind of albums.What do you think about it? Hux: I think that is what Paatos is all about! An open mind is the only thing that’s gonna save us all from going under… –Drop the leach!

10.   Katatonia and Opeth is being listed in your album’s thanks list.Are you into their styles?I wonder,Do you like old Katatonia songs for example?(from “Brave Murder Day”, “Dance of December Souls” or “Discauraged ones”?) Hux: that would be a question for Stefan or Johan. They are the prog-guys of Paatos! We all enjoy Opeth,though…

11.   What is your future utopia?More wars for example?Or back to the primitive totally? Hux: No more wars, man! Personally, I find it very sad that people can not respect that others think different than they do, or even look different than they do.However, I doubt total primitivity would do the trick… This is a very hard task, and no one can solve the riddle alone -right?

12.   Do you like to read music magazines?Reading your own interviews and reviews would be fantastic!And,what exactly you feel when you see an unpleasant review about a Paatos album? Hux: at first : a slight sting, and then:”no worries – You cant reach everybody”. Luckily, we can laugh about it together!

13.   Thanks for your time&patience for Frost Magazine.You can close this interview now!Good luck!

14.   THANX!


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